Neo League 465

#465: Rugal vs Duke - Neo League season two debut?! Rugal and Duke clash in a fight of titans that would put Godzilla to shame! Which reigns supreme, stylish goatees and hair highlights, or eloquent mustaches and CYBORG EYES?!? This log brought to you by the Better and Faster Than Kurow Foundation. Where believing Kurow is a weenie isn't just an obligation -- it's a PASSION. (Winner: Rugal) - created on 15:53:48 09/02/2007 by Duke and last modified on 01:11:55 09/03/2007. Cast: Duke and Rugal.

#466: Kurow vs Rock - After a brief, hot exchange of words between Kurow Kirishima and Rock Howard, Kurow gets Rock to put his money where his mouth is. It doesn't go so hot for one of the parties involved. (Winner: Kurow) - created on 17:57:28 09/02/2007 by Kurow and last modified on 01:15:31 09/03/2007. Cast: Rock and Kurow.

#467: Duke vs Rock - Rock and Duke both discover their first names start with four letters and grow so enraged they fight each other to the death?! A horrifyingly intense fight that will leave you gasping in shock!! (Winner: Duke) - created on 14:02:32 09/03/2007 by Duke and last modified on 22:16:23 09/04/2007. Cast: Duke and Rock.

#468: Sergio vs Hotaru - Hotaru and Sergio have a showdown on a hill just outside of the Metro City Mall. It's the first fight of the new season for both fighters, and they're both ready to show the world what they've got! (Winner: Sergio) - created on 16:50:14 09/03/2007 by Sergio and last modified on 22:19:24 09/04/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Sergio.

#469: Rugal vs Guile - The bookies gave him almost no prayer. The odds were stacked against him. Those who knew what he was up against thought it would be a slaughter. Turns out they were right. Except they had the wrong man. Guile, American soldier extraordinaire, battles fighting veteran Rugal Bernstein, and repels him with decisive force. (Winner: Guile) - created on 20:08:37 09/03/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 22:20:23 09/04/2007. Cast: Rugal and Guile.

#470: Rugal vs Kurow - Revisiting the locale where the two first fought, Rugal and Kurow battle it out amid flames, waves, storms, a collapsing pier, and a fierce gale. Styles are shared, techniques explored, news revealed, and judgements rendered. To the remote audience it was the fight of a veteran against the a young prodigy. To the two combatants, it was a clash of mentor and student, an evaluation of progress on both their part. And while Kurow doesn't come out the victor, his improvement since last their last fight is undeniable. (Winner: Rugal) - created on 00:37:03 09/04/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 06:34:04 09/06/2007. Cast: Maxima, Rugal, and Kurow.

#471: Duke vs Vice - BRUTALITY!!!!! Duke and Vice engage in a brutal fight where one brutalizes the other with brutally brutal blows. Also, they do it in Dan's Dojo. HOW BRUTAL IS THAT?!!? (Winner: Duke) - created on 21:03:37 09/06/2007 by Duke and last modified on 05:59:23 09/07/2007. Cast: Duke and Vice.

#472: Athena vs Maki - OR: Neo League Neophyte. Athena decides to make her Neo League debut in Australia, facing off against the streetwise and wily ninja, Maki. Athena doesn't take it seriously at first, but when Maki shows her mettle in combat, Athena's forced to pull out all the stops! (Winner: Athena) - created on 23:56:33 09/07/2007 by Athena and last modified on 08:13:42 09/08/2007. Cast: Athena and Maki.

#473: Kurow vs Guile - The Native People are probably throwing a fit as Kurow and Guile face down on the sacred Ayer's Rock. It's a race to see who can make their opponent reach the base first and Kurow shows Guile what he's learned in school by proving to him that there are no Hurricanes in Australia. (Winner: Kurow) - created on 22:14:14 09/08/2007 by Guile and last modified on 06:02:31 09/10/2007. Cast: Guile and Kurow.

#474: Katana vs Momoko - A battle between Katana and Momoko inside a shrine! Momoko seems to be beating down at the start with little trouble, but it looks like Katana edges himself in half way.. that is, until his luck seems to get the better of him! The battle ends, however, with both hard warriors on the ground! (Draw Match) - created on 14:05:00 09/09/2007 by Katana and last modified on 06:08:22 09/10/2007. Cast: Momoko and Katana.

#475: Hotaru vs Stray - Staged in a fancy set up at the Kyokugen Dojo, Hotaru takes on another new face in the Neo League. The two end up pretty evenly matched in speed and the ability to dish out attacks, so it comes to no big surprise when they both end up collapsing at the same time. (Draw Match) - created on 18:44:30 09/09/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 06:10:27 09/10/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Stray.

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