Neo League 126

#128: Shenwoo vs Charlie - A League match on the chilly sands of Sound Beach! Shenwoo and Charlie battle it out in a short match with lots of powerful hits, coming to a rather surprising conclusion! (Draw Match) - created on 17:41:25 01/04/2006 by Shenwoo and last modified on 19:30:25 01/06/2006.

#127: Kyoko vs Sakura - Sakura and Kyoko throw down in the 'hood beneath Metro Bridge! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 15:20:43 01/05/2006 by Sakura and last modified on 19:32:25 01/06/2006.

#126: Alma vs Frei - You knew it was going to happen eventually. You just probably didn't think it was going to happen in a Metro City dance club! Alright, maybe you did. Fighting with every last ounce of tenacity in his body, Frei gives a strong effort, but he didn't really have a chance against... (Winner: Alma) - created on 01:26:58 01/06/2006 by Frei and last modified on 17:10:20 01/06/2006.

#129: Hotaru vs Kyoko - A league fight on Kyoko's home turf, where home field advantage gives her an easy time against Hotaru. (Winner: Kyoko) - created on 19:06:53 01/06/2006 by Hotaru and last modified on 04:49:04 01/07/2006.

#130: Frei vs Shingo - You remember Vega's stage in SFA1? With the snow and trains and everything? Kinda like that, only with chi and kicks being thrown around. Plus an immense moral victory for Frei in the very first action. (Winner: Shingo) - created on 20:08:56 01/06/2006 by Frei and last modified on 02:52:36 01/09/2006.

#131: Vice vs Edge - Vice vs Edge in a cage match... TO THE DEATH! Well, maybe not, but its pretty intense anyway! Tournament fighting at its best! (Winner: Vice) - created on 05:16:05 01/08/2006 by Vice and last modified on 17:57:03 01/22/2006.

#132: Hinata vs Frei - Footy footy footy footy ENGLAND ENGLAND (Winner: Hinata) - created on 16:23:22 01/10/2006 by Frei and last modified on 18:54:12 01/11/2006.

#134: Hinata vs Heavy D! - A brawl on the London Underground! Nevermind the the bollocks, here comes a dead heat! (Draw Match) - created on 13:08:36 01/11/2006 by HeavyD and last modified on 02:53:21 01/31/2006.

#133: Rock vs Shingo - The inevitable rematch between Rock Howard and Shingo Yabuki. (Draw Match) - created on 13:12:58 01/11/2006 by Shingo and last modified on 14:52:48 01/12/2006.

#135: Alma vs Hotaru - Mr. Owl, how many panty shots does it take for Alma to go completely insane? One... two... *crack* (Winner: Alma) - created on 20:10:17 01/11/2006 by Alma and last modified on 14:55:02 01/12/2006.

#137: Shenwoo vs Sakura - Fighting by scenic Southtown River, Shenwoo and Sakura have their very own clash of the titans! But what could the result be?! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 15:33:28 01/12/2006 by Shenwoo and last modified on 06:20:50 01/13/2006.

#136: Shinobu vs Frei - One of these things is not like the others. One of these things isn't the same... o/~ (Winner: Shinobu) - created on 15:49:38 01/12/2006 by Frei and last modified on 23:24:56 01/13/2006.

#140: Alma vs Kyoko - It's time for a rematch between these two beauties. Last time's draw is not enough! This time, one will emerge victorious! This time, the truer warrior, the one with the greater inner strength, will prevail! This time, only one will stand triumphant! This time-- (Draw Match) - created on 18:28:19 01/12/2006 by Alma and last modified on 09:05:27 01/14/2006.

#138: Kim vs Mature - Kim and Mature, round two. Clearly Tae Kwon Do is superior to Bitchy Secretary-Fu. (Winner: Kim) - created on 13:22:43 01/13/2006 by Mature and last modified on 19:14:30 01/16/2006.

#139: Kensou vs Mimiru - A re-rematch! Mimiru challenges Kensou in Metro City, and finds the meatbun a little more than she can chew. Strangely, it's not as one-sided as you might expect. (Winner: Kensou) - created on 17:11:33 01/13/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 09:06:09 01/14/2006.

#142: Daisuke vs Acacia - The shrine in Southtown's forest has seen many fights between the world's elite. This time, it's a clash between Acacia and Daisuke. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock beats Scissors. Right? Well, Acacia hits hard. But the swordsman hits harder. (Winner: Daisuke) - created on 15:42:54 01/14/2006 by Acacia and last modified on 17:19:29 02/09/2006.

#141: Kim vs Rock - A climatic fight! Korea's #1 TKD master goes head to head with Terry's apprentice and shows him the extreme art of his Raging Justice' at a pyramid in Brazil! Explosive action! Incredible secrets! Can Kim stand up to the might of Rock's wage?! (Winner: Kim) - created on 16:01:23 01/14/2006 by Kim and last modified on 20:02:46 01/15/2006.

#143: Xiangfei vs Mimiru - Mimiru and Xiangfei fight in Xiangs home turf! Xiangfei tries out her newly understood 'Saishu Tactics' on the Kasagi, that just -has- to go and make the chinese girl mad. STAY AWAY FROM ALMA, DAMN YOU. C_C (Winner: Xiangfei) - created on 19:16:08 01/14/2006 by Xiangfei and last modified on 04:24:08 01/28/2006.

Exhibition: Clark vs Kim - Kim and Clark have an exhibition league match. Clark learns that Kim's kicks hurt, and Kim learns that Clark can take a good deal of punishment. In the end, they both realize they can kick a lot of ass, and have joined together as brothers in arms of justice. Or something. (Winner: Kim) - created on 19:26:17 01/14/2006 by Clark and last modified on 09:13:57 02/25/2007.

#144: Ryu vs Shenwoo - This battle between two rockin' pugilists takes place deep in the heart of Mexico City! I see you firing up Babelfish, there. (Winner: Ryu) - created on 12:06:02 01/15/2006 by Ryu and last modified on 17:12:09 02/12/2007.

#146: Sakura vs Shingo - Girlfriend and boyfriend clash for the first time in the Neo League, just outside gate 31 of the Southtown Airport! (Draw Match) - created on 15:38:11 01/15/2006 by Shingo and last modified on 20:44:08 01/15/2006.

#147: Xiangfei vs Shinobu - Strongest! girls fists-clash at Bally's Total Fitness! What can I say? It's a fight, man. A TOTALLY SWEET fight, that is! (Winner: Xiangfei) - created on 16:58:26 01/15/2006 by Xiangfei and last modified on 04:27:00 01/28/2006.

#145: Kensou vs Hinako - A League battle outside the Kremlin! Sumo vs. Psycho! Unfortunately, Kensou found his 'A' game while nobody was paying attention, and Hinako doesn't really manage to recover the momentum of the fight... (Winner: Kensou) - created on 17:01:31 01/15/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 19:57:36 01/15/2006.

#148: Kim vs Shenwoo - Shenwoo vs Kim!! Who will win, crazy man or... crazy man?! Watch, as Kim Kaphwan gets the stuffing beat out of him as if he were something specifically made for stuffing-beatings!! (Winner: Shenwoo) - created on 14:33:08 01/17/2006 by Kim and last modified on 18:59:30 02/07/2006.

#149: Mimiru vs Hotaru - Mimiru and Hotaru league fight--but Mimiru doesn't have Max around to help her out! Where -could- that dog be...? (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 21:29:04 01/18/2006 by Hotaru and last modified on 17:23:59 02/09/2006.

#150: Heavy D! vs Sakura - Sakura and Heavy D! duke it out in New Guinea! Lots of punches, lots of Hadoukens! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 17:06:58 01/19/2006 by Sakura and last modified on 04:28:53 01/20/2006.

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