Neo League 726

#726: Acacia vs Kentou - For some fighters, the League isn't about winning. For some, it's about the opportunity. The chance for some truly glorious battles. For Kentou, that's what the League has always been. And that is a sentiment Acacia understands. ( Winner: Acacia ) - created on 22:44:19 07/02/2008 by Acacia and last modified on 21:28:47 07/07/2008. Cast: Acacia and Kentou.

#727: Domino vs Ingrid - Domino faces Ingrid in the Amazon Jungle for another edition of Neo League. The fight itself isn't terribly long, and in the end, Ingrid's psychic attacks gain the upperhand this time. The real highlight is conversation before the two start fighting! ..Well, that and some fanservicey submission holds. (Winner: Ingrid) - created on 13:56:11 07/07/2008 by Drake and last modified on 21:30:21 07/07/2008. Cast: Ingrid and Drake.

#728: Arika vs Setsuka - During a rooftop rumble while the city falls into darkness around them, Arika and Setsuka face off! Can the punk princess break the confidence of her opponent, or will she wind up sliced and diced? (Draw Match) - created on 22:33:20 07/07/2008 by Arika and last modified on 11:55:47 07/08/2008. Cast: Arika and Setsuka.

#731: Hotaru vs Sergio - Finding a place where Sergio can go all out with his destructive techniques without IRRITATING someone is a challenge. But a giant strip mine might just be up to the task. Attending a long overdue rematch against the tough brawler, Hotaru Futaba is forced to pull out her A game to contend with his imposingly powerful techniques. ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 00:38:41 07/08/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 04:37:29 07/11/2008. Cast: Hotaru, Sergio, and Sergio.

#729: Cherry vs Aranha - Two acrobatic and somewhat smartmouthed fighters take to the air and the sea in this agile battle in the Hong Kong harbor. An evenly-matched pair of fighters with similar styles makes for a very impressive battle with a surprise twist ending! (Winner: Cherry) - created on 21:33:17 07/08/2008 by Cherry and last modified on 02:36:32 07/09/2008. Cast: Aranha and Cherry.

#730: Roberto vs Ingrid - After not seeing each other for many months, Ingrid and Roberto face off in Southtown. Psychic powers and soccer balls abound in this fight that proves once and for all that what goes up must come down. ( Winner: Ingrid ) - created on 14:59:27 07/10/2008 by Ingrid and last modified on 02:05:28 07/11/2008. Cast: Ingrid and Roberto.

#732: Arika vs Mary - It's a treacherous battle above the Mariana Trench... or is it more of a test? Arika and Mary face off on a platform hanging from a helicopter over the Pacific Ocean. Both wind up taking a swim, but only one can be victorious... can't they? The question that remains unanswered: Who is that mysterious 'him'? (Winner: Arika) - created on 15:18:37 07/11/2008 by Arika and last modified on 19:00:11 07/11/2008. Cast: Arika and Mary.

#736: Mignon vs Cherise - A battle between two fierce competitor-Hahahah yeah right. WATCH AS MIGHTY MAIDEN MIGNON FIGHTS THE SMILEY HAPPY CHERISE TO THE CLIMAX OF THE VERY FIGHT! What could .. possibly go wrong in this fight!? Cherise .. also might be related to Golbez( or was that another one..)! SHOCKING NEWS INSIDE! ( Winner: Mignon ) - created on 01:19:47 07/23/2008 by Mignon and last modified on 15:50:52 07/29/2008. Cast: Mignon and Cherise.

#733: Birdie vs Preston - A rematch between two burly Brits! Watch ebony and ivory unite in this smashtastic Neo League as Preston fights Birdie, and Birdie fights Preston, and hunger! But will the outcome be the same as last time?! Special guest appearance by a fridge. (Spoiler: Winner - Birdie) - created on 23:00:16 07/23/2008 by Preston and last modified on 03:44:18 07/24/2008. Cast: Preston and Birdie.

#734: Ingrid vs Ichiro - Ingrid vs. Ichiro: Brought to you by NESuTSu. ( Winner: Ingrid ) - created on 23:54:54 07/23/2008 by Ichiro and last modified on 04:11:50 07/24/2008. Cast: Ingrid and Ichiro.

#735: Amy vs Katelynn - Some fighters are direct, practical, and efficient. Some fights are too. But, brief and brutal as it is, Amy Johnson's debut match in the Neo League - against tournament veteran Katelynn Molina - does hold its fair share of surprises on both sides. Each fighter has their chance to dominate, but in the end there can be only one victor. Will wisdom and experience win out over tenacity and vigour? (Winner: Katelynn) - created on 20:24:39 07/25/2008 by Amy and last modified on 13:57:46 07/28/2008. Cast: Katelynn and Amy.

#737: Marisol vs Mignon - In Metro City Park, the witchy Mignon Beart fights against Pacific Resistance's Marisol O'Connell for yet another Neo League! Can magic defeat fists? Is perk mightier than the sword...of fists?? Can the log description really offer more than just questions? No! ...wait! (Winner: Marisol) - created on 21:37:08 07/29/2008 by Marisol and last modified on 00:46:19 07/30/2008. Cast: Marisol and Mignon.

#738: Hotaru vs K' - The excuse may be a Neo League match, but K' has more than the irrelevant accrual of meaningless League Points on his mind when he challenges Hotaru Futaba to a fight. Differences are discussed, pasts explored, heated words exchanged as the two battle admist ancient ruins. (Winner: K') - created on 00:23:31 07/31/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 20:33:09 08/02/2008. Cast: Hotaru and K'.

#739: Sakura vs Igniz - Igniz makes a housecall. Only instead of a house it's the Southtown boardwalk. And instead of the call it's a beatdown! (Winner: Igniz) - created on 18:32:51 08/08/2008 by Sakura and last modified on 01:27:06 08/09/2008. Cast: Igniz, Ryu, and Sakura.

#741: Hotaru vs Chun-Li - On a scenic mountain cliffside in the mountains of China, two reputable fighters--Hotaru Futaba and Chun-Li--meet for the first time in the Leagues for a scheduled match. But to the surprise of the Tai Chi fighter, Hotaru admires the woman for her prowess and talent, and proves to Chun-Li that even the tiniest and most innocent of fighters shouldn't be taken so lightly... (Winner: Chun-Li) - created on 00:11:45 08/14/2008 by Chun-Li and last modified on 02:23:44 08/18/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Chun-Li.

#740: Cherry vs Setsuka - Returning from a long hiatus, Cherry Aguirre has a fight against blademistress Setsuka in the Neo League. It's a nail-biting and explosive battle, one that leaves the Fighting Diva unsettled and with much to think about. (Winner: Cherry) - created on 22:54:02 08/17/2008 by Cherry and last modified on 20:53:01 09/11/2008. Cast: Setsuka and Cherry.

#742: Aranha vs Naerose - Aranha and Naerose fight at the Dream Amusement park. They have fought a lot before and know each other well, but who will win this NeaLeague? (Winner: Naerose) - created on 11:39:24 08/21/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 14:27:01 08/23/2008. Cast: Naerose and Aranha.

#743: Mary vs Naerose - Nae-league! ?~??!?!?!?! ( Winner: Naerose ) - created on 13:19:58 08/22/2008 by Mary and last modified on 14:31:33 08/23/2008. Cast: Naerose and Mary.

#744: Tran vs Nataya - Dr. Tran and Nataya fight! Dr. Tran is feeling fat and sassy, but is it enough to overcome Nataya's stunning display of police brutality? I'll sue the entire city, I swear! ( Winnter: Nataya ) - created on 23:25:49 08/25/2008 by Tran and last modified on 03:42:56 08/26/2008. Cast: Tran and Nataya.

#745: Naerose vs Birdie - THIS IS ANOTHER NAE FIGHT. NOT THE SAME AS THE FIRST, NOR THE SAME AS THE LAST. This Naefight is sponsered today by the letter W, for WEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRDDDDDDDDD. And the number ><, which means that she isn't a villain! THIS IS THE TRUTH. Also Birdie is there and he's giant and monsterous as always. Also we're pretty sure he smells bad too. YESSSS. ( Winner: Birdie ) - created on 13:18:35 08/26/2008 by Birdie and last modified on 23:55:03 08/26/2008. Cast: Naerose and Birdie.

#746: Mignon vs Hime - CAN YOU FEEL IT!? THE POWER OF THE HEAAAART. YOU CAN FEEEL IT. IN THE RING WHERE TWO GIRLS FIIIIIIGHT. To the DEATH okay no, but until one of them wins! Watch for spills, chills, explosions, and BURNING. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! ( Draw Match ) - created on 19:56:25 08/26/2008 by Mignon and last modified on 15:28:52 08/29/2008. Cast: Himeko and Mignon.

#748: Chae Lim vs Aranha - It's Vacation Time and Aranha decides to drag his team mates to Korea along for the ride. Well that and cheer him on in his fight against Chae Lim. The fight between the Capoeirista and the TKD practitioner see-saws back and forth until only one is the winner. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 21:22:44 08/26/2008 by Aranha and last modified on 12:52:27 08/29/2008. Cast: ChaeLim and Aranha.

#747: Nataya vs Naerose - Nataya and Gabriel meet up in Justice high for a Naeoleague? There must be a mistake and at the time was the witch really second.. or third place? We'll just fix that clerical error (winner:Nataya) - created on 22:56:00 08/26/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 11:12:40 08/27/2008. Cast: Naerose and Nataya.

#749: Mizuki vs Nataya - In Chinatown, monk Nataya engages in epic battle versus the miko Mizuki. MONK VS. MIKO! WHO WILL WIN?!? (Winner: Mizuki) - created on 17:19:05 08/31/2008 by Mizuki and last modified on 12:52:49 09/06/2008. Cast: Mizuki and Nataya.

#750: Aranha vs Nataya - The Dancing Spider vs. The Wandering Monk Girl! A superstar does battle with a neophtye to the Neo League! Aranha starts out strong and nearly ends the fight as soon as it starts. However, the explosive ending is what the Neo League is all about! Thrills and nail-biting spectacle abound with amazing finishing attacks flying around and ending in a DKO! ( Draw Match ) - created on 20:42:47 09/01/2008 by Nataya and last modified on 12:54:26 09/06/2008. Cast: Aranha and Nataya.

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