Neo League 251

#251: Megumi vs Yuri - Surprise, surprise! Yuri and Megumi break it down in a close fight! (Winner: Megumi) - created on 12:35:05 04/27/2006 by Yuri and last modified on 14:24:07 04/27/2006.

#252: Frei vs Adelheid - In which Bernstein the Younger is in flagrant violation of a number of international bans on whaling. (Winner: Adelheid) - created on 20:58:15 05/08/2006 by Frei and last modified on 04:14:23 05/11/2006.

#254: Alma vs Frei - The epic battle of Bishounen Monk versus Bishounen Could-Be-A-Monk continues in this, a duel admist the stillness of the Russian Hermitage. Frei's technique proves itself greatly improved, but Alma's overwhelming passion still cannot be denied. Yet what is the nature of this passion, and does it do more damage than it's worth? No conclusion is reached, but the two fighters are, eheh, only the closer for discussing it. Children, shield your eyes. (Winner: Alma) - created on 18:00:54 05/09/2006 by Alma and last modified on 04:16:11 05/11/2006.

#253: Karin vs Aislinn - Karin bursts onto the Neo League scene, but Aislinn isn't about to make the Kanzuki heiress' first match an easy one. (Winner: Karin) - created on 18:02:06 05/09/2006 by Karin and last modified on 13:21:57 05/30/2006.

#255: Sakura vs Jiro - Jiro and Sakura have not had a bout in a long time. So what better way for a fight than to be in Rome? Contains overacting, wrrryying, and kicking to the nads. Oh, and the Hadouken is Right! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 19:01:22 05/13/2006 by Jiro and last modified on 17:26:02 05/14/2006.

#256: Takuma vs Ramon - In a peaceful clearing, Ramon tastes first-hand the power of the Kyokugen master. But it isn't as one-sided as all that... (Winner: Takuma) - created on 19:45:46 05/22/2006 by Takuma and last modified on 04:18:51 05/23/2006.

#257: Frei vs Megumi - Well, the outcome was never in doubt, but he DID ask for someone with excellent hair. (Winner: Megumi) - created on 12:58:12 05/31/2006 by Frei and last modified on 18:19:51 06/05/2006.

#258: Frei vs Aislinn - Girl, Interrupting. (Winner: Frei) - created on 18:12:25 06/08/2006 by Frei and last modified on 04:51:45 06/14/2006.

#259: Saishu vs Shingo - It had to happen someday. It's the ultimate battle-slash-training-match, and a true test between which is superior: the original Kusanagi-ryuu martial arts and... the derivative of second-generation Kusanagi-ryu martial arts. Saishu Tactics versus Shingo Tactics! There can be only one! And that one is... (Winner: Saishu) - created on 14:05:15 06/21/2006 by Saishu and last modified on 09:29:04 07/02/2006.

#260: Kensou vs Sean - A cataclysmic clash in the arcade in Southtown Village! Can Psycho Power overcome basketballs?! Why yes, yes it can. (Winner: Kensou) - created on 21:27:33 07/02/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 16:44:09 07/05/2006.

#261: Aislinn vs Yuri - Chinatown! On the anniversary of Li Xiangfei's departure, Yuri Sakazaki is practically ambushed by a young NESTS experiment... - created on 19:39:08 08/08/2006 by Aislinn and last modified on 20:12:04 09/16/2006.

#262: Takuma vs Sagat - Takuma and the Muay Thai Master have a Chinatown throwdown! (Draw Match) - created on 17:34:02 08/16/2006 by Takuma and last modified on 20:11:24 09/16/2006.

#263: Aislinn vs Nanako - In the ruins of South America's Machu Picchu two fighters square off: newcomer Nanako versus the Silent Assassin, Aislinn Doyle! Two fighters enter--ONLY ONE CAN LEAVE. (Winner: Aislinn) - created on 12:27:01 08/24/2006 by Nanako and last modified on 20:10:40 09/16/2006.

#264: Nanako vs Noriko - Yanagimura Nanako against Asakaze Noriko in biting cold! Funny hats, flashing swords and excellent displays of energy fireworks between the fighters prove to be a most impressive fight in Mother Russia! (Winner: Nanako) - created on 19:14:00 09/07/2006 by Nanako and last modified on 20:08:21 09/16/2006.

#265: Noriko vs Chen - Noriko Asakaze wants to attract more attention to her dojo. Destroying half of it might be counterproductive. (Winner: Chen) - created on 17:16:21 09/15/2006 by Chen and last modified on 20:09:13 09/16/2006.

#266: Daisuke vs Alma - A mysterious presence interrupts Alma training peacefully in the forest, and a deadly battle begins -- and ends decisively. Who is this mysterious ninja, and what is his purpose? (Winner: Daisuke) - created on 17:31:34 09/15/2006 by Alma and last modified on 20:09:33 09/16/2006.

#267: Mike Bison vs Mimiru - One would guess that Mimiru has a lot of trust in blind dates, as well! (Winner: M.Bison) - created on 17:41:32 09/15/2006 by M.Bison and last modified on 20:15:28 09/16/2006.

#268: Serim vs Talia - Violence at the Seijyun Theater! (Winner: Talia) - created on 21:01:15 09/15/2006 by Talia and last modified on 12:21:18 09/17/2006.

#270: Mimiru vs Candy - Candy takes on Mimiru post-Bison, deep in the forests of Southtown, because she's a closet-sadist. Or.. Maybe not so sadist. Watch for: Mimiru going Super Mimiru J1! (Winner: Mimiru) - created on 15:50:22 09/16/2006 by Candy and last modified on 18:08:08 09/18/2006.

#269: Alma vs Sakura - It's an epic rematch, and this time, it's official. Alma and Sakura square off for a dramatic battle at the Heian Temple in Kyoto, and once again, these two founts of fighting spirit reveal the true scope of their passion and ability! It's as close as the last one, but in the end only one can stand triumphant... (Winner: Sakura) - created on 16:59:02 09/17/2006 by Alma and last modified on 18:03:18 09/18/2006.

#273: Aislinn vs Candy - An early morning match at Gedo High's rooftop means that, even if Ai wins, she'll be spending most of the day in the infirmary... - created on 16:38:00 09/18/2006 by Aislinn and last modified on 17:46:22 09/21/2006.

#271: Nanako vs Yuri - Nanako continues her reign of Neo League terror... ACROSS THE WORLD. This time she's in London, tracking down Yuri Sakazaki while the young Kyokugen-ryuu artists searches for the mythical Saks Fifth Avenue. Oh yeah, and they fight! (Winner: Nanako) - created on 18:46:59 09/18/2006 by Nanako and last modified on 02:47:54 09/19/2006.

#272: Leona vs Sean - Sean fights Leona at the shrine in Southtown only to find out the the Ikari women are meatbricks as well. Brawling ensues with Leona coming out with a rather easy win over the energetic Sean. (Winner: Leona) - created on 17:30:06 09/19/2006 by Leona and last modified on 17:40:39 09/21/2006.

#275: Adelheid vs Yamazaki - The Bernstein heir takes on the Orochi enforcer, with violent and bloody results. An ultimate lesson in dirty pool, and getting stabbed. (Winner: Yamazaki) - created on 18:34:03 09/20/2006 by Adelheid and last modified on 16:35:35 09/25/2006.

#274: Nanako vs Candy - Candy and Nanako showdown at Kansai Airport! (Winner: Nanako) - created on 19:56:30 09/24/2006 by Nanako and last modified on 16:35:05 09/25/2006.

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