Mishima Fitness Tournament

MIFT: Katthalla vs Adon - Deep in the heart of Southtown, two fighters throw down at the 'Le Petit Chien' Sidewalk Cafe as part of the Mishima International Fitness Tournament. The out of shape, washed up Adon battles the wandering warrior Katthalla in a Jagga vs Jagga battle. (Winner: Adon) - created on 16:30:18 04/22/2014 by Adon and last modified on 02:40:49 04/23/2014. Cast: Adon and Katthalla.

MIFT: Skullomania vs Hinako - Skullomania and Hinako meet in a match to promote heroic fitness. What follows is a frantic scramble of pelvic thrusts, blushing school girls, and...video games? Winner: Hinako! - created on 20:15:41 04/24/2014 by Skullomania and last modified on 18:08:58 05/01/2014. Cast: Skullomania and Hinako.

MIFT: Aranha vs Katt - Yet another fight for the glory of fitness. Katt and Aranha throw down, and up...There is also some kicking. Winner: Aranha! - created on 20:15:22 05/04/2014 by Katthalla and last modified on 14:09:34 05/10/2014. Cast: Aranha and Katthalla.

MIFT: Katthalla vs Sean - Katthalla outlasts Sean in a battle in the sand. - created on 14:39:47 05/10/2014 by Sean and last modified on 09:03:27 05/17/2014. Cast: Sean and Katthalla.

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