Neo League 551

#569: Naerose vs Himeko - Naerose faces off against Himeko on her home turf: the library!? (Winner: Himeko) - created on 18:42:28 11/06/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 06:59:42 01/07/2008. Cast: Naerose and Himeko.

#551: Acacia vs Sakura - It's Halloween in Chinatown! Acacia's dressed as Sakura, and vice-versa, for this totally awesome test of wills. A must-see! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 09:16:37 11/10/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 09:44:24 11/12/2007. Cast: Acacia, Sakura, and Hokuto.

#552: Ingrid vs Riko - Don't you just love the classics? Timeless tales of history and mythology, glorifying all the virtues the ancient world held dear. And foremost among them, Homer's "Odyssey", the subject of a full musical production by the Seijyun High Drama Society! Well. At least it /was/. The show's over now, looks like a couple of budding thespians haven't gotten the message. Break a leg, girls. Break a leg. (Draw Match) - created on 10:16:41 11/11/2007 by Riko and last modified on 09:47:05 11/12/2007. Cast: Riko and Ingrid.

#564: Rock vs Sakura - Rock has a special guest waiting to welcome him back to Southtown! Your suitcases will be in Luggage Claim: PAIN. (Winner: Rock) - created on 20:08:10 11/11/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 21:14:06 12/18/2007. Cast: Rock and Sakura.

#553: Alma vs Jiro - Under the city lights that shine like stars, Alma approaches the battle first foretold by his coming to Metro City: another clash of rivals, brought together again by a generous fate. Jiro Kasagi and Alma Towazu face off once again-- and though there is talk of love and peace and justice, basically they pummel each other with assorted explosions. What more could we ask for? (Winner: Alma) - created on 00:48:27 11/12/2007 by Alma and last modified on 09:51:28 11/12/2007. Cast: Hotaru, Alma, and Jiro.

#554: Himeko vs Alexis - Hurricane Hime presents an open challenge to a mysterious Neo League newcomer who's been dubbing herself 'Angel Papillion'. Watch for tumbles and rolls and high-flying action! Grace, poise and superhero monologues! Kicks and punches, papers and ribbons! Even if fighting isn't your fancy, this show is still a must-see! (Winner: Himeko) - created on 19:38:42 11/13/2007 by Alexis and last modified on 08:47:55 11/18/2007. Cast: Himeko and Alexis.

#555: Drake vs Alexis - It's a Neo League rematch at SlamMasters Arena! Witness death-defying acrobatics and agility! Watch as contenders are piledriven and slammed into the mat on their head no less than FOUR times! View a masked butterfly's attempt to spread her wings and fly to super-stardom, only to plummet to the ground at the hands of her opponent! All this and MORE inside! (Winner: Drake) - created on 19:51:01 11/16/2007 by Alexis and last modified on 08:48:56 11/18/2007. Cast: Drake and Alexis.

#556: Jiro vs Sakura - After a long respite, Jiro challenges Sakura to a rematch, in the Collosseum! And Sakura gets to see just how much he's learned... (Winner: Sakura) - created on 23:23:03 11/24/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 08:15:59 12/01/2007. Cast: Jiro and Sakura.

#557: Geese vs Nagare - Nagare and Geese duke it out on the world's largest snowman! Watch in horror, as through an atomic bomb experiment gone HORRIBLY AWRY, the Snowman becomes an irradiated mutant monster bent on terrorizing cities with his frosty rage! Can Nagare and Geese stop its rampage?! What does this desc have to do with anything?! Behold, a battle you won't want to miss! (Winner: Geese) - created on 18:30:35 12/04/2007 by Geese and last modified on 10:56:26 12/08/2007. Cast: Geese and Nagare.

#558: Nagare vs Rugal - The Tyrant Rugal Bernstein is back and business! And after telling the Neo League owners, the Masters that to find him a fight... they did! And dropped him in the ocean full of NAGARES. Will Rugal defeat the Nagare's on their home turf, or will it be NAGARE 2: THE RETURN OF JA- FLIPPERS!? (Winner: Rugal) - created on 21:32:07 12/05/2007 by Nagare and last modified on 10:57:24 12/08/2007. Cast: Rugal and Nagare.

#559: Katelynn vs Sergio - Sergio and Katelynn Molina face off in a match that proves that sometimes the best tactic is nonstop wailing on your opponent. (Winner: Sergio) - created on 23:21:51 12/05/2007 by Sergio and last modified on 11:00:56 12/08/2007. Cast: Katelynn and Sergio.

#560: Sergio vs Ichiro - The young buck tries to teach the old dog some new tricks, but every dog has his day. (Winner: Sergio) - created on 22:55:27 12/06/2007 by Ichiro and last modified on 11:02:27 12/08/2007. Cast: Ichiro and Sergio.

#561: Drake vs Roberto - A challenge is issued to Domino, yanking him from his vigilante shenanigans in Metro City. Still though, neither Domino nor Roberto have had a Neo League match in a while, so it benefitted them both as their return bouts. Despite a strong lead by Roberto and Domino taking a turn of terrible luck, he managed a strong turnaround. (Draw Match) - created on 13:34:11 12/13/2007 by Drake and last modified on 21:57:48 12/17/2007. Cast: Drake and Roberto.

#562: Rock vs Kurow - In yet another continuance of an epic feud, Rock Howard and Kurow Kirishima return to a familiar place to square off yet again. (Winner: Kurow) - created on 19:14:14 12/16/2007 by Kurow and last modified on 21:58:40 12/17/2007. Cast: Rock and Kurow.

#563: Rugal vs Sergio - The Arctic is a harsh environment to fight in. And Rugal Bernstein is a harsh opponent to face. Sergio bravely takes them both on in this explosive NL bout that at least doesn't leave any of Rugal's property damaged this time! (Winner: Rugal) - created on 23:06:26 12/16/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 21:12:21 12/18/2007. Cast: Rugal and Sergio.

#565: Alma vs Kurow - Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to witness a brutal match from two young men who are good at looking like they don't try to make fights dramatic. It's the Divine Diviner, Alma Towazu, versus high-flying villain extraordinaire Kurow Kirishima, and boy does it get nasty. Whether you're looking for blood and guts or flung underage panties, you've got it, and the only thing the audience can agree on is: EPIC FINISH. (Winner: Kurow) - created on 23:56:13 12/18/2007 by Alma and last modified on 05:56:41 12/20/2007. Cast: Vanessa, Alma, Mizuki, Hinata, Rose, and Kurow.

#566: Benimaru vs Sakura - Bahamaru?! This fight in the Bahamas has eye candy for both Sakura and Benimaru -- but they really should be trying to beat each other up, shouldn't they? Faito! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 19:14:09 12/19/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 05:47:12 12/21/2007. Cast: Benimaru and Sakura.

#567: Rock vs Birdie - Rock's on the prowl for a brawl, but sooner or later he bumps into a predator! What happens next?! IT'S NEO LEAGUE TIME. (Winner: Rock) - created on 17:14:42 12/23/2007 by Birdie and last modified on 11:49:35 01/01/2008. Cast: Rock and Birdie.

#568: Sakura vs Batsu - Batsu and Sakura have a knock-down, drag-out fight! The GLORY OF TAIYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (Winner: Batsu) - created on 13:50:19 12/31/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 11:56:13 01/01/2008. Cast: Batsu and Sakura.

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