Neo League 176

#176: Vyle vs Yuri - Vyle and Yuri, beating each other into submission! Whose style will prove its worth? (Draw Match) - created on 13:36:18 02/03/2006 by Yuri and last modified on 07:06:25 02/05/2006.

#177: Serim vs Tran - Serim fights Tran, and while doing so, consistently skates the line between complimenting him and insulting him gravely. Watch out for TRAN PUNCH. (Winner: Serim) - created on 04:07:24 02/04/2006 by Serim and last modified on 05:42:14 02/10/2006.

#178: Terry vs Iori - The stage is set, the band begins to play... and Iori makes Punxsutawney, PA pay for their winter-lengthening ways. By blowing up the band's speaker system and making a sizeable dent in the town hall. /With his back/. (Draw Match) - created on 08:58:40 02/04/2006 by Terry and last modified on 07:07:55 02/05/2006.

#180: Guy vs Sakura - Guy just whales on Sakura at the Metro City Aquarium! (Winner: Guy) - created on 20:53:42 02/04/2006 by Guy and last modified on 18:57:34 02/07/2006.

#179: Kim vs Adelheid - A fateful encounter! The mysterious new fighter "Adel" comes to blows with Kim Kaphwan, resident Tae Kwon Do champion! Kicks are exchanged, respect earned, and Kim shows Adelheid the true might of Justice!! Also, he destroys a camera. (Winner: Kim) - created on 11:07:28 02/05/2006 by Kim and last modified on 18:03:04 02/09/2006.

#189: Cai vs Talia - Strolheim hosts a beer and cheese festival! Sounds like a great place for a drunk to battle against a ... staff-fighter? (Winner: Talia) - created on 15:59:25 02/05/2006 by Cai and last modified on 21:56:18 02/11/2006.

#181: Xiangfei vs Sakura - Xiangfei and Sakura meet again! It looks pretty one-sided at first, but Xiangfei pulls out an impressive finish nonetheless! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 16:30:41 02/05/2006 by Sakura and last modified on 19:07:34 02/07/2006.

#182: Benimaru vs Adelheid - Battle of the bishy blondes! (Winner: Benimaru) - created on 21:46:38 02/05/2006 by Adelheid and last modified on 09:34:23 07/02/2006.

#184: Kensou vs Hinata - League battle in the Sydney Opera House! Hinata pulls out what might've been the ULTIMATE COMEBACK, but... (Draw Match) - created on 15:32:36 02/06/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 05:44:45 02/10/2006.

#183: Ramon vs Frei - BANANADOUKEN! (Winner: Ramon) - created on 16:25:28 02/06/2006 by Frei and last modified on 05:44:07 02/10/2006.

#186: Kim vs Sakura - A fated rematch!! Sakura Kasugano vs Kim Kaphwan, a duel of the fates! A dramatic fight, an epic conclusion! Chock full of fanservice and toothpinging and violence, so there's no reason NOT to read it!! (Winner: Kim) - created on 14:17:31 02/07/2006 by Kim and last modified on 18:03:13 02/09/2006.

#185: Adelheid vs Dan - OYAJIIIIIII (x2) - created on 18:06:06 02/07/2006 by Adelheid and last modified on 09:30:21 07/02/2006.

#188: Hotaru vs Yuri - Hotaru is called out by Strongest!'s Yuri Sakazaki for a league match. (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 19:30:10 02/07/2006 by Hotaru and last modified on 21:38:53 02/11/2006.

#187: Alma vs Frei - Once again, these two man's men face off in mortal combat... on the sunny beaches of Belize! Yatta! Extreme fighting action culminates in two final powerful blows -- and a few strange insights into the mindsets of these two handsome fighters. So whether you're interested in insights or shirtless bishounen or, heaven help us, both, this fight is for you, League fans! (Winner: Alma) - created on 21:49:13 02/08/2006 by Alma and last modified on 21:40:03 02/11/2006.

#190: Alma vs Hinata - A burning rematch at the Taiyo Dome! Hinata's incredible energy and momentum dominate -- at least until she makes the mistake of showing Alma the goods! With his fury suddenly ignited, this battle quickly becomes a fight to the finish, with both fighters giving their all. It all comes down to a single attack, but in the end... (Winner: Hinata) - created on 19:58:14 02/10/2006 by Alma and last modified on 22:14:20 02/11/2006.

#191: Terry vs Guy - Sir Terry of Bogard calls out a challenge to Sir Guy of Metro. All-American baseball pitch brawl ensues! PROTIP: Hit ninjas to cause damage. (Winner: Terry) - created on 06:56:51 02/11/2006 by Terry and last modified on 22:27:21 02/11/2006.

#192: Dan vs Hotaru - Dan fights Hotaru! (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 12:46:12 02/11/2006 by Dan and last modified on 09:01:49 02/20/2006.

#193: Mimiru vs Riko - The League's two youngest fighters. One legendary battle. The Super Way of Mimiru is a mighty art...but can it withstand the Riko School of Indiscriminate Property Damage? (Draw Match) - created on 19:05:48 02/14/2006 by Riko and last modified on 02:37:09 02/17/2006.

#194: Hotaru vs Ramon - Ramon and Hotaru fight in the Dream Amusement Park! A clash of Kenpo and Lucha! And... a weird Spanish man who thinks hes suave vs. the ultimate innocence. (Draw Match) - created on 20:36:44 02/15/2006 by Hotaru and last modified on 18:31:47 02/21/2006.

#195: Frei vs Tran - Lovers of Pat Benatar are advised not to read this log. (Winner: Frei) - created on 05:19:58 02/16/2006 by Frei and last modified on 02:39:43 02/17/2006.

#197: Kensou vs Makoto - A league fight in the Large Clearing outside of Southtown, from whence emanates this nugget of wisdom: [OOC] Makoto says, "...Kensou, you are insane, brave, stupid, Cody, or all four." (Draw Match) - created on 21:08:42 02/17/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 08:34:55 02/20/2006.

#198: Alma vs Hotaru - Admist the bright lights of Metro Square, two rising stars collide. In this, the most intense battle between Alma and Hotaru yet, the battle rages back and forth, and it begins to look as though the both of them could dance all night long -- in the end, it just comes down to the flip of a coin. But now a new challenge awaits young Towazu... (Winner: Alma) - created on 23:35:43 02/18/2006 by Alma and last modified on 08:41:41 02/20/2006.

#199: Guy vs Kim - Guy and Kim have a thrilling rematch! (Winner: Guy) - created on 12:27:45 02/19/2006 by Guy and last modified on 08:46:29 02/20/2006.

#200: Mimiru vs Frei - Mimiru in the Garden of Good and Evil. (Winner: Frei) - created on 13:08:23 02/19/2006 by Frei and last modified on 18:25:30 02/21/2006.

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