Neo League 001

#1: Acacia vs Sakura - The first fight of the Neo League sees Sakura seeking out a long-time friend for their very first one-on-one fight! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 14:53:10 12/01/2005 by Acacia and last modified on 07:50:46 12/04/2005.

#2: Duck vs Tran - A mighty battle at the Duck Pond featuring Dr. Tran and Duck King. Thrown bottles, steamy goodness and a hot waitress. (Winner: Duck) - created on 18:29:03 12/01/2005 by Duck and last modified on 07:50:41 12/04/2005.

#3: Alma vs Kyoko - Incredibly attractive combatants? Check. MAX dodging and accidental groin shots? Check. Jiro referred to as Alma's girlfriend? Double check. Intense finish? Check. Decisive victory? Weeeell... (Winner: Draw Match) - created on 18:36:13 12/01/2005 by Alma and last modified on 07:51:24 12/04/2005.

#4: Saishu vs Guy - The London Lamppost Battle, wherein an old man and a sneaker-clad ninja attack each other repeatedly in midair, ends on top of a moving double-decker bus, with a broken camera and Guy's evolution from ninja to Charninja to show for it. And I'd've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids! (Winner: Guy) - created on 19:06:47 12/01/2005 by Saishu and last modified on 07:51:31 12/04/2005.

#5: Shenwoo vs Andy - Shenwoo's introduction to the Neo Fighting League is a battle in the Pao Pao Cafe, against Andy Bogard. The two give it there all, and in the end it comes down to a hairsbreadth difference...! (Winner: Shenwoo) - created on 18:27:52 12/02/2005 by Shenwoo and last modified on 07:51:38 12/04/2005.

#6: Acacia vs Juli - My, Acacia's popular. It's another day at Gedo High as Juli drops by to settle a grudge. On the basketball court. Catcalls from the Gedo boys as the two go at it. It's a close and brutal fight. But Acacia wins - because white dolls can't jump. (Winner: Acacia) - created on 09:12:10 12/03/2005 by Acacia and last modified on 07:52:25 12/04/2005.

#7: Shingo vs Hinako - League showdown at the Seijyun Gym! Kusanagi-ryuu Kobujutsu vs Sumo! (Winner: Shingo) - created on 14:31:59 12/03/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 07:52:33 12/04/2005.

#8: Hotaru vs Seishirou - Hotaru and Seishirou meet at last! (Winner: Seishirou) - created on 15:12:23 12/03/2005 by Seishirou and last modified on 13:48:52 12/05/2005.

#9: Eiji vs Xiangfei - Heavenly Hip-Hop Honey vs Ninja round 2. Eiji ends up keeping a good track record against Xiangfei as not only does he pick up the win, but he adds another trophy to his little collection. (Winner: Eiji) - created on 20:43:38 12/03/2005 by Eiji and last modified on 07:52:52 12/04/2005.

#14: Hotaru vs Mimiru - Hotaru's 2nd league fight, in the first week of the inception of the League. Having lost to Seishirou in her first league fight, Hotaru finds herself with an opportunity to balance the loss in a challenge from Mimiru! (Winner: Hotaru) - created on 22:34:32 12/03/2005 by Hotaru and last modified on 13:55:21 12/05/2005.

#17: Shingo vs Talia - Crimson. Will it be Shingo or Talia? Since you know, the Red Square is already kinda-sorta red. (Winner: Shingo) - created on 23:12:48 12/03/2005 by Shingo and last modified on 20:13:10 12/05/2005.

#11: Rock vs Vice - Rock vs. Vice for both fighters' first Neo League battle! (Winner: Rock) - created on 08:16:10 12/04/2005 by Rock and last modified on 20:16:12 12/05/2005.

#10: Acacia vs Eiji - A brutal and long match between Acacia and Eiji. The end result is a draw when both fighters both run out of steam and punch one another out. (Draw Match) - created on 12:01:07 12/04/2005 by Eiji and last modified on 18:26:27 12/04/2005.

#18: Xiangfei vs Juli - The Heavenly Hip-Hop Honey takes on the Psycho Doll in Chinatown! What starts off as a one-sided battle turns into a comeback of the ages! (Sort of.)! (Draw Match) - created on 16:11:14 12/04/2005 by Xiangfei and last modified on 03:05:48 12/06/2005.

#15: Seishirou vs Rock - Seishirou and Rock, in the rematch of the indefinite six-month-period! (Winner: Rock) - created on 17:11:55 12/04/2005 by Seishirou and last modified on 05:54:58 12/07/2005.

#12: Kensou vs Kyoko - A grudge match, and at stake? Kensou's stolen cellular phone! Ultimately, the Psycho Soldier is able to overcome the crazy drunken nurse, but not without getting manhandled pretty painfully in the process. 'Sweet loving nurse pain' is revealed to be 99.99999% pain. (Winner: Kensou) - created on 17:47:42 12/04/2005 by Kensou and last modified on 13:51:17 12/05/2005.

#13: Jiro vs Alma - Jiro and Alma meet once again - though the ending is a bit closer than either may have liked! (Draw Match) - created on 18:18:08 12/04/2005 by Jiro and last modified on 13:51:26 12/05/2005.

#16: Kyo vs Benimaru - Battle in the Kusanagi Dojo, a match is held right before dinner! Will Beni get Kyowned, or does Kyo get Benimaimed? ... Riiight. (Winner: Kyo) - created on 22:22:27 12/04/2005 by Benimaru and last modified on 13:55:00 12/05/2005.

#19: Tony vs Dan - Tony and Dan fight a league fight, there's punches and kicks, and in the end everyone learns a little something about themselves. Isn't that nice? (Winner: Tony) - created on 13:36:29 12/05/2005 by Dan and last modified on 03:10:25 12/06/2005.

#21: Sakura vs Kensou - Plans for a PPV get postpone, leading to a league fight in the West Outskirts! A close battle between Sakura and Kensou ensues! (Winner: Sakura) - created on 14:39:25 12/05/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 03:05:17 12/06/2005.

#20: Sagat vs Guy - Guy and Sagat meet by chance in Hawaii; they decide a league match is in order! (Winner: Sagat) - created on 16:16:11 12/05/2005 by Sagat and last modified on 03:12:45 12/06/2005.

#22: Vice vs Xiangfei - An angry Li Xiangfei takes on Vice in a rematch for the ages in the Duck Pond! Vice is extra saucy in this fight, taking on the Hip-Hop Honeys chinese tricks like woah. :O And then Vice has something to say to Rock! (Winner: Vice) - created on 08:53:47 12/06/2005 by Xiangfei and last modified on 14:19:24 12/06/2005.

#23: Alma vs Vyle - It's Thai time in Seattle! Vyle and Alma square off in the middle of Tawon Thai, and tables and curry are thrown as dinner, in the form of flaming fists, is served. Or at least, Vyle gets served, anyway. But maybe throwing Alma through two tables made it all worth it? (Winner: Alma) - created on 12:44:30 12/06/2005 by Alma and last modified on 17:10:46 12/06/2005.

#25: Juli vs Kyoko - Neo League fight, Juli vs a not quite drunk enough Kyoko. Secrets are learned, butts are kicked. (Winner: Juli) - created on 17:25:44 12/06/2005 by Juli and last modified on 03:04:24 12/07/2005.

#24: Rock vs Sakura - From high atop the tallest bank in Chinatown, Rock sends Sakura hurtling to her death and causes massive property damage! ... Well, he -coulda-. (Winner: Rock) - created on 18:57:38 12/06/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 03:00:57 12/07/2005.

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