Neo League 570

#570: Seishirou vs Arika - The punk rock princess has called the Ryouhara out for a Neo League battle. The date was set, the location chosen - until a surprisingly sudden change of venue occurred. Taking things to the street, Arika works off a lot of frustration even though the majority of her anger isn't directed at Seishirou. You won't want to miss this ending! Only you will, because -someone- (we're not mentioning names here *cough*Seishirou*cough*) flame-broiled the film in the one remaining camera. So enjoy your static! (Winner: @#(*&(*UDAOUI NO CARRIER) - created on 17:15:05 01/06/2008 by Arika and last modified on 10:01:02 01/09/2008. Cast: Arika and Seishirou.

#571: Kyo vs Rose - In Metro City Mall, Kyo Kusanagi faces off against the mysterious Rose in a battle for prestige, prizes and most importantly of all, LEAGUE POINTS. If you hate things which are awesome and intense, then for all that is good and holy, DON'T READ THIS LOG! (Winner: Rose) - created on 18:49:42 01/09/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 06:05:04 01/10/2008. Cast: Kyo and Rose.

#572: Hotaru vs Arika - It's time for the punk princess to grab the reins and get back on the horse (so to speak), and so a challenge has been issued to a certain Kenpo artist. Round and round they go, trading blows while the tinny music of the carousel hovers in the air around them. (Draw Match) - created on 21:54:00 01/15/2008 by Arika and last modified on 15:29:03 01/21/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Arika.

#573: Aranha vs Arika - Just north of a small village in the English countryside there is a bridge. This bridge just happens to be a historical monument, which makes it the perfect location for a fight. The punk princess and the Dancing Spider trade blows, things get broken and one of them winds up soaking wet. Tune in to find out who! (Draw Match) - created on 20:53:39 01/20/2008 by Arika and last modified on 15:29:10 01/21/2008. Cast: Arika and Aranha.

#574: Aranha vs Katelynn - Katelynn returns to her hometown for a Neo League match against Aranha. Will Philadelphia's hometown hero prevail? Or will Aranha lead Katelynn in a dance of damage? (Winner: Aranha) - created on 14:54:37 01/21/2008 by Katelynn and last modified on 02:26:01 02/02/2008. Cast: Katelynn and Aranha.

#575: Drake vs Aranha - Domino offers Aranha a rematch of their previous fight which was unofficial. The Neo League Fight ends up taking a toll not only on the two fighters but on the White House lawn. On the upside, Aranha manages to salvage his sunglasses this time. (Winner: Drake) - created on 20:00:54 01/22/2008 by Aranha and last modified on 02:36:55 02/02/2008. Cast: Drake and Aranha.

#576: Arika vs Riko - Not just a League Fight, but also...a wager. A bet, a gamble, a flip of the coin, a roll of the dice. Riko has something Arika wants. Trouble is...the opposite is also true. (Winner: Riko) - created on 15:27:56 01/25/2008 by Riko and last modified on 02:37:56 02/02/2008. Cast: Riko, Himeko, and Arika.

#581: Acacia vs C.Jack - ALL ABOARD FOR FAITO. NEXT STOP. SOMEONE GETS WRECKED ( Winner: Acacia ) - created on 16:41:37 01/30/2008 by C.Jack and last modified on 23:31:18 02/02/2008. Cast: Acacia and C.Jack.

#577: Himeko vs Arika - Set inside the beautifully the Round Reading Room within the Maughan Library and Information Services Center on Chancery Lane in London, the punk princess faces off against Hurricane Hime! Papers fly about the area, as do fists, feet and fighters. Thankfully, no stained glass windows were harmed during the filming of this match. (Winner: Arika) - created on 18:03:51 01/30/2008 by Arika and last modified on 02:40:52 02/02/2008. Cast: Himeko and Arika.

#578: Zach vs Birdie - A fight between Birdie and Zach in Japan! Watch as they beat themselves sensless in three turns or less, guarenteed. ( Draw Match ) - created on 21:44:00 01/30/2008 by Birdie and last modified on 02:44:32 02/02/2008. Cast: Zach and Birdie.

#579: Arika vs Sakura - Canary Wharf, a large business and shopping district in London. Outside a very tall building. Which people are scaling down (at least from the 25th floor). The punk princess and the Ansatsuken Angel shine for the cameras, trading kicks, punches and... exorbitant amounts of chi (sorta!). But, there seems to be a lot more energy in this match than that which is tossed around with those Hadoukens! Could someone wind up making extra money working in ads for a brandname battery company? (Winner: Sakura) - created on 18:07:47 02/01/2008 by Arika and last modified on 04:21:30 02/02/2008. Cast: Arika and Sakura.

#580: Kyo vs Ken - The Neo League plays host to a rematch of epic proportions as Kyo Kusanagi and League founder Ken Masters face off for the first time since the World Warrior tournament, on Ken's home ground! Though Ken takes control of the match early on, and seems to have the whole thing won, Kyo reminds everyone that there's a REASON he's so damn arrogant! (Winner: Kyo) - created on 17:34:47 02/02/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 23:28:39 02/02/2008. Cast: Kyo and Ken.

#582: Hotaru vs Birdie - A china shop looking to lose its inventory for insurance money as soon as possible plays host to a violent, savage, and short Neo League battle. (Winner: Hotaru) Don't kill me for the messed up meters. Someone (me) forgot to log! ;_; - created on 00:03:29 02/04/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 00:57:38 02/04/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Birdie.

#583: Vince verses Himeko - Vince LaRose, wielder of the Rose Dansant style of fencing, makes his debut in Neo League against Hurricane Hime, outspoken superheroine! To make matters more interesting, Vince dedicates the match to a special girl who saved his life previously. The two fight intensely, but Vince's flashing blades and graceful finesse prove to be too much for Hime. The win is dedicated to the girl's honor as planned - none other than Yuki Kushinada! (Winner: Vince) - created on 18:35:59 02/04/2008 by Vince and last modified on 00:49:11 02/05/2008. Cast: Yuki, Himeko, Vince, and Alexis.

#584: Hotaru vs Zach - Atop the Great Wall of China, Hotaru and long time acquaintance Zach Glenn, face off in a savagely short, brutal Neo League battle. The girl seems ruthless in her aggression, leaving the poor young man badly hurt and walking away with indifference to his condition. ( Winner: Hotaru ) - created on 22:23:56 02/04/2008 by Hotaru and last modified on 00:55:19 02/05/2008. Cast: Hotaru and Zach.

#585: Zach vs Katelynn - Zach and Katelynn square off again. Despite a rocky start, Glen pulls out the win. (Winner: Zach) - created on 18:45:49 02/06/2008 by Zach and last modified on 19:49:45 02/06/2008. Cast: Katelynn and Zach.

#586: Arika vs Roberto - Neo League + Ice Cream = Love! Movenpick, a gourmet ice cream shop in London is graciously playing host to this event between the punk princess and the Taiyo High soccer star. It's a small shop, which pretty much guarantees something gets broken (No ice cream was hurt!). But who cares? They've got Rocky Road. ROCKY ROAD! (Winner: Roberto) - created on 19:21:30 02/06/2008 by Arika and last modified on 01:45:16 02/07/2008. Cast: Arika and Roberto.

#587: Kyo vs Sakura - More Neo League hijinx from Kyo Kusanagi! Facing off with Sakura Kasugano on the Boardwalk, he does end up passing 'Go' and collecting $200; but Sakura? DIRECTLY TO JAIL. (Winner: Kyo) - created on 18:59:18 02/08/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 11:41:20 02/10/2008. Cast: Kyo and Sakura.

#588: Blanka vs Aranha - Blanka invites Aranha to Brazil for a Neo League fight. Both fighters appear to be an even match in speed and agility. But is Blanka's toughness and wild instinct a match for Aranha's creativity and rhythm? (Winner: Blanka) - created on 20:01:22 02/08/2008 by Aranha and last modified on 11:44:04 02/10/2008. Cast: Aranha and Blanka.

#589: Zach vs Blanka - Zach and Blanka go toe-to-toe. The Wanderer, however, cannot stand up to the Beautiful Green Beast of Brazil. (Winner: Blanka) - created on 18:41:02 02/11/2008 by Zach and last modified on 23:18:08 02/11/2008. Cast: Zach and Blanka.

#590: Nagare vs Adelheid - The son of Rugal Bernstein seeks out new secrets of chi.... from a swimming coach? (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 18:30:24 02/12/2008 by Adelheid and last modified on 00:22:12 02/13/2008. Cast: Adelheid and Nagare.

#591 Kyo vs Ryu - EPIC. (Draw Match) - created on 21:02:28 02/17/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 04:05:14 02/18/2008. Cast: Chris, Kyo, Ryu, Sakura, and Shurui.

#592: Mizuki vs Zach - Kamigawa vs. Glen! In the Auditorium of Justice High, Mizuki and Zach, each looking to test their skills, find that a Neo League match provides at least some of what they're looking for... (Winner: Mizuki) - created on 17:40:20 02/18/2008 by Mizuki and last modified on 19:36:54 02/18/2008. Cast: Mizuki and Zach.

#595: Kyo vs Himeko - FIRE BEATS PAPER. Kyo beats up a little girl! Why do such unfair fights happen?! (Winner: Kyo) - created on 19:42:15 02/19/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 14:16:40 02/23/2008. Cast: Himeko and Kyo.

#593: Zach vs Ichiro - Zach and Ichiro duke it out for glory on the Pacific High rooftops! Witness the brutality, and the power of the World's Mightiest Lacrosse Ball! (Winner: Zach) - created on 21:14:11 02/20/2008 by Zach and last modified on 23:58:49 02/20/2008. Cast: Ichiro and Zach.

#594: Nagare vs Roberto - Roberto and Nagare take part in a Neo League fight at Taiyo's own Dome Arena. Roberto comes out of the gates with an impressive start but then Nagare makes an incredible come back. In the end, Roberto may not have been able to force a draw, but he did get a member for Taiyo's Athletics Crew. (Winner Nagare) - created on 22:11:43 02/20/2008 by Roberto and last modified on 23:28:56 02/21/2008. Cast: Roberto and Nagare.

#596: Bison vs Blanka - Neo League! Blanka's challenged to a Neo League fight by the new crazy man on the block, Bison! Never one to turn down a challenge from someone getting their feet wet in the League, Blanka accepts, and epic battle ensues! (Winner: M.Bison) - created on 19:54:24 02/24/2008 by Blanka and last modified on 22:01:55 02/24/2008. Cast: Blanka and M.Bison.

#597: Iincyo vs Marisol - A Fight between Marisol and Iincyo ON THE BEACH. Marisol .. basically kicks Iincyo around but there's another fight entirely different going on as well! OR IS THERE. (Winner: Marisol) - created on 22:26:47 02/24/2008 by Iincyo and last modified on 11:41:21 02/25/2008. Cast: Marisol and Iincyo.

#598: Iincyo vs Zach - Iincyo shows Zach the power of motivation and positive thinking, knocking the ranked Neo League fighter down a notch in a knock-down, drag-out fight! (Winner: Iincyo) - created on 16:02:40 02/25/2008 by Zach and last modified on 18:28:48 02/25/2008. Cast: Zach and Iincyo.

#599: Oswald vs Zach - Oswald makes his Neo League debut against the Human Firecracker Zach Glen in the wreckage of Howard Arena. Victory was in the cards for someone, and Oswald simply had the better hand. (Winner: Oswald) - created on 20:38:13 02/26/2008 by Zach and last modified on 23:17:40 02/26/2008. Cast: Oswald and Zach.

#600: Kyo vs Krauser - In Wolfgang Krauser's return to the professional fighting world after a months-long absence, Kyo Kusanagi is invited to Strolheim to face off against the castle's lord in an epic Neo League confrontation! And in a nail-biting finish... (Draw Match) - created on 18:03:44 02/27/2008 by Kyo and last modified on 00:55:45 02/28/2008. Cast: Kyo and Krauser.

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