Neo League 701

#702: Jiro vs Himeko - Jiro has known Himeko for a while through Mimiru. But, because Mimiru hasn't been fighting as of late, Jiro decided to challenge Himeko to see how far she has come along. She is even dubbed little sister as well. Not in that way though. :| ( Winner: Jiro ) - created on 23:48:10 06/07/2008 by Jiro and last modified on 16:12:54 06/10/2008. Cast: Jiro and Himeko.

#701: Hotaru vs Van - Heck of a welcoming to Seijyun High for one newcomer on the fighting scene - Van Mitsubishi faces off against famed Kenpo artist, Hotaru Futaba, in a Neo League match bound to get her at least aquainted with how things tend to work out at the fighter-loaded all girl's school. ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 13:39:58 06/08/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 18:16:06 06/08/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Van.

#703: Hurricane Hime vs Domino - Domino fights Hurricane Hime... again. This time, however, Domino has a fair amount of disdain for his opponent, and Hurricane Hime has been training quite a bit. Domino under-estimates his foe pretty badly with disastrous results. (Winner: Hime) - created on 01:09:48 06/09/2008 by Drake and last modified on 15:14:55 06/09/2008. Cast: Himeko and Drake.

#704: Domino vs Frei - Domino matches against the monk Frei, and things start off evenly. But a few strong hits in Frei's favor see him taking the win at the scrublands of Kilamanjaro. (Winner: Frei) - created on 15:01:21 06/09/2008 by Drake and last modified on 18:11:01 06/09/2008. Cast: Frei and Drake.

#705: Hotaru vs Aprile - You'll have to read to see the winner. It's inside! It's completely unexpected! OR IS IT? ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 23:30:17 06/10/2008 by Aprile and last modified on 06:00:40 06/11/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Aprile.

#706: Arika vs Aranha - In order to promote her band, Arika invites Aranha to her club, the Lost Society for a NL fight. The music's playing and the crowd gets pumped up as the two fighters get ready to beat the crap out of each other.(Winner: Arika) - created on 20:01:26 06/11/2008 by Aranha and last modified on 01:39:45 06/13/2008. Cast: Arika and Aranha.

#707: Flora vs Domino - NL: Flora vs. Domino, Battle in the Arcade! Watch as, amazingly, no machines are broken! Thrill as Domino tries to pick up chicks who are too embarassed to actually talk back! (Winner: NOBODY) - created on 17:43:14 06/12/2008 by Flora and last modified on 13:08:31 06/13/2008. Cast: Drake and Flora.

#708: Hotaru vs Sakura - A promised rematch at last, Hotaru and Sakura face off at the Seijyun gym. Both have come a long way since their fight a year ago, learning new techniques, ways of being versatile and adapting quickly on the fly. Now it's a chance to show each other without the presence of that sinister power Hotaru was struggling with the last time they spoke... ( Winner: Sakura ) - created on 19:20:03 06/12/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 01:43:42 06/13/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Sakura.

Exhibition: Adelheid vs Jiro - Jiro and Adelheid fought plenty of times. Well, these two fighters get their chance to fight again. Unfortunately, Jiro had fallen under the hands of Adelheid's might. (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 11:17:05 06/14/2008 by Jiro and last modified on 14:39:22 06/17/2008. Cast: Adelheid and Jiro.

#709: Alma vs Frei - "Two roads diverged in a yellow road, and sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler..." Yet unlike this poem, these two fighters both took a route less traveled. What their overdue reunion proves is that ultimately, what those divergent paths do is bring them closer rather than farther apart. (Winner: Frei) - created on 02:14:17 06/15/2008 by Frei and last modified on 15:52:31 06/15/2008. Cast: Frei and Alma.

#711: Jiro vs Seishirou - It's an epic battle. In a rare appearance from the shinobi terrorist, the stray dog faces off against a wolf of the night. Jiro knows who Seishirou is now. With all of their prior history mattering as nothing, Kasagi and Ryouhara face off. (Winner: Seishirou) - created on 20:10:32 06/15/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 22:21:09 06/17/2008. Cast: Jiro and Seishirou.

#710: Arika vs Naerose - Papua New Guinea! Not only is it fun to say, but it's an interesting fighting venue. With the rest of the area down below, the punk princess and the red witch take things to the tip of the highest mountain in the area. Naerose has the advantage for a while... or does she? Things take a turn, and Arika has the advantage... or not. Watch as one fighter nearly plummets fourteen thousand feet to their doom! (Draw Match) - created on 12:59:26 06/17/2008 by Arika and last modified on 20:20:23 06/17/2008. Cast: Naerose and Arika.

#712: Kiyoko vs Setsuka - In the harbor... former teammates become opponents... and while Kiyoko may be frail she proves herself more than capable of taking out her former partner... (Winner: Kiyoko) - created on 15:39:59 06/17/2008 by Setsuka and last modified on 00:34:56 06/18/2008. Cast: Kiyoko and Setsuka.

#714: Aranha vs Himeko - Aranha and Himeko square off once again. This time the fight taking place on the rooftop of the Geisel library in San Diego. Himeko utilizes her instant death technique only to find Aranha is very much alive.(Winner: Aranha) - created on 18:55:00 06/17/2008 by Aranha and last modified on 12:42:53 06/18/2008. Cast: Himeko and Aranha.

#713: Marisol vs Cherry - Take two half-Irish, half-Spanish (sorta) redhead fighters. Put them at a remote Greek monastery. What results? Projectile cleaning supplies, an endless tide of weird nicknames, and Cherry proving that while you can KO a Diva, it's going to take a LOT of work. (Winner: Marisol) - created on 00:34:17 06/18/2008 by Cherry and last modified on 11:36:18 06/18/2008. Cast: Marisol and Cherry.

#715: Aranha vs Mary - A battle between the spider and Mary that comes down to a close finish! But is there a real purpose behind this than a simple battle? ( Winner: Aranha ) - created on 22:14:25 06/18/2008 by Mary and last modified on 03:31:41 06/20/2008. Cast: Aranha and Mary.

#716: Hotaru vs Aranha - In this Neo League Aranha finds himself reminiscing about his humble beginnings. Hotaru on the other hand is wishing she was somewhere else. Both fighters have had a chance to grow since their last fight and now they have a chance to show it. (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 00:37:22 06/25/2008 by Aranha and last modified on 03:48:31 06/27/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Aranha.

#717: Himeko vs Nikita - Hurricane Hime meets a relative newcomer to the Neo League for a match atop the Giesel Library in San Diego. What she doesn't know is this gives said newcomer the home field advantage. Oops. (Winner: Nikita) - created on 19:31:02 06/27/2008 by Nikita and last modified on 11:48:14 06/30/2008. Cast: Himeko and Nikita.

#718: Marisol vs Mary - On the northern outskirts of Southtown, the eccentric Mary Contrary squares off against the fiery Marisol O'Connell on a stretch of congested highway. Their arena? The cars themselves! With exhaust, economically unfriendly vehicles and acid rain, it's enough to make the EPA shake their head in shame. But who cares? The people want fights! (Winner: Marisol) - created on 23:12:26 06/28/2008 by Marisol and last modified on 11:49:13 06/30/2008. Cast: Marisol and Mary.

#720: Zaki vs Preston - A Neo League fight between two weapon fighting uuuh... well, one's a titan and one isn't! Atop the rooftops in Southtown, Aoi "Zaki" Himezaki fights Preston "Big Oar" Wellington in a fight that never actually clears onto any other rooftops! What will prove stronger, Preston's pen or Zaki's chain...sword?! (SPOILER ALERT!! Winner: NOBODY) - created on 00:51:16 06/29/2008 by Preston and last modified on 11:28:50 07/01/2008. Cast: Preston and Zaki.

#719: Roberto vs Maki - Maki Genryuusai goes up against Roberto Miura in a Neo League Match up. The fight ends up going to the wire as both fighters show their resilience. (Winner: Roberto) - created on 22:16:53 06/29/2008 by Roberto and last modified on 11:50:11 06/30/2008. Cast: Roberto and Maki.

#721: Hotaru vs Birdie - In a ruined, abandoned ship yard in Russia, Birdie and Hotaru continue their rivalry in this Neo League! A knock down fight as any! ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 23:56:16 06/30/2008 by Birdie and last modified on 01:29:19 07/02/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Birdie.

#722: Arika vs Roberto - What is it with the punk princess and Neo League matches set at the airport the second she's disembarking a flight? At least this one isn't taking place on the runway... which is good, because with Arika continually trying to toss Roberto to the ground, and a certain soccer star deciding to use her as a ball... well, grass is a LOT softer than pavement... (Winner: Roberto) - created on 21:59:18 07/01/2008 by Arika and last modified on 11:35:17 07/02/2008. Cast: Arika and Roberto.

#723: Ichiro vs Mary - An interesting meeting no doubt, but the fight around the pit has it's ups and downs, it's all arounds, and a few throughs to! But who can slip through the cracks in the end? Is Ichiro able to check Mary out of the fight, or will Mary somehow hang in there? Or is it just a tad too rainy for a sports day?! ( Winner: Mary ) - created on 23:43:58 07/01/2008 by Mary and last modified on 12:28:56 07/02/2008. Cast: Ichiro and Mary.

#724: Spider vs Mary - A close fight on an oceanic cliff in Australia.. but who can hang on the longest? The fighters endure amazing feats of endurance and skill as th-THIS IS THE fight that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends some people started fighting not knowing what it was- but they continue fighting forever just because THIS IS THE.... ( Winner: Mary ) - created on 19:04:04 07/03/2008 by Mary and last modified on 04:27:11 07/04/2008. Cast: Spider and Mary.

#725: Sakura vs Arika - It's a battle of epic proportions at the Temple of Apollo! The Punk Princess and the Ansatsuken Angel face off at the amphitheater, but only one can come out victorious, no matter how hard the other fights. One really does have to pity the life of a cameraman though, getting landed atop of, having people flung at him, lugging equipment up a very steep set of stone seating... it's a wonder they don't get paid more! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 09:06:47 07/05/2008 by Arika and last modified on 14:29:04 07/06/2008. Cast: Arika and Sakura.

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