Neo League 676

#676: Zach vs Ichiro - Zach and Ichiro have a rematch, with Oe having the homefield advantage. Will Zach's new tricks bring him victory, or will the support of his friends bring Ichiro victory? (Winner: Ichiro) - created on 20:01:00 05/13/2008 by Zach and last modified on 11:42:07 05/14/2008. Cast: Ichiro and Zach.

#677: Gabriel vs Birdie - Neoleague match between Birdie and Gabriel. A grudge match as Gabriel tries to teach Birdie a lesson about being proper and polite. Birdie tries to teach Gabriel a lesson in hurt ( Winner: Birdie ) - created on 09:52:20 05/14/2008 by Gabriel and last modified on 11:45:16 05/14/2008. Cast: Gabriel and Birdie.

#678: Iincyo vs Naerose - Naeleague. Self explanitory really. ( Winner: Naerose ) - created on 13:42:50 05/14/2008 by Iincyo and last modified on 17:24:35 05/14/2008. Cast: Naerose and Iincyo.

#682: Kyo vs Chun-Li - A new season of Neo League matches means a new chance for Kyo Kusanagi to remind everyone how much more awesome he is than all of them. ...Of course, sometimes people disagree. People like Chun-Li, who disagrees with her feet. VIOLENTLY. (Draw Match) - created on 18:09:56 05/14/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 21:00:03 05/15/2008. Cast: Kyo and Chun-Li.

#679: Zach vs Drake - Zach and Domino duke it out for Neo League glory. Zach's efforts are only somewhat effective against the wrestling fighter, extending his dry spell. (Winner: Drake) - created on 18:53:06 05/14/2008 by Zach and last modified on 20:49:30 05/15/2008. Cast: Drake and Zach.

#680: Arika vs Himeko - Neo League. In a library. It can only mean the challenger is Hurricane Hime. What's surprising is the Punk Rock Princess is coming back on the circuit, and seems to making a pretty darned good first match return. Until the winds whip up and someone seems to turn things around. (Draw Match) - created on 19:13:08 05/14/2008 by Arika and last modified on 23:30:22 05/14/2008. Cast: Himeko and Arika.

#681: Ichiro vs Mizuki - In Taiyo's library, young Mizuki Kamigawa seeks to test her skills, and Ichiro Oe is the selected dance partner... (Winner: Ichiro) - created on 20:52:01 05/14/2008 by Mizuki and last modified on 00:41:29 05/15/2008. Cast: Mizuki and Ichiro.

#683: Eiji vs Aranha - Aranha was looking for another thief and instead he has the bad luck of finding a ninja. What is the exact motive of Eiji finding the Dancing Spider?All that is known is a challenge is made and the two fight it out on the streets of Southtown's business district. ( Winner: Eiji ) - created on 21:13:17 05/14/2008 by Eiji and last modified on 23:12:40 05/18/2008. Cast: Eiji and Aranha.

#684: Choi vs Kiyoko - When Choi hears he is going to Bangkok in Thailand, he naturally gets really nervous! But once it is explained that he is going to fight a nubile little girl at the famous Grand Palace, he gets his tourist gear all set for a fun filled weekend in Thailand! (Winner: Choi) - created on 21:39:50 05/19/2008 by Choi and last modified on 13:09:15 05/20/2008. Cast: Choi and Kiyoko.

#685: Alma vs Gabriel - The devastation of Sichuan, China due to the earthquake in Wenchuan County has inspired a charity League Fight between the first two fighting volunteers for it: psychic prettyboy and champion of virtue Alma Towazu and devoted follower of the Church of the Worthy Cause Gabriel Kai. But these two have a lot of history between them, and have not fought in some time. Who has grown the most? And, more importantly... what does this mean? (Winner: Alma) - created on 15:21:50 05/20/2008 by Alma and last modified on 23:55:15 05/20/2008. Cast: Alma and Gabriel.

#686: Choi vs Domino - Up on the top of the Tokyo nightlife, who's that Neokeman? It's Midgeotto! And what is he apparently super-effective against? The wrestling superstar Domino (NOT Drake)! Watch in awe in constant dodging, nasty hurling, and some sudden shifts in thematic styles when throats are slashed! (Winner: Choi) - created on 17:16:48 05/20/2008 by Choi and last modified on 15:25:42 05/21/2008. Cast: Choi and Drake.

#687: Sakura vs Kula - A large greenhouse serves as the stage for Sakura Kasugano and Kula Diamond to battle it out, Neo League style. A seesaw match with a close finish gives Sakura the chance to explain to Kula her take on how fighting can be fun, providing the ice user a different perspective on the sporting side of combat. ( Winner: Sakura ) - created on 17:44:31 05/21/2008 by Kula and last modified on 19:43:41 05/22/2008. Cast: Naerose, Kula, Sakura, and Iincyo.

#688: Tran vs Sergio - Sergio and Dr. Tran fight in a brewery. This is a /great/ idea. ( Winner: Tran ) - created on 22:45:28 05/21/2008 by Tran and last modified on 14:39:40 05/22/2008. Cast: Tran and Sergio.

#689: Kula vs Sergio - A water user and ice user are staged to battle in the middle of a river on a raft. Sergio is presented with a perplexing problem when it becomes clear that Kula is able to keep twisting his chi to her whims to use back on him, forcing the Italian to try and think his way through the problem! ( Winner: Kula ) - created on 23:24:35 05/22/2008 by Kula and last modified on 12:53:26 05/23/2008. Cast: Kula and Sergio.

#690: Iincyo vs Tessa - PYRAMID FIGHT! Watch Tessa decimate Iincyo in this match of two girls! The shield isn't necessary, but it proves if you have a solid wall of defense.. sometimes they'll truly run into it enough to fall over. ( Winner: Tessa ) - created on 19:14:06 05/23/2008 by Iincyo and last modified on 05:02:15 05/24/2008. Cast: Tessa and Iincyo.

#691: Kyo vs Rock - It seems Rock Howard's having a bad weekend. After losing in the main event of the previous day's Saturday Night Fight, the Son of Geese decides to vent his frustrations on some random goons... Until a living legend, none other than Kyo Kusanagi, shows up. In the impromptu Neo League match that follows, can Rock overcome the fighting prodigy that everybody loves to hate?! (Winner: Kyo) - created on 20:22:15 05/25/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 19:58:31 05/28/2008. Cast: Rock and Kyo.

#692: Kentou vs Blanka - Pulling a few strings and calling in favors, Hotaru managed to get her apprentice, Kentou, another chance to redeem himself in the public spotlight! The opponent of choice? None other than the mighty Blanka! Will the boy conquer his fear of the intimidating monster and stand his ground? And what twist ending does the green goliath have in store for the world-wide audience? Tune in and find out! ( Winner: Kentou? ) - created on 19:14:21 05/26/2008 by Kentou and last modified on 20:01:00 05/28/2008. Cast: Hotaru, Kentou, and Blanka.

#693: Domino vs Aranha - A Neo League special! The Dancing Spider, Aranha, fights against the professional wrestling model, Domino, at the scenic beach of Southtown.. in swimclothes! Fangirls rejoice. The match begins with Aranha in the lead, but Domino steps up his fighting to turn things around for a close finish! (Winner: Domino) - created on 20:39:51 05/27/2008 by Drake and last modified on 20:02:15 05/28/2008. Cast: Drake and Aranha.

#696: Kiyoko vs Naerose - Naeleague part 2! Kiyoko and Naerose in the furnace room of Gedo! A mysterious Lazenca wondered if this was finally 'Burn the Witch' but instead it became 'Flood Gedo's Basement!' You can't miss this! (Winner: Naerose) - created on 14:22:36 05/28/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 13:52:03 05/29/2008. Cast: Naerose and Kiyoko.

#695: Zach vs Seishirou - Zach encounters a ninja in the most unlikely (or perhaps most likely) place: At work. There is sort of a conversation, but mostly a one-way beating. (Winner: Seishirou) - created on 20:22:58 05/28/2008 by Zach and last modified on 21:46:09 05/29/2008. Cast: Zach and Seishirou.

#694: Cherise vs Domino - Perhaps in an attempt to minimize any collateral damage on the part of one participant, the organizers of Neo League have brought both Cherise Bouchard and Domino out to the Chinese countryside for a dramatic night battle. Though primed for the battle, could Domino ever have anticipated an opponent quite like her? ( Winner: Cherise ) - created on 21:10:44 05/28/2008 by Cherise and last modified on 13:29:35 05/29/2008. Cast: Drake and Cherise.

#697: Kyo vs Choi - Poor Choi. Not only does he find himself in a Neo League match at Seijyun High, where he's public enemy #1, but he also has to fight... Kyo Kusanagi?! (Winner: Kyo) - created on 18:30:59 05/30/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 13:58:36 06/01/2008. Cast: Choi and Kyo.

#698: Maki vs Birdie - Birdie challenges Maki to a Neo League match. Will this giant crush Maki, or will Maki prove that big things truly do come in small packages? ( Winner: Maki ) - created on 20:15:43 06/02/2008 by Maki and last modified on 03:48:07 06/05/2008. Cast: Birdie and Maki.

#699: Spider vs Setsuka - A knock-down, drag-out fight in Chinatown, with two fighters of very differing methods and yet very similar mindsets going at it... (Winner: Spider) - created on 20:59:15 06/04/2008 by Setsuka and last modified on 03:49:17 06/05/2008. Cast: Spider and Setsuka.

#700: Domino vs Hotaru - It's been a long time since the famous Domino and the well known Kenpoist, Hotaru Futaba, have faced off. But as the pig-tailed fighter gets back into Neo League fighting, that quickly changes. Facing atop a dusty, creaky old rope bridge in Central America, the two fighters find dealing with each other's speed to be a tricky matter. ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 21:41:09 06/05/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 02:14:09 06/06/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Drake.

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