Neo League 816

#816: R.Mika vs Aranha - The new season of Neo League starts off with a bang! And a crash! And fluff'n'stuff flying everywhere! Both Rainbow Mika and Aranha find themselves fighting in the middle of a highly destructible Build-A-Bear Workshop at the Metro City Mall. On the plus side, the fight is filled high-energy action. On the minus side, golf carts do a lot of damage. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 20:17:45 01/07/2009 by R.Mika and last modified on 23:56:08 01/16/2009. Cast: Aranha and R.Mika.

#817: Ken vs Mr. Big - Ken Masters makes his Big comeback. Get it! GET IT???!!! Called out by Mister Big, Ken Masters struts his stuff. Whoever will win?! (Winner: Mr. Big) - created on 01:15:02 01/12/2009 by Mr.Big and last modified on 23:57:53 01/16/2009. Cast: Mr.Big and Ken.

#818: Skullomania vs Ken - Ken Masters has returned to the Neo League! But he must now find out -- that there ain't no welcome-back party like a SKULLOMANIA welcome-back party! - created on 01:33:40 01/14/2009 by Ken and last modified on 23:58:49 01/16/2009. Cast: Ken and Skullomania.

#820: Ken vs Chun-Li - In a bid to promote another family eatery, Burger Vigor, Ken Masters faces down against Chun-Li in a match to entertain guests at this fine family establishment. Will Ken's burning AMERICAN spirit defeat Chun-Li's friendly CHINESE spirit? (Winner: Chun-Li) - created on 19:39:11 01/17/2009 by Chun-Li and last modified on 12:45:26 01/19/2009. Cast: Ken and Chun-Li.

#819: Poison vs Maki - From Metro City to India, a scourge and a saint of Metro City collide in Neo League combat! - created on 16:41:51 01/18/2009 by Poison and last modified on 05:39:53 01/19/2009. Cast: Poison and Maki.

#821: Maki vs Adon - The Heroine of Metro City, Maki Genryusai, is challenged by the Emperor of Muay Thai, Adon. Will the heroine triumph or will the emperor reign supreme? ( Winner: Adon ) - created on 18:53:31 01/21/2009 by Maki and last modified on 21:55:59 01/25/2009. Cast: Adon and Maki.

#822: Zach vs Rust - This is it. He's waited for this moment all his life. Howard Rust, shop teacher of Southtown's Pacific High, finally gets to the world scene. His first opponent, the explosively powerful Zach Glen - the one who would set the bar as to whether or not Howard has what it takes at 38 years of age. Set in the very school he teaches at, both carry audiences important and close to them. The debut of a future legend? Another step in the journey of a name already established? Perhaps even... both? (WINNER: Zach) - created on 20:14:23 01/22/2009 by Rust and last modified on 21:57:10 01/25/2009. Cast: Zach and Rust.

#823: Maki vs Naerose - Naerose invites Maki to a Naeo League in the dream amusement park. The only problem? It's winter. The other problem? Maki is a lot tougher than Nae is! (Winner: Maki) - created on 14:17:30 01/28/2009 by Naerose and last modified on 23:07:25 01/28/2009. Cast: Naerose and Maki.

#824: Adon vs Chun-Li - The 'new' Muay Thai emperor Adon has called out the World's Strongest Woman Chun-Li for a battle in the Neo Leagues, who is more than happy to oblige and resolved to showing more of her face in public venues. It's a swift fight, but in the end, Adon's fierce true colors bleed through--literally. (Winner: Chun-Li) - created on 19:54:25 01/29/2009 by Chun-Li and last modified on 19:09:33 01/30/2009. Cast: Chun-Li and Adon.

#825: Ken vs Cody - Ken versus Cody in... THE LAST SUBWAY FIGHT. But which fighter will lose their cool first?! ( Winner: Ken ) - created on 19:45:59 02/03/2009 by Ken and last modified on 12:45:26 02/04/2009. Cast: Ken and Cody.

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