Second Victory

Second Victory - Updates - OOC posts regarding Rugal's Second Victory tournament. - created on 19:00:00 02/12/2006 by Kobun and last modified on 21:56:39 05/22/2006.

R1: Iori/Yuri vs Grant/Shinobu - Yagami and Sakazaki haven't fought together. It shows. But can their collective ego stand up to the Martyr of Might and his former student? (Winners: Iori and Yuri) - created on 19:54:48 02/16/2006 by Yuri and last modified on 18:39:12 03/06/2006.

R1: Terry/Tran vs Krizalid/Sei - Gothic and sneaky is no match for bum and insane! What better place to prove this than good ol' Ireland? Also, Seishirou blows everything up. EVERYTHING. (Winners: Terry and Tran) - created on 21:57:54 02/17/2006 by Krizalid and last modified on 18:39:49 03/06/2006.

R1: Oro/LaRusso vs Axl/Tiny - You may be able to catch a fly with your chopsticks, but will it matter in the end? ... Well... maybe. (Winners: Oro and LaRusso) - created on 17:44:23 02/18/2006 by LaRusso and last modified on 18:37:31 03/06/2006.

R1: Robert/Clark vs Benimaru/D - A see-saw battle with a narrow judgement at the end! (Winners: Robert and Clark) - created on 18:32:51 02/18/2006 by Clark and last modified on 09:08:37 03/07/2006.

R1: Kyo/Gabriel vs Kain/Hinata - This Second Victory tournament battle pits Kain and Hinata against Kyo and Gabriel... on a freeway overpass! (Winners: Kain and Hinata) - created on 18:57:23 02/23/2006 by Hinata and last modified on 11:10:25 04/28/2007.

R1: Andy/Acacia vs Haggar/Fei - The A-Team meets Haggar and his running mate! Deathmatch in a Metro City arcade! Moral of the story: never underestimate a politician who can punch your face in. (Winners: Haggar and Fei Long) - created on 14:30:07 02/25/2006 by Acacia and last modified on 18:35:03 03/06/2006.

R1: Takuma/Kasumi vs Shen/Cody - Fight night in the Big City--can Shen and Cody's sheer brassery get them through the match, or do Takuma and Kasumi have what it takes? (Winners: Takuma and Kasumi) - created on 21:40:29 03/03/2006 by Takuma and last modified on 18:31:26 03/06/2006.

R1: Saishu/Dan vs Chizuru/Vyle - Utter awesomeness and complete destruction in the Metro City Subway. I'd try to describe this fight more, but no words exist to encompass its greatness. Still, perhaps Chizuru said it best: '[OOC] Chizuru says, "holy crap saishu" | [OOC] Chizuru says, "that was the best fight ever"'. She speaks the truth. Seriously. Read this. (Winner: Chizuru/Vyle) - created on 19:46:33 03/05/2006 by Saishu and last modified on 18:32:22 03/06/2006.

R2: Takuma/Kasumi vs Iori/Yuri - High atop an Aztec Temple, Takuma and Kasumi attempt to defeat Iori and Yuri... (Winners: Iori and Yuri) - created on 20:17:36 03/10/2006 by Takuma and last modified on 07:25:05 03/20/2006.

R2: Robert/Clark Chizuru/Vyle - The Ikari Warrior and Kyokugen student face off against the Yata heiress and her former wrestler partner in jolly old London, England! The fight is close and the turnabout surprising! (Winner: Chizuru/Vyle) - created on 19:47:13 03/12/2006 by Chizuru and last modified on 07:58:34 03/15/2006.

R2: Kain/Hinata vs Rock/Shingo - Kain lets Hinata dance around for a bit, but he just doesn't seem to trust the Taiyo student against Rock and Shingo. Besides, he had to get a few verbal digs in on his nephew. (Winners: Kain and Hinata) - created on 19:05:02 03/15/2006 by Rock and last modified on 11:16:09 04/28/2007.

R3: Haggar/Fei vs Iori/Yuri - Watch for falling sports equipment! Yuri and Iori take on Feilong and Haggar in a fight to the finish! With baseball bats and golf clubs, oh my! (Winners: Iori and Yuri) - created on 21:36:57 03/20/2006 by Iori and last modified on 06:07:50 03/21/2006.

R3: Terry/Tran vs Kain/Hinata - Kain thoroughly works over the elder Bogard, before his partner proves her budding prowess by demolishing a dirt-smeared Tran. Can nobody stop these fighting machines?! (Winners: Kain and Hinata) - created on 19:27:37 05/13/2006 by Terry and last modified on 16:18:53 05/23/2006.

R4: Kain/Hinata vs Iori/Yuri - Iori and Yuri battle Kain and Hinata in... the LOUVRE. (Winners: Kain and Hinata) - created on 19:53:24 06/04/2006 by Iori and last modified on 15:19:37 09/10/2006.

R5: Kain vs Chizuru - And now, the severe beating of a Yata heiress. Also, this log proves why you should make monthly donations to the Friends of C'Sys fund. (Winner: Kain) - created on 18:41:43 09/11/2006 by Chizuru and last modified on 22:55:40 09/16/2006.

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