Neo League 351

#355: Hinako vs Momoko - Hinako and Momoko fight one another for honor, for glory, for Neo League points, and for a free meal at a fancy Chinese restaurant. Hinako is the victor, but Momoko also ends up with a free meal. So really, everbody wins. (Winner: Hinako) - created on 19:38:31 03/13/2007 by Hinako and last modified on 18:50:34 04/12/2007.

#351: Rose vs Takuma - Takuma faces Rose in Masters Stadium! The fight happened a few hours ago so I don't remember specifics, but it involves trees, Chinese boys, and ultimately an utterly soaked Rose. (Winner: Takuma) - created on 19:38:36 04/05/2007 by Takuma and last modified on 05:38:24 04/06/2007.

#352: Shermie vs Shinobu - Never count Shinobu down until the very end! Shermie even gives the girl a new nickname. (Winner: Shinobu) - created on 20:36:14 04/05/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 05:43:13 04/06/2007.

#353: Drake vs Roberto - Join the League... See the World... Fight in Exotic Locales. Roberto Miura and Domino square off in Papua New Guinea in a Neo League Battle. Both fighters seek to turn around their Neo League fortune... And one is eating sand for lunch. (Winner: Drake) - created on 12:46:10 04/06/2007 by Roberto and last modified on 09:29:27 04/07/2007.

#354: Haggar vs Krizalid - Mayor Mike freaking Haggar fights... for charity! RAR. (Winner: Krizalid) - created on 00:45:21 04/07/2007 by Haggar and last modified on 20:07:28 05/20/2007.

#356: Heavy D! vs Sakura - Heavy D! and Sakura meet in Metro City Mall for this seesaw battle! Sakura wins... but only barely! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 19:37:59 04/09/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 18:51:46 04/12/2007.

#357: Alma vs Shinobu - In an effort to revive and preserve a memory from his past, Alma Towazu challenges Shinobu Ootsuka to a league match outside Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Though his reasons are obscure, they provide him with the passion necessary to perform well -- but in the end, passion cannot compare to sheer dogged resilience. (Winner: Shinobu) - created on 21:52:02 04/10/2007 by Alma and last modified on 18:55:09 04/12/2007.

#358: Drake vs Aislinn - Newcomer Drake 'Domino' Vysil makes a great showing against The Silent Assassin, in the Shrine! (Winner: Drake) - created on 22:30:24 04/11/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 18:56:43 04/12/2007.

#360: Alma vs Jiro - Their differences now past, Alma Towazu and Jiro Kasagi, highly entertaining friend-rival duo, meet for a duel on a peaceful riverboat cruise down the Yangtze River. This time, it's not for any reasons. This time, it's just about the fight. (Draw Match) - created on 19:13:31 04/13/2007 by Alma and last modified on 15:15:22 04/22/2007.

#359: Arika vs Jesen - It's a Neo League fight. Punk Princess vs The Angel of Mercy. Arika was staged to battle Jesen at the Rainbow Falls of Hawaii. Unfortunately, the winged one got his wings clipped. (Winner: Arika) - created on 16:12:50 04/16/2007 by Jesen and last modified on 06:06:26 04/18/2007.

#361: Drake vs Shermie - A fight after a fight! This fight takes place immedeately after Jesen and Arika fought in Hawaii. It involves a boat being thrown around, and some splashy-ness! But no kisses this time! (Winner: Shermie) - created on 20:07:16 04/16/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 15:17:48 04/22/2007.

#366: Dan vs Kyosuke - Dan and Kyosuke have a Neo League battle in the dead of night. Winner: THE PUBLIC (It was a DKO! :O) - created on 20:09:09 04/16/2007 by Dan and last modified on 08:22:20 04/28/2007.

#362: Hotaru vs Azrael - Hotaru and Azrael heat things up in the cold Russian north. Azrael's powerful weapon attacks force Hotaru to bring a quick end to the fight to avoid getting cut to pieces. (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 01:52:56 04/19/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 15:20:14 04/22/2007.

#363: Alma vs Tran - Though one of many contests, this hotdog-strewn fight is a fight of firsts: the first time Tran has ever been visibly winning, the first time Alma has not interrupted Tran with Divine Intervention EX-- and the first time the two of them seem like they might actually start to get along... (Winner: Alma) - created on 02:47:46 04/20/2007 by Alma and last modified on 15:32:08 04/22/2007.

#369: Elena vs Zangief - Zangief and Elena make their first foray into the Neo League. Zangief thinks he has an easy win well in hand, but what will the Russian Prince of Power do when he discovers his foe is not so easy to defeat as he thinks? WOULD SHE STOP CALLING HIM FRIEND, ALREADY?! (Winner: Zangief) - created on 14:42:22 04/21/2007 by Zangief and last modified on 08:25:51 04/28/2007.

#364: Kurow vs Akira - It's a grudge match as Kurow and Akira square off in Gedo Street, and like any fight between the pair, it's quick and vicious -- throats are clawed, massive fireballs are thrown, and friendships are questioned! And in the end, evil gets to walk away. (Winner: Kurow) - created on 19:39:04 04/21/2007 by Kurow and last modified on 15:35:21 04/22/2007.

#365: Arika vs Aislinn - Arika, just off the plane, is handed a challenge from the Silent Assassin... can she take the NESTS agent down? (Winner: Aislinn) - created on 20:48:54 04/21/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 15:38:22 04/22/2007.

#367: Marisol vs Drake - Sound Beach becomes a makeshift arena for yet another League Fight. Much to Marisol's dismay, her opponent happens to be a wrestler...and she's wearing a skirt. Suffice to say, the fight results in plenty of frustration for the hot-headed redhead. - created on 23:47:55 04/21/2007 by Marisol and last modified on 08:30:18 04/28/2007.

#368: Sakura vs Acacia - You know how those really high-class restaurants always have live entertainment? A band, maybe a floor show? Well, the Foo Ling Wee Dim Sum Restaurant isn't exactly a classy establishment. But tonight, it does have a show. Two girls hitting each other. Which might be kind of risque, but it's not THAT kind of establishment either. No, our fighters are Acacia Gillespie and Sakura Kasugano. It's chaos on the restaurant floor, with lots of spilt drinks and broken dishes. But the diners knew what they were getting into, right? Not that anyone expected a conclusion like this... (Draw Match) - created on 17:25:54 04/22/2007 by Acacia and last modified on 10:25:21 04/28/2007.

#370: Azrael vs Kurow - Kurow and Azrael meet on Taiyo rooftop for a Neo League fight. What results is no less then a savage beatdown. (Winner: Kurow) - created on 02:57:09 04/23/2007 by Azrael and last modified on 10:27:56 04/28/2007.

#371: Arika vs Zangief - A clerical error pits a young up-and-comer against the Red Cyclone in a Neo League match at the Metro City Park. With a metal chair exploding, how long can Arika survive before the inevitable happens? (Winner: Zangief) - created on 18:53:03 04/23/2007 by Arika and last modified on 10:30:14 04/28/2007.

#372: Acacia vs Shermie - Shermie learns why you do not go and pick the person with the most points in the league to fight on a whim. (Winner: Acacia) - created on 21:26:54 04/23/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 10:58:19 04/28/2007.

#373: Yang vs Yurika - Yang's first League fight finds him atop the CN Tower duelling the elegant Yurika. The quieter Lee brother weathers a musical storm, wins the fight, and makes a new friend. Aww. (Winner: Yang) - created on 23:19:29 04/23/2007 by Yang and last modified on 11:00:00 04/28/2007.

#374: Ingrid vs Yurika - League action takes place in Birmingham England's Symphony Hall where two prime examples of grace and manner clash! That sentance seems redundant somehow.. But who will be the last princess standing? (Winner: Ingrid) - created on 00:00:45 04/26/2007 by Yurika and last modified on 11:00:44 04/28/2007.

#375: Himeko vs Drake - Hurricane Hime and Domino duke it out in one of the worlds largest libraries, the Harvard University Library! Hime's first big match is certain to be a legend in it's own right, if the tabloids weren't lying. And they very well could have been. :( (Winner: Drake) - created on 00:50:14 04/27/2007 by Himeko and last modified on 11:01:43 04/28/2007.

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