SNF 2005.06

Shingo vs Yuri - After a two-week vacation due to the King of Fighters tournament, Saturday Night Fight resumes with a special exhibition match between Shingo and Yuri! (Winner: Shingo) - created on 13:08:42 06/04/2005 by Yuri and last modified on 11:01:59 09/28/2005.

Megumi vs Ramon - Megumi returns to SNF after getting away from Vice's and Mature's control, and takes on Ramon at the Pao Pao Cafe. He initially asks for Aikido vs. Lucha, but Megumi decides he's calling her other abilities 'not skill' and holds nothing back. (Winner: Megumi) - created on 12:26:46 06/11/2005 by Megumi and last modified on 14:07:32 06/13/2005.

Iori vs Kain vs Ryu - Iori, Kain, and Ryu face off in a three way SNF Main Event. All three combatants give it their all, resulting in a extremely close finish. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 13:43:51 06/11/2005 by Kain and last modified on 20:25:22 06/12/2005.

Duck vs Birdie - Oh snizzle! Poultry fight between Duck and Birdie with Shingo as the chaos agent. Duck Duck revolution isn't enough to take down the Big Brit and in the end the posse rolls home with a loss while Birdie gets the money and Shingo doesn't even get a hug. (Winner: Birdie) - created on 14:27:55 06/11/2005 by Duck and last modified on 17:14:18 06/11/2005.

Vanessa/Big vs Cody/HeavyD! - While there was a stipulation disallowing Vanessa to go after any of Big's targets, that never ended up being an issue. (Winners: Vanessa and Mr.Big) - created on 17:55:53 06/11/2005 by Vanessa and last modified on 03:02:51 06/27/2005.

Daisuke vs Sakura - Showdown in Pacific High! Sakura and Daisuke fight to a thrilling double-knockout, with some seriously -painful- strikes along the way... (Draw Match) - created on 14:11:17 06/18/2005 by Daisuke and last modified on 19:39:54 06/29/2005.

Heavy D! vs Rolento - D! narrowly triumphs over Rolento in a close match. (Winner: Heavy D!) - created on 14:33:50 06/18/2005 by HeavyD and last modified on 23:40:44 06/18/2005.

Megumi vs Shingo - SNF match between Megumi and Shingo. Can anyone stop these fighting machines? (Draw Match) - created on 14:44:18 06/18/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 23:40:16 06/18/2005.

Geese vs Ryu - Clash of the Titans. A close and chaotic fight between Geese Howard and Ryu. (Winner: Geese) - created on 15:03:04 06/18/2005 by Ryu and last modified on 13:37:35 06/25/2005.

Nassir vs Gabriel - Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV, OH SNAP it's a holy war on SNF! (Winner: Nassir) - created on 10:16:49 06/25/2005 by Gabriel and last modified on 19:26:12 06/29/2005.

Kain vs Takuma - A battle between the head of Kyokugen Karate verses the mighty Kain. The battle could only be summed up by one word: EPIC. (Winner: Kain) - created on 11:38:35 06/25/2005 by Takuma and last modified on 10:23:39 06/26/2005.

Heavy D! vs Megumi - A quiet, generally friendly bout between D! and Megumi at the Southtown Park. It's a back-and-forth match... with a very sudden finish. (Winner: Heavy D!) - created on 13:10:47 06/25/2005 by Megumi and last modified on 15:23:41 06/25/2005.

Shingo/Mai vs Birdie/Ramon - SNF match on the Boardwalk! Japan vs The World! Ok, not really. But it's fun to say. (Draw Match) - created on 13:27:45 06/25/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 17:21:09 06/26/2005.

K' vs Cammy, CA:Akira - Saturday Night Fight match in the notherwestern forest just outside of Justice High between K' and Cammy with Akira acting as the Chaos Agent. The Beast of Flame fell to the Zero Doll and when things seemed to be over it turned into a fight between Akira and Cammy that left all fighters laying on the ground at the end. (Winner: Cammy) - created on 14:41:24 06/25/2005 by Akira and last modified on 10:36:20 06/26/2005.

Shinobu/DongHwan/Malin vs Ryu - A picturesque beach under the noonday sun. Three young fighters vs. the World Warrior. 'nuff said. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 15:05:22 06/25/2005 by Ryu and last modified on 14:10:47 06/27/2005.

Vanessa vs Sakura vs Rolento - This week's SNF pits Vanessa, Rolento, and Sakura in an unusual location -- atop an airplane moving down a runway. It's a very close fight that leaves Rolento on a helicopter, Sakura in a state of near undress, and Vanessa in a much much worse state of undress... (Winner: Sakura) - created on 16:26:07 06/25/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 21:27:12 06/25/2005.

Jun-2005 Summary - [OOC] All the bulletin board posts from the June 2005 Saturday Night Fights. - created on 10:13:29 09/28/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 12:00:39 09/28/2005.

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