Neo League 626

#626: Cherise vs Grigori - Shanghai Sports Bar sets the stage for yet another Neo League Fight. The contenders? The insane Frenchwoman Cherise Bouchard versus newcomer Grigori Yakushevic in a dangerously close fight. But in the end, only one can win... (Winner: Cherise) - created on 00:05:27 03/17/2008 by Grigori and last modified on 23:55:06 03/17/2008. Cast: Cherise and Grigori.

#627: Birdie vs Roberto - Roberto versus Birdie in a Neo League fight at the Shrine in a forest! It's rather brutal what goes on, as soccer player takes on dapper thug! Spills! Chills! Thrills! Turkeys and ham sandwiches! ( Winner: Birdie ) - created on 18:17:20 03/18/2008 by Birdie and last modified on 00:28:41 03/19/2008. Cast: Roberto and Birdie.

#628: Ken vs Sakura - Sakura takes on Ken Masters on his home turf! Yeah, this'll end well! (Winner: Ken) - created on 19:14:14 03/18/2008 by Sakura and last modified on 01:28:11 03/19/2008. Cast: Ken and Sakura.

#629: Yamazaki vs Kyo - In today's episode of Neo League, Yamazaki explodes, and Kyo gets punched in the balls. (Winner: Kyo) - created on 18:49:43 03/20/2008 by Yamazaki and last modified on 23:20:26 03/20/2008. Cast: Yamazaki and Kyo.

#630: Alma vs Ingrid - Seeing is Believing: Ingrid and Alma duke it out in the Gold Nugget casino in Las Vegas. Truly, in the City of Sin, even for a champion of virtue there is to be found Midnight Bliss. [Rated X] (Winner: Alma) - created on 23:27:55 03/21/2008 by Ingrid and last modified on 06:38:11 03/23/2008. Cast: Alma and Ingrid.

#631: Kyo vs Jiro - Paris, France is a center of culture and the arts, a refined city full of museums and art galleries. One such museum is the Centre Georges Pompidou, a famous building and architectural marvel. Of course, who cares about that when two people are beating the hell out of each other in it?! Kyo Kusanagi and Jiro Kasagi face off in an epic Neo League battle so exciting, all you can say is A HON HON! (Winner: Kyo) - created on 16:03:22 03/22/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 06:39:52 03/23/2008. Cast: Jiro and Kyo.

#632: Alma vs Blanka - Blanka, invited to tea! Alma, invited to NeoLeague! Oswald, invited to watch! EVERYONE, worried about Hotaru! ( Winner: Alma ) - created on 21:44:06 03/22/2008 by Blanka and last modified on 01:30:18 03/26/2008. Cast: Alma, Oswald, and Blanka.

#633: Oswald vs Alma - It was only a matter of time before this match would happen. Alma and Oswald head off in what begins as a Neo League match and what ends as an alliance - all for the idea of healing the damage done to Hotaru Futaba - and eliminating her corruption at its source... ( Winner: Oswald ) - created on 01:39:07 03/25/2008 by Oswald and last modified on 11:27:45 03/25/2008. Cast: Alma and Oswald.

#634: Birdie vs Blanka - Day on the beach, two giant men brawl before going out for beers. C'mon, who doesn't want to see how Birdie's hair stands up to a awm-nomming?! ( Winner: Birdie ) - created on 12:38:34 03/25/2008 by Blanka and last modified on 14:30:16 03/25/2008. Cast: Blanka and Birdie.

#635: Naerose vs Chaelim - Filled with friendliness, unintentional fan-service, and a battle of near epic proportions between Naerose and Chae Lim! Which of the two women will reach the finish line to win a nice mug of hot chocolate? The answer is: It's not the one that was goofy enough to wear a bikini to the frozen lands of Russia. (Draw Match) - created on 20:41:02 03/28/2008 by ChaeLim and last modified on 01:21:45 03/29/2008. Cast: ChaeLim and Naerose.

#636: Aprile vs Tran - A DOCTOR FIGHT. WHOSE MEDICAL KNOW HOW WILL SEE THEM THROUGH!? WHO IS CAPABLE OF THE VICTORY THAT THEY FIGHT... oh who are you kidding. Look for a scene of thrills, chills, spills, and doctors and a single important body liquid! There's plenty of it alright! AND BANDAGES ################################ THIS LOG HAS BANDAGES ( Winner: Aprile ) - created on 20:02:29 04/02/2008 by Aprile and last modified on 23:05:53 04/02/2008. Cast: Tran and Aprile.

#637: Adelheid vs Ingrid - Ingrid and Adelheid meet for a rooftop rematch, and find that both have grown considerably in power since their first match! The Bernstein youth starts out testing and considering Ingrid's style, but in the end it takes everything he has not to fall to the potent psion. (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 05:51:53 04/04/2008 by Adelheid and last modified on 14:00:26 04/04/2008. Cast: Adelheid and Ingrid.

#638: Oswald vs Ken - Oswald meets his first defeat at the hands of the Ansatsuken Legend, Ken Masters, in a fight of tactical brilliance on Ken's behalf. The forest path marks the spot where a nine fight no-loss streak came to a close. ( Winner: Ken ) - created on 20:37:17 04/04/2008 by Oswald and last modified on 18:40:44 04/08/2008. Cast: Oswald and Ken.

#640: Vanessa vs Ingrid - Vanessa and Ingrid meet up in the park for a good old fashioned two-way beat down. (Winner: Ingrid) - created on 21:48:10 04/06/2008 by Ingrid and last modified on 04:03:18 04/10/2008. Cast: Vanessa and Ingrid.

#639: Roland vs Himeko - Roland's dirty tricks versus Hurricane Hime's... hurricanes! Who triumphs in a true battle of passionate souls?! ...Nobody. (Winner: Draw) - created on 21:19:51 04/09/2008 by Roland and last modified on 03:57:53 04/10/2008. Cast: Himeko and Roland.

#641: Kyo vs Raizo - Wherein a perpetual highschool student and a bear have a knock-down brawl on a rickety wooden dock in Southtown River. (Winner: Raizo) - created on 21:48:21 04/09/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 17:43:22 04/10/2008. Cast: Kyo and Raizo.

#642: Ken vs Igniz - Igniz and Ken duke it out in Ken's territory! It's down to the wire, as both parties get rather heated up in battle! Not one to miss! ( Winner: Ken ) - created on 22:14:06 04/09/2008 by Igniz and last modified on 23:13:50 04/10/2008. Cast: Igniz and Ken.

#643: Oswald vs Adelheid - The world's deadliest cardshark battles the prodigal Bernstein aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. What follows is a study in gambling and the fickle nature of the cards: and how it doesn't always matter what's in the pot, but what's going on while everyone is watching the game. Can't keep your eyes off the pinstripes, can you? (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 18:03:28 04/11/2008 by Adelheid and last modified on 00:07:32 04/12/2008. Cast: Adelheid and Oswald.

#644: Sakura vs Luc - Luc has fused with the SUN ITSELF to become... Lun?!!? Can Sakura stop Luc's rampaging sunpower?! Why does 'sunpower' sound like a phrase a hippie would use?! Is Schroedinger's solar powers really powered by his pacifist hippie agenda?! All these answers and no others answered here, maybe! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 19:48:35 04/13/2008 by Luc and last modified on 21:34:53 04/14/2008. Cast: Luc and Sakura.

#645: Katana vs Oswald - Oswald dislikes Metro city, and soon he learns that there's even more to dislike than he previously thought as the Neo League fight against Katana has a strange and disgusting twist to it. ( Winner: Oswald ) - created on 17:10:39 04/15/2008 by Oswald and last modified on 21:41:46 04/15/2008. Cast: Oswald and Katana.

#647: Billy vs Oswald - Billy decides to challenge the current head of Neo League; one of many contenders who are bidding for his top spot. Realizing that he's actually a contender, he goes a little overboard... (Winner: Billy) - created on 16:02:20 04/16/2008 by Billy and last modified on 16:41:25 04/17/2008. Cast: Oswald and Billy.

#646: Luc vs Iincyo - The Chairperson faces the villainous Angry German in combat!! Watch, as desks are thrown, and the -ENTIRE PACIFIC HIGH IS DESTROYED-. Don't believe me?! Well, that's probably a good idea!!! (Winner: Luc) - created on 20:52:09 04/16/2008 by Luc and last modified on 16:39:07 04/17/2008. Cast: Luc and Iincyo.

#648: Zach vs Sakura - Zach and Sakurai throw down in a Metro City subway station. Explosions of youthful vigor ensue! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 20:07:29 04/17/2008 by Zach and last modified on 14:09:38 04/18/2008. Cast: Sakura and Zach.

#649: Zach vs Iincyo - Zach and CHAIRPERSON! duke it out on the backs of FIGHTING SEA TURTLES in a BATTOL TO END IT ALL! (Winner: Iincyo) - created on 20:12:35 04/18/2008 by Zach and last modified on 22:20:47 04/18/2008. Cast: Zach and Iincyo.

#650: Aprile vs Horatio - ITALIANS FIGHT, one has CHI, the other has PSI, but both know only ... that they aren't ever gettiing hooked up. COME FOR THE CHURCH, STAY FOR THE SHEEP AND SHEEP RELATED WEAPONRY. ( Winner: Horatio ) - created on 18:13:34 04/20/2008 by Aprile and last modified on 00:15:34 04/21/2008. Cast: Aprile and Horatio.

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