SNF 2007.02

February 2007 Summary! - [OOC] Here is a collection of the SNF posts for February 2007. - created on 12:45:33 02/03/2007 by Kobun and last modified on 10:34:26 03/03/2007.

Prom! D.Hwan vs Nanako/Ingrid - Justice High sets the stage for this particular SNF, where fighters Ingrid Holmann and Nanako Yanagimura face off against Dong Hwan, of the Kim family fame. Unfortunately, the prom atmosphere is quickly dissolved the moment the fighters face off. Also, a camera gets utterly destroyed and Dong Hwan proves miracles CAN happen if you just believe!! (Winner: Ingrid and Nanako) - created on 22:02:18 02/04/2007 by Nanako and last modified on 18:44:13 02/12/2007. Cast: DongHwan, Nanako, and Ingrid.

Goooal! Iori vs Robert/Roberto - Because Geese fancies even the Yagami clan a tool for his own amusement, Iori is matched against two overtalkative foreigners with similar names. And a half-dozen soccer balls. (Winners: Roberto and Robert) - created on 20:46:33 02/10/2007 by Robert and last modified on 06:22:54 02/23/2007. Cast: Robert, Iori, and Roberto.

Deadly! Elisabeth vs Ash - Two former colleagues are reunited in the most unlikely of arenas: a ballroom floor. Elegance and grace meet pain and punishment as two fighters collide for the first time in four years. (Winner: Elisabeth) - created on 22:54:13 02/10/2007 by Elisabeth and last modified on 11:03:50 02/25/2007. Cast: Ash and Elisabeth.

Rolento/Rylee vs Duck/Zaki - A mighty battle between two teams. The crazed militant Rolento teams with newcomer Rylee to take on what was supposed to be the duo of Duck King and Miu. The disappearance of the schoolgirl led to Seijyun sending a replacement in the form of Zaki. Chains, explosives, and P-chan! This fight has it all. (Winners: Duck and Zaki) - created on 19:56:29 02/11/2007 by Duck and last modified on 18:57:01 02/12/2007. Cast: Rylee, Zaki, Rolento, and Duck.

Hinako vs Lykaio/Aislinn - An epic battle aboard an empty supertanker in Southtown's Harbor! Can Hinako overcome two people who live the Body Electric? (Winner: Hinako) - created on 21:01:09 02/11/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 19:00:22 02/12/2007. Cast: Aislinn, Lykaio, and Hinako.

Toga Party! Urien v Big v Ralf - The titans known as Mr. Big, Ralf, and Urien clash on Mount Olympus in arguably the beefiest SNF bout ever. TOGA PARTY! (Winner: Mr.Big) - created on 19:09:29 02/12/2007 by Mr.Big and last modified on 05:43:00 02/13/2007. Cast: Ralf, Mr.Big, and Urien.

Chaos! Vega vs Iori vs Kain - Violet fire vs Violet fire vs Violet psycho power fire! It's Raining Purple and exploding mines in Africa as Iori, Vega and Kain duke it out in a no-holds barred free-for-all! Full of explosions and questionably violet special effects! Don't miss it for the world!! (Winner: Iori) - created on 14:33:02 02/17/2007 by Iori and last modified on 21:35:56 02/23/2007. Cast: Iori, Kain, and Vega.

Goal 2! Momoko/Roberto/Ingrid - Free-for-alls are bad enough without a soccer-ball launching Shinobu running interference. (Winner: Ingrid) - created on 20:01:27 02/17/2007 by Momoko and last modified on 21:42:49 02/23/2007. Cast: Momoko, Ingrid, and Roberto.

Four! Hinako/Nagase vs Ais/Miu - Epic battle at the Dream Amusement park! Both sides have cyborgs... both sides have little girls. WHOSE CUISINE SHALL REIGN SUPREME?!? (Draw Match) - created on 19:14:06 02/18/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 21:45:50 02/23/2007. Cast: Aislinn, Miu, Nagase, and Hinako.

Geese and Billy vs THE WORLD - Geese and Billy try to take on the WORLD.... but the world is a lot of ratios. Duck, Elisabeth, Shenwoo, and Lykaio pull out the win despite a brutal battle. ... of course Geese helps when Billy sticks around in the radius of a Raging Storm way too long. - created on 21:13:42 02/18/2007 by Geese and last modified on 23:21:22 08/31/2007.

Form v Fury! Big v Rylee/Maki - A battle that Mr. Big seemed to enjoy a bit too much. A hard fought match that sees Southtown's resident pimp as the winner. (Winner:Mr. Big) - created on 22:46:04 02/18/2007 by Rylee and last modified on 21:47:17 02/23/2007. Cast: Mr.Big, Rylee, and Maki.

Armed! Yuri/Luise/Az vs Billy - Yuri, Luise and Azrael versus the former King of Fighters Billy Kane! This fight was full of surprising reversals, vicious beatdowns, Yuri's... loud mouth. In the end, an entire abandoned building was demolished due to this fight! Let's hope Geese is willing to foot the bill for his Toady's collateral damage... (Winners: Yuri, Luise, and Azrael) - created on 23:19:40 02/24/2007 by Yuri and last modified on 11:05:48 02/25/2007. Cast: Luise, Azrael, Billy, and Yuri.

Iori vs. Yamazaki/Mr. Big - See Iori fight Geese's henchman. See Iori get the ever-loving crap beat out of him. See Iori frown. (Winner: Yamazaki/Mr. Big) - created on 16:46:37 02/25/2007 by Iori and last modified on 06:23:14 03/01/2007. Cast: Yamazaki, Mr.Big, and Iori.

Adel/Nagase vs Liz/Momoko - HORSEYS! Look at the pretty horsies! Elisabeth and Nanako come in on a pretty white one, Adelheid's got a black and silver BMW one, and Nagase's got a limousine one! (Winners: Adelheid and Nagase) - created on 21:01:18 02/25/2007 by Momoko and last modified on 05:41:17 03/01/2007. Cast: Adelheid, Momoko, Elisabeth, and Nagase.

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