Neo League 401

#402: Kurow vs Makoto - Kurow and Makoto rock it down in Chinatown! (Winner: Kurow) - created on 18:49:10 05/16/2007 by Makoto and last modified on 09:20:57 05/27/2007.

#401: Drake vs Riko - Papua New Guinea. A fight in a rural rainforest village, part of a government effort to raise global awareness and invite tourism - which is why there's a celebrity, Drake "Domino" Vyril, in the match. But his opponent, Riko Koganei, doesn't have the same fan appeal. She's one teenage girl who doesn't get the whole 'star' thing. Which is probably why she seems intent on making poor Drake less pretty. Poor Drake. Savaged by someone from his own target demographic... (Winner: Riko) - created on 13:24:45 05/20/2007 by Riko and last modified on 09:21:53 05/27/2007.

#403: R.Mika vs Shingo - [OOC] Shingo says, "Prepare to be amazed, as the Incredible R. Mika totally pwns the #1 fanboy Shingo." Okay, so Mika doesn't -totally- pwn Shingo, but it's a fairly close match that takes place in the Australian outback, involves projectile koalas, flying buttocks and lots of Comedic Moments(tm). (Draw Match) - created on 22:45:46 05/21/2007 by R.Mika and last modified on 09:23:02 05/27/2007.

#404: Kurow vs Rose - Kurow challenges Rose in the Masters Stadium! (Winner: Kurow) - created on 21:11:32 05/22/2007 by Rose and last modified on 09:27:42 05/27/2007.

#413: Roberto vs Frei - Balls-out Neo League battling. Seriously. (Winner: Roberto) - created on 22:57:48 05/22/2007 by Frei and last modified on 21:58:58 05/31/2007.

#405: Makoto vs Alex - Watch for the return of punching people who eat food, even though Alex never eats anything! (Winner: Alex) - created on 20:53:31 05/23/2007 by Makoto and last modified on 09:32:05 05/27/2007.

#415: Makoto vs Dudley - Makoto challenges Dudley to a Neo League fight on the boardwalk (Winner: Dudley) - created on 18:46:59 05/27/2007 by Dudley and last modified on 20:58:48 06/07/2007.

#406: Rock vs Twelve - Twelve, disguised as A Fat Kid, challenges Rock to a Neo League fight...but for reasons of his own. (Winner: Rock) - created on 15:27:40 05/28/2007 by Twelve and last modified on 19:51:02 05/28/2007.

#407: Tenma vs Himeko - Tenma is challenged for a League match by 'Hurricane Hime', in the Boston Public Library! Can Hime's Saikyo skills overcome Tenma being a jerk and using just normals?! FIND OUT WITHIN! (Winner: Tenma) - created on 16:14:52 05/28/2007 by Tenma and last modified on 06:02:33 05/29/2007.

#408: Akira vs Sakura - Sakura calls Akira out for a Neo League battle! Fighters can't just call each other up for tea and crumpets, y'know! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 17:22:03 05/28/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 22:06:15 05/31/2007.

#409: Arika vs Katelynn - Fate? Luck? Skill? A Neo League challenge taking place in downtown Tokyo between a Shotokan fighter, and the punk rock princess. But who will prevail in this match when the diva is limiting herself in her attacks? (Winner: Arika) - created on 22:22:01 05/28/2007 by Arika and last modified on 21:59:52 05/31/2007.

#410: R.Mika vs Shinobu - Yacht... or not? When the locale for the fight is found out to be a platform instead of a luxury yacht, can the platform survive, or is the buxom blonde wrestler going to wind up all washed up? (Winner: Shinobu) - created on 13:24:01 05/29/2007 by R.Mika and last modified on 22:00:46 05/31/2007.

#411: Drake vs Tenma - Gedo High's Tenma Kiryuu challenges wrestler 'Domino' to a League match in the disused Shinto shrine outside of Southtown... But apparently, the latter fighter is coated entirely in TEFLON. (Winner: Drake) - created on 16:45:29 05/29/2007 by Tenma and last modified on 21:27:33 06/07/2007.

#412: Alex vs M.Bison - Alex seems to keep winding up in fights at the beach. When wrestling and boxing collide, who comes out on top? (Winner: Alex) - created on 20:36:08 05/29/2007 by Alex and last modified on 20:48:07 06/14/2007.

#414: Kurow vs Makoto - Neo League. Kurow and Makoto: The Rematch. In a boxing ring! (Winner: Kurow) - created on 17:17:56 05/30/2007 by Makoto and last modified on 22:02:17 05/31/2007.

#416: Brian vs Hotaru - Flying the Unfriendly Skies: Brian fights Hotaru. Hotaru may have won, but is likely traumatized forever. (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 01:58:36 06/02/2007 by Brian and last modified on 21:33:51 06/07/2007.

#417: Rock vs Akira - Akira comes across Rock Howard on his way home from the hospital. Eager to get his edge back after losing on SNF to Yamazaki, Howard agrees to her Neo League request. Ready, fight! (Winner: Akira) - created on 18:00:03 06/03/2007 by Rock and last modified on 21:35:58 06/07/2007.

#421: Hotaru vs Soma - Unexpectedly detained in the Seoul airport, Soma and Hotaru -- both headed to other parts of Asia -- consent to having a Neo League fight to cut the boredom. (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 00:36:39 06/06/2007 by Soma and last modified on 20:36:17 06/12/2007.

#418: Tenma vs Alan - In Alan R.B.'s debut League match, he faces Tenma Kiryuu... On top of Mt. Rushmore?! But when the sneering boxer takes a commanding early lead, can the Gedo swordsman hope to recover? (Draw Match) - created on 00:16:10 06/07/2007 by Tenma and last modified on 21:52:23 06/07/2007.

#419: Kain vs M.Bison - Kain and Bison duke it out in a furniture store after an unwise offer from the shop's proprietor. Punching, explosions, and a fair amount of broken furniture ensue, eventually leaving Kain with a win for his first foray into the Neo League. (Winner: Kain) - created on 10:11:54 06/08/2007 by Kain and last modified on 23:06:36 06/08/2007.

#420: Kensou vs Kyosuke - Kensou and Kyosuke do mighty battle under the Metro Bridge! It's kind of like a bumfight, but with officials, less shivs and more psychic deathblasts. Also no Terry. (Winner: Kensou) - created on 20:19:46 06/08/2007 by Kensou and last modified on 02:13:47 06/09/2007.

#422: Hotaru vs Leilani - A dirty underground arena. Two beautiful young women. Only one victor. (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 00:31:06 06/09/2007 by Leilani and last modified on 20:35:07 06/12/2007.

#423: Rock vs Makoto - Neo League: Rock vs Makoto. See the amazing Portapotty dominoes! See someone stupid run through a Reppuken! (Winner: Makoto) - created on 20:56:02 06/12/2007 by Makoto and last modified on 11:43:40 06/13/2007.

#424: Alex vs Rock - It's Street Fighter the movie time in Thailand! It's also a Neo League fight. What it isn't is a good day for Rock Howard. He's been drafted! (Winner: Alex) - created on 20:31:35 06/13/2007 by Rock and last modified on 14:04:31 06/17/2007.

#425: Gan vs Haggar - When meat impacts with meat, no hit can be called anything but colossal. (Winner: Haggar) - created on 17:51:58 06/14/2007 by Haggar and last modified on 14:07:28 06/17/2007.

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