Shadaloo: Plans in Motion - Vega's alive. He has a plan, and shares it with a trusted Doll. What hijinx will ensue from this?! - created on 22:01:26 03/25/2008 by Vega and last modified on 00:18:01 03/26/2008. Cast: Vega and Aprile.

Kidnap! Vanessa! - Kidnapped against her will (Really, is anyone ever kidnapped by their will?!), Vanessa is led to believe that she'll be let free if she can get past a rather crazy small-chinned man. CAN SHE DO IT? - created on 22:37:10 03/31/2008 by Vega and last modified on 02:06:15 04/01/2008. Cast: Vanessa and Vega.

Kidnapped! Hayato - Hayato, the 'Burning Teacher', was kidnapped briefly - and probably didn't need to be to accept Vega's challenge. Oops. Eh-heh. On daye the, dictator will learn how to talk to people. - created on 19:20:31 04/01/2008 by Vega and last modified on 22:06:08 04/01/2008. Cast: Vega and Hayato.

Kidnapped! Dual Duel! - Having let Whip and Vanessa out of their cages, Vega challenges them both to a battle for their freedom. Admittedly, he'd planned on letting them go either way - but having something to fight for makes one fight all the stronger! - created on 20:27:38 04/03/2008 by Vega and last modified on 01:31:45 04/05/2008. Cast: Vanessa, Vega, and Whip.

Underground Games!? - Look out 'R'! There's a doll in your midst! Watch as spider tries to fight off the horrible attacks of Aprile.. this battle goes back and forth for a bit, and it's certainly something to see! - created on 18:42:25 04/23/2008 by Aprile and last modified on 20:56:01 04/23/2008. Cast: Spider and Aprile.

A nice Friendly Visit - Much like his name, the Spider decided to prey on a doll! The rare doll eating spider however, finds that the doll has some anti-insect spray .. but it doesn't help, because spiders are arachnids! What will happen!? A doll and an operative fight over this station .. but that info isn't going anywhere without a fight! - created on 22:02:39 05/27/2008 by Aprile and last modified on 00:19:20 05/28/2008. Cast: Spider and Aprile.

Shadaloo: Brawling Orders! - <no description> - created on 15:07:24 09/07/2008 by Vega and last modified on 01:17:19 10/17/2008. Cast: Vega and M.Bison.

Meetings: Vega/Seishirou - Kagero and Shadaloo meet in the dead of night, to speak of alliances. Important things - but more important still is Seishirou's desire to test his limits against the might of Vega's will. Whose ideals are stronger, whose 'sense of self' is the mightiest? - created on 21:10:02 09/09/2008 by Vega and last modified on 19:06:54 02/20/2009. Cast: Vega and Seishirou.

SHADALOO: Remember us? - Vega plots a trap for Charlie - after all, /someone/ needs to remind the Vigilantes who their true enemy is. Shadaloo, and all they represent. When factions collide, who will be left standing..?! - created on 23:32:05 09/26/2008 by Vega and last modified on 04:48:32 09/27/2008. Cast: Vega and Charlie.

Snake in Vega's Shadow - It has been a long time since a certain masked psychopath set foot in a Shadaloo base... but now Vega's organisation has been rebuilt along with his body. Is he still a man worth serving? To answer this very question, Balrog returns to Thailand and makes his presence inescapably clear, placing himself before his former Lord and master for judgement. - created on 14:58:41 09/29/2008 by Balrog and last modified on 20:14:19 09/29/2008. Cast: Vega and Balrog.

Beast in the Shadows - Two agents of Einherjar hunt down a mysterious Shadaloo facility to investigate and shut it down. What they find inside is the stuff of nightmares. - created on 01:03:57 02/28/2010 by Vega and last modified on 16:59:05 02/28/2010. Cast: Frei, Vega, and Ichiro.

A Subtle Plant - Muggings are an all-too-common thing no matter where you are. But when a crummy thief is in the sights of a much better thief, is there really any victim? Well, aside from the poor guy that has to run home in his skivives. A most incredible trinket changes hands not once, but twice, which is a good thing for one man who's unable to resist its siren call for even an hour. Perhaps Reese will prove better able to resist its sweet whispers. - created on 17:23:08 11/20/2011 by Vega and last modified on 21:10:17 11/20/2011. Cast: Vega and Reese.

The King is Dead. Long Live Me. - Edge and Gan come across some guy trying to mess with people in their turf. The freak seems like there might be some bark to his bite at first, but he can't stand against the double-fisted power of friendship! The punk drops a dangerous trophy for the two dimwits before being tossed like the trash he is. - created on 22:01:10 11/25/2011 by Vega and last modified on 00:47:19 11/26/2011. Cast: Edge, Gan, and Vega.

Of Sound Mind and Body - The malevolent Shadaloo leader is still making his rounds like some sort of evil anti-Santa, dropping off trinkets and charms to those with a little bit of darkness that they can't quite overcome. Eiserne's mind proves to be an incredibly fertile soil in which to sow the delectable seeds of chaos, and it doesn't take much to convince her to take Haggar's humvee for a joyride through the Metro City highways... - created on 19:19:00 11/28/2011 by Vega and last modified on 23:33:38 12/02/2011. Cast: Eiserne and Vega.

So it begins - Diesel's first mission for Shadaloo. - created on 22:27:45 12/06/2011 by Diesel and last modified on 14:59:18 12/09/2011. Cast: Fuji and Diesel.

It Even Makes Julienne Fries - Shadaloo's premiere assassin delivers a finely tempered artifact of rage into the hands of one ideally suited to its use. MURDERHOUSE starts out his mission of stabbing in the name of Lord Vega by getting repeatedly stabbed. Bad things happen to men who smack psychotic killers in the head with pipes. - created on 19:42:20 12/13/2011 by Balrog and last modified on 23:15:35 12/13/2011. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Balrog.

King of Gedo....DETHRONED - And so the collection of Vega's mental energy-sapping trinkets begins. His first promising harvest comes from a giant sumo boy, who, to his surprise, is actually able to put a dent in the would-be world ruler. Is it Gan's own power, though, or the power of the bauble resting upon his brow? (Winner: Vega) - created on 12:25:42 01/16/2012 by Gan and last modified on 09:22:18 01/17/2012. Cast: Gan and Vega.

I Spy - A certain Aussie archaeologist-thief is minding her own 'business' outside the Sydney Opera House when she's suddenly set upon by someone who wants her precious pendant. - created on 19:32:22 01/23/2012 by Reese and last modified on 09:32:37 01/24/2012. Cast: Juri and Reese.

Maybe Not So Sound of Mind After All - Continuing his collection of negative emotion-sapping trinkets, Vega returns to the twisted little girl that he thought was so amusing the first time around. Though she makes a valiant effort to escape, there are some monsters that you just can't hide from. - created on 20:37:14 01/30/2012 by Vega and last modified on 00:03:01 02/02/2012. Cast: Eiserne and Vega.

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