Neo League 326

#327: Shingo vs Kensou - Kensou and Shingo league battle on a subway train in Metro City! There's a distinct lack of hard feelings, and a distinct smell... OF AWESOME. (Winner: Shingo) - created on 19:46:18 03/14/2007 by Kensou and last modified on 05:59:29 03/19/2007.

#326: Roberto vs Shermie - [OOC] Roberto keeps muttering... "Auto-guard... A freakin Auto-guard..." (Winner: Shermie) - created on 22:16:17 03/14/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 05:59:18 03/15/2007.

#328: Lykaio vs Azrael - COMBATSYS: Airport successfully hits Lykaio with Large Flying Object. (Winner: Lykaio) - created on 01:06:04 03/15/2007 by Azrael and last modified on 06:09:20 03/19/2007.

#331: Makoto vs Aislinn - At Sound Beach, the Silent Assassin finally comes up against the sSteamroller Girl in a surprisingly close match. (Winner: Makoto) - created on 22:12:34 03/15/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 21:01:43 03/19/2007.

#329: Acacia vs Luise - Acacia Gillespie makes her return to the Neo League circuit, fighting Luise Meyrink at Grand Central Station, proving her number-one ranking was not in error. (Winner: Acacia) - created on 14:53:57 03/16/2007 by Luise and last modified on 06:14:35 03/19/2007.

#330: Alma vs Shermie - Alma is... well, flustered by Shermie. But he still manages to stay professional in this battle! (Draw Match) - created on 19:47:49 03/16/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 06:18:04 03/19/2007.

#332: Clark vs Elisabeth - French Noblewoman and Bad Dude, Elisabeth Blanctorche and Clark Steel, duke it out in the underground city of Montreal! Clark sustains a beating, but can he make a comeback?! NO!!! (Winner: Elisabeth) - created on 02:24:41 03/17/2007 by Clark and last modified on 21:04:15 03/19/2007.

#340: Acacia vs Maki - You know how some fighters really showboat during fights? In this case it's literal. Acacia and Maki clash on a yacht anchored in Southtown Harbor. Maki makes an amazing series of comebacks, but Acacia manages to take the win - keeping her top of the Neo League standings. (Winner: Acacia) - created on 16:36:09 03/18/2007 by Acacia and last modified on 22:07:43 03/29/2007.

#333: Rolento vs Maki - Maki versus Rolento in a Neo League Fight! Can the pseudo-Guy beat the Guy hater?! ... No, no she can't. But she put on a good show. (Winner: Rolento) - created on 20:46:25 03/19/2007 by Rolento and last modified on 22:23:56 03/19/2007.

#335: Roberto vs Akira - Dammit! Why are they still sending Roberto's matches to Taiyo's Dome Arena? Will he be able to overcome the Dome Arena Curse? Will Akira be able to build a foundation for future matches? (Winner: Roberto) - created on 19:42:24 03/20/2007 by Roberto and last modified on 10:13:08 03/24/2007.

#334: Alex vs Heavy D! - D! and Alex rumble along the pier in Alex's Debut in the League. Who gets sunk? (Winner: Alex) - created on 20:18:03 03/20/2007 by HeavyD and last modified on 00:03:13 03/21/2007.

#336: Alex vs Dudley - Alex, the powerful brawler, and Dudley, the Gentleman Boxer, take each other's mettle and, while Dudley loses, he seems to make a favorable impression on the brawler... (Winner: Alex) - created on 20:23:25 03/21/2007 by Dudley and last modified on 10:15:15 03/24/2007.

#337: Alma vs Luise - Two remarkably similar fighters with remarkably similar personalities meet and have a fight in Carnegie Hall. The only thing that's not remarkably similar is their luck in battle... (Winner: Alma) - created on 14:07:28 03/22/2007 by Luise and last modified on 05:46:40 03/28/2007.

#338: Yurika vs Kensou - Yurika challenges Kensou to a league fight... For Akira's honor, what?! (Winner: Kensou) - created on 18:48:30 03/23/2007 by Kensou and last modified on 05:54:01 03/28/2007.

#339: Elisabeth vs Shermie - League fight. Coffee. What's not to love? (Winner: Elisabeth) - created on 23:18:37 03/27/2007 by Shermie and last modified on 06:07:10 03/28/2007.

#342: Yurika vs Shingo - Yurika and Shingo battle it out in the Amusement Park! Again Yurika takes justice into her own hands, but having been unsuccessful against Kensou, can she really beat Shingo? Or will he keep his dream of becoming a Karaoke star? (Winner: Yurika) - created on 20:03:46 03/28/2007 by Yurika and last modified on 08:18:08 04/28/2007.

#344: Sakura vs Iori - Sakura and Iori face off in the Appalachian mountains! Strangely there are no redneck or incest jokes. (Winner: Iori) - created on 19:28:09 03/29/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 20:21:56 04/02/2007.

#341: Billy vs Balrog - Billy Kane versus Balrog, Dream Amusement Park! A savage beating from a King of Fighters! (Winner: Billy) - created on 19:38:45 03/29/2007 by Balrog and last modified on 22:28:50 03/29/2007.

#343: Shenwoo vs Robert - Shenwoo semi-ambushes Robert Garcia for a League match... But did the 'God of Battle' bite off more than he can chew?! (Draw Match) - created on 22:30:09 03/29/2007 by Shenwoo and last modified on 20:23:48 04/02/2007.

EX: Geese vs Takuma - Takuma Sakazaki learns that not all vengeful old masters are created equal. Somewhere in the background, Todoh watches and giggles like a schoolgirl. (Winner: Geese) - created on 00:53:50 03/30/2007 by Geese and last modified on 20:27:52 07/25/2007.

#345: Alma vs Yurika - In today's episode of MOTM: The Mysterious Play, 'Rainbow Rangers in Love', Alma Towazu and Yurika Kirishima meet on the main stage of Seijyun High, are impressed with each other's good manners, put on headbands, and have a classic clash between good and evil wherein Alma reveals how truly well-suited he is to the part of cliche sentai hero. (Winner: Alma) - created on 21:22:43 03/30/2007 by Alma and last modified on 20:28:16 04/02/2007.

#346: Drake vs Hinako - For Drake's first match in the Neo League, he fights a little blonde girl inside a moving subway train in Metro City. Hinako has a little trouble getting her hands on him at first, but she then goes on to show why you don't want to mess with a sumo. (Winner: Hinako) - created on 11:40:56 03/31/2007 by Hinako and last modified on 20:29:58 04/02/2007.

#347: Riko vs Tran - Subway violence. You know how it goes. Especially at rush hour. Trains are packed, people are stressed. You can hardly breathe. Tempers flare. It's such an enclosed space, so many things can go wrong. Especially if your name's Riko. Or Tran. (Winner: Riko) - created on 18:02:09 03/31/2007 by Riko and last modified on 19:54:49 04/02/2007.

#348: Heavy D! vs Makoto - D! and Makoto rumble in Metro Park! It's a hard hitting match that begins, and ends with several nasty traded blows! (Winner: Heavy D!) - created on 20:06:10 03/31/2007 by HeavyD and last modified on 20:31:17 04/02/2007.

#349: Haggar vs Takuma - Takuma vs. Haggar on an elephant caravan or something, in India! There's too much to discuss right here, but this may very well have been one of the most absurd battles ever fought, and certainly shows an impressive amount of BALLS on the part of Haggar. Perhaps he has an ability to predict the future or something. (Winner: Haggar) - created on 12:33:42 04/02/2007 by Takuma and last modified on 17:08:06 04/04/2007.

#350: Jiro vs Roberto - Roberto comes back from his leg injury to see if he can get himself in the swing of things. Jiro on the other hand has things to prove to himself. Will the Soccer Star be able to avoid the bite of the Stray Dog? It certainly won't be a walk in the park if Jiro has anything to say about it. (Winner: Jiro) - created on 19:04:12 04/02/2007 by Roberto and last modified on 17:10:02 04/04/2007.

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