Neo League 751

#751: Maki vs Blanka - NeoLeague at the Slammasters Arena! Who will win, the deadly and beautiful Maki Genryusai, or the bestial Blanka?!! ( Winner: Blanka ) - created on 17:20:19 09/06/2008 by Blanka and last modified on 19:22:21 09/06/2008. Cast: Blanka and Maki.

#752: Choi vs Naerose - NaeoLeague, Choi and Naerose spar over a bit of candy. Seriously, butterfingers and a lollipop. The fighting gets really nasty when Naerose accidentally steps on Choi and Choi accidentally makes confetti out of Naerose. All over Candy. ( Winner: Choi ) - created on 21:01:11 09/06/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 13:39:56 09/07/2008. Cast: Choi and Naerose.

#753: Katelynn vs Mignon - The fight between two girls in the middle of a watery battlefield, on the rocks, in Australia! Stay for the magic, the constantly shifting Judgement meter, and the fun in the sun! Or, just the beatings! ( Winner: Mignon ) - created on 14:38:16 09/07/2008 by Mignon and last modified on 20:08:01 09/07/2008. Cast: Katelynn and Mignon.

#754: Alma vs Shinobu - It's a random encounter of the schoolgirl kind as Alma Towazu, psychic model and YFCC VP, faces off against prodigal eccentric Shinobu Ootsuka, against whom he has previously fought and lost. This time, however, the memories of a lost friend she inspires within him drive him to greater heights-- at least, as high as one can go in a subway. (Winner: Alma) - created on 22:01:04 09/07/2008 by Alma and last modified on 00:29:24 09/08/2008. Cast: Shinobu and Alma.

#755: Chae Lim vs Rick Strowd - Rick is hungry. Rick is late for fight and is unable to eat. Rick meets Korean and later eats Korean BBQ. Does Rick eat Chae Lim? Read to find out! (Winner: Rick) - created on 17:36:08 09/08/2008 by Rick and last modified on 00:46:47 09/09/2008. Cast: ChaeLim and Rick.

#756: Choi vs Chae Lim - It's Neo League time at the Kim Kaphwan Summer Camp of Great Justice! Two Tae Kwon Do practitioners face off against each other to see who is the best. The only question here is will the children learn that Kaphwan teaches 'true justice', or will they wind up getting a lesson in dishonor and pervertedness? (Winner: Chae Lim) - created on 20:48:01 09/09/2008 by ChaeLim and last modified on 11:38:43 09/10/2008. Cast: Choi and ChaeLim.

#757: Chun-Li vs Frei - Atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Chi Sage Frei Tsukitomi-Renard tests his meddle against the World's Most Dangerous Woman, Chun-Li. Although it would appear to be another League Battle, both fighters bring something personal to guide them toward self-improvement--and learn a little something, too. (Winner: Chun-Li) - created on 22:13:16 09/10/2008 by Chun-Li and last modified on 14:12:07 09/11/2008. Cast: Frei and Chun-Li.

#758: Skullomania vs Nataya - In this Neo League sanctioned match we see why spunky crazy melee guys like Skullomania really dislike fireball throwing magic users. He leaves with the question of how to learn to overcome this shortcoming. But you would only know that from reading this. Nataya of course learns who Skullomania is and that he is a nice guy, really strange, but also not 'that' nice because if you give him an inch he'll always take the mile. ( Winner: Nataya ) - created on 23:18:35 09/10/2008 by Skullomania and last modified on 14:23:22 09/11/2008. Cast: Skullomania and Nataya.

#759: Naerose vs Skullomania - When Neo league rents out the Capitol 7 Casino for a Nl but screws up the location to someplace in the office suite, Naerose is stuck with a dilema about how much damage to do to her previous emoployer.. Actually her only ever employer. Luckily Skullomania knows just how to distract the witch from such thoughts. Hint: Food. Winner(somehow(Naerose)). Fight for Justice! - created on 13:45:55 09/11/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 17:24:12 09/11/2008. Cast: Naerose and Skullomania.

#760: Alma vs Maki - At the plaza of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai, India, two heroes previously unknown to one another square off-- and when two spirits are equally indomitable, it is speed and technique that will see the victor through. (Winner: Maki) - created on 20:57:45 09/13/2008 by Alma and last modified on 13:25:47 09/14/2008. Cast: Alma and Maki.

#761: Nataya vs Shurui - When Nataya faces off with Shurui, she expects a good, evenly matched battle. What she doesn't expect is the young Gedo High fighter to avoid everything she tosses at her and retaliate with tremendous efficiency! Even though Nataya manages to tag the girl at the end with a vicious attack, she's completely overwhelemed by the younger fighter despite her best efforts! (Winner: Shurui) - created on 22:39:13 09/13/2008 by Nataya and last modified on 13:44:41 09/15/2008. Cast: Shurui and Nataya.

#762: Acacia vs Choi - A derelict building in the Metro City slums, all crumbling concrete and rotting timbers. It's here, ladies and gents, that we are conducting science. What happens when an irresistable force meets an immovable object? 'cause Choi is totally irresistable, yeah. No, really. Totally. Absolutely. But Acacia, she will not be moved, oh no. She doesn't like Choi. She really doesn't. And surprise surprise, Choi doesn't like her either. This isn't chemistry, folks. Unless it's the sort that goes boom. (Winner: Acacia) - created on 22:33:01 09/15/2008 by Acacia and last modified on 21:35:20 09/16/2008. Cast: Choi and Acacia.

#763: Alma vs Chae Lim - Atop the International Criminal Court in the Hague, the Netherlands, elevated above the admiring masses, two heroic prodigies battle it out for glory and justice. The spirited Chae Lim puts forward a strong effort, but exhibiting his technical prowess and the ferocity of his Soul Power, Alma stifles her momentum before she can unleash her true power. Is this the beginning of a new challenge for Chae Lim? (Winner: Alma) - created on 18:26:10 09/16/2008 by Alma and last modified on 21:36:01 09/16/2008. Cast: ChaeLim and Alma.

#764: Alma vs Choi - It doesn't get much wilder than this. The Hanging Church, Old Cairo: one of the oldest churches in Egypt, symbol of the Coptic Christian faith, and now home to Choi's scattered dirty pictures and Alma's discarded shirt. Crazy and strange hits, for a crazy and strange fight. Mizuki will never be the same-- and she wasn't even there! (Draw Match) - created on 22:05:22 09/16/2008 by Alma and last modified on 16:36:16 09/17/2008. Cast: Choi and Alma.

#765: Naerose vs Spider - Spider invites Naerose to a fight on a sports bar in attempts to end her once and for all. His plan? Push her over the edge of the roof. Her plan? Not get pushed over the edge of the roof. Also, Yuu wasn't there, Naerose ust Fails. (Winner:Naerose) - created on 13:29:09 09/17/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 16:29:05 09/17/2008. Cast: Naerose and Spider.

#766: Mai vs Kula - King's popular Bar & Grill serves as the stage for a Neo League bout between the 'creepy' NESTs assassin, Kula Diamond, and the inebriated ninja, Mai Shuranui. While both fighters bring remarkable speed to the fight, their evasive reflexes are negated by each other's remarkably fast and tricky attacks. ( Winner: Kula ) - created on 23:11:15 09/17/2008 by Kula and last modified on 11:19:26 09/18/2008. Cast: Kula and Mai.

#767: Amy vs Skullomania - You say, "That was totally sweet." | You say, "Everyone should fight Skullomania once before they die." | Dr. Tran says, "Fighting Skullomania would be the cause of my death" | Mai 'Drunken Bet' Shiranui says, "skullomania's such a sweetheart" --- Awesome enough to SLAY TRAN and convince Mai to remove what little clothing she wears? You know you want it. Come get it. (Winner: Amy) - created on 09:26:18 09/18/2008 by Amy and last modified on 12:55:49 09/19/2008. Cast: Skullomania and Amy.

#768: Amy vs Naerose - Naeo League. Amy invites Naerose to a remote location for an old fashioned fight atop a train that is going up a mountain. The risk of falling frightens Naerose and Amy displays her unusual forms of attack. The match goes on to damage the train, but who will come out on top? (winner: Naerose) - created on 09:55:50 09/19/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 03:54:41 09/20/2008. Cast: Naerose and Amy.

#770: Katelynn vs Aranha - Katelynn and Aranha are at it again. This time the fight takes place in Southtown Village. The two wow the crowd with brutal action and crazy twists and turns in this Neo League fight. After a back and forth fight, only one can be the winner. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 20:06:55 09/21/2008 by Aranha and last modified on 15:10:56 09/22/2008. Cast: Katelynn and Aranha.

#769: Choi vs Setsuka - The White Arena plays host to two bloody battlers--the swordswoman, Setsuka, and Choi Boung, the perverted demon of Tae Kwon Do. What ensues is a short, but bloody battle... (Winner: Setsuka) - created on 20:38:24 09/21/2008 by Setsuka and last modified on 15:10:05 09/22/2008. Cast: Choi and Setsuka.

#771: Chae Lim vs Roberto - It's Neo League time! You know what happens when two fighters who are good with their feet decide to exchange kicks? Bruises are exchanged all around, and one can almost take on a secondary job as a high-flying act! (Winner: Roberto) - created on 20:25:55 09/22/2008 by ChaeLim and last modified on 13:34:52 09/24/2008. Cast: ChaeLim and Roberto.

#772: Mai vs Skullomania - Neo League madness as Skullomania and Mai tackle each other in the unlikeliest of unlikely unlocations! ( Winner: Mai ) - created on 04:01:12 09/25/2008 by Mai and last modified on 12:20:15 09/25/2008. Cast: Skullomania and Mai.

#773: Ryu vs Naerose - In her undying quest for knowledge to her own nefarious, or possibly just incomprehensible ends, Naerose challenges and confronts the Ansatsuken Master himself, a question and answer spar in the mall costing the intrepid reporter nothing. .... except a few memorable bruises. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 12:00:48 09/25/2008 by Ryu and last modified on 00:09:28 09/27/2008. Cast: Naerose and Ryu.

#774: Choi vs Skullomania - Choi and Skullomania fight in the Neo League. I'd say something weird happened. But that'd be redundant. ( Winner: Choi ) - created on 21:59:54 09/25/2008 by Skullomania and last modified on 00:11:07 09/27/2008. Cast: Choi and Skullomania.

#775: Candy vs Naerose - Candy and Naerose are summoned to the mall for the Naeo league (as renamed by Naerose herself). They do battle and .. sort of get along? It seems robots are mostly okay with bizarre witch girls. Who would of figured? (Winner: Tie) - created on 20:17:51 09/28/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 23:51:41 09/28/2008. Cast: Candy and Naerose.

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