LLK Act IV.Fin

Fin : Oh No Bear is Driving the Car! - Maki, helpful ninja at large, is carrying wood for an early reconstruction project. SUDDENLY: RAIDEN. - created on 19:47:19 05/12/2009 by Raiden and last modified on 23:41:38 05/12/2009. Cast: Maki and Raiden.

Fin : OH YEAH! - The best scene in MotM history, bar none. - created on 18:33:23 05/13/2009 by Cody and last modified on 01:05:55 05/14/2009. Cast: Cody and Raiden.

Fin : Life Is Like A Game Of Jenga - Back out in the city of Southtown while waiting for the next move Rolento wants to make, Howard - the Pacific teacher, not the crime lord on the run - decides to stop by a Downtown street that he's pretty sure is not currently under close watch by the invading forces. Yet, the invaders themselves are not dangerous in themselves. There are many unhappy people waiting for the opportunity to let their frustrations out. Some careless driving by Mad Gear's own Bred is the metaphorical wooden block that makes the tower crumble and gets the street all wild - but who else stands to lose from being caught in the center of it all? - created on 13:26:57 05/14/2009 by Rust and last modified on 21:48:47 05/17/2009. Cast: Rust and Bred.

Fin : Taking Back What's Ours - Igniz, leader of NESTS, has sat upon a thrown of conquest once known as 'Gedo High' for some time now. But nothing lasts forever; Daigo Kazama, Hakuya Suigetsu and Kenji Ashima come to rip Igniz straight from the heart of his stronghold -- but with the strange assassin Nameless at his side, is their resolve strong enough to carry them through? - created on 18:53:32 05/14/2009 by Daigo and last modified on 20:46:04 05/21/2009. Cast: Igniz, Hakuya, Daigo, Kenji, and Nameless.

Fin : The Rise and Fall - Shadaloo and NESTS aren't the only organizations invested in the fall of Geese Howard. Ikari Warrior Whip has been tasked by her commander, Heidern, to infiltrate the heavily guarded Geese Tower and assist those within with the apprehension of Howard and his cohorts. But getting in is harder than it looks -- especially when you're not the only one attempting to sneak your way to the top. In the midst of moving up Geese Tower's elevator shafts, Whip will find herself coming face-to-face with Shadaloo assassin, Juli... and a guardian of the tower, keeping a careful watch over both parties... - created on 23:16:16 05/14/2009 by Shihong and last modified on 21:38:02 06/07/2009. Cast: Shihong, Juli, and Whip.

Fin : The Game - Antipositional - Despite recent pushes by those struggling within the city to free it from its bonds, there are still certain points of contention within the faltering lockdown zone. One of these? The Southtown airport, effectively keeping anyone from entering or leaving the city of Southtown by way of air. Rather than let the city -- and his potential ticket out -- be strangled to death, Ken Masters has come to liberate the airport by force. Yet the pure American capitalist fury of Ken Masters will find itself challenged by the cold presence of his resistance -- the Shadaloo Dolls Juni and Decapre, tasked with the continued protection of one of the invading forces most valued assets. But Ken and his newfound friends aren't the only ones at the airport today... - created on 21:31:31 05/15/2009 by Decapre and last modified on 03:54:04 05/19/2009. Cast: Shenwoo, Ken, Decapre, and Juni.

Fin : From the Rooftops - While fighting commences below, things are watched keenly from above. Keeping an eye out for potential threats from less convenient or unexpected places is the deadly Kula Diamond, perfect for the job of keeping unwanted intruders away. However, the rooftops of Gedo High hold a certain value to Guardian Kings’ leader Tenma Kiryuu, who is determined not only to take back the school, but his team's hangout as well. With him in this endeavor is Pás, to see to it that he doesn’t wind up killing himself, and Marisol, who--despite her dislike for the Guardian King--has accompanied her teammate to aid in the fight. But while things MAY seem bleak for NESTS’ Kula and the odds against her, there comes help from a very unlikely and very mysterious fifth player... - created on 22:53:14 05/15/2009 by Marisol and last modified on 02:53:50 06/12/2009. Cast: Kula, Marisol, Tenma, Agwe, and Pas.

Fin : Do You See What I See? - Weapons shipments are supposed to have weapons. So when a weapon crate holds cheetos instead of firearms, it is up to a famous Shadaloo Doll to motivate some synergy to get rid of those Mondays. No, not Cammy. Marz. However, a certain blind woman by the name of Raoghnailt is wandering the streets, spying on the activities of Shadaloo. Can Marz finish her micromanaging to stop the red-haired cripple from, erm, watching them? - created on 18:29:04 05/18/2009 by Raoghnailt and last modified on 03:54:54 05/19/2009. Cast: Marz and Raoghnailt.

Fin: The Game - Adjudication - Rugal Bernstein has held a stranglehold on Southtown's harbor for months since the beginning of the invasion. Throughout the conflicts, this grip has held; the Black Noah remains as a symbol of oppression and the heavy concentration of 'R' operatives lingering at the docks of the harbor. But there are those who would refuse to allow such tyrannical constrictions to continue -- and those who would have vengeance for the precious lives they treasured that Rugal had brutally tore away from them. Heidern of the Ikari comes in full-force with his mercenary warriors against the forces of the Black Noah to make a final play against the despicable tyrant-to-be Rugal Bernstein -- but with the odds so stacked against his favor, is there anyone who can turn the tide from desolation to hope...? - created on 22:27:34 05/18/2009 by Heidern and last modified on 19:28:48 05/26/2009. Cast: Heidern, Alan, Rugal, Kain, and Cody.

Fin : The Game - Breakthrough - Invasion reinforcements try to reach the assailed outpost in the midst of Southtown's park. Reinforcements of the OTHER variety wander into their way. Mass carnage ensues. - created on 22:34:52 05/19/2009 by Ryu and last modified on 23:18:29 06/04/2009. Cast: Drake, Ryu, Kraken, and C.Jack.

Fin : The Game - Spite Check - It had come to the attention of Shadaloo's R&D division, the mysterious S.I.N. organization, that a certain Leona Heidern had a fight with a certain Rugal Bernstein that ended in such and such a way. So they got it in their heads to 'acquire' Leona, pump her full of prototype BLECE, and see what happens. What results, as observed by the experimental subjects, SIN's own 'Maya-san', and boxer Heavy D!, is not exactly an episode of 'Bill Nye the Science Guy'... - created on 19:47:35 05/20/2009 by C.Viper and last modified on 01:56:31 05/23/2009. Cast: HeavyD, Kyo, C.Viper, and Leona.

Fin : The Game - Equalize - Four lives, four fates. Drawn to Marise like a moth to a flame, the monk-trained girl finds more there than she expected in the form of Maeda, the Faceless One. The scythe weilding assassin almost completely destroys Nataya, with the only thing standing in Marise's way being Aranha, who is there primarily to statisfy his own vendettas. Nevertheless, balance gets restored when Aranha's powerful finishing blow coincides with a small but timely strike from Nataya, thus severing Maeda's tie to the battlefield in short order. - created on 21:48:06 05/20/2009 by Nataya and last modified on 16:03:26 05/22/2009. Cast: Marise, Aranha, Nataya, and Maeda.

Fin : Enlisted - With the refuges stationed at Hotaru's home being moved off to Seijyun High, Hotaru and the other fighters that have been helping keep the sanctuary are free to launch a counter attack against one of the invasion force bases in the heart of Southtown. Hoping to spare her young student the risks associated with such an undertaking, Hotaru tries to convince Kentou to go with the refuges to the new location. - created on 22:45:33 05/21/2009 by Hotaru and last modified on 01:55:02 05/23/2009. Cast: Hotaru and Kentou.

Fin : A Celebration of Good Will - In the wake of his victory in the Neo-League, Adon throws a party up in a bathhouse in northern Japan. Fueling his already overinflated ego, the Emperor holds a night of debauchery and self-assured banner waving for him. But then a surprise guest arrives on behalf of Southtown, seeking to teach Adon a lesson in honor. A surprise by the name of Andy Bogard... - created on 22:38:59 05/22/2009 by Adon and last modified on 18:00:05 05/23/2009. Cast: Andy and Adon.

Fin : The Game - Checkmate - A late addition to the chaos that reigns in Southtown, one opportunistic Elle Belmounte takes her chance at seizing control over a priceless cache of information deep in the heart of the Southtown park invasion base - the second largest hostile base of operations in the city. Established after the failed YFCC takeover, it has been a location used for conducting research, preying upon the denizens of Southtown to subject them to inhumane experiments, and pushing the limits of technology in an unholy communion of NESTS and SIN science. Of course the base will be heavily defended, and a single-team incursion is beyond impossible. But with enough help on the outside drawing off forces... and the right people brave enough or crazy enough to go into the heart of the base, the impossible might become possible... - created on 14:49:27 05/23/2009 by Rust and last modified on 17:31:30 05/26/2009. Cast: Elle, Angel, Rust, Turret, Jayden, Francois, Artemis_Engine, Turret2, and Turret3.

Fin : My Blade As My Pride - Three young warriors, all seeking to free Gedo High from the grip of NESTS--Flora, Mizuki, Kaida. Can they prevail against the force of Diana and Vyle, or will the defenders fall to impromptu teamwork? - created on 19:32:02 05/23/2009 by Mizuki and last modified on 22:34:18 05/31/2009. Cast: Vyle, Diana, Mizuki, Flora, and Kaida.

Fin : Classic Choi v Crystal Choi: The Taste Test - Out looking for a way to make a quick buck, and maybe a name for herself in the chaos that is Southtown, Malin stumbles across Choi. Perhaps inevitably, the two swift fighters soon engage in a terrifying battle of speed and skill, but, the question remains: Which will come out on top as the real fan favorite? Sweet-but-Sour and somewhat questionable Malin, or the downright milk-curdling pervertedness that is Choi? One thing is for certain. Whoever comes out on top, is there really any way ANYONE involved in this can be a winner? - created on 15:03:00 05/24/2009 by Malin and last modified on 01:40:53 05/26/2009. Cast: Choi and Malin.

Fin : Theme of a Moonlit Night - On the eve of what she hopes will be the final necessary battle in this conflict, a severely overworked and stressed Hotaru seeks a moment of quiet and stumbles upon someone she hasn't seen in some time. In the ensuing conversation both she and Frei have a chance to air their thoughts on predestination, the price they've paid to be where they are and, ultimately, the meaning behind the struggle that is life. - created on 22:42:00 05/24/2009 by Frei and last modified on 01:41:39 05/26/2009. Cast: Frei and Hotaru.

Fin : A Swan Song for Geese - Geese Howard. The King of Southtown. He's built an empire on crime and death and made a fortune from the misfortune of others, carefully obscuring it all under an unbreakable facade of altruism. Yet all that is over now. His empire crumbling before him, his Syndicate in disarray, and the enemies tearing down his gates, Geese is left on the teetering point of oblivion. Yet he will not go down without a fight. And as his former student and estranged son come to exact vengeance for lifetimes of wrongdoing... Geese Howard, the former King of Southtown, prepares for his final stand. And there is nothing more frightening than a lion with nothing more to lose. - created on 18:05:53 05/25/2009 by K' and last modified on 21:43:34 06/07/2009. Cast: Rock, Geese, K', and Vega.

Fin : Busting the Ramparts - Gedo's outer defenses are assaulted by a team of Southtown's defenders, in order to fully reclaim it from Shadaloo and NESTS. Mass carnage ensues. - created on 20:27:43 05/25/2009 by Sagat and last modified on 17:15:27 06/01/2009. Cast: Kraken, Akira, Sagat, Dan, and Hayato.

Fin : The Black Chameleon - The 'war' has begun to take its toll on everyone. Even Shihong Mao, once an epitome of composure and calm, finds herself struggling with the uncertain future she faces. Even so, she remains a dedicated employee. On a routine stakeout, she encounters a man that is neither friend nor seemingly foe--a gray area, at best...and very skilled at striking a few nerves. - created on 23:53:37 05/25/2009 by Shihong and last modified on 03:08:13 06/02/2009. Cast: Shihong and Salvatore.

Fin : The Fatal Dance - Poison and Ayame crash Balrog's hostage party in the Ballroom of Geese Tower - the latter quite literally. Things look dismal until another uninvited guest joins the fray, bringing the psycho count to two. - created on 20:19:17 05/27/2009 by Balrog and last modified on 23:47:15 06/08/2009. Cast: Yamazaki, Ayame, Poison, and Balrog.

Fin : A Father's Promise - Rarely, if ever, does the Ikari's commanding officer have a chance to speak to Leona as a father. This is one of those rare moments, a small chance for Heidern and Leona to reveal the side of themselves that no one ever sees. - created on 21:51:27 05/27/2009 by Heidern and last modified on 16:53:33 05/28/2009. Cast: Heidern and Leona.

Fin : Alekhine's Gun - Sacrifice. What does it mean? To give up something for the greater good? The measure of many individuals is taken by how much they're willing to give up, how far they're willing to go, for their ideals. Kula, Jiro, Alma, Frei... four individuals with their own ideals and their own willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. What results from their meeting is a clash of powers, of beliefs, and ultimately what it means to be human... where the only constant is that nobody leaves the same individual they were at the start. - created on 18:39:44 05/30/2009 by Frei and last modified on 22:13:19 06/06/2009. Cast: Frei, Alma, Jiro, Kula, Artemis_Engine, and Frei'.

Fin : Business Meetings - Getting into Geese Tower isn't difficult; it's the getting through it without being murdered that makes it something of a pinch. Geese Howard is wanted by many men and women who hate him and the injustice he's perpetrated -- but getting through his lieutenants is an exercise that Blue Mary and the Zero Doll Cammy will find to be painful at best, fatal at worst. While Blue Mary comes with the many others seeking to dismantle Geese Howard and his Syndicate once and for all, she must find herself dealing with not only the presence of the equally vicious forces of NESTS and Shadaloo led up by the deadly assassin Cammy, but the tonfa-wielding third-in-command of the Southtown Syndicate, the Chrome-Dome Don, Mr. Big in the most vicious of threeways. Can Blue Mary fend off foes from two different angles... or will they all simply tear each other apart? - created on 20:36:18 05/30/2009 by Mr.Big and last modified on 21:36:28 06/07/2009. Cast: BlueMary, Mr.Big, and Cammy.

Fin : The Game - Poisoned Pawn - Adelheid's search for the BLECE test subjects locates one (1) slightly used Ichiro. At the same time Shadaloo's mercenaries arrive to take him into custody. The brainwashed Taiyo warrior makes this equation far more complicated with his unpredictable violence, but in the end Adelheid and Shurui drive away the soldiers decisively, and take Ichiro in to cure his burning STD (SIN-Transmitted Disease). - created on 22:12:28 05/30/2009 by Adelheid and last modified on 23:12:06 06/04/2009. Cast: Adelheid, Invader, Ichiro, Invader2, Sheila, and Shurui.

Fin : Rage Against the Machine - Shadaloo sends a tank and a troop of soldiers to seize the Geese Tower lobby! Sadly they didn't have the budget to send competent or sane soldiers; instead they stuck lunatics in a tank, handed others assault rifles, pointed them at Cherise and Nagase, and prayed. Their prayers were not answered. - created on 20:53:25 05/31/2009 by Nagase and last modified on 17:07:36 06/11/2009. Cast: Nagase, Charybdis, Cherise, and Invader2.

Fin : Subplotting Assassinations - In the midst of the LLK invasion, Adelheid seeks to capitalize on the chaos by robbing a military base already comandeered by Shadaloo. Their guards are no contest: the Killer Bee proves otherwise, nearly bringing an impressive trophy back to Vega in the form of one battered Bernstein boy. - created on 16:22:54 06/02/2009 by Adelheid and last modified on 23:19:51 06/04/2009. Cast: Adelheid and Cammy.

Fin : The Job At Hand - The invading forces are in the process of pulling out. Peoples' lives and routines are at last able to resume... or what's left of them. Over at Pacific High, an effort begins to pick up the pieces according to the mission of the school - to be world citizens, chipping in at a time of need. Marisol O'Connell and teacher Howard Rust go over their difficulties through the trying times, in the face of so much work that has to be done, both as the future generation and a man responsible for helping the future generation be shaped, respectively. - created on 15:25:34 06/08/2009 by Rust and last modified on 02:16:19 06/24/2009. Cast: Marisol and Rust.

Fin : Cerberus - If you want to ensure the downfall of Geese Howard, there's one person you need to get through first. Billy Kane. But after all the work he's put into making sure Geese falls from power Kain R. Heinlein isn't about to let his plans be foiled by a guy with a stick. And that means keeping Billy busy while the main event goes on in Geese's office. But Kain doesn't take into account just how strong Billy's loyalty is, and the power that he can draw from it in dire straits... - created on 18:32:12 06/09/2009 by Kain and last modified on 01:18:24 06/13/2009. Cast: Billy and Kain.

The Game - Counterplay - The problem with being a distraction is that sometimes you can be a bit /too/ good at it. Hotaru and Kentou's attempt to divert base defenses escalates as the leader of SIN himself, the enigmate Seth steps out to deal with the problem. Fortunately, the two aren't left to their own devices to survive as help arrives from two completely unexpected sources - The myserious leader of G-Project, Urien, and the wanderer, Ryu. - created on 18:43:38 06/12/2009 by Hotaru and last modified on 15:17:10 07/11/2009. Cast: Hotaru, Urien, Invader, Ryu, Kentou, and Seth15.

Fin : The Loosest Of Ends - All right. We all know about how the schools, the YFCC, Geese, a bunch of opportunistic mercenaries, NESTS experiments, and certain gambits by shady people with nebulously good intentions played out. We've seen friendships forged, alliances broken, chances taken, values challenged, and paradigms shifted. But we're missing something here, aren't we? Yes, we are. Why did Todoh's laundry never dry? Even without having scored any new students in this so-called tourist season, is the Todoh way that worse off? Find out, in the scene that settles all accounts and hanging threads. (WARNING: THIS ENDING IS THE CANON ENDING) - created on 22:14:38 07/10/2009 by Todoh and last modified on 21:23:03 07/12/2009. Cast: Todoh and Daniel.

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