Neo League 526

#532: Jiro vs Soma - This Neo League fight was requested by Soma in order to interview Jiro to see if he had what it takes to become a member of Interpol. (Winner: Jiro) - created on 21:34:32 10/12/2007 by Jiro and last modified on 06:16:59 10/23/2007. Cast: Jiro and Soma.

#543: Ken vs Billy - Billy's bid to consolidate his position at the top against none other then the Neo League founder! But can he succeed? (Winner: Ken) - created on 21:16:57 10/13/2007 by Billy and last modified on 10:02:04 11/10/2007. Cast: Billy and Ken.

#526: Alma vs Hokuto - Two unrelenting spirits clash, but only one can stand triumphant. Hokuto Mizugami, stern friend to children, faces off against passionate champion of virtue Alma Towazu, the latter still struggling to accustom himself to Metro City's unusual ambiance. This time, he succeeds-- but only just. (Winner: Alma) - created on 00:06:11 10/16/2007 by Alma and last modified on 15:59:12 10/18/2007. Cast: Alma and Hokuto.

#527: Maxima vs Mignon - Will Magical Mignon's might manage Maxima's murderous massacre?! All this and more alliteration wait INSIDE! (DISCLAIMER: Log does not contain any additional alliterations.) (Winner: Maxima) - created on 18:03:43 10/18/2007 by Maxima and last modified on 12:31:16 10/20/2007. Cast: Maxima and Mignon.

#528: Drake vs Laurel - Greetings, fight fans! Guest descer Stan Lee here! Witness the wondrous wrangling between a winsome wrestler and a working-class warrior! Tremble as their terrible titanic talents turn a town's train tunnel terminal into a tour of trained tussling! And, finally, concentrate upon the climatic conclusion, when a captured Canon camera is cast, condemning the combatants to a common closing as they both collapse, neither claiming the caption of champion. (Draw Match) - created on 21:09:13 10/18/2007 by Laurel and last modified on 12:35:47 10/20/2007. Cast: Drake and Laurel.

#529: Duke vs Chae Lim - Il Paradiso Opera House. A place where the wealthy socialites of Metro City congregate to take in culture and indulge in the arts. A different form of 'art' is taking place here today though as the Opera House plays host to a Neo League event -- one that pits the fighting styles of a hardened criminal against those of a sweet young Tae Kwan Do artist. (Winner: Duke) - created on 21:47:37 10/18/2007 by ChaeLim and last modified on 12:37:34 10/20/2007. Cast: ChaeLim and Duke.

#530: Preston vs Drake - A posh little scruffle in uptown, Metro City, pits the Royal Brute against Domino. While the Royal Brute proves to be quite the brute indeed, Domino's display of grace, finesse, and.. erm.. brute force earns a victory for the Shooting Stars' leader. But even the Total Eclipse wasn't enough to completely ground Preston. Crikey. (Winner: Drake) - created on 14:51:54 10/19/2007 by Drake and last modified on 12:38:51 10/20/2007. Cast: Drake and Preston.

#531: Alma vs Katana - Katana's real name is Quick Draw McGraw. Alma Towazu's real name is either Coward or Loser. However... (Winner: Alma) - created on 21:16:25 10/19/2007 by Katana and last modified on 12:43:26 10/20/2007. Cast: Alma and Katana.

#533: Maxima vs Krizalid - Krizalid and Maxima battle in a battle that can have no winner. WHO WILL WIN?! (Draw Match) - created on 17:53:56 10/20/2007 by Maxima and last modified on 06:18:25 10/23/2007. Cast: Maxima and Krizalid.

#534: Sergio vs Mignon - WATER FRONT BATTLE! (Winner: Sergio) - created on 17:57:10 10/20/2007 by Mignon and last modified on 06:19:44 10/23/2007. Cast: Mignon and Sergio.

#535: Marisol vs Birdie - Marisol takes on the challenger Birdie! If you want to participate in the Neo League, YOU GOTTA GO THROUGH HIM. And... well, she does! But she learns he's a rather painful one to fight. - created on 18:02:38 10/20/2007 by Birdie and last modified on 06:21:38 10/23/2007. Cast: Marisol and Birdie.

#539: Katelynn vs Sergio - Katelynn and Sergio decide to cool off in Canada with a Neo League match. (Winner: Sergio) - created on 16:08:59 10/21/2007 by Katelynn and last modified on 12:03:01 10/25/2007. Cast: Katelynn and Sergio.

#536: Duke vs Nagare - SUDDENLY!! Nagare is proven to be the son of Duke?! Duke is revealed to be FROM THE FUTURE?! Watch, as father and son team up together to fight Godzilla and Rodan across the entire Nile River! And in a sudden twist, Duke admits this description is completely unrelated to the actual fight?! Don't 'De Nile' yourself the chance to read this fantastic log, TODAY! (Winner: Duke) - created on 16:46:53 10/21/2007 by Duke and last modified on 06:23:31 10/23/2007. Cast: Duke and Nagare.

#537: Preston vs Birdie - Preston and Birdie duke it out in Korea, on PANDA BEARS. It's a really close fight that you don't want to miss! This is because it's on PANDA BEARS. TWO GUYS FROM ENGLAND FIGHTING ON PANDAS. DISCLAIMER: NO PANDA'S WERE HURT IN THIS FIGHT. (Winner: Preston) - created on 16:24:29 10/22/2007 by Birdie and last modified on 06:27:20 10/23/2007. Cast: Preston and Birdie.

#538: Roberto vs Mignon - Mignon kicks kicked with SOCCERBALLS. IN THE FACE. A must-read! (Winner: Roberto) - created on 19:23:51 10/22/2007 by Mignon and last modified on 06:28:27 10/23/2007. Cast: Mignon and Roberto.

#540: Mignon vs Marisol - P-P-P-OWER HIT. Mignon Beart vs Marisol! Watch them trade blows before Marisol punches Mignon in the face. ALOT. There's alot of Mignon face punching here, and by some miracle, it's actually a CLOSE FIGHT. Sure to be interesting! - created on 22:39:19 10/24/2007 by Mignon and last modified on 17:30:52 10/25/2007. Cast: Marisol and Mignon.

#541: Hotaru vs Hokuto - The battle of the similar names and similar plights in life! The two girls seeking brothers face off in the expensive Il Paradiso in Metro city. Hotaru tries to keep the pressure on throughout the fight, but Hokuto's patient, controlled style manages to react to it well. (Winner: Hokuto) - created on 02:14:42 10/27/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 11:06:47 10/30/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Hokuto.

#542: Kurow vs Ingrid - Kurow and Ingrid face one another down on the roof of Pacific High. (Winner: Kurow) - created on 00:25:36 10/28/2007 by Ingrid and last modified on 11:16:41 10/30/2007. Cast: Ingrid and Kurow.

#544: Birdie vs Ken - Ken Masters takes on Birdie and shows him why he's the master! (Winner: Ken) - created on 19:01:40 10/30/2007 by Birdie and last modified on 10:19:53 11/10/2007. Cast: Ken and Birdie.

#545: Kurow vs Hotaru - On Halloween night, Hotaru Futaba comes up against one of her greatest foes in a graveyard... but the most challenging aspect of the match doesn't come until all blows are exchanged. (Winner: Kurow) - created on 00:56:19 10/31/2007 by Kurow and last modified on 10:22:06 11/10/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Kurow.

#546: Hotaru vs Ingrid - Hotaru and Ingrid face off in a glass domed park in the nicer part of Southtown. Chi meets Psi in this exciting bout! (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 00:53:51 11/03/2007 by Ingrid and last modified on 10:23:31 11/10/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Ingrid.

#547: Zach vs Frei - Zach and Frei fight it out in Russia! Fireworks ensue, but only one can come out on top! (Winner: Frei) - created on 12:50:20 11/04/2007 by Zach and last modified on 10:37:52 11/10/2007. Cast: Frei and Zach.

#548: Alma vs Duke - '...when the boy began to delight in his daring flight, and abandoning his guide, drawn by desire for the heavens, soared higher. His nearness to the devouring sun softened the fragrant wax that held the wings: and the wax melted: he flailed with bare arms, but losing his oar-like wings, could not ride the air.' (Winner: Duke) - created on 21:29:17 11/04/2007 by Duke and last modified on 10:39:25 11/10/2007. Cast: Duke and Alma.

#549: Riko vs Zach - Southtown Airport. But planes aren't the only thing flying today. There's also luggage, raw energy, and maybe a human body or two. The baggage claim hall is the site of this fight, a League publicity match between Riko Koganei and Zach Glen. But there's more than blows being exchanged. There's words, too. Zach has questions about the recent "Jinchuu" tournament. Can he beat a straight answer out of the ninja girl? (Winner: Riko) - created on 17:02:36 11/08/2007 by Riko and last modified on 11:18:18 11/10/2007. Cast: Riko and Zach.

#550: Drake vs Alexis - A challenge has arrived for Domino! He's to fight the mysterious 'Angel Papillion' out by Southtown's airport. Alexis has gone to great lengths to set up this match, masking herself from the wrestler. The most difficult thing for her isn't so much avoiding being hit, or trying to actually do damage to him... it's remaining silent and carefully masking her accent so she can keep up the facade! (Winner: Drake) - created on 18:19:52 11/09/2007 by Alexis and last modified on 11:30:05 11/10/2007. Cast: Drake and Alexis.

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