Neo League 876

#876: Brett vs Roland - Hard time in the dog pound, as the rugged Roland faces off against the hard-chargin' Brett, in a battle that's sure to send people howling. (Draw Match) - created on 21:13:11 07/06/2009 by Brett and last modified on 03:17:52 07/13/2009. Cast: Roland and Brett.

#878: Chang vs Maki - Two fighters with big traits about them go at it in a Neo League match in Southtown. One is the big bellied Chang Koechan, while the other is Maki Genryusai, with the big blonde hair! Will the big body crush the blonde, or will Maki turn out to be an underdog once again? (Winner: Maki) - created on 15:22:33 07/19/2009 by Maki and last modified on 14:21:21 07/31/2009. Cast: Maki and Chang.

#877: Adon vs Heavy D! - CWA Presents yet another Neo League battle, this time up against the board leader Adon vs. the wedgehawked, rhythmic boxer Heavy D! The crowd's hot for ths one, but who ends up hotter? (Winner: Adon) - created on 14:30:02 07/26/2009 by HeavyD and last modified on 20:40:22 07/29/2009. Cast: HeavyD and Adon.

#879: Alma vs El Fuerte - Some fights come down to power; some, to speed; still others, to technique. And then there are the battles that, even given all other factors, can only be settled on one merit: sheer willpower. Two titans of vibrant dynamism and fighting spirit, the legendarily tenacious cooking luchador El Fuerte and the gender-ambiguous Radiant Angel Alma Towazu, face off in a Southtown still rebuilding and must each confront the relentless conviction of the other. This match between newcomer and returning champion is a true nail-biter-- and a crucible in which a mutual respect will be forged. (Winner: Alma) - created on 01:24:51 07/31/2009 by Alma and last modified on 14:22:41 07/31/2009. Cast: Alma and ElFuerte.

#881: Adon vs Alma - The pride of a champion; the dignity of an angel. Two men at the peak of their fame and ability stand for utterly different philosophies-- and against one another. The Emperor of Muay Thai, Adon, as yet undefeated this season, faces off against the heroic spiritualist Alma Towazu on a tempestuous battlefield atop the Cliff of Crow Cabin. Both men's resolve are tested to the limits -- by each other and by nature's fury -- and through their battle they forge a proof: there is no unbreakable limit to what the human will may achieve. (Winner: Alma) - created on 20:47:47 07/31/2009 by Alma and last modified on 00:54:45 08/05/2009. Cast: Alma and Adon.

#880: Katelynn vs Vyle - Katelynn makes a return to the USA, and her first fight is against the tough guy known as Vyle. (Winner: Vyle.) - created on 18:09:48 08/02/2009 by Katelynn and last modified on 00:54:07 08/05/2009. Cast: Vyle and Katelynn.

#883: Seishirou vs Adon - In yet another display of extraordinarily grainy video for a Neo League encounter, the infamous terrorist Ryouhara kidnaps one of Neo League's own fight reporters and sets his sights audaciously on the Emperor of Muay Thai himself, Adon! But is the ninja wily enough to put down the God of Eight Limbs!? (Winner: Adon) - created on 21:43:34 08/05/2009 by Seishirou and last modified on 22:14:44 08/13/2009. Cast: Adon and Seishirou.

#882: Tran vs Kyoko - Another exciting Neo League match! ...except this time one of the two fighters is delivered to the scene mob style...or something. Dr. Tran just can't seem to catch a break. Thrills and chills were had by all! (Winner: Kyoko) - created on 22:47:51 08/06/2009 by Kyoko and last modified on 02:09:39 08/07/2009. Cast: Tran and Kyoko.

#884: Hayato vs Maki - For too long, the Neo League has lacked the presence of a properly Burning Spirit. But that has all changed with the entrance of Hayato Nekketsu, the Burning Phys Ed Teacher! He and Katelynn Molina face off in front of the Temple of the Silver Pavillion in Kyoto, surrounded by history. And amazingly, a fight manages to occur without any of that history being damaged. (Winner: Hayato) - created on 21:56:34 08/14/2009 by Hayato and last modified on 17:40:14 09/08/2009. Cast: Katelynn, Hayato, and Maki.

#885: Maki vs Chang - Longtime rivals Maki and Chang go at it again in the Neo League. Any predictions for who comes out on top? (Winner: Maki) - created on 11:04:24 08/29/2009 by Maki and last modified on 17:40:50 09/08/2009. Cast: Maki and Chang.

#886: Frei vs Mizuki - Deciding to get back on the horse, Frei specifically requests a fight with a teammate he hasn't seen since a very unfortunate incident during the Southtown siege. Mizuki presents her own reasons for needing a change, and in the process of the fight, Frei finds that responding to her determination opens up an opportunity for him he hadn't expected. (Winner: Frei) - created on 01:04:53 08/30/2009 by Frei and last modified on 17:42:20 09/08/2009. Cast: Frei and Mizuki.

#887: Kyoko vs Leona - In some odd bid to get more people fighting in the Leagues aside from Adon, the Neo League approaches Kyoko with an interesting prospect: FIGHT AN IKARI, WIN A MILLION BUCKS. One of these things may be true. (Draw Match) - created on 20:00:53 09/02/2009 by Kyoko and last modified on 17:43:34 09/08/2009. Cast: Kyoko and Leona.

#888: Sakura vs Iori - Iori. Sakura. A spooky old castle. Will this abject bloodbath bring out DRACULA HIMSELF? (Winner: Iori) - created on 17:03:05 10/01/2009 by Sakura and last modified on 23:14:13 11/28/2009. Cast: Iori and Sakura.

#889: Sakura vs Maki - Sakura vs. Maki -- what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except for when it's broadcast on TV. - created on 19:03:22 10/09/2009 by Sakura and last modified on 14:55:48 02/21/2010. Cast: Sakura and Maki.

#890: Yuno vs Kurenai - The Neo League provides the stark backdrop of Antarctica for the first meeting between these two young fighters with a difference in philosophy and outlook. Whose cuisine reigns supreme?!? (Winner: Kurenai) - created on 17:19:26 11/21/2009 by Kurenai and last modified on 14:57:02 02/21/2010. Cast: Kurenai and Yuno.

#891: Chang vs Malin - NEO LEAGUE BATTLE! Chang challenges the Warrior Belt holder, Malin, to take him on at Sound Beach. Faced with such a large and... sweaty opponent, victory is far from assured for Malin, but with all the tricks up her sleeve, can brawn win against the superior brains at the disposal of Malin? Will she just take the opportunity to take hideous revenge on Chang for the humiliating defeat his partner Choi inflicted on her?! Read on, and find out! (Winner: Malin) - created on 06:20:02 01/21/2010 by Malin and last modified on 14:58:09 02/21/2010. Cast: Malin and Chang.

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