Neo League 776

#776: Katelynn vs Choi - Katelynn and Choi go at it in Katelynn's home town in a rather unusual spot: An industrial factory! Both fighters will have to work hard to make it through this fight! ( Winner: Choi ) - created on 18:45:16 09/28/2008 by Katelynn and last modified on 11:06:50 09/29/2008. Cast: Choi and Katelynn.

#777: Rick vs Candy - A Neo League battle taking place in the red arena of Masters Stadium. A bit of a lopsided battle from Rick who ends up more confused as to what the hell he just beat up instead of who when all is said and done. (Winner: Rick) - created on 20:11:42 09/30/2008 by Rick and last modified on 11:23:08 10/01/2008. Cast: Candy and Rick.

#778: Choi vs Blanka - [OOC] Choi Aniki says, "God, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod" ... [OOC] Choi Aniki says, "This is going to involve fluids, isn't it" (Winner:Blanka) - created on 21:37:15 10/02/2008 by Blanka and last modified on 11:19:34 10/03/2008. Cast: Choi and Blanka.

#779: Spider vs Naerose - Spider invites Naerose to yet another NL and despite her misgivings from the last, her short memory plus this being the month of october makes the witch decide to accept anyway. Little does she know he has something more nefarious in mind this time. (Winner:Tie) - created on 12:22:53 10/06/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 02:28:07 10/07/2008. Cast: Naerose and Spider.

#780: Poison vs Vice - Poison and Vice hold a blood-tasting party on the Metro Bridge. ( Winner: Vice ) - created on 02:20:08 10/08/2008 by Poison and last modified on 20:24:47 10/08/2008. Cast: Vice and Poison.

#781: Spider vs Skullomania - The spider shows that the Israelis are very serious about there antisocial and murderous tendencies, while Skullomania gets a little bent out of shape as a result. ( Winner: Spider ) - created on 09:33:21 10/08/2008 by Skullomania and last modified on 20:26:51 10/08/2008. Cast: Skullomania and Spider.

#782: Mai vs Ryu - When Ken just doesn't have time to bust some heads for his league, who better to send than Ryu? The Ansatsuken Wanderer takes on the wiley kunoichi on the sands of Sound Beach, and Mai discovers that it takes more than lies, damn lies, and cutoffs to overcome some warriors. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 19:23:11 10/08/2008 by Ryu and last modified on 14:09:33 10/09/2008. Cast: Ryu and Mai.

#783: Choi vs Candy - Lai vs Choi. Of course, no one ever saw Lai before. But there's something about that woman that is different. Unfortunately for Choi, it becomes apparent rather quickly. There is alot to say, in the end. From both parties. A surprising turn of events cause .. a surprising ending! Watch for Choi! The reveal of Candy .. and man vs machine! - created on 21:39:59 10/08/2008 by Candy and last modified on 14:56:57 10/10/2008. Cast: Choi and Candy.

#784: Blanka vs Naerose - Blanka and Naearooose do battle for lunch in southtown to see who will have to pay. Of couarossse Naeaarroose would never pay because she's cheap and broke like that and Blanka is paid in melons and not monies. ( Winner: Blanka ) - created on 21:05:45 10/09/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 14:58:58 10/10/2008. Cast: Naerose and Blanka.

#786: Zach vs Spider - Zach makes his first Neo League showing since his honorable mention two seasons ago, against a somewhat familiar foe. However, he finds the assassin to be a difficult opponent. (Winner: Spider) - created on 16:02:07 10/10/2008 by Zach and last modified on 00:36:56 10/14/2008. Cast: Spider and Zach.

#785: Mignon vs Choi - In a Neo League fight at the Great Wall of China, watch as Choi doesn't sexually harass a 14 year girl, Mignon master the art of KITTY, and both enter an epic battle of really slow attacks. (Winner: Choi) - created on 19:23:33 10/10/2008 by Choi and last modified on 03:17:49 10/12/2008. Cast: Choi and Mignon.

#788: Mai vs Shurui - Shurui faces off against Mai in a match well-suited to the locale: a sports bar. Mai livens it up with ninja style and spunk, while Shurui is left wondering why her powers are being referred to as 'crazy'. Surprisingly, this battle goes by without a single comparison between certain parts of the anatomy between the two fighters! ( Winner: Shurui ) - created on 23:23:31 10/11/2008 by Shurui and last modified on 00:45:22 10/14/2008. Cast: Shurui and Mai.

#787: Spider vs Candy - Candy and Spider fight on Metro Beach. The grains of sand, in the .. air? The water everywhere! And the supporters of both fighters.. okay mainly Spiders.. A ring, around the two! It's a match of man vs machine! But will the mercilous machine stomp on the spider, or will his web of deception catch her?! ( Winner: Candy ) - created on 17:53:07 10/12/2008 by Candy and last modified on 00:39:19 10/14/2008. Cast: Candy and Spider.

#789: Poison vs Choi - In the dirty heart of Metro City, two warriors used to working outside the law engage in the ultimate contest of savagery, trying to quite literally tear each other to shreds and grind each other into paste -- with a twist ending that no one sees coming, and no one watching on television sees, period. (Draw Match) - created on 19:18:01 10/14/2008 by Poison and last modified on 17:45:48 10/19/2008. Cast: Choi and Poison.

#790: Choi vs Chae Lim - or... To Catch a Criminal: Part Two. Tracking Choi down through use of the Neo League, Chae Lim has him finished off to the point he'll listen to sense. (Winner: Cha--) Only, he gets back up and makes some sense of his own. The Korean girl might not be Kim Kaphwan, but she's willing to make the deal provided Choi at least makes an effort to stay above the law and not be involved in any more murders. Then it's a fight to the finish... at least he's kept his word, right? Right. That's good enough for now. (Winner: Choi) - created on 21:35:55 10/16/2008 by ChaeLim and last modified on 17:47:54 10/19/2008. Cast: Choi and ChaeLim.

#791: Candy vs Balrog - Watch... and be amazed! AT BALROG'S BICEPS. It's an amazing sight, truly never matched by anything before. Pretty pretty biceps. Oh Balrog, can't you see you are such a precious man.. why don't you pay attention to m-.. ER THERE IS A FIGHT HERE. YES. ( Winner: Balrog ) - created on 15:28:34 10/17/2008 by Candy and last modified on 18:01:32 10/19/2008. Cast: Candy and Balrog.

#792: Katelynn vs Spider - When Katelynn Molina and Spider meet up for a Neo League match, just about anything goes. What will be the outcome of today's dream fight? ( Draw Match ) - created on 20:07:20 10/20/2008 by Katelynn and last modified on 11:41:52 10/22/2008. Cast: Katelynn and Spider.

#793: Mai vs Blanka - Neo League! Down by the Beach, the Brazillian Beast meets the amazing Kunouichi, Mai Shirunai! What will happen? Who will win? WHO STILL WATCHES 'BAYWATCH'?! ( Winner: Blanka ) - created on 22:33:52 10/20/2008 by Blanka and last modified on 11:42:53 10/22/2008. Cast: Blanka and Mai.

#794: Riko vs Spider - It's said that experience and cunning will beat youth every time. Ari Abraham is a veteran of Israel's intelligence services, and now an agent of "R". They call him 'The Spider'. And then there's Riko Koganei, a girl in a raincoat and skates, who isn't known by anything at all. Of course, in the world of fighters, appearances aren't everything. (Winner: Riko) - created on 14:45:46 10/22/2008 by Riko and last modified on 14:09:18 10/23/2008. Cast: Riko and Spider.

#795: Blanka vs Ryu - The Brazilian Beast tracks down the Ansatsuken Master to step up his game - and leap around a hell of a lot! Brutal League antics in the Masters' Stadium White Arena. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 21:02:29 10/22/2008 by Ryu and last modified on 14:03:23 10/23/2008. Cast: Ryu and Blanka.

#796: Zach vs Naerose - Zach and Naerose have themselves a rollercoaster of a match! (Winner: Naerose) - created on 12:44:06 10/23/2008 by Zach and last modified on 00:27:04 10/24/2008. Cast: Naerose and Zach.

#797: Maki vs Choi - A Neo League battle at Metro City Beach has the hometown hero Maki taking on the small but deadly Choi, who is noted for his lethal fighting style as well as his womanizing ways. But what will happen when he goes up against Maki, someone who doesn't take kindly to that kind of stuff? ( Winner: Maki ) - created on 20:31:06 10/23/2008 by Maki and last modified on 00:28:30 10/24/2008. Cast: Choi and Maki.

#798: Nataya vs Cherry - Nataya and Cherry set up a rematch to make up for the bizarre circumstances that surrounded their SNF match in Gen's restaurant. Shaolin Kung Fu clashes with Muay Boran and ancient Theravada monk techniques in an explosive battle. Both fighters trade blows, but Nataya manages to eke out ahead by a slight margin by virtue of just being able to weather through Cherry's final assault. (Winner: Nataya) - created on 14:00:23 10/26/2008 by Nataya and last modified on 11:46:20 10/27/2008. Cast: Cherry and Nataya.

#799: Shurui vs Blanka - Blanka, in an attempt to find new friends.. punches people in the League. Seriously, this sometimes works! We're all fighters here!! How will Shurui react? How will Blanka ever learn to say her name?! ( Winner: Blanka ) - created on 21:50:15 10/30/2008 by Blanka and last modified on 15:12:43 11/02/2008. Cast: Shurui and Blanka.

#800: Mai vs Mignon - WITCH VS NINJA. Of course, there is sleeping involved. AND HOW. - created on 23:19:38 11/07/2008 by Mignon and last modified on 18:30:23 11/08/2008. Cast: Mignon and Mai.

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