Neo League 976

#976: Terry vs Takako - Takako, a brash, spirited young newcomer to the fight scene, issues a bold declaration of challenge to Terry Bogard. Curious, he accepts. (Winner: Terry) - created on 15:12:50 05/17/2012 by Terry and last modified on 19:44:27 05/19/2012. Cast: Terry and Takako.

#977: Kim vs Takako - In her journey through the Koreas it seems that a fight that was probably destined to happen finally does indeed.....happen. Takako keeps moving on to prove herself by challenging all fighters and Kim Kaphwan finds himself dealing with a little girl that is much tougher than she looks. - created on 11:04:23 05/19/2012 by Kim and last modified on 19:49:20 05/19/2012. Cast: Kim and Takako.

#978: Faolan vs Takako - Takako continues her quest to fight everyone involved with the Neo League by having a rematch with Faolan. Of course this time it is much more official and alot less awkwardness to start. Can the Ikari stand the little ball of violence once more or does she finally have the Irishman's number? (Winner: Faolan) - created on 10:08:05 05/27/2012 by Faolan and last modified on 09:51:16 05/28/2012. Cast: Takako and Faolan.

#979: Zach vs Takako - Takako's Challenge Tour continues in Korea, bringing her in front of the explosively powerful Zach Glen. (Winner: Zach) - created on 17:27:27 05/28/2012 by Zach and last modified on 20:18:06 05/28/2012. Cast: Takako and Zach.

#980: Maki vs Adon - Adon and Maki make their stunning return to the Neo-League. Fighting in the CWA Arena, the Emperor of Muay Thai thinks he can secure an easy win, like in the old days. The Ninja of Bushin-Ryu, however, proves that she has learned a few new tricks, and won't make it easy for Adon this season.... (Winner: Maki) - created on 18:36:35 05/29/2012 by Adon and last modified on 10:24:05 05/30/2012. Cast: Adon and Maki.

#981: Adon vs Zach - Zach Glen faces off against the braggadocious Adon. Zach does not fight for justice, nor for revenge, but by his own will. Adon proves that it's not bragging if you can really do it. (Winner: Adon.) - created on 17:28:07 05/30/2012 by Zach and last modified on 16:09:07 05/31/2012. Cast: Zach and Adon.

#982: Murderhouse vs Yuri - Kyokugen's Poster Child meets Pro Wrestling's Unwanted Bastard in a vicious fight to the finish. Everybody gets set on fire. - created on 16:26:09 06/18/2012 by MURDERHOUSE and last modified on 20:03:55 06/18/2012. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Yuri.

#983: Onatah vs Roland - Trying to get back his fighting mojo, Roland tries out his newly adapted style against Onatah. However, she rather brutally uses him as little more then a stepping stone while her looming master Mu-Mu watches! (Winner: Onatah) - created on 22:27:16 06/19/2012 by Roland and last modified on 11:14:48 06/22/2012. Cast: Onatah, Roland, and Mukai.

#984: Roland vs MURDERHOUSE - Roland and MURDERHOUSE are scheduled for an Neo League fight. The newly one-armed brawler and wrestler don't even last that long before tearing things apart. Although demolished at the start, Roland's tenacity pays off in the end. They are hit so hard, some say they saw a ghostly image of Geese hovering around and commenting on the fight. - created on 18:33:42 06/21/2012 by Roland and last modified on 11:18:25 06/22/2012. Cast: MURDERHOUSE, Geese, and Roland.

#985: Gato vs MrJones - Gato and Mr. Jones have a battle upon a bridge for the Neo League. Gato initially underestimates him, allowing the Groove Master to land a heavy blow that allows a significant comeback, proving his resolve to the judgemental warrior. Although he is still kicked into the heavens. (Winner: Gato) - created on 13:44:19 06/23/2012 by Gato and last modified on 23:14:15 06/24/2012. Cast: Gato and MrJones.

#986: Yuri vs Caiomhe - It's a Neo League battle in the Southtown Shopping Center. Hometown hero Yuri Sakazaki takes on the eccentric and unique Caiohme MacNair. Will the hometown hero hold out, or will the eccentric fighter come out on top? (WINNER: Yuri) - created on 18:45:00 06/23/2012 by Yuri and last modified on 23:21:36 06/24/2012. Cast: Caiomhe and Yuri.

#987: Adon vs Gato - Gato challenges Adon, only to find that the disciple of Sagat does not live up to his reputation. Quickly infuriated by the antics of the Jaguar, he is sent into a blind rage which Adon takes brutal advantage of. And near the end, Gato plunges into an ominous darkness from which he may not rise again... ( Winner: DKO ) - created on 11:38:31 06/25/2012 by Gato and last modified on 10:44:35 06/26/2012. Cast: Gato and Adon.

#988: Rust vs Takako - In a pancake diner in Sunshine City, the ferocious Fujiwa Takako takes on the legendary (???) Howard Rust in MORTAL KOM-- wait, no, in a Neo League fight. Batter is spilled and breakfasts fly in this titanic clash of the ages. But whilst two may enter, none may enjoy a peaceful meal. (Winner: Rust) - created on 07:18:54 06/26/2012 by Takako and last modified on 16:07:55 06/26/2012. Cast: Takako and Rust.

#989: Gato vs Takako - Gato, struggling with the surges of emotions that have lingered since his battle with Adon, continues his ruthless pursuit of the League. Takako's fearless tenacity against the unfocused Futaba allow her an amazing performance, but Gato's pride only sees his own personal failure and he falls further into darkness. Will his care be lost forever? ( Winner: Gato ) - created on 16:41:33 06/26/2012 by Gato and last modified on 09:03:51 06/28/2012. Cast: Gato and Takako.

#990: Adon vs Takako - (WARNING: EXPLICIT JAGGA CONTENT) Adon tries to run away from an appointed Neo League matchup with Takako. Ordinarily, Takako would simply accept this... but as the disgraced Emperor of Muay Thai has blown her off to go and get a MASSAGE, she is understandably, ah, put out. Tracking him down is easy. Turning the Jaguar's ambush tactics against him? Less so! Even nude (!!) Adon is a ferocious opponent. However, in the end, Takako may just redeem some of her dignity... despite all of the obstacles Adon and Little Adon can place in her way! (NO REALLY WARNING: EXPLICIT JAGGA CONTENT) (Winner: Adon) - created on 18:14:28 06/27/2012 by Takako and last modified on 14:28:35 06/28/2012. Cast: Takako and Adon.

#991: Aranha vs Takako - Nothing can stop these two warriors clashing! Not even... the power failure of the server! (Which explains why color is lost suddenly halfway through the log). Marvel in wonder as Aranha and Takako clash together in a match which, whilst relatively one-sided, nevertheless promises many thrills along the way! When a spider meets a bokken, what outcome can there be?! - created on 07:55:34 06/29/2012 by Takako and last modified on 10:23:25 06/30/2012. Cast: Takako and Aranha.

#992: Rick vs Takako (vs Sheep) - Rick was out picking out the next adventure for him and Rust to go out on. Somehow Takako has tracked him down to challenge him to a Neo League fight. At least this time a bokken doesn't end up in someone's ass. So many sheep are abused, though. :( (Winner: Rick) - created on 15:46:31 06/30/2012 by Rick and last modified on 09:06:53 07/02/2012. Cast: Takako and Rick.

#993: Terry vs Takako - Just after Takako's Neo League with Rick Strowd, boxer extraordinaire, none other than the Legendary Wolf shows up! Terry and Takako exchange some words and then some blows. Poor sheep. (Winner: Terry) - created on 10:37:34 07/01/2012 by Terry and last modified on 09:07:42 07/02/2012. Cast: Terry and Takako.

#994: Asuka vs Takako - On the plane back to Sunshine City, Takako issues a challenge to her fellow Japanese Schoolgirl to battle! Asuka Kazama is confused about the logic of fighting on the plane, and indeed about pretty much everything to do with this fight. But as bokken and fist clash in the air above the Pacific Ocean, the groundwork is laid for a beautiful... uh... hatred. (Winner: Asuka) - created on 08:30:04 07/03/2012 by Takako and last modified on 23:18:53 07/03/2012. Cast: Takako and Asuka.

#995: Billy vs Gato - Gato finally manages to get a fight with Billy... and gets the second most brutal beatdown of his life. However, the questions he had in challenging the top in the world have finally been answered, and he knows what he must do!! (Winner: Billy) - created on 10:28:55 07/05/2012 by Gato and last modified on 10:04:35 07/08/2012. Cast: Gato and Billy.

#996: Caiomhe vs Kazue - Caiomhe vs Kazue - Osaka - Floating Garden Observatory - (Winner: Caiomhe) - created on 20:38:25 07/05/2012 by Kazue and last modified on 10:05:59 07/08/2012. Cast: Kazue and Caiomhe.

#997: Heihachi vs MURDERHOUSE - Heihachi decides to make his introduction into the Neo League circuit as KUMA MASK. Then MURDERHOUSE throws sand in his eyes and he gets pretty pissed off. The result thereafter is as expected. (Winner: Heihachi) - created on 00:32:35 07/06/2012 by Heihachi and last modified on 10:08:34 07/08/2012. Cast: MURDERHOUSE and Heihachi.

#998: Billy vs Takako - After a marathon of Godzilla movies, what better way to celebrate than with a Neo League Battle?! Sunshine City bears witness to the second clash of Takako Fujiwa and the master of the staff Billy Kane. What at first seemed to be a grudging match between Billy and Takako soon turns into a no-holds-barred slugfest between two equally determined fighters. Takako's raging spirit meets Billy's own, and both are forced to fight at the very pinnacle of their ability. When the smoke clears... is anyone really a loser? (Winner: Billy) - created on 09:57:14 07/07/2012 by Takako and last modified on 10:10:16 07/08/2012. Cast: Billy and Takako.

#999: Geese vs Takako - A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS?! Takako's indefatigable spirit has attracted the attention of her first challenger in the Neo League. She has also attracted the eye of Geese Howard himself. In stunning surroundings, the young woman clashes with the master of countless styles. Not only do their spirits clash, but Takako is forced to pause and consider her path - her approach and her philosophy. She also gets a crash course in swimming. - created on 16:37:04 07/08/2012 by Takako and last modified on 10:39:22 07/09/2012. Cast: Geese and Takako.

#1000: Heihachi vs Billy - The 1000th Neo League battle is announced within the suitable confines of the Masters Stadium, and for the defending #1 there is indeed a surprise special gift: a genuine challenge in the form of one of the world's greatest warriors. And lest we forget, he's also the lord and master of the far more prestigious KUMA LEAGUE. What ensues may be epic, but it ain't got nothin' on battling kodiaks. - created on 10:59:47 07/09/2012 by Billy and last modified on 09:05:44 07/11/2012. Cast: Billy and Heihachi.

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