SNF 2005.04

Yashiro vs Marco - Brute strength pitted against the power of Kyokugen leads to a close fight, ending in a draw. (Draw Match) - created on 15:30:41 04/02/2005 by Yashiro and last modified on 15:18:52 04/29/2005.

Leona+Ryuji vs Megumi+Yashiro - Leona and Yamazaki team up against Yashiro and Megumi -- double-teaming the brawler at first. Rather than face a similar beating, Megumi concedes the match. (Winners: Leona and Yamazaki) - created on 15:10:13 04/09/2005 by Yashiro and last modified on 15:22:16 04/29/2005.

Yashiro vs Shingo - Yashiro and Shingo have a fairly quick and painful fight which ends with both fighters unable to continue. - created on 15:17:01 04/16/2005 by Yashiro and last modified on 16:39:35 04/29/2005.

Sakura+Yun vs Ramon+Vanessa - Megumi acts as the Chaos Agent in the fight between the Teenager Team and the Midlife Crisis Team. (Winners: Sakura and Yun) - created on 15:29:46 04/16/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 08:14:35 04/24/2005.

2v2 Tag Match - What was supposed to be Ryu as a main event requires a last second substitution... then Ryu arrives before Geese needs to get into the arena, and takes over anyway. I logged it for convenience nonetheless, though. (Draw) - created on 14:12:22 04/23/2005 by Geese and last modified on 17:57:58 05/03/2005.

Yashiro+Shenwoo vs Rock+Megumi - Yashiro and Shenwoo take on Rock and Megumi, trying to show that hitting people really hard is a valid style. (Winners: Rock and Megumi) - created on 14:13:10 04/23/2005 by Yashiro and last modified on 16:39:53 04/29/2005.

D! v. Mai - D! and Mai tussle along the boardwalk, and Mai shows just how Ninja she can be. (Winner: Mai) - created on 14:15:27 04/23/2005 by HeavyD and last modified on 11:10:06 04/24/2005.

Ramon vs Whip - El Diablo Amarillo is introduced to Voodoo in the lobby of Geese Tower. (Winner: Whip) - created on 14:17:15 04/23/2005 by Whip and last modified on 06:28:23 05/08/2005.

Freeman vs Zaki (CA:Vanessa) - "Dr. Crobe" and Zaki have a little battle in the Shanghai Sports Bar's basement -- with Vanessa running interference as the Chaos Agent. (Winner: Zaki) - created on 14:33:02 04/23/2005 by Chen and last modified on 08:10:09 04/24/2005.

Saishu vs Ryu - Saishu shows Ryu the power of the Kusanagi flames. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 14:23:24 04/30/2005 by Ryu and last modified on 19:32:03 04/30/2005.

Five-way Free-For-All - Marco, Yamazaki, Shinobu, Zaki, and Vice fight for SNF in a free-for-all at the Dream Amusement Park. (Winner: Zaki; 2nd: Shinobu and Marco; 4th: Yamazaki) - created on 14:41:47 04/30/2005 by Vice and last modified on 11:49:54 05/20/2005.

Vanessa vs Leona - SNF exhibition match pitting Vanessa against Leona. Like a dolt, Vanessa starts off easy, and ends up paying big for it. Not without giving the blue-haired Ikari a run for her money, of course... (Winner: Leona) - created on 15:41:40 04/30/2005 by Vanessa and last modified on 18:01:39 05/03/2005.

Makoto vs HeavyD! vs Shingo - Three people serious about the art of fighting. One arena. Sentence fragments. And only one way out: FIGHT! (Winner: Makoto) - created on 16:00:00 04/02/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 05:50:22 09/28/2005.

Cammy vs Shenwoo - The self-styled "God of Battle" takes on the Zero Doll. (Winner: Cammy) - created on 16:00:00 04/02/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 06:19:36 05/06/2005.

Megumi vs Sakura vs Freeman - A free-for-all fight pits two schoolgirls against the serial killer dressed in a clown suit -- but then there's a special condition to follow also! (Winner: Freeman; 2nd: Sakura) - created on 16:00:00 04/02/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 06:28:29 05/06/2005.

Guy vs Shenwoo - What started off as a fun fight for both Shenwoo and Guy ended up in a disappointing run for the "God of Battle." (Winner: Guy) - created on 17:00:00 04/09/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 09:46:59 05/06/2005.

Sakura+Shingo vs Vice+Freeman - Southtown's own fangirl/fanboy duo takes on their occasional nemeses, with the Marco running interference on both teams as a "Chaos Agent." (Winners: Sakura and Shingo) - created on 17:00:00 04/09/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 07:18:17 05/06/2005.

Iori vs Ryu - Ryu's fought Yagami in the past -- but he faces a bit of a surprise this week in Howard Arena. (Winner: Iori) - created on 17:00:00 04/09/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 07:20:33 05/06/2005.

Apr-2005 Summary - [OOC] All the bulletin board posts from the April 2005 Saturday Night Fights. - created on 06:41:39 11/01/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 06:43:45 11/01/2005.

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