Neo League 426

#426: Soma vs Mizuki - Stationed in Singapore during the Thailand crisis, Soma is stuffed in an office doing boring but necessary intelligence work for Interpol. When he gets a call from the League people offering him a match against Mizuki, he's glad to accept... and the young miko presents a challenge that pushes the undercover agent's abilities to their limit. (Winner: Soma) - created on 22:46:25 06/14/2007 by Soma and last modified on 14:08:01 06/17/2007. Cast: Mizuki and Soma.

#427: Alex vs Iori - Alex confirms his hatred of Iori. (Winner: Iori) - created on 16:06:15 06/24/2007 by Iori and last modified on 14:32:27 06/25/2007. Cast: Iori and Alex.

#428: Gabriel vs Aranha - Gabriel and Aranha both make their debut in this Neo League match that takes place at the Horyu-ji Gakumonji. The crowd doesn't know whether to cheer for Aranha who is a relative unknown or Gabriel who had never really endeared herself to the fight fans. Can this new fighter pull off an upset? (Winner: Gabriel) - created on 17:48:46 06/26/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 10:05:52 06/30/2007. Cast: Gabriel and Aranha.

#429: Katelynn vs Aranha - Katelynn goes up against Aranha. But can he deal with the Red Witch's 'helpful' support and deal with Katelynn at the same time? If Aranha comes away from this fight learning anything, it's that life and fights don't always go as planned. (Winner: Katelynn) - created on 21:50:49 06/28/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 10:06:49 06/30/2007. Cast: Naerose, Katelynn, and Aranha.

#431: Miu vs Zaki - Feathers and chains. All that's missing are the whips and candles. Miu vs. Zaki, fighting on, of all places, Taiyo's roof. (Winner: Zaki) - created on 22:17:04 07/03/2007 by Zaki and last modified on 23:01:27 07/07/2007. Cast: Miu and Zaki.

#430: Tran vs Soma - In which an already-harried Soma Travedi learns not to underestimate the drama of one Richard Tran, M.D. (Winner: Tran) - created on 23:54:16 07/03/2007 by Soma and last modified on 18:32:34 07/05/2007. Cast: Tran and Soma.

#433: Aranha vs Momoko - Two Capoeiristas square off in a fight to the sounds of berimbaus and drums. At the end of the fight the audience can't tell if it was the Fourth of July fireworks or these two fighters' acrobatic displays that was the most impressive! (Draw Match) - created on 18:42:29 07/04/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 05:40:57 07/10/2007. Cast: Momoko and Aranha.

#432: Himeko vs Chris - Hurricane Hime fights Chris at the lovely Berlin State Library! They don't get along too well despite their common interest in books. On top of that, the mean smiley-boy completely dominates the little Hurricane.. Until she takes him to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe into submission?? (Winner: Himeko) - created on 00:16:34 07/06/2007 by Himeko and last modified on 23:03:22 07/07/2007. Cast: Chris and Himeko.

Exhibition! Shinobu vs Ingrid - Shinobu and Ingrid have a fight inside of a garden in Metro City Park. [Winner: Shinobu] - created on 21:21:28 07/07/2007 by Ingrid and last modified on 16:00:40 08/12/2007. Cast: Shinobu and Ingrid.

#434: Hotaru vs Riko - Typically, fights in the Neo League are scheduled affairs, with booked venues, large crowds, and TV slots. Or...sometimes, two fighters will just have a match, and then choose to "make it official". But it's pretty rare for one fighter to just randomly go to the League and /demand/ that a loss be added to her record - and a win registered for someone else. Especially when said other fighter had...absolutely no idea they were battling for keeps. But that's Riko for you. She's a weird little ninja. And besides, she figures giving Hotaru Futaba a few League points is the least she can do. After all, so far, Riko's kidnapped Hotaru, ruined her outfit, and now she's pretty much wrecked the other girl's room... (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 22:46:44 07/09/2007 by Riko and last modified on 19:38:57 07/22/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Riko.

#435: Aranha vs Soma - Aranha and Soma have an impromptu Neo League match on Taiyo's Rooftop. The two fighters impress the crowd with their acrobatic feats, Aranha runs on the shoulders of the Taiyo students. In the end, they both go all in neither comes out a winner. (Draw Match) - created on 12:16:56 07/10/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 19:47:09 07/22/2007. Cast: Soma and Aranha.

#436: Robert vs Adelheid - What do you get when you drop the world's two most different spoiled young men onto a runway and tell them to fight? An all-out, nail biting display of chi mastery and next generation fighting fury. (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 18:15:02 07/10/2007 by Adelheid and last modified on 19:48:42 07/22/2007. Cast: Adelheid and Robert.

#437: Himeko vs Tran - Hurricane Hime vs Dr. Tran in: The Rumble Fish! In the Southown Aquarium, Tran finds out HE HAS A FAN. It's crazy, just like the fight itself! But does Tran blow it? And might his schoolgirl curse lifted? (Winner: Tran) - created on 01:09:45 07/13/2007 by Himeko and last modified on 19:49:40 07/22/2007. Cast: Tran and Himeko.

#438: Shenwoo vs Duke - Shenwoo faces off against Southsynd's very own brutal brawler, Duke, in a no-holds barred Neo League! There's a lot of punching involved. Oh god, so, so much punching...!! Who will win this punch-a-thon?! (Winner: Duke) - created on 19:52:14 07/14/2007 by Duke and last modified on 19:50:22 07/22/2007. Cast: Shenwoo and Duke.

#440: Himeko vs Aranha - Hurricane Hime and Aranha play the parts of face and heel in a very real fight in the SlamMasters Arena! Wrasslin' entrances included by no run-ins. :D (Draw Match) - created on 18:32:08 07/16/2007 by Himeko and last modified on 17:38:25 08/13/2007. Cast: Himeko and Aranha.

#439: Katelynn vs Guile - Katelynn returns to her hometown to take on one of the best of the best in a Neo League match. (Winner: Guile) - created on 20:59:11 07/16/2007 by Katelynn and last modified on 19:55:24 07/22/2007. Cast: Katelynn and Guile.

#441: Aranha vs Ichiro - Ichiro Oe, a Lacrosse player from Taiyo High, debuts in his first fight against Aranha within Taiyo's Dome Arena. Aranha has trouble with dealing with Ichiro's hard hitting style but he begins to make up ground to bring the fight close to even and make it hard for Ichiro to hold on to the significant advantage he had early on in the fight. (Winner: Aranha) - created on 21:14:10 07/17/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 19:56:25 07/22/2007. Cast: Aranha and Ichiro.

#443: Reed vs Aranha - Two thieves show up on the roof top at the same time. One becomes a recipient of a massive butt kicking. Aranha tries to make the younger thief pay for his attitude by trying to embarrass him on television and instead just has to settle for pissing Reed off. (Winner: Reed) - created on 17:44:47 07/23/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 06:01:41 07/31/2007. Cast: Aranha and Reed.

#442: Alan vs Ryuujin - Wherein Ryuujin is a serene monk kind of guy, and Alan gets mad for the first time. (Winner: Ryuujin) - created on 22:02:28 07/23/2007 by Alan and last modified on 06:02:33 07/31/2007. Cast: Alan and Ryuujin.

#444: Jaeger vs Drake - Domino fight Jaeger in the Arctic! Don't ask why, because there isn't a single good reason for it. More importantly, Jaeger wins, leaving the beloved Domino... possibly dead. (Winner: Jaeger) - created on 20:46:15 07/27/2007 by Drake and last modified on 06:03:47 07/31/2007. Cast: Drake and Jaeger.

#445: Ingrid vs Sagat - Ingrid faces down Sagat in Master Stadium's Red Arena at dawn. Will the Muay Thai legend crush her beneath him, or will a new star rise? (Winner: Sagat) - created on 07:33:55 07/28/2007 by Ingrid and last modified on 06:07:04 07/31/2007. Cast: Ingrid and Sagat.

Exhibition! Ingrid vs Gabriel - Neo League: Ingrid and Gabriel have a showdown in a forest clearing near Southtown. [Winner: Ingrid] - created on 11:54:26 07/28/2007 by Ingrid and last modified on 16:04:43 08/12/2007. Cast: Gabriel and Ingrid.

#446: Arika vs Himeko - Two young female fighters square off against one another just outside of the extraordinary Westminster Abbey in London, England. Will luck favor the little hurricane or the punk rock princess? Can 'Hurricane Hime' turn the fight around in time... or at all? Who cares? She gets free ice cream and a souvenir cup at the end of it all! (Winner: Arika) - created on 23:21:54 07/29/2007 by Arika and last modified on 06:08:56 07/31/2007. Cast: Himeko and Arika.

#448: Katelynn vs Sagat - The Swiss Alps become a battleground for Sagat and Katelynn. (Winner: Sagat) - created on 18:21:37 07/31/2007 by Katelynn and last modified on 05:57:30 08/03/2007. Cast: Katelynn and Sagat.

#449: Balrog vs Guile - Balrog and Guile face off on the roof of a bar in London, England. Things go quite badly for Guile until a touch of luck kicks in, but not enough to save the day. (Winner: Balrog) - created on 20:29:08 07/31/2007 by Guile and last modified on 05:58:51 08/03/2007. Cast: Guile and Balrog.

#450: Makoto vs Tran - Makoto and Dr. Tran have their obligatory rematch after both of them power up. This time...IT'S NOT A DRAW. (Winner: Makoto) - created on 21:38:39 07/31/2007 by Makoto and last modified on 06:01:08 08/03/2007. Cast: Tran and Makoto.

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