SNF 2006.12

Winter Bash! Candy vs Aislinn - A winter match in (and outside) Gedo Dojo between two faces familiar at NESTS. (Winner: Aislinn) - created on 17:48:39 12/28/2006 by Aislinn and last modified on 19:04:20 01/03/2007.

Hidden Strikers! Vega vs Kain - Forests. Why did it /have/ to be forests? (Winner: Kain) - created on 14:19:30 12/30/2006 by Vega and last modified on 19:06:49 01/03/2007.

Hinako and Megumi vs Geese - Hinako and Megumi fight Geese Howard on board the latter's luxurious yacht. It's slow going at first, but the girls do manage to wear Geese down. Not quite enough, however. (Winner: Geese) - created on 15:54:51 12/30/2006 by Hinako and last modified on 19:07:30 01/03/2007.

December 2006 Summary! - [OOC] Here is a collection of the SNF posts for December 2006. - created on 09:45:21 02/03/2007 by Kobun and last modified on 09:48:35 02/03/2007.

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