Neo League 501

#509: Drake vs Himeko - Drake and Hime clash! Super Heroine vs The 'Dark-Side'! The harbor will never be the same again! Fog! Ice! Fish! Crates! Hard-hitting action! Thrills! Chills! Medical bills! And one of them KILLS PROFESSOR X!! (Winner: Drake) - created on 18:32:50 09/27/2007 by Himeko and last modified on 20:10:31 09/30/2007. Cast: Himeko and Drake.

#501: Kyle vs Momoko - Momoko finds out what it means to fight Bushin-ryuu! (Winner: Kyle) - created on 18:51:14 09/27/2007 by Momoko and last modified on 16:04:16 09/28/2007. Cast: Momoko and Kyle.

#502: Katana vs R.Mika - A battle between Katana and R.Mika .. ends in a very surprising manner! A fight in Metro City, IN AUSTRALIA ZOO, ends up at one can't miss battle.. WITH KOALA'S. ( Draw Match! ) - created on 20:36:06 09/27/2007 by Katana and last modified on 16:04:49 09/28/2007. Cast: Katana and R.Mika.

#503: Rugal vs Rose - It's Boss Battle time for the NL. Rugal tests himself against the Soul Power the enigmatic fortune teller brings to bear. The two have history and a few shared interests as well and what better place to catch up on old times than in the midst of a violent battle? It's raw brutal force verses nigh indomitable will power as the two exchange some of the most powerful attacks in the world. (Winner: Rugal) - created on 22:16:17 09/28/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 09:57:11 09/30/2007. Cast: Rugal and Rose.

#504: Hotaru vs Rolento - Atop a tower at the Nijo Castle in Kyoto, young Hotaru Futaba faces off against Rolento Schugerg in a Neo League bout where every twitch, every miscalculation, and every instinctual reflexive action is critical to the outcome. His information on the Kenpo artist may have been somewhat incomplete when the match began but by the end both participants have learned quite a lot about each other's techniques. (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 23:47:22 09/28/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 09:58:24 09/30/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Rolento.

#505: Zach vs Ryo - Zach enters the Neo League Meatgrinder once more, this time fight Ryo Sakazaki. Highlights include an almost-epic, if short-lived, fireball duel. (Winner: Ryo) - created on 13:25:47 09/29/2007 by Zach and last modified on 09:59:43 09/30/2007. Cast: Ryo and Zach.

#506: Arika vs Zach - A 'surprise' match in the hidden dojo aboard the Suiryuu has both fighters looking... well... surprised! Arika reaffirms her dislike of Psycho Power. Zach gets to learn firsthand just what the punk rock princess can do. Will uncontrolled power be the end of the diva, or will she live to die another day? (Winner: Arika) - created on 16:43:00 09/29/2007 by Arika and last modified on 10:01:14 09/30/2007. Cast: Arika and Zach.

#508: Rugal vs Ken - Rugal Bernstein finds out first hand that Ken Masters isn't just a lot of talk as he takes on the Neo League franchise owner himself at Masters Stadium. (Winner: Ken) - created on 18:58:10 09/29/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 05:55:37 10/03/2007. Cast: Rugal and Ken.

#507: Kurow vs Twelve - After a lengthy break in communication, two certain mimics get together to get reacquainted... AND TALK ABOUT SENSITIVE THINGS ON CAMERA!? MAYBE?! (Winner: Kurow) - created on 00:08:17 09/30/2007 by Kurow and last modified on 10:04:09 09/30/2007. Cast: Twelve and Kurow.

#510: Drake vs Naerose - Domino fights Naerose pretty much at random, atop a skyscraper in Metro City. Not a whole heck of a lot happens, really. Except the sky comes crashing down. Believe it or not, it turns out to be a draw. (Draw Match) - created on 14:20:58 10/01/2007 by Drake and last modified on 05:59:06 10/03/2007. Cast: Naerose and Drake.

#512: Laurel vs Ryo - Laurel gets to fight someone who... isn't a schoolgirl! Yay! (Winner: Ryo) - created on 23:17:51 10/02/2007 by Laurel and last modified on 06:00:48 10/03/2007. Cast: Ryo and Laurel.

#511: Hotaru vs Roberto - Roberto fights Hotaru at the park just outside of Seijyun. In the first half of the fight both fighters struggle. In the second half the fight things start getting a little weird, especially when sticks come into play. [OOC] Hotaru says, "Proof positive that the luck stat lies!" (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 23:22:09 10/02/2007 by Roberto and last modified on 13:44:44 10/06/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Roberto.

#514: Billy vs Maxima - Billy fights Maxima... TO THE DEATH!! Maxima reveals the shocking secret Billy's sister has kept from him all these years! What could it be?! Read the entire log to maybe find out!! (Winner: Billy) - created on 13:24:24 10/03/2007 by Maxima and last modified on 05:43:07 10/05/2007. Cast: Maxima and Billy.

#513: Drake vs Birdie - Drake battles Birdie in the SlamMasters Arena! (Winner: Drake) - created on 16:32:12 10/03/2007 by Birdie and last modified on 05:45:49 10/04/2007. Cast: Drake and Birdie.

#515: Birdie vs Hotaru - This Neo League fight is by special request of one Birdie against a particular Kyokugen student by the name of Hotaru Futaba. The girl doesn't realize until she gets there that it's /personal/. She lands hit after hit to try and take him down, banking on speed and some remarkably timed lucky dodges. He banks on just hitting her. Which he does. Twice. The fight ends up being closer than one might expect. (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 18:41:11 10/05/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 13:44:17 10/06/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Birdie.

#516: Kurow vs Billy - Having returned to the public fighting circuit, Billy decides to directly challenge the resident top dog of the point circuit to establish his upcoming dominance. (Winner: Billy) - created on 20:44:12 10/05/2007 by Billy and last modified on 13:42:57 10/06/2007. Cast: Billy and Kurow.

#517: Mizuki vs Katelynn - A close fight between Kamigawa Mizuki and Katelynn Molina comes down to the wire, though the karateka wins in the end... (Winner: Katelynn) - created on 20:02:08 10/07/2007 by Mizuki and last modified on 22:05:56 10/07/2007. Cast: Mizuki and Katelynn.

#518: Billy vs Guile - Billy challenges the former second-best in the Neo League to steal away Kurow's spot! But has he bitten off more then he can chew when the commando puts up one hell of a fight? (Winner: Billy) - created on 15:05:07 10/09/2007 by Billy and last modified on 06:12:50 10/10/2007. Cast: Billy and Guile.

#519: Drake vs Katana - A Fight between Drake and Katana in Metro City - DEFENDER OF JUSTICE vs GANG LEADER - GO! It turns out to be a close shave. (Winner: Katana) - created on 16:31:57 10/10/2007 by Katana and last modified on 05:45:55 10/11/2007. Cast: Drake and Katana.

#523: Hokuto vs Luise - Two women with their own driving purposes meet to battle in Italy, but it would appear that one is highly distracted, and the other's sense of purpose is backed up by prodigious skill. (Winner: Hokuto) - created on 21:27:21 10/10/2007 by Luise and last modified on 09:51:24 10/13/2007. Cast: Luise and Hokuto.

#520: Jiro vs Birdie - Birdie fights Jiro in the Neo League! It's a quick, decisive battle between two fighters on a bridge. (Winner: Jiro) - created on 18:08:06 10/11/2007 by Birdie and last modified on 06:20:45 10/12/2007. Cast: Jiro and Birdie.

#521: Mignon vs Preston - THE FIGHT BETWEEN SCHOOLGIRL AND GIANT MAN WITH AN OAR IS IN THIS LOG. I will tell you one thing, sports fans, LOVE CONQUERS ALL-but don't stand still when an oar hits you. You'll still lose. (Winner: Preston) - created on 18:52:07 10/11/2007 by Mignon and last modified on 06:20:55 10/12/2007. Cast: Preston and Mignon.

#522: Alma vs Kyle - A fight atop the Bijou Hotel in Metro City gives new meaning to the term 'home team advantage'. Unsettled by the dark and foreign environment, Alma's efforts to attune himself to the flow of the fight can only be in vain. Yet the two fighters reach an understanding, and that's a kind of victory in itself-- if not so quite so much of a victory as knocking your opponent off a roof. (Winner: Kyle) - created on 01:22:08 10/12/2007 by Alma and last modified on 06:23:09 10/12/2007. Cast: Alma and Kyle.

#524: Drake vs Nagare - This is Nagare's first Neo League Fight, and he's taking on some one who's made a name for himself. It's Domino versus Nagare up on a forty story building top floor garden. Afterwards, they converse for a short period of time. Hey. Not all Neo Leagues have to end at the fighting. (Winner: Nagare) - created on 00:09:23 10/13/2007 by Nagare and last modified on 09:50:42 10/13/2007. Cast: Drake and Nagare.

#525: Ingrid vs Mignon - Watch the Goddess triumph over the witch in flying colors! (Winner: Ingrid) - created on 18:46:47 10/13/2007 by Mignon and last modified on 22:23:09 10/14/2007. Cast: Ingrid and Mignon.

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