Neo League 660

#660: Horatio vs Igniz - A Neo League Fight between Horatio and Igniz done in the forest! Horatio decides that it's a perfect time to Cosplay as K'. Hilarity ensues! ( Winner: Igniz ) - created on 00:08:40 05/04/2008 by Igniz and last modified on 13:23:36 05/04/2008. Cast: Igniz and Horatio.

#662: Aranha vs Gabriel - Aranha Versus Gabriel, 20 exciting rounds of attrition ending with only one can be the victory (Winner: Gabriel). See the conclusion of this, best two out of three series between the two fighters. - created on 15:29:26 05/06/2008 by Gabriel and last modified on 15:11:44 05/10/2008. Cast: Gabriel and Aranha.

#661: Kiyoko vs Gabriel - Gabriel and Kiyoko have a showdown in the woods near Justice High. Gabriel proves that she can see right through Kiyoko's evasive actions easily, and can even turn her own fighting style against her! (Winner: Gabriel) - created on 15:33:59 05/07/2008 by Kiyoko and last modified on 21:28:33 05/07/2008. Cast: Gabriel and Kiyoko.

#664: Naerose vs Decapre - A Neo League match between Naerose Delphine and the mysterious Masked Doll is brought to Downtown Southtown. The witch's rap magic seems to overwhelm her opponent somehow, but things get kind of scary toward the end! (Winner: Naerose) - created on 13:13:19 05/08/2008 by Decapre and last modified on 15:13:41 05/10/2008. Cast: Naerose and Decapre.

#663: Vanessa vs Birdie - Vanessa takes on Birdie. Expect a lot of PUNCHING from this one folks! Really, seriously. ( Winner: Birdie ) - created on 17:26:01 05/08/2008 by Birdie and last modified on 22:26:12 05/08/2008. Cast: Vanessa and Birdie.

#665: Decapre vs Himeko - Miss December competes against Hurricane Hime for the title of-- Nah, it's just a plain old Neo League match. Only it takes place on several cars of a moving subway train on its way to the Metro Public Library. The train and the young Saikyo fighter both get pretty harshed! (Winner: Decapre) - created on 18:54:17 05/09/2008 by Decapre and last modified on 15:29:49 05/10/2008. Cast: Himeko and Decapre.

#666: Ichiro vs Haru - Lacrosse meets yoyo in the cavernous Furnace Room at Gedo high. Ichiro gives a demonstration of just what Taiyo pride can accomplish, while Haru waxes philosophical about his relationship to Gedo High. Well, that and bleeds a lot. (Winner: Ichiro) - created on 14:46:32 05/10/2008 by Haru and last modified on 20:17:47 05/10/2008. Cast: Haru and Ichiro.

#667: Choi vs Naerose - In an epic Neo-League battle, twin Taiyo heroes(?) Naerose and Choi return to the school grounds for a match! Watch in amazement as Choi discovers how Naerose is a Lethal Joke Character, and what happens when she is used in the right hands! And scratch your head when Choi not only fails to dodge, but also fails to hit the scarlet witch! Seriously, what the heck is going on in this fight?! (Winner: Naerose. Seriously.) - created on 16:24:26 05/10/2008 by Choi and last modified on 00:56:42 05/11/2008. Cast: Choi and Naerose.

#668: Adelheid vs Batsu - Battling on top of the Great Wall of China, Batsu finally gets his one on one match with Adelheid Bernstein. The son of Rugal proves his superlative skill, but when it comes to Batsu, counting out the power of GUTS before the final bell is often a fatal mistake... (Draw Match) - created on 23:13:57 05/10/2008 by Batsu and last modified on 02:10:41 05/14/2008. Cast: Adelheid and Batsu.

#669: Sergio vs Domino - The first Neo League match in a long time for both contenders, Sergio and Domino. Moreover, these two had faced each other previously with explosive results. Massive demonstrations of power and control abound, both in both chi and wrestling forms. The match comes down to the wire once again, until a submission hold finally decides the outcome. (Winner: Domino) - created on 16:07:38 05/12/2008 by Drake and last modified on 04:15:01 05/13/2008. Cast: Drake and Sergio.

#671: Leona vs Himeko - A Neo League fight featuring the rising star and superheroine Hurricane Hime against the cold and calculating Ikari Warrior Leona. A fight of two opponents not leaving much of an opening while trying to find a perfect time to land that perfect attack on one another. ( Winner: Leona ) - created on 19:16:24 05/12/2008 by Leona and last modified on 04:18:52 05/13/2008. Cast: Himeko and Leona.

#670: Iincyo vs Acacia - Fighting in a SMELLY RIVER. That's nothing. Now, fighting in a smelly river BOTH WAYS!? Now that's something. Watch a crushingly painful battle, that is closer than one might expect, between two fighters from two different schools! WATCH THE CLASH, NYAH! ( Winner: Acacia ) - created on 19:22:57 05/12/2008 by Iincyo and last modified on 04:17:00 05/13/2008. Cast: Acacia and Iincyo.

#672: Kula vs Chun-Li - Under the sweltering heat of a Central American sun, the Neo League pits the Tai Chi mistress Chun-Li against Ice Princess Kula Diamond in a fight with a particularly unexpected conclusion! ...and results in an unexpected ice storm. (Draw Match) - created on 22:36:55 05/12/2008 by Chun-Li and last modified on 23:25:13 05/13/2008. Cast: Kula and Chun-Li.

#674: Roberto vs Choi - Neo League matches never had so much Burning Spirit. When Soccer Superstar Roberto hears a challenge from Choi, the lecherous hero of Taiyo high, he can't help but accept. Facing off in the Taiyo Dome, Roberto earns his victory, while Choi gets his 2nd loss! (Winner: Roberto) - created on 13:14:38 05/13/2008 by Choi and last modified on 19:19:19 05/13/2008. Cast: Choi and Roberto.

#673: Sergio vs Gabriel - Sergio and Gabriel meet in the church yard and destroy the place while fighting in the exciting neo league. The fight lasts a long time but in the end is a tie. ( Draw Match ) - created on 13:48:21 05/13/2008 by Gabriel and last modified on 18:32:06 05/13/2008. Cast: Gabriel and Sergio.

#675: Naerose vs Leona - The rather random and always confusing Naerose takes on Leona in a small village in Mexico. What is a vacation for the witch turns into a nightmare when she faces off with an Ikari that was on their way home. ( Winner: Leona ) - created on 22:38:04 05/13/2008 by Leona and last modified on 02:13:08 05/14/2008. Cast: Naerose and Leona.

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