Most Recent 100 Published Logs

1. EotW R5: Empty NESTS Syndrome - In the wake of Igniz's startling defeat, his final stand reducing Italy to nothing more than a flooding crater, Misty approaches Nameless with orders that he is to go and seek out the man responsible for murdering a God: Ash Crimson. Eve is recruited to assist him in this endeavor and together they track Ash to a hospital in Athens, the furthest the enigmatic Frenchman has been able to travel when his burden is not luggage but Shen Woo, who has yet to regain consciousness. Willing to be the villain they see him as, Ash intends to make an example out of Nameless and Eve, if only so the rest of the NESTS Cartel will think twice before sending anymore assassins his way. - created on 14:49:38 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 19:01:21 10/25/2014. Cast: Shenwoo, Ash, Nameless, and Eve.

2. EotW R4: You Asked For It - Igniz returns to NESTS's secret base in the boot of Italy to research the Time Sphere of Sparks, the original source of the disturbances within Mt. Fuji, when who should bust in but Ash Crimson -- whose side is he on, anyway? -- and Shen "Don't Call Him a Sidekick" Woo, demanding the return of the sphere and a face to punch, respectively. The interference of the two interlopers, and probably Shen Woo punching some sensitive equipment in lieu of a nearby face, causes the system hooked up to the powerful sphere to trigger an overload. Energy courses through Igniz as powerful earthquakes rip through the environs, triggering an eruption in distant Mt. Etna and breaking off the tip of Italy's boot, creating the beginnings of the lovable Igniz's own island paradise... Or does it? - created on 22:46:06 09/15/2014 by Ash and last modified on 02:18:02 10/26/2014. Cast: Shenwoo, Ash, and Igniz.

3. Damned Dirty Tweakers - K' and Maxima start a bunch of shit with a bunch of gangers on the outskirts of Sunshine City. 'nuff said. - created on 23:49:20 06/27/2012 by K' and last modified on 14:42:58 10/21/2014. Cast: Maxima and K'.

4. EotW R???: Fate... Diabolosis - Everything is proceeding according to plan. All Saiki - The One who Rules Time - needs is a single charged Time Sphere in order to open the Time Gate. From there, he will claim a dire force of nature for himself and rewrite history. There is just but a matter of insignificant roaches who refuse to die when stepped on. Within the endless white void, they dare to throw themselves before a power far greater than anything they've ever faced and choose to stand tall against what appears to be inevitability itself -- the world will crumble to oblivion. What do they hope to truly accomplish against The One who Rules Time? This is the exciting conclusion to Match of the Millennium. FINAL ROUND... FIGHT! - created on 14:53:10 10/19/2014 by Saiki and last modified on 14:31:45 10/25/2014. Cast: Ash, Elisabeth, Kyo, Zach Glenn, Rust, and Saiki.

5. Iori vs Yang and Yun - Iori vs Yang and Yun! (Posted by staff) - created on 23:15:29 07/23/2014 by Iori and last modified on 12:58:20 10/25/2014. Cast: Iori, Yun, and Yang.

6. A Tiger in the Boardroom - Sagat schedules a meeting with Heihachi Mishima about an embarrassing documentary produced by the Mishima Zaibatsu. (Winner: Heihachi) - created on 23:56:40 08/16/2014 by Sagat and last modified on 02:53:10 10/25/2014. Cast: Sagat and Heihachi.

7. Day 16 - Perchance to Dream - They say a dream takes only a second or so, and yet in that second a man can live a lifetime. He can suffer and die, and who's to say which is the greater reality: the one we know or the one in dreams, between heaven, the sky, the earth? (INCOMPLETE Scene, posting for posterity) - created on 00:19:52 03/01/2009 by Kula and last modified on 22:24:54 10/24/2014. Cast: Kula and Hyo.

8. Judgement Night - Escaped, but for how long? Free, but how far? Two projects from the formidable cartel's pass are presented with judgement and sentence and forced to question how far their freedom has simply been all part of a tyrant's master plan... (Old Scene long overdue for posting) - created on 19:02:51 06/30/2012 by Kula and last modified on 18:49:56 05/18/2013. Cast: Kula, K', and Igniz.

9. EotW R5: Kouhai - The investigations of the Miyama clan have lead them to the Ise Grand Shrine. Unable to claim the shattered Sphere of Sparks that has destroyed Italy, they seek the Flux Sphere of Yang, currently held by Zach Glen. Zach himself wishes to see this battle through to completion, and the sphere itself guides him to this place, deep in the bowels of the earth below the shrine. There the two meet, and they are confronted by a fey-like assassin with a spear. For Saiki, Shion will kill them both here and claim the Sphere of Flux in order to power the Gate. Will their combined might be enough to stop him, or will they fall victim and allow time to be rewritten by Those from His Distant Land? - created on 14:58:33 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 17:56:14 10/24/2014. Cast: Shion, Zach Glenn, and Noboru.

10. Great Minds Beat Alike - Urien propositions K' to battle a mutual foe; such ends in a brutal display of each other's strengths, and a pyrric victory -- outside the mutual respect! - created on 02:15:21 08/13/2014 by Urien and last modified on 00:14:51 10/23/2014. Cast: Urien and K'.

11. Ending: Jiro Kasagi - As the vortex threatens to consume the world, Jiro takes a look at everything before him. He makes a final reflection of his time before he takes the plunge to make a daring sacrifice. - created on 23:56:25 10/21/2014 by Keith and last modified on 23:59:06 10/21/2014. Cast: Jiro.

12. (Cutscene...?) Some More Spit And Polish - "Here you go, just beat the deadline, can I compete? Can't wait to drop the gloves after so many years! Signed, *spoilers*" ( actually says 'spoilers,' even with the asterisks. Someone is trying to be cute.) - created on 00:03:08 10/22/2014 by Rust and last modified on 00:06:07 10/22/2014. Cast: Rust.

13. Form 1052-H - The flamboyant Frenchman thought he could just put the past behind him, forget all about a certain Saturday Night Fight involving Nahid, Marisol O'Connell and a 'woman' by the name of Ashley Crimson. Nope. Months later, Ash is sent the bill for damages incurred. Entirely unwilling to accept this outrage, the flamewielder marches his butt down to the closest SNF Office and gets to meet the great Ken Masters. And punch him. Set his boardroom on fire. Ruin his birthday shirt. Even though Ash loses, at least he doesn't have to pay up! - created on 23:39:07 01/01/2011 by Ash and last modified on 13:05:48 10/21/2014. Cast: Ash and Ken Masters.

14. A Ghost of a Chance - A horrible crisis may not have been averted, so much as postponed... the world's situation does not grow any brighter, as one Howard Rust tours the largely abandoned, volcanic ash-covered Southtown to try and gather his thoughts. As he may be on the verge of giving up the ghost, he is visited by one such individual that has become just that, who intends to make good on the time everyone has left. - created on 20:27:16 10/08/2014 by Rust and last modified on 14:59:02 10/21/2014. Cast: Frei and Rust.

15. Recipe for a Spicy Lucha Libre - Technico vs. Rudo, Purposeful Poison vs. Food Poisoning, a street fight between known luchadors in Vyle and El Fuerte goes down outside of the Mexico City Arena, and it only ends in indigestion for the Sickness. - created on 18:40:03 07/28/2009 by Vyle and last modified on 10:20:09 10/21/2014. Cast: Vyle and ElFuerte.

16. Training and Straining - A little bit of unarmed training for Brett via one Lita Luwanada, trying to teach the hockey kid not to rely on his trusty stick too much - created on 10:12:28 07/27/2012 by Brett and last modified on 10:15:20 10/21/2014. Cast: Brett and Lita.

17. EotW R3: Master Who? - Brett hits the ice and gets to investigating just why the Gulf of Thailand has frozen solid. After many dead ends and days spent wandering aimlessly, he comes across a small unmarked island, and atop the cliffs, seated amongst the ruins of an unknown ancient civilization, Shion awaits. "Turn back now, forget all you've seen here, and I will let you live." His offer refused, a fight begins in earnest. Brett is clearly outmatched, but not for long. Todoh arrives out of nowhere, and Shion is agitated at what this latest, random appearance implies, deciding that he will simply destroy them both. To survive, Brett and Todoh must join together as an unlikely team, and should they win, a great prize will be theirs to claim. Will Brett rise above? Will Todoh prove to have any relevance to the greater plot whatsoever? Will Shion stop wearing orange lipstick? There is only one way to find out. - created on 12:32:01 09/06/2014 by Shion and last modified on 04:32:06 10/21/2014. Cast: Shion, Todoh, and Brett.

18. Play them off, slow and sad - At the very end, two conspirators look up at the shredded sky, and speak honestly for what is perhaps the first and last time. - created on 02:21:00 10/21/2014 by Seishirou and last modified on 03:53:34 10/21/2014. Cast: Ayame and Seishirou.

19. The End of the World - OOC Tournament Posts - Collected organizational posts for the End of the World TinyPlot. - created on 20:02:54 10/20/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 20:51:09 10/20/2014. Cast: Jiro, Shion, Magaki, and Seishirou.

20. The End of the World (Headlines) - A collection of the headlines posted to the boards as the End of the World plot proceeded. - created on 19:26:24 10/20/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 19:32:49 10/20/2014. Cast: Duke, Jiro, Shion, Rust, and Magaki.

21. Jiro's Epilogue: A Final Farewell - A mysterious presence called forth various fighters into the abandoned school of Gedo High and among them was Jiro Kasagi. As those close to Jiro were called forth, all of them find the source of the person who called them. It is a tale of happiness and wounds re-opening. - created on 19:20:32 10/18/2014 by Jiro and last modified on 21:03:45 10/20/2014. Cast: Frei, Hotaru, Alma, Jiro, Mimiru, Rust, and Vuong.

22. Temp Roulette - Debattle (Unfinished) - Fio poses as a high school student to infiltrate Taiyo High and runs for class chairperson. But can she defeat the one whose very essence is tied to the position? - created on 22:02:00 10/05/2014 by Fio and last modified on 22:29:02 10/20/2014. Cast: Fio and Iincyo.

23. EotW: STYX - Fate, luck, random chance bring three fighters to the Gate of the Abyss for different reasons. The dying gatekeeper isn't going make passing through an easy feat. - created on 14:54:33 10/19/2014 by Ayame and last modified on 15:03:35 10/20/2014. Cast: Kyo, Ayame, Brett, and Mukai.

24. History of the Second Republic of Ezo - A summary of the headlines documenting the temporary transformation of Japan into the Republic of Ezo. - created on 09:22:04 10/19/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 09:28:43 10/19/2014. Cast: Honoka, Hinata, Rust, and Rolento.

25. ...More. - In the new world, they're going to ban fighting aboard boats. They literally always sink. Anyway, most everybody just barely survived. While Tran and Roland sit on an island drinking endlessly, Sakura and Hinata have found themselves washed up on a shore, on the edge of a massive gulf in time. It takes the form of an abandoned city being hammered by a crystalline rainfall. The city is not recognizable by any measure you'd know of--it seems like it's from a vast and far flung future, where no one survived. Except one Ryuhaku Todoh. He's been training for this moment for literally hundreds of thousands of years, perfecting the ultimate Kasane Ate, until each Kasane Ate gained life, sentience, and a headband of its own. This rainy, stormtorn city is filled with hundreds upon thousands of Todoh. Now, faced with his final opponents, he will show no mercy!! Can help from a mysterious ninja let the plucky schoolgirls stem the tide of Todoh? - created on 12:27:47 10/19/2014 by Todoh and last modified on 23:21:26 10/19/2014. Cast: Todoh, Hinata, Sakura, and Noboru.

26. SNF: The Restaurant at the End of the Earth - Jam Kuradoberi isn't from around here, no. But never keep an entrepreneur from their profit -- especially if you're wearing a jaguar mask and don't feel like putting up with her sass. Jaguar noises versus incomplete mastery of Japanese: who will be less comprehensible?! - created on 15:41:11 10/18/2014 by Jam and last modified on 21:48:31 10/19/2014. Cast: Jam and Armor King.

27. Audience with King (incomplete) - From a gang wars-related TP where Rust meets up with King and discusses goings on, sadly incomplete. - created on 22:41:04 01/30/2014 by Rust and last modified on 10:59:54 10/20/2014. Cast: King and Rust.

28. In Retrospect This Had To Be A Trap (incomplete) - La Shey and some other people fall into a trap set up on a very small crowd of people (with bonus cameo from an otherwise one-off NPC from Vega's land wars), sadly incomplete. Also Rust is there, I guess. - created on 17:02:54 11/14/2013 by Rust and last modified on 10:56:37 10/20/2014. Cast: LaShey and Rust.

29. OIC Round 2 thingy (incomplete) - We never did get this OIC tourney round thing done... Last Blade 2-themed, Mukuro versus Juzoh. - created on 12:19:17 05/08/2010 by Rust and last modified on 10:54:09 10/20/2014. Cast: Rust and Mukuro.

30. Some Ibuki Scene (incomplete?) - Actually this scene does look largely complete, don't know why it went unpublished. Ibuki and Rust at the Southtown Village. - created on 23:46:03 03/24/2010 by Rust and last modified on 10:48:28 10/20/2014. Cast: Rust and Ibuki.

31. The Daring Bank Robbery (incomplete) - In this incomplete scene, a bunch of fighters react to being in the middle of - or part of! - a robbery. - created on 18:45:52 02/25/2010 by Rust and last modified on 10:45:58 10/20/2014. Cast: Brian, Vice, Angel, Ryu, and Rust.

32. The Comeback Ki-- Adult (incomplete) - In this very old, incomplete log, Camille happens upon Rust as he's setting up a fighting ring (a premise seen much later). - created on 23:28:13 12/16/2007 by Rust and last modified on 10:44:55 10/20/2014. Cast: Camille and Rust.

33. THE COSTCO CHRONICLES DAY NO. something (inc) - In this incomplete log, this is where all the 'Takuma terrorizes warehouse club stores' thing comes from. - created on 17:13:54 01/12/2011 by Todoh and last modified on 10:36:22 10/20/2014. Cast: Takuma and Todoh.

34. Lieutenant Japan!! Again! (incomplete) - Drake and Todoh talking about something or another in this old incomplete log. - created on 16:31:46 11/29/2008 by Todoh and last modified on 10:35:35 10/20/2014. Cast: Drake and Todoh.

35. Todoh vs. Sakazaki ROUND ONE (incomplete) - In this very early incomplete log... hijinx. - created on 01:39:45 07/07/2007 by Todoh and last modified on 10:35:06 10/20/2014. Cast: Takuma and Todoh.

36. Drake's World Tour Thing - Cypress (incomplete) - In this incomplete log, something about Drake setting up a fight against Varvara that appears to never have happened. - created on 13:56:51 06/22/2010 by Varvara and last modified on 10:30:38 10/20/2014. Cast: Drake and Varvara.

37. Marionettes in the wind.. - Reaching from beyond the throne room at his palace, Shang Tsung extends his sorcerous powers out into the world after the retreating warrior that mortally injured him--by stopping the warrior before he can interrupt the invasion, Emperor Kahn will be pleased, and surely restore him to his former glory. With his final hexes, he brings back a fighter long dead and another whose darkness is well known. He summons them to the site of Thailand, inflicting them with a strong compulsion to interfere in the white-armored creature's rampage. However, those two find themselves intercepted en route, trapped in a pocket world by a mysterious observer of the mayhem below... "Quaint," the diminutive vampire heiress comments. "So like marionettes you are.... it is a shame I'll have to cut your strings." - created on 20:22:21 10/18/2014 by Eve and last modified on 07:20:06 10/20/2014. Cast: Vyle, Eve, and Rachel.

38. One more thing... - Another airport, another meeting with Zach. But this one was different: Less indirectness, less misdirection, and... less Honoka. - created on 11:20:51 10/19/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 23:11:53 10/19/2014. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

39. On the Eve of the End of the World (Cutscene) - As the world breathes its very last, a man who has sat on the line between this world and the next finally receives some instruction on why that came to pass. - created on 23:05:25 10/19/2014 by Frei and last modified on 23:10:50 10/19/2014. Cast: Frei.

40. Crowdsourced One-Way Ticket (Cutscene) - When the world is falling apart, it's hard to get a feel for when it's time to take that very final plunge into where one knows it's all going to end. Howard Rust, deciding it is time to bring the fight to the final stage of human history as everyone knows it, takes the plunge by himself... but not alone. - created on 14:48:23 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 12:57:42 10/19/2014. Cast: Rust.

41. A Simple Warning - After crashing the Taiyo High demonstration against her power, the Empress of Ezo finds that another challenger has entered the ring! Or so it seems... - created on 18:23:17 09/22/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 09:36:03 10/19/2014. Cast: Honoka and Munin.

42. EotW5: Fountain of Iron Youth - Some are willing to make terrible deals to reclaim something that the natural order of things dictates is never possible to reclaim: Youth. Falling in line with Saiki, Heihachi Mishima has been granted not only his youth, but a Time Sphere. In turn, he is to stand as a guardian to the Gate that would see the resetting of the timeline. As Rust and Frei approach, the powers at play see them shifted to another dimension... An endless void of white. Powered by fury, hatred, and the ever-annoying exuberance of youth, Heihachi must ensure that they do not escape nor get past him - is there no other way to make it out other than through a bloody brawl to the bitter end? - created on 14:59:19 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 14:59:34 10/18/2014. Cast: Elisabeth, Rust, and Heihachi.

43. Three Futures - Standing on the precipice of history, three seperate realities collide. In one, a former student inherits his family's dojo as its master. In another, a wanderer finally settles down and brings an empire of the night to her. In another, a woman finally gives herself over fully to the alien force dominating her. These three will stand on the precipice of history, knowing all that they are and all that they ever will be hangs in the balance. Is this the future they desire? If so... they will have to fight for it. - created on 18:54:32 10/18/2014 by Kazuki and last modified on 23:41:05 10/18/2014. Cast: Kazuki, Munin, and Jira.

44. The Right To Stay The Same - Steel rains from the sky in a colorless Strolheim, crushed by the weight of inevitability. However, there is no room for mourning when Seishirou Ryouhara arrives, to investigate the peculiar Sphere that one Strolheim weaponsmaster holds.. - created on 03:55:57 10/01/2014 by Seishirou and last modified on 03:05:37 10/09/2014. Cast: Makari and Seishirou.

45. Continue? - Howard Rust has taken a lot of nasty falls over the years. Every time, he had a metaphorical quarter before it would be too late to pick back up. Beaten within an inch of his life, too tough to die, and yet not too numb to feel every ounce of agony... in the wake of a fateful encounter against a young Heihachi Mishima alongside an ally in Elisabeth Blanctorche, he has been left for dead in the middle of a void with no apparent entry or escape. Have his pockets run empty at last, as the curtains start to come to a close for the world as a whole... is this where he has to admit defeat at last, keying in his initials short of Saiki's doorstep? - created on 20:00:12 10/18/2014 by Rust and last modified on 00:31:10 10/19/2014. Cast: Zach Glenn and Rust.

46. Self-Unreliance (Cutscene) - Varvara Economou once prided herself - to an extent - for being willing to go so far to make herself strong enough to earn a living with her own two hands the only way she knew how, as a gross overreaction to standards of beauty being sullied. She learned, eventually, at the brink of death that this was no way to live... and now, against her choice thanks to injuries inflicted during what was the turnaround point of her life, she will have to learn to put her trust in other people while she rests on the sidelines. - created on 15:03:53 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 15:03:53 10/18/2014. Cast: Varvara.

47. Pretty Ugly Business - Tabitha draws nearer to the wormhole at the Ise Shrine with the Time Sphere, hoping to unravel the storm that reverberates throughout the world-- but other parties have their eyes fixed on the key she carries, and seek it for their own nefarious ends. Will Tabitha's unexpected allies be enough to save her, themselves, and their prize from one of the world's most lethal killers? (SPOILER: Kinda) - created on 14:55:50 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 14:56:19 10/18/2014. Cast: Daniel, Balrog, Eve, and Tabitha.

48. Bunker Hunters! - Jira has another encounter with a NESTS product. Will she shop NESTS again? - created on 15:02:29 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 15:26:38 10/18/2014. Cast: K9999 and Jira.

49. War... War Never Changes - After her failed attempt to make a play for one of the Spheres, Franziska prepares for the world's descent into destruction. Someone else seems to be thinking the same thing. - created on 15:00:11 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 15:26:20 10/18/2014. Cast: K9999 and Franziska.

50. An Improvised Concerto - Entrusting the Sphere of Sparks to Igniz was folly, a grievous misjudgment. Magaki has volunteered in his infinite devotion to Saiki to let his life force be tied to the orb for long enough to make it work for its intended purpose, restoring it to its previous and complete form. After kidnapping Ken's wife, Enero currently manipulates Masters into working for Shadaloo, attempting to claim as many spheres for Vega as they possibly can... But confronting Magaki in a dimension of nothingness, just darkness, may be more than the two of them are capable of handling when the monster fights to his utmost to stop the orb from being destroyed... again. - created on 14:58:07 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 14:58:13 10/18/2014. Cast: Ken Masters, Enero, and Magaki.

51. I Never Win (Cutscene) - Ryuhaku Todoh, as far as he has ever known and ever will know, has never truly gotten a one-up over Takuma Sakazaki and the Kyokugen style. The final tallies are being marked in the wake of the world falling apart at the very seams, and he can no longer bear to look at the scoreboard. - created on 14:54:42 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 14:54:49 10/18/2014. Cast: Todoh.

52. EotW5: The Art of Street Fighting - One of the Time Spheres had been destroyed. Forces beyond estimation by even Saiki himself have conspired to rectify this situation, in a way absolutely no one would have expected. A rift has opened between parallel universes somewhere within the vicinity of the city of Ise, and with it has come Dan Hibiki with a new Time Sphere... Who has full intent to deliver it to the Saiki of this universe. Backed by a Ryuhaku Todoh of especially vague origins, it is up to Yun and Yuri to stop them from making the deadly delivery and escape that rift before it is too late, to be unsung heroes of at least two different universes (and possibly even more than that). - created on 14:44:02 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 14:44:12 10/18/2014. Cast: Todoh, Dan, Yun, and Yuri.

53. EotW: Nephilim - Dr. Tran parties it up on a cruise ship like its the end of the world, joined by Roland, his new one-armed friend. The seas get stormy as they encounter Tran's natural enemy: Schoolgirls. Sakura and Hinata attempt to convince the doctor to help stand against the apocalypse. The boat sinks. (Winner: ???) - created on 14:42:16 10/18/2014 by GLaDOS and last modified on 14:42:48 10/18/2014. Cast: Tran, Hinata, Sakura, and Roland.

54. n. - idealism - In the middle of the night, a massive firestorm blooms. Trapped with no where to go, Alma and Tran must finally settle their old scores with the ranks of Kagero. - created on 21:20:45 10/05/2014 by Seishirou and last modified on 02:56:48 10/09/2014. Cast: Frei, Alma, Tran, Ayame, and Seishirou.

55. Hunger for the Strongest - <no description> - created on 22:45:26 09/20/2014 by Mukai and last modified on 20:56:11 10/10/2014. Cast: Akuma and Mukai.

56. Dire news and a new resolution - Class C Lockdown in NESTS base of operation in Antartica. While Eve waits in her room pondering about the emperor penguin that must have gotten stuck in ventilation shafts, Nameless comes to her to announce her dire news : the death of their beloved leader, Igniz. - created on 13:02:31 10/10/2014 by Eve and last modified on 13:03:48 10/10/2014. Cast: Nameless and Eve.

57. Countdown to Winter - In the wake of Rolento's alternate idea as to how to keep Southtown standing but maintain his goals, Howard Rust, Hinata Wakaba, and Brett Neuer discuss finer details such as 'we might need a new truck' and 'who the hell is going to do it if this certain idea doesn't go through?' - created on 15:34:40 10/06/2014 by Rust and last modified on 00:53:21 10/08/2014. Cast: Hinata, Rust, and Brett.

58. Atomic Negotiation - Rust manages to call out Rolento after his madman's ploy to destroy the city; left with no recourse but a desperate negotiation, can they manage to get him to change his mind? What is the difference between extremism and insanity? Why did Yuri show up for one pose that Rolento was too lazy to remove? So many questions lack a concrete answer... but all they are left with is a wispy hint of hope. - created on 17:34:01 10/02/2014 by Rolento and last modified on 23:46:12 10/07/2014. Cast: Hinata, Rust, Brett, and Rolento.

59. EotW R2: Confessional - Daniel's search through Paris for clues about the enigmatic Saiki of whom Mukai spoke leads him to again encounter a certain time-traveling Stray Dog, and then leads them both to Notre Dame Cathedral, which now languishes without visitors. There the two encounter Ash Crimson, who waits as though their chase had been by his design. He possesses a prize that, should they win it, could upend these nefarious plots and force the enemy into the open. But though detective and hound may wish to interrogate his association with the tournament, it is they, in the mysterious atmosphere of the impossible chamber high above the church, who will find themselves questioned. - created on 22:49:55 08/28/2014 by Ash and last modified on 17:49:32 10/06/2014. Cast: Ash, Jiro, and Daniel.

60. Let Tyrants Tremble - The New Metro City has begun to consume the country. Duke, the former crime boss of the Southtown Syndicate, is mad with power, seeing himself as an all powerful god and ruler. But a motley crew of a hero, a villain, and someone in between will not stand for Metro City to be twisted into what it is... and dare to topple the man who would be god. - created on 13:59:39 10/05/2014 by Duke and last modified on 00:57:36 10/06/2014. Cast: Duke, Zach Glenn, Varvara, Razor, and Franziska.

61. Bonus Stage! - When life hands you a kidnapping, you go beat the crap out of a helpless car for a few minutes. ... This is not a good analogy for life, or anything! - created on 20:13:53 10/03/2014 by Dan and last modified on 18:39:02 10/05/2014. Cast: Ken Masters and Dan.

62. Going On A Walk, Coming To Gawk, Having A Talk - Howard Rust takes a break from his questionable survey of the vortex gathering around the Grand Ise Shrine, ostensibly to stretch his legs and maybe breathe slightly fresher air. Mimiru Kasagi happens along with the desire to see this space-time anomaly herself after coming to relative peace about the reappearance of her dead breather in her life, in hopes that maybe, together, everyone can do something about whatever will come next. The two have a bit of a chat across a strip of largely evacuated buildings of indeterminate nature in the tense atmosphere of the city of Ise. - created on 15:04:01 10/02/2014 by Rust and last modified on 21:49:25 10/02/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Rust.

63. J2 Notes - These are the notes connected to Aranha's participation in the Jinchuu 2 Tournament - created on 03:19:36 05/20/2010 by Aranha and last modified on 14:58:02 10/02/2014. Cast: Aranha.

64. Epitaph - Time continues at an unceasing, unchanging pace. Throughout the universe, this is a constant. But to humans, time is subjective -- a minute can feel like a day, a half-second could feel like fifteen minutes. Honoka was able to slow down her perception of time enough to share last words with Reika -- and had thought that would be enough, until she found herself in another place, another time entirely. - created on 18:20:30 09/30/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 21:57:37 10/01/2014. Cast: Frei and Honoka.

65. EotW: Calm Before the Storm - After Honoka's raid on the Diet--and the subsequent battle that got Sakura hospitalized--Honoka seeks out her friend to... talk. - created on 22:00:09 09/29/2014 by Sakura and last modified on 10:06:01 09/30/2014. Cast: Honoka and Sakura.

66. Taken - With no guidance forthcoming from their absent leader as the world spirals towards destruction, one of Vega's Dolls decides to take the initiative and takes measures to keep one of their most hated enemies out of the end game. - created on 00:04:24 09/30/2014 by Enero and last modified on 11:33:10 09/30/2014. Cast: Ken Masters and Enero.

67. Precipice of the Disaster - Several days prior to her death, Empress Honoka had heard of an unusually colorful man waltzing through many of the defenses surrounding the Grand Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture. She had met the man a few weeks prior, and hoped to use that prior meeting as leverage to figure out just what it is that's eating up so much of Howard Rust's attention. - created on 17:49:57 09/28/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 10:32:36 09/29/2014. Cast: Honoka and Rust.

68. Just Another Press Conference - For a while, the Empress of Ezo thought she had it all figured out: an orchestrated trap to lure out a ninja assassin, turn her opponents into allies, and legitimize her government. In the end... she got what she bargained for. And her earlier attempt at salvation seems to have set the stage for the complete destruction of Southtown. - created on 21:05:58 09/27/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 07:09:05 09/28/2014. Cast: Honoka, Kazuki, Hinata, Ibuki, Brett, and Yuri.

69. An Old Memory Returns - Having left the house with Rust, Jiro came across an old familiar face. However, with the years between himself and Kain, Jiro wanted to prove to Kain that he gotten stronger. However, it has left with bitter tears. - created on 18:07:46 09/23/2014 by Jiro and last modified on 13:21:29 09/28/2014. Cast: Jiro and Kain.

70. Difference In Fathers - The aftermath of Mukai's destruction of the building and the city left for Jiro and Rust to find a place to recover. Jiro, having suffered from the darkness in his heart has entered a state of despair. However, Jiro learns an important truth behind Rust through a surprise visitor. - created on 19:52:35 09/18/2014 by Jiro and last modified on 13:08:27 09/28/2014. Cast: Jiro and Rust.

71. Jijiru: Kasagi's slumber party! - The current Kasagi generation all gather at at Jira's flat for a reunion. And nachos! As expected when any Kasagi gets in a room (let alone THREE) things get downright unusual. Tune in for your daily dose of Kasagi, full of essential vitamins and nutrients*! Disclaimer*: May or may not actually improve your day or diet any. - created on 19:01:00 09/27/2014 by Jira and last modified on 06:25:12 09/28/2014. Cast: Jiro, Mimiru, and Jira.

72. Operation: Not a Horrible Guest - Meet the Glens. They're smart. Nice. Neighborly. And about to get a house guest that ends up being more helpful than she could have possibly intended! - created on 13:35:42 09/27/2014 by Ayame and last modified on 23:22:24 09/27/2014. Cast: Zach Glenn and Ayame.

73. Freedom Monument Groundbreaking - What starts out as a groundbreaking ceremony for the "Freedom Monument" in Southtown turns into... a really awkward history lesson from the Empress of Ezo. And then... EXPLOSIONS?!!! (no, no explosions) - created on 19:58:49 09/26/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 01:10:55 09/27/2014. Cast: Honoka, Todoh, Batsu, Hinata, Brett, Mr.Burr, Jira, and Yuri.

74. So an Empress walks into a noodle house... - The Empress of Ezo is finding difficulty adjusting to the life she'd always dreamed of. And a frosty reception from a dear friend is just the cure! Wait, what...? - created on 18:05:35 09/25/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 22:13:41 09/25/2014. Cast: Honoka and Jira.

75. Crossroads of Ambition - One of Empress Honoka's Mandates was that all foreigners are to leave the Empire of Ezo immediately. There is one such gaijin, however, that the Empress has a specific interest in. She makes arrangements to have what is hopefully not a final conversation before he leaves the island. - created on 23:23:59 09/24/2014 by Zach Glenn and last modified on 09:58:09 09/25/2014. Cast: Honoka and Zach Glenn.

76. Border Patrol - Southtown's barricaded off from the outside, but an SDF artillery unit is trying to hammer down the walls. Ibuki and Brett happen to be on the seen and lend a helping hand! Guest starring a sniper and a jackass humvee driver. - created on 19:27:12 09/22/2014 by Honoka and last modified on 00:49:07 09/23/2014. Cast: Honoka, Ibuki, and Brett.

77. Southtown Resistance Tears Down That Wall - When the Ezo Empire begins building fortifications to help tamp down on the growing resistance in Southtown, Hinata and Yuri lead an operation to bring down the barricade manned by mercenaries and kick them out of Southtown. - created on 19:32:08 09/22/2014 by Hinata and last modified on 00:30:38 09/23/2014. Cast: Hinata, Mr.Burr, and Yuri.

78. Dinner and a date! - The Kasagi gals meet up once more, Jira reveals her skills around the house and they discuss plans for the future. Cue dramatic music! - created on 17:33:45 09/21/2014 by Jira and last modified on 02:35:08 09/22/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Jira.

79. March to Oblivion - Metro City has returned... like a corpse being reanimated. Unnatural, and aggressive, Duke has brought the city back, and in his own twisted image. Maki and Zach come to the city, reaching the deserted cordon checkpoint that gates the world from the city... or rather, the city from the world, as they soon find out. - created on 21:31:25 09/21/2014 by Duke and last modified on 01:08:25 09/22/2014. Cast: Duke, Zach Glenn, and Maki.

80. Unity Is Strength - With the government of Japan overthrown to replace in the new Republic of Ezu, the future of the island nation is left in the hands of tyrants. The students of Taiyo High refuse to let the coup take hold of their future, and organize their own uprising. But Honoka isn't left in the dark of the student's activities... - created on 18:53:37 09/21/2014 by Batsu and last modified on 00:34:24 09/22/2014. Cast: Honoka, Batsu, Hinata, Sakura, Ibuki, Brett, and Yuri.

81. Room Service - Having previously been foiled in the nightclubs of Paris, Angel dons a jaunty hat and ambushes Alma in his hotel room, still seeking information on the whereabouts of the Stray Dog and the NESTS property he possesses. It turns out that violence is not the answer, but service is. A negotiated agreement is reached: he will tell her what she wants to know, and she won't mention this incident again. (This scene occurs prior to 'Night at the Museum.') - created on 01:36:52 08/30/2014 by Alma and last modified on 22:16:52 09/21/2014. Cast: Alma and Angel.

82. Perchance to Dream - Rust feels an urgent need to get some paperwork to put some things in order. After a chance encounter, a warning, and a visit to a misunderstood past, he leaves with paperwork of a different, but perhaps more pertinent nature. - created on 22:08:41 09/13/2014 by Ayame and last modified on 01:29:13 09/21/2014. Cast: Rust and Ayame.

83. A New Utopia - Honoka and Rolento convene after the successful acquisition of the building, the Diet and the Emperor. She is presented with the harsh realities of being an Empress... but the final steps required have been taken, and soon Japan's former government will be a shattered shadow, with nothing left to speak of...! - created on 19:45:56 09/18/2014 by Rolento and last modified on 23:35:55 09/20/2014. Cast: Honoka and Rolento.

84. Match of the Millennium - Alma is searching desperately throughout Paris for Frei, with whom he has long ago lost contact, having heard rumors that Seishirou Ryouhara and his minions may be plotting in the shadows of the City of Lights. In the Jardin des Luxembourg he instead encounters Tran, the last to speak with Frei, in possession of the fully-charged Time Sphere of Memory, won with the chi sage's assistance. Alma realizes that Tran is sure to be Kagero's next target, and attempts to warn him of this. But Tran is a little crazier even than usual, perfectly synchronized with an artifact that conjures up convincing phantoms from his memory at a whim. When the ultimate rival and frenemy appears as though called by the sphere as well, Tran draws upon the strength with which the sphere has endowed him for a final rematch so that he may overcome his past once and for all. - created on 01:54:07 09/18/2014 by Alma and last modified on 22:30:52 09/19/2014. Cast: Alma and Tran.

85. End Of World Exam, Substitute Teacher - Don't you hate it when you've got everything almost neatly wrapped up and ready to be taken on the road to finding a way to save the world? Even after a (one would hope) temporary goodbye from the largely abandoned Kyokugen Dojo, Howard Rust realizes he should have gotten the list of emergency phone numbers off the Sakazaki fridge before both he and Yuri left to begin with. While he may have forgotten, a certain someone hasn't... and has asked a close friend of theirs to test one of the school's rising stars for their black belt in Kyokugen Karate. Taking on the largely unconvincing guise of Mr. Karate for this purpose, the mythical Gouken of the Ansatsuken school fulfills his friend Takuma's requests to test Howard Rust and see if, as the end of days approaches, he has finally mastered all the fundamental techniques of Kyokugen. Even as the world, no, the universe itself falls apart at the seams, no force of nature must stand in the way of KYOKUGEN MIGHT. - created on 10:33:12 09/19/2014 by Rust and last modified on 18:02:32 09/19/2014. Cast: Rust and Gouken.

86. The World's Shortest Interview - While Ran waits for the bus, she ends up briefly sharing her bench with another young woman on a fact-finding mission. - created on 15:03:15 09/19/2014 by Ibuki and last modified on 16:20:45 09/19/2014. Cast: Ran and Ibuki.

87. Back to Southtown... - After meeting up with her brother, Mimiru tries to find some peace of mind through constant working. In the end, Jiro had left a burning mark on her heart that kept aching and leads Mimiru back to the source of her sorrow and exile : her hometown, Southtown. She returns to the place she used to call home, hoping to meet her mother Yoko. To what end? Mimiru does not know what to expect out of this. She only hopes that this decision will make her anguish, fear and pain go away... - created on 20:24:11 09/18/2014 by Mimiru and last modified on 00:38:16 09/19/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Yoko.

88. Reaching Out - The disaster in Metro City reunites two old friends long separated by a tragic death. Alma and Mimiru are torn apart by their different fates: he has chained himself to leadership, transforming suffering into a cause; she roams free to redefine herself, unable to forge new bonds. Yet each is in desperate need of the other, the only one who could possibly understand what Jiro's absence has wrought and their desperate efforts to make meaning of their grief. Is it possible for Alma's light and Mimiru's darkness to come together? Or is the one precisely what the other has been missing all along? For a moment, the two, knowing that fate will soon tear them apart again, reach out and touch. (This scene occurs prior to 'The Boy Who Defied Time'.) - created on 12:31:12 08/20/2014 by Alma and last modified on 19:08:32 09/18/2014. Cast: Alma and Mimiru.

89. A Shady Business - During her stay in Japan, Mimiru receives a special offer for what appears to be a shady delivery. The least question asked, the better! At least, the pay is good! - created on 14:07:04 09/17/2014 by Mimiru and last modified on 18:10:30 09/18/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Mr.Burr.

90. Never Too Late - What does it mean to be alive, and what does it mean to die? Two people meet: one to whom death is old hat, and another to whom death is a new adventure. In the end, violence is forestalled by discussion, and at least one of these men leaves with a renewed sense of purpose. - created on 19:00:34 09/16/2014 by Frei and last modified on 22:51:28 09/17/2014. Cast: Frei, Kyo, and Nameless.

91. EotW: KESSEN - Helping out with relief efforts at the Diet, Sakura and Blanka are, fortunately, there when an... uprising... is started. But what happens when the uprising is revealed to be led by Sakura's newest friend? - created on 19:59:20 09/15/2014 by Sakura and last modified on 09:03:14 09/18/2014. Cast: Honoka, Sakura, and Blanka.

92. EotW4: Last Dance - As far as Angel's concerned, everything's going swell. She's retrieved Isolde's glove from the Kasagi duo and escaped the catacombs, completing her mission with aplomb. Therefore, as a super-serious super secret agent, she reports to her superiors and, upon receiving orders to immediately return to Japan from Paris, heads directly to the nightlife district to get her drink on. But her planned night of dubiously explained-away debauchery is rudely interrupted by the sudden intervention of a man with a fan. Everything about Angel -- her outfit, her attitude, her lack of discipline, her outfit -- is offensive to Ryuhaku Todoh. There is only one path: he must make her his disciple so that she dresses like Kasumi Todoh forever. Can Angel's wild spirit be reined in? Will her wild style overpower Todoh-ryuu? Or will this just end up being a great party? - created on 09:11:57 09/17/2014 by Todoh and last modified on 19:40:18 09/17/2014. Cast: Angel and Todoh.

93. EOTW: Vyle vs MURDERHOUSE - It's Vyle versus MURDERHOUSE in an empty, ghost-infested arena in France. The winner gets to walk away, and the loser gets thrown into a room of ghosts by the winner. Boo. (Winner: Vyle) - created on 20:33:19 09/07/2014 by MURDERHOUSE and last modified on 18:36:16 09/17/2014. Cast: Vyle and MURDERHOUSE.

94. The Echoes of Kyokugen Might - Yuri Sakazaki, daughter of Takuma and a brown belt looking to finally join the ranks of those fully versed in Kyokugen techniques, is the last person to watch over the Sakazaki Dojo as the entirety of Southtown becomes inhospitable to life with the choking volcanic ash clouds that blot out the sun and pollute the very air. Howard Rust, a fellow brown belt, comes to visit the dojo for one last round to check on whoever may still be around before going about his resolve to do what he can to bring as many people together to face the end fighting. Reflecting on their years of growth as fighters, these two look not to close the book, but to go out and simply turn the page into whatever comes next... - created on 20:23:43 09/17/2014 by Rust and last modified on 22:44:34 09/17/2014. Cast: Rust and Yuri.

95. Alter Egoism - Daniel Jack, with the trail gone cold in Europe due to the mysterious meddlings of Ash Crimson, boards a flight that ends up thrown wildly off-course due to the escalating storms at sea. Forced to land in Metro City International Airport, one of the few parts of the metropolis not shut down by the hurricanes and flooding, he finds as he exits the plane that he's stuck on the same flight as Jira, who also sought to leave Paris. The transformations she's undergoing through Akabara's influence have left Jira in need of a new outfit, and she encounters Daniel in one of the duty-free clothing stores within the airport. Akabara is eager to test his growing power against another fighter, but Jira may not be the only one possessed by a deity of battle. Ever since they landed, Daniel has been hearing a strange voice in his head-- that of a goddess of war. How will the exciting battle of Daniel and Jira turn out? Will they ever get their new duds? And what secrets do the Goddess and Akabara hide? Tune in and find out! - created on 22:31:57 09/15/2014 by Jira and last modified on 04:34:57 09/16/2014. Cast: Daniel and Jira.

96. The Face of Despair - Brett Neuer begins to fall prey to the influence of the Time Sphere of Stasis in the dead market of frozen Bangkok, tormented by its whispers - and is happened upon by Strolheim's young madman, the weaponmaster Makari Maksimilian. With whispers of despair all around them, Makari has a simple charge for Brett: Resist the hopelessness with your own strength, or have your burden relieved. - created on 15:33:53 09/15/2014 by Makari and last modified on 19:40:29 09/15/2014. Cast: Brett and Makari.

97. End of the World R4: Vyle vs. Yuri - The Gaia Tournament brings two unexpected fighters from other affected areas to Metro City, as Yuri and Vyle end up squaring off in the Metro City Community Center. While the fight is meant to help bring up spirits for the displaced in the City, the result seems to do nothing but bring everyone else down, even the winner. - created on 20:20:33 09/14/2014 by Vyle and last modified on 18:13:06 09/15/2014. Cast: Vyle and Yuri.

98. The Slumbering God - With the Time Spheres irrevocably charging to change the world, Mukai muses in the emptied headquarters of Gaea. Rust and Jiro connect the dots too little too late about the mysterious tournament... but find the hulking brute. And discover that although he may have had regrets about erasing the present and all it has accomplished, his true devotion to Saiki-sama is not something to underestimate...! - created on 19:16:04 09/14/2014 by Mukai and last modified on 00:21:02 09/17/2014. Cast: Jiro, Rust, and Mukai.

99. The Hungry Tiger - Off the shore of Metro City, the source of the storm harassing Metro City is located; and, unknown to scientists, it is a fully charged Time Orb. Yet upon arriving, they find that another was drawn to it's power like a fly; Gato Futuba. Already past his limit in the presence of the artifact, he unleashes the remnants of his soul... and the aftermath scars the world permanently, leaving behind only ash and regrets. - created on 19:07:51 09/14/2014 by Gato and last modified on 00:18:13 09/17/2014. Cast: Gato, Varvara, and Tabitha.

100. The Fight Tease - After the tsunami hit Metro City, Mimiru has volunteered to give a hand searching the debris and ruined city for survivors. She makes the unexpected encounter of Roland while he plunders a local jewelry store. A small chase follows and once cornered, a brief fight occurs between the two. Spoiler : Pocket-Sand technique used. - created on 17:24:23 09/16/2014 by Mimiru and last modified on 10:09:14 09/17/2014. Cast: Mimiru and Roland.

100 logs listed.