SNF 2006.07

Gedo! Sakura vs Shingo - Gedo Dojo is the site of a no-holds-barred melee between Sakura Kasugano and Shingo Yabuki! Sakura starts off with a costume change, but Shingo pulls off a commanding lead -- only to have it turned around in the final stretch! (Winner by decision: Sakura) - created on 15:45:28 07/07/2006 by Sakura and last modified on 06:42:28 07/23/2006.

Seijyun! Aislinn vs Jiro - In the Seijyun Theatre, Aislinn and Jiro attempt to put on a show worthy of the space they've been loaned. (Winner: Jiro) - created on 22:41:40 07/07/2006 by Aislinn and last modified on 06:49:32 07/23/2006.

The Arena! Shenwoo vs Megumi - Facing off with Megumi in Howard Arena, Shenwoo shows a decisive control throughout most of the match... But can Megumi's tenacity help her pull out the win? (Winner: Shenwoo) - created on 15:23:07 07/08/2006 by Shenwoo and last modified on 06:47:37 07/23/2006.

Mt.Tai! Kain vs Megumi/Kensou - A duo of psychic teens face off agains Kain in the mountains of China! Who will survive this most epic of epic showdowns?! (Winner: Kain) - created on 18:36:53 07/14/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 16:24:21 07/17/2006.

Sand! Hinako vs Sean - Hinako and Sean face off in a SNF battle on the beach in Rio de Janiero. Lots of flying sand and flying people, and the match ends in a rather embarassing victory for Hinako. (Winner: Hinako) - created on 13:47:21 07/15/2006 by Hinako and last modified on 12:53:25 07/17/2006.

Canals! Karin v Sakura v Jiro - Miss Kanzuki proves that she is, indeed, the winner of everything in this three-way brawl in the Netherlands. (Winner: Karin) - created on 18:28:43 07/15/2006 by Sakura and last modified on 12:51:12 07/17/2006.

Ice! Takuma vs Kula/Mimiru - In Siberia, in an ice cave, Kula and Mimiru go up against the Kyokugenryuu Master... but can they overpower a manliness enough to scare bears?!? (Winners: Kula and Mimiru) - created on 21:51:30 07/15/2006 by Takuma and last modified on 12:50:37 07/17/2006.

Tag! Alma/Aislinn vs Jiro/Frei - In the first application of SNF's new Active Tag Tactics, celebrated prettyboy Alma Towazu and the stoic Aislinn Doyle face off against Jiro 'Stray Dog' Kasagi and charming monk Frei Tsukitomi-Renard. Silent Valley is silent no more with the intense battling, but in the end, only one team can remain! (Winners: Alma/Aislinn) - created on 17:58:57 07/20/2006 by Alma and last modified on 07:07:05 07/23/2006.

Island! Kula/Shen vs Saku/Kain - On a tiny, tree-lined island at the top of the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara, Kula and Shenwoo team up against Sakura and... Kain Heinlein? (Winners: Sakura and Kain) - created on 17:08:09 07/22/2006 by Kula and last modified on 15:19:11 07/23/2006.

(Backstage) A Shadowy Bargain - Mysterious dealings with a shady guy in a fedora and trenchcoat. Foreshadowing! - created on 20:44:54 07/27/2006 by Tran and last modified on 08:35:15 07/30/2006.

Gedo Pride! Jiro vs Hinako - A showdown in Gedo town! Hinako struggles to overcome Jiro's homefield advantage, win over the crowd, and try to garner herself another victory. (Winner: Hinako) - created on 17:17:30 07/28/2006 by Hinako and last modified on 08:32:39 07/30/2006.

Super Mimiru vs Aislinn! - Saturday at the Mall--a showdown between Super Mimiru and 'The Silent Assassin'! ... Plus, a visit from a mysterious man who totally isn't Dr. Tran! (Winner: ???) - created on 21:26:22 07/28/2006 by Aislinn and last modified on 08:50:44 07/30/2006.

For the Children! Yuri vs Frei - The original description planned for this log, 'zomg attak of teh furries' failed to meet MotM's high quality standards, however it does manage to summarize the events of this fight pretty well. (Winner: the Bunny of Rodent Vengeance) - created on 09:16:24 07/29/2006 by Yuri and last modified on 08:45:49 07/30/2006.

Close-Quarters Brawl - (SNF Main Event) Start with a very small ring. Add Shenwoo, Kain Heinlein, Takuma Sakazaki, and Krizalid. Stir liberally. (Winners: Takuma and Krizalid) - created on 17:18:22 07/29/2006 by Shenwoo and last modified on 06:14:35 08/13/2006.

Snowcones While You Wait - If the Frei/Yuri match was 'For The Children', then this match would have to be 'For the Fanservice'. (Winner: Kula) - created on 18:32:01 07/29/2006 by Kula and last modified on 06:18:54 08/13/2006.

Well, This Is Awkward - Who said love can't blossom on the battlefield? ... Okay, look, I'm not getting paid to write these. (Winner: Blue Mary) - created on 19:53:29 07/29/2006 by E.Honda and last modified on 06:20:35 08/13/2006.

July 2006 Summary! - [OOC] Here is a collection of the SNF posts for July 2006. - created on 06:34:49 08/13/2006 by Kobun and last modified on 07:03:26 08/13/2006.

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