Neo League 601

#601: Riko vs Luc - Thrilling adventure! Amazing intensity! Splendorous ... MEAT BUNS?! Riko and Luc are pit against each other in mortal combat during a Meat Bun Festival in Chinatown... TO THE DEATH?! Watch in horror, as Luc wages war against all meat buns worldwide!! Can Riko stop his rampage?? (Winner: Luc) - created on 18:05:22 02/27/2008 by Luc and last modified on 00:55:58 02/28/2008. Cast: Riko and Luc.

#602: Oswald vs Blanka - Called out! Oswald's looking for some payback after an SNF, and what better a way than to come after Blanka at the Hibiki Dojo? It's epic. No, seriously!( Draw Match ) - created on 21:55:49 02/27/2008 by Blanka and last modified on 01:00:50 02/28/2008. Cast: Oswald and Blanka.

#603: Acacia vs Birdie - Join the Neo League! Engage in dramatic battle, spanning exotic locales with the sheer excitement of martial energy! FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE! Or, well, that's what all the marketing stuff says. But, well, you know the economy hasn't been so great, and there's been all sorts of budget cuts lately. Which is why we've got Acacia and Birdie fighting in...well, it was cheap, okay? Anyway, the second floor boy's toilet at Taiyo High is a perfectly respectable place for elegant violence. Honest. (Winner: Acacia) - created on 16:07:41 02/29/2008 by Acacia and last modified on 16:24:26 03/01/2008. Cast: Acacia and Birdie.

#604: Kyo vs Katana - Once more, Kyo faces a ridiculous Neo League match! When the reigning World Warrior faces off against the Shogun of Mad Gear in a teahouse, the only question is whose Japaneseness will prevail! ...Wait a minute, Katana isn't even Japanese! Oh. (Winner: Kyo) - created on 16:59:21 03/02/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 19:14:27 03/02/2008. Cast: Kyo and Katana.

#605: Adira vs Malin - o/~ On the Boardwalk... let's have some fun... o/~ NL arranges a meeting between Adira Sen'ou of Gedo High and Malin, of parts unknown--and what happens is EPIC BATTOL. (Winner: Malin) - created on 16:02:00 03/03/2008 by Adira and last modified on 20:57:27 03/03/2008. Cast: Malin and Adira.

#608: Himeko vs Laila - A literary beatdown! (Himeko wins against Laila.) - created on 19:56:38 03/03/2008 by Laila and last modified on 21:24:07 03/05/2008. Cast: Himeko and Laila.

#607: Shurui vs Oswald - "We saw that you did reaallly well in that SNF fight last week. How about we pair you up with one of the bigshots? This one guy is tough, but even if you lose, do well and you'll still be famous." "I just need the money and the fight." 'We'll give you the fight then. Just do well. If you don't? ... eh, well. Maybe that last fight was a fluke." Sometimes, all that matters is the blood and sweat of the fight itself, not the outcome. (Winner: Oswald) - created on 21:44:50 03/04/2008 by Shurui and last modified on 20:31:16 03/05/2008. Cast: Oswald and Shurui.

#606: Malin vs Oswald - Malin hunts down Oswald to issue a challenge! But can she take down the shrewd gambler with bluster and attitude? Or will the gambler knock down Malin's house of cards? Epic Battle at Taiyo High! (Winner: Oswald) - created on 14:25:11 03/05/2008 by Malin and last modified on 20:28:17 03/05/2008. Cast: Malin and Oswald.

#611: Roberto vs Hotaru - A Neo League match in the Futaba Dojo between two long time friends. Roberto and Hotaru have been through a variety of matches against each other, fought against Shadaloo in Thailand together, rescued prisoners as a team... But it seems the strangely aggressive girl is readily willing to throw all that aside in favor of simply seizing another empty victory. ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 23:18:03 03/05/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 23:37:12 03/09/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Roberto.

#609: Birdie vs Himeko - Birdie takes an anonymous challenge from HIMEKO, which turns out to be the pompous and self loving rich boy Vincent Lacrosse, who is a super hero, who is actually Hurricane Hime! Watch the spills, thrills and chills as each of them fight, and Himeko assaults Birdie with books and reading, which happens to almost be too much for the thug to handle! ( Winner: Birdie ) - created on 19:29:16 03/06/2008 by Birdie and last modified on 19:44:23 03/07/2008. Cast: Himeko and Birdie.

#610: Tran vs Iincyo - Tran and Iincyo's KNOCK DOWN DRAG OUT FIGHT. It's up to the wire. WHO WILL WIN? WHO WILL TRIUMPH? ANSWER? Negatory. No one does. BUT DAMN THIS DOESN'T STOP ANYTHING. ( Draw Match ) - created on 21:16:32 03/08/2008 by Iincyo and last modified on 19:51:18 03/09/2008. Cast: Tran and Iincyo.

#612: Iincyo vs Roberto - Someone in the NL offices has strange sense of humor putting two Taiyo students in Gedo High to duke it out. While Roberto starts the fight out of sorts, he finds that through encouraging Iincyo to continue, he is reminded of what's really important. (Winner: Roberto) - created on 18:56:10 03/10/2008 by Roberto and last modified on 19:08:32 03/11/2008. Cast: Roberto and Iincyo.

#613: Himeko vs Iincyo - The fight.. INFRONT OF A LIBRARY OF POWER. Himeko and Iincyo duke it out, a meeting that hasn't gone on for so long! In the end what could possibly happen!? No one knows.. but if it isn't down to the wire! .. ALSO, SPECIAL MESSAGE INSIDE. Especially to someone named Alexis! < DRAW MATCH > - created on 19:16:19 03/11/2008 by Iincyo and last modified on 23:09:25 03/12/2008. Cast: Himeko and Iincyo.

#614: Zach vs Roberto - Zach cannot decide how he feels about some kid he doesn't even know invoking his name in another fight. That, and he felt like he was slacking in the League after that week-long break, so he decided to see what Roberto was made of. (Winner: Zach) - created on 20:59:46 03/12/2008 by Zach and last modified on 01:12:02 03/13/2008. Cast: Zach, Roberto, and Yurika.

#615: Bison vs Ingrid - Lunchtime brawl at Taiyo! Bison vs. Ingrid--pure muscle vs. psi power. Bison proves that he can crush little girls, but Ingrid gives almost as good as she gets... (Winner: Bison) - created on 16:37:59 03/13/2008 by M.Bison and last modified on 19:12:31 03/13/2008. Cast: Ingrid and M.Bison.

#616: Kyo vs Zach - For a little while, Zach Glen was ranked #1 in the Neo League. Then, the League put him up against the previous #1: Kyo Kusanagi. Wackiness ensues! (Winner: Kyo) - created on 19:57:40 03/13/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 22:31:36 03/13/2008. Cast: Kyo and Zach.

#617: Aranha vs Kiyoko - Aranha and Kiyoko square off in a Neo League fight taking place in Taiyo's Cafeteria. There's trash talk, food flinging, and fan service! Yes, fan service. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 23:08:52 03/13/2008 by Aranha and last modified on 12:03:28 03/14/2008. Cast: Aranha and Kiyoko.

#618: Oswald vs Nagare - Oswald is going through the ranks of Taiyo, and this time he takes on Nagare the swimming coach. Will the fight go swimmingly, or will Oswald get dragged under by undertow?! Find out in this Neo League! ( Winner: Oswald ) - created on 21:37:17 03/14/2008 by Nagare and last modified on 16:32:44 03/15/2008. Cast: Oswald and Nagare.

#621: Sakura vs Ingrid - Sakura proves that she can overcome the disadvantage of wearing something feminine in this showdown against Ingrid in this Neo League fight at the Temple of the Peaceful Dragon, in Kyoto. (Winner: Sakura) - created on 12:12:33 03/15/2008 by Ingrid and last modified on 18:40:11 03/17/2008. Cast: Ingrid and Sakura.

#622: Krauser vs Raizo - In an epic battle of moustache vs. manbear, not even the surroundings are the winner. (Draw Match) - created on 18:44:51 03/15/2008 by Krauser and last modified on 20:32:27 03/17/2008. Cast: Krauser and Raizo.

#619: Hotaru vs Oswald - On the lawn of the Futaba Mansion, one rampaging Kenpo artist faces off against the enigmatic Oswald. Much to her surprise, it seems he has take a personal interest in her ... predicament. It takes the experienced combination of power - through control - to best the aggressive girl as the veteran fighter seeks to show the confused Hotaru a new path. ( Winner: Oswald ) ( Bonus desc: [OOC] Oswald says, "I feel like goddamn Andrew Ryan from Bioshock going 'A MAN COMMANDS AND A SLAVE OBEYS' while getting my head smashed in with a golf club." ) - created on 20:19:16 03/15/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 03:46:28 03/16/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Oswald.

#623: Jiro vs Oswald - Jiro and Oswald both received a message to fight each other at the Southtown Business district. While Jiro seemed to have the upper hand at first, Oswald's trickery had done the job on finishing the Interpol Officer off. (Winner: Oswald) - created on 18:54:00 03/16/2008 by Jiro and last modified on 21:35:52 03/17/2008. Cast: Jiro and Oswald.

#620: Blanka vs Hotaru - Trying to give Hotaru what she wants - a serious, hardcore, brutal fight - Blanka challenges the Kenpo artist to a big time Neo League match at Howard Arena. Giving it his all, he does everything he can to make it a very serious match for the girl. Actively trying to resist the call of that horrible technique of hers, Hotaru attempts to go through the match without falling back on it again, to no avail. But Blanka's concern manages to be understood all the same. ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 22:55:17 03/16/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 02:43:37 03/17/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Blanka.

#624: Oswald vs Aprile - THE BEGINNING - A doll vs Oswald.. who will triumph!? Oswald's streak doesn't end here, folks, but there's an impressive display at least.. more than is expected! See this lengthy, and somewhat surprising battle, to the end! ( Winner: Oswald ) - created on 18:44:42 03/17/2008 by Aprile and last modified on 21:37:51 03/17/2008. Cast: Oswald and Aprile.

#625: Adira vs Kiyoko - In the courtyard of Gedo High, Kiyoko takes on new student Adira in a Neo League match--can the 'home-school' favorite take down the Tai Chi practioner? (Winner: Adira) - created on 19:01:43 03/17/2008 by Adira and last modified on 22:09:06 03/17/2008. Cast: Adira and Kiyoko.

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