Neo League 101

#101: Vyle vs Frei - Although Frei clearly comes out ahead in the quippy comeback department, in terms of fighting Vyle unsurprisingly turns out to be in every other possible way superior. (Winner: Vyle) - created on 14:24:17 12/26/2005 by Frei and last modified on 04:53:42 12/29/2005.

#102: Juli vs Mature - The Neo League provides Vega's Doll Juli and Bernstein's secretary Mature the chance to test their skills against one another. Orochi power versus Psycho Power in China! (Winner: Mature) - created on 20:54:24 12/26/2005 by Mature and last modified on 15:01:20 12/27/2005.

#103: Vice vs Sakura - Vice calls out Sakura on the Metro Bridge! It's a close fight, but the ending's an awful lot like deja vu for the Taiyo schoolgirl... (Winner: Vice) - created on 07:40:57 12/27/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 14:57:07 12/27/2005.

#105: Heavy D! vs Kim - It's not too jolly when Kim and D! crash London, especially when Kim shows D! his brand of JUSTICE!! (tm) (Winner: Kim) - created on 11:21:00 12/27/2005 by HeavyD and last modified on 21:13:59 01/01/2006.

#104: Kyoko vs Mature - Madrid, Spain is the stage for this battle of the beauties! Justice High's lovely Kyoko squares off against the deadly secretary Mature...and the Bernstein secretary proves to be QUITE a handful for the poor school nurse. Mature earns the ire of Kyoko fanboys everywhere! (Winner: Mature) - created on 11:45:21 12/27/2005 by Mature and last modified on 15:01:35 12/27/2005.

#106: Sagat vs Rock - Rock vs Sagat. Thailand. There can be only one... Oh wait (Draw Match) - created on 19:12:09 12/27/2005 by Sagat and last modified on 08:01:18 01/28/2006.

#107: Xiangfei vs Hinata - A dark, abandoned shrine is the site for this Neo League fight! (Winner: Xiangfei) - created on 15:47:48 12/28/2005 by Hinata and last modified on 21:10:42 01/01/2006.

#108: Kensou vs Dan - Atop Mount Rushmore, Sie Kensou of the Psycho Soldiers and the master of Saikyo-ryuu, Dan Hibiki, face off for a legendary battle! Gigantic stone presidential heads play host to a clash of the titans! Dan teaches Kensou the true power of friendship, and Kensou teaches Dan the true power... Of the Bun. (Winner: Kensou) - created on 16:56:38 12/28/2005 by Kensou and last modified on 09:01:03 12/29/2005.

#109: Ryu vs Iori - Perhaps in retaliation for Iori's earlier grudge match against Ken Masters, the Neo League officials pit him against Ryu in the frigid North Pacific. The situation looks grim for Yagami, but he manages to eke out a win in the end, in the process splitting their iceberg arena in twain. (Winner: Iori) - created on 04:57:03 12/29/2005 by Iori and last modified on 09:03:07 12/29/2005.

#110: Shingo vs Vice - Vice challenges Shingo to battle out inside an old European castle! Things get broken. Things that aren't Shingo. (Winner: Shingo) - created on 09:36:25 12/29/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 11:33:22 01/01/2006.

#111: Mimiru vs Frei - Mimiru caps off a string of losses with a victory over Frei. (Winner: Mimiru) - created on 15:04:03 12/29/2005 by Frei and last modified on 17:02:35 01/03/2006.

#112: Hotaru vs Sakura - Hotaru and Sakura fight on the S.S. Kobayashi Maru! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 17:36:48 12/29/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 12:17:48 01/01/2006.

#114: Shenwoo vs Iori - Fighting it out in Colombia, Shenwoo manages to push Iori Yagami to the limit... But in the end, will it be enough to win this League battle?! (Winner: Iori) - created on 15:30:11 12/30/2005 by Shenwoo and last modified on 11:30:57 01/01/2006.

#113: Sagat vs Kyoko - Sagat and Kyoko have a fight in the forest with an unexpectedly close finish! (Draw Match) - created on 16:30:38 12/30/2005 by Sagat and last modified on 08:03:36 01/28/2006.

#115: Charlie vs Saishu - Battle in India! Saishu and Charlie meet once again, on the dusty streets of India. Of course, the Kusanagi comes out on top, but a good time is had by all. - created on 22:15:41 12/30/2005 by Charlie and last modified on 11:32:06 01/01/2006.

#118: Kensou vs Acacia - <no description> - created on 22:49:22 12/30/2005 by Kensou and last modified on 21:15:44 01/01/2006.

#117: Xiangfei vs Juli - Juli looks for a rematch and Xiangfei delivers! Naerose raises moral by being a uh.. You know, completely unbiased announcer, and the Slayer of Psycho Power comes out on top.... With a little help from GUTS. (Winner: Xiangfei) - created on 15:20:34 12/31/2005 by Xiangfei and last modified on 14:33:07 01/27/2006.

#116: Alma vs Hotaru - In Jamaica for a rum-rockin' New Year's battle--one of these two won't be awake for the new year, however. (Winner: Alma) - created on 15:31:31 12/31/2005 by Hotaru and last modified on 11:36:32 01/01/2006.

#119: Vyle vs Mimiru - Naerose is the special guest commentator for this battle between Vyle and Mimiru. (Winner: Vyle) - created on 13:22:53 01/01/2006 by Mimiru and last modified on 08:39:49 01/28/2006.

#120: Alma vs Hinata - What better place for two fighters to clash than Mount Fuji? (Winner: Hinata) - created on 14:56:21 01/01/2006 by Hinata and last modified on 21:28:20 01/01/2006.

#121: Kim vs Alma - Super model vs Justice... model! Who is more manly!? Who can make the better entrance?! Who will prevail, justice or zen?! Watch in awe and excitement as Kim gives a mighty jump kick to Da Man!! (Winner: Kim) - created on 00:00:36 01/02/2006 by Kim and last modified on 06:38:06 01/06/2006.

#122: Shinobu vs Sakura - Aomori! It's nowhere near the time of the giant samurai festival -- in fact, it's freezin' out! Shinobu causes some minor property damage, but Sakura emerges triumphant. (Winner: Sakura) - created on 14:47:17 01/02/2006 by Sakura and last modified on 16:04:31 01/04/2006.

#123: Hotaru vs Mimiru - Hotaru versus Mimiru in a freezing-cold match in Russia (Damn those Neo League officials.) (Draw Match) - created on 17:25:24 01/03/2006 by Hotaru and last modified on 06:53:56 01/06/2006.

#124: Kensou vs Kim - Facing off in a Justice High classroom, Kensou and Kim kick each other a lot! Actually, there's some punching and throwing and energy blasting, too. (Winner: Kim) - created on 19:56:58 01/03/2006 by Kensou and last modified on 06:51:49 01/06/2006.

#125: Talia vs Mimiru - Dogs and guns -- no, it's not just a Deep South tradition, it's just Mimiru and Talia squaring off in Chinatown. (Winner: Talia) - created on 21:36:47 01/03/2006 by Talia and last modified on 06:42:26 01/06/2006.

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