LLK Act III.Revelations

Revelations: The Spirit of Revenge - Captured by Shadaloo's research division, SIN, an exhausted and sedated Hotaru finds herself subjected to the mocking company of the Devil of Koga. At odds as has so often been the case in the past, Marise manages to draw out Hotaru's darker thoughts of vengeance ending in the two agreeing one thing at last: Their enemies must pay. - created on 23:31:09 04/01/2009 by Hotaru and last modified on 14:15:22 04/05/2009. Cast: Hotaru and Marise.

Revelations : One Small Ray of Hope - Rumors have swirled in the wake of SIN's assault on Futuba Mansion, like the disappearance of one Hotaru Futuba. Sneaking into the mansion in order to investigate, Chun-li meets someone with some of the answers, but they're hardly the news she wanted to hear. Will the two fighters be able to reclaim some of what was taken by SIN? Or will their best efforts be in vain? - created on 22:43:13 04/04/2009 by Shurui and last modified on 13:21:23 04/10/2009. Cast: Chun-Li and Shurui.

Revelations : Lost Soul - Serving as a scout for the beleaguered Southtown Syndicate, Ayame catches sight of a Shadaloo troop transport dropping Ichiro off near Taiyo High. Closer investigations gives her a glimpse into just how far the war machine invading Southtown is willing to go and what price they will extract from their victims. - created on 02:31:17 04/05/2009 by Ayame and last modified on 12:45:22 04/07/2009. Cast: Ichiro and Ayame.

Revelations : Parliament of Conquerors - A chance meeting in the present between ghosts of revolution future and past. The Devil of Koga and The Scion of Ryouhara meet once more in the shadows of war. What propositions do the two have for one another? And what is this new player in the form of Nakatani Suzume? What great power does this secretive, frigid woman hold over the fiery Ryouhara? And what does this power awaken within Marise? - created on 02:32:36 04/05/2009 by Marise and last modified on 04:05:25 04/18/2009. Cast: Marise, Suzume, and Seishirou.

Revelations : Suppression - The ongoing chaos over Southtown has spread over to the prisons. Criminals, rapists, and other baddies have broke out of jail. It was up to the wandering HeavyD and the wanted Stray Dog to prevent them from escaping. Let's see the results. - created on 21:25:29 04/05/2009 by Jiro and last modified on 15:39:07 04/17/2009. Cast: HeavyD, Jiro, Goon, and Thug.

Revelations : Resistance Begins at Home - Not long after his encounter with the Devil of Koga, Tenma finally manages to meet back up with one of his friends - Kenji 'Missile Fist' Ashima. Taking refuge at the Ashima residence, the two Guardian Kings catch up on what they've been doing since getting separated during the fall of Gedo High, and look towards the future with new resolve: To find the rest of their friends, and to recapture their school from the grip of Shadaloo and NESTS. - created on 19:30:53 04/06/2009 by Tenma and last modified on 12:47:03 04/07/2009. Cast: Tenma and Kenji.

Revelations : Tiger Versus Bear - While attempts to seize the other schools have not ended with success for enemy forces, that does not mean they're completely safe from harm. Having nearly had his school razed by 'R' forces, the Principal of Justice High, Raizo, has even more reason to fight against enemy forces to protect the student body: Shadaloo's disgraced Muay Thai Emperor Sagat and Kurenai have been dispatched to the school to try and wrangle power from the angry principal and seize Justice High once again. But Raizo does not fight alone: Pacific High faculty member Howard Rust is there to aid him against enemy forces. Is the angry Bear mightier than the fierce Tiger...? - created on 21:58:50 04/07/2009 by Rust and last modified on 05:44:18 04/11/2009. Cast: Sagat, Raizo, Rust, and Kurenai.

Revelations : Minority Report - Ichiro Oe: Taiyo lacrosse superstar turned experimental test subject for S.I.N. Just now, he had a run-in with contract troublemaker Ayame... but somebody was watching. Someone who has an interest in just how this experiment is going to play out. Deciding to get personally involved, S.I.N's rising superstar decides to evaluate this new living weapon's potential... - created on 22:33:51 04/07/2009 by C.Viper and last modified on 12:00:25 04/08/2009. Cast: Ichiro and C.Viper.

Revelations : Crimes Against Humanity - Roberto has been wanting to see his friend again. He finds however that his friend isn't quite the same. Will his attempts to reach out to Ichiro succeed or will he find himself adding yet another name to the list of friends he couldn't save? - created on 18:44:34 04/08/2009 by Roberto and last modified on 13:04:19 04/09/2009. Cast: Ichiro and Roberto.

Revelations : Old Friends, New Enemies - Filled with the desire to help somehow, Mizuki's gone into the warzone with supplies for the wartorn and downtrodden. It's pure fate that she happens to be there.. when Frei Tsukitomi-Renard is released, by S.I.N.... - created on 19:58:04 04/08/2009 by Mizuki and last modified on 13:04:42 04/09/2009. Cast: Frei and Mizuki.

Revelations : Do You Hear The People Sing - Ichiro Oe was just the first. Crimson Viper has other duties as a SIN analyst and intelligencer, as well as freelance battlesuit tester. Hotaru Futaba, another captive, was given the same treatment... but as Viper can see, her symptoms are both similar and different. As a SIN employee, she leaves 'impressed', but with more than a few phone calls to make... - created on 22:20:48 04/08/2009 by C.Viper and last modified on 13:05:20 04/09/2009. Cast: Hotaru and C.Viper.

Revelations : The War at Home - The Hunter after the Hunter. Rolento tracks down his prey, Nameless, and the ensuing battle rolls right over into- The Todoh Dojo. Caretaker Daniel Jack and Heroic Jogger of Great Justice 'May Lee' get their rap-battle on to take down Nameless. Unfortunately, that leaves a certain military commander to deal with.... - created on 20:39:36 04/09/2009 by Daniel and last modified on 16:14:04 04/12/2009. Cast: MayLee, Daniel, Nameless, and Rolento.

Revelations : Atrocities of War - If it is painful to lose a friend, it is agony itself to face a friend as an enemy. The atrocities are mounting in Southtown as the would-be saviors of this city find themselves bereft of home and now allies, their own loved ones turned against them by the strange machinations of SIN. But they are not bereft of hope, and in the midst of this chaotic spiral the last of the ex-YFCC defenders find the hour ripe for a counter-attack to win back what has been unjustly torn from them. Alma Towazu and Kentou Ondori venture forth to the desolate streets near Gedo to bravely spring a trap and witness first-hand the results of SIN's experimentations, as Frei, all inhibitions wiped away, becomes a conduit for the raw forces of nature he once controlled. Arrayed against the might of all creation and the insidious plots of their foes? Two young men's righteous fury, and the power of love. - created on 14:58:08 04/10/2009 by Alma and last modified on 12:48:00 04/12/2009. Cast: Frei, Alma, Kentou, and Marz.

Revelations : Dictator and Boxer - Bison is sent to straighten out the people that the normal grunts can't handle. Then, Vega himself decides to put his own stamp on the matter which is when Nataya joins in to balance things out. Things get a bit complicated when deals are offered. - created on 18:29:19 04/10/2009 by Aranha and last modified on 10:28:20 04/17/2009. Cast: Aranha, Vega, Nataya, Maki, and M.Bison.

Revelations : Into the Maw of Madness - Disorder and anarchy has struck the Southtown Penitentiary in the wake of a jail-wide prison break, supposedly orchestrated by the forces of the Southtown Syndicate. As the guards are overwhelmed and hundreds of dangerous criminals threaten to be released out onto the unsuspecting citizens of Southtown, it is up to a small few to hold them at bay -- a small few like the mighty Russian Bear, Zangief, and private investigator/grappling enthusiast, Mary Ryan. But not everyone is here to save the day; Southsynd/Mad Gear enforcer Poison has been ordered to utilize the confusion in order to release a valuable asset from the prison's solitary confinement: Ryuji Yamazaki. And when one adds Shenwoo, the God of Battle, into the mix... all of these fighters may very well find themselves seized up by the grip of chaos overflowing throughout the entire prison. - created on 19:07:07 04/10/2009 by Poison and last modified on 04:26:35 04/23/2009. Cast: Shenwoo, BlueMary, Yamazaki, Poison, and Zangief.

Revelations : Ground Zero - Throughout the weeks since their invasion, the combined forces of Shadaloo and NESTS have set up a number of bases. While the most notable of them is Gedo High, one must take smaller steps before aiming for the top. With the recent news that Hotaru Futaba has been kidnapped by the mysterious man known as 'Seth,' Shurui Chiang has come to one of the few people who can help: the world's strongest woman, Chun-Li. With intent to save Hotaru burning strong, the two fighters storm the invading force's base of operations located deep within Southtown Park, rumored to be where Futaba is being held. Yet, will they find what they are seeking... or something far more terrible? - created on 22:28:17 04/10/2009 by Chun-Li and last modified on 17:53:51 04/14/2009. Cast: Hotaru, Chun-Li, Shurui, and Seth15.

Revelations : Orders to Give, Money to Burn - Vega has plans for Southtown. And his newest muscle is in on those plans, as the leader of Shadaloo gives Vyle some orders...with a few changes from the rudo for fun and profit. - created on 19:15:13 04/12/2009 by Vyle and last modified on 20:00:34 04/18/2009. Cast: Vyle and Vega.

Revelations : Bear And Hair - Mere seconds after the battle to save Justice High from Shadaloo's forces ends in victory, Justice's principal and Pacific's shop teacher have a talk about the goings on. An old hand at these sorts of fighting politics reluctantly shares his knowledge, and the one previously left in the dark decides he's ready to put this collected knowledge to work. Will it be too late to make a difference in saving Southtown from the ravages of war? Sometimes, all it takes is for one man to simply say... "enough!" (Also, the dangers of utilizing a careless monologue when others are in need. Heed the lesson well!) - created on 23:38:37 04/13/2009 by Rust and last modified on 03:00:11 04/18/2009. Cast: Raizo and Rust.

Revelations : Life As Usual? - Some people run for shelter. Some bravely stand and fight. Others pursue pettier self-serving causes. This is the story of two such people in Southtown's darkest hour, where the giant Chang is hungry and Todoh is as irritable about the world around him as ever. A glimpse into the world of the simple-minded in the face of a town that'll never be the same is offered within. (Also, spanking.) - created on 10:18:28 04/14/2009 by Todoh and last modified on 16:37:40 04/14/2009. Cast: Todoh and Chang.

Revelations : HMO Hell - A recent conquest in the campaign led by Igniz and his NESTS forces, Southtown Hospital is currently, much like the city itself, on heavy lockdown, with the patients and resources within purportedly being used for plans of questionable ethics at best -- all overseen now by NESTS' own third-in-command, Krizalid. With the hospital now serving as one of NESTS and Shadaloo's primary strongholds, Mr. Big has been tasked, along with the British brawler known as Birdie, to take down the hospital and the men occupying it -- by any means necessary. With the hospital and the lives within at risk from the inevitable conflict between the Syndicate and the invading forces, there is only one man who can possibly save them: Kyo Kusanagi...!? - created on 23:13:42 04/15/2009 by Kyo and last modified on 00:28:38 04/19/2009. Cast: Kyo, Krizalid, Goon, and Birdie.

Revelations : Curtain Call - Geese arranges a press conference to assure the people of Southtown that he will do everything in his power to protect them. He does not, however, count on the resourcefulness of his enemies, and underestimates the more subtle weapons that have been levied against him. - created on 19:38:08 04/17/2009 by Kain and last modified on 22:37:46 04/18/2009. Cast: Rock, Geese, Billy, and Kain.

Revelations : Decoy Forces - Recently, Taiyo’s Burning Phys-Ed teacher had to fend off forces from his school. And now, once again, he must do the same. Shadaloo’s Dolls Juli and Juni have been dispatched to Taiyo to advance upon the school and seize control through any means necessary. At its gates, Hayato must fend them off--but he has help once again. Guardian King and demon hunter Hakuya Suigetsu is there to help him stand against the fearsome Dolls and protect the students held safely within. But...are they really safe as they seem? - created on 21:17:27 04/17/2009 by Hakuya and last modified on 13:43:49 04/25/2009. Cast: Hakuya, Hayato, Juli, and Juni.

Revelations : More Than You Can Chew - A crack team of "R" operatives release the organization's own little WMD, Cody Travers, from incarceration the Southtown Penitentiary. With his help, they incite a riot in the prison cafeteria, intending to release the prisoners into the city to cause trouble for the Southtown Syndicate. At the behest of the Syndicate, Ayame and Nagase arrive to thwart their efforts. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Dr. Tran has only one thing in mind... REVENGE. - created on 22:13:33 04/17/2009 by Nagase and last modified on 04:33:55 04/19/2009. Cast: Tran, Nagase, Invader, Cody, and Ayame.

Revelations : Chang and Choi Strike Back - War is not all about horror and glory. Sometimes, the call of duty leads one to less song-worthy tasks. Take for instance, Vyle and Marise. Commissioned to spring several devious individuals from the minimal-security white-collar section of Southtown Penitentiary ... Could there be a more boring detail? As it so happens, the felonous duo, Choi and Chang, have decided to liven up the party via monster truck. Hijinks and exercises in virtual immortality ensue.. - created on 16:33:00 04/18/2009 by Marise and last modified on 03:42:49 04/19/2009. Cast: Choi, Vyle, Marise, and Chang.

Revelations : To Face a God - Amongst the chaos, Igniz infiltrates into the Taiyo Auditorium. Inside are two fighters that are unwilling to let him have what he wishes. Igniz seeks to raze the ground of the troubles and destroy whatever he is capable of in turn. The kids, the defends and everyone would be perverted by Igniz's ill will if something is not done. There are time for stands of the great calibur. - created on 21:17:32 04/18/2009 by Igniz and last modified on 13:28:00 04/19/2009. Cast: Vanessa, Igniz, and Gan.

Revelations : Volunteer Relief - Even though the occupying forces have mostly locked the borders of Southtown down, benevolent souls in the world beyond Southtown have still been trying to help those within. Organizations have been attempting to smuggle the populace out of the city and other groups have been dedicated to the task of getting food and medical equipment into the beleaguered city. Slipping into the city on side roads with busses full of supplies, the brave drivers and their teams of volunteers leave with as many people as they can fit aboard, relocating the population of Southtown to relief camps outside the city. One such bus has been stopped on its way into the city under the cover of darkness. Caught in a NESTS organized road block, Foxy and Diana are on scene to handle capturing the pesky do-gooders, confiscating the vehicle and supplies, and plugging yet another gap into Southtown. Things look grim for the volunteers but there might be unexpected relief in the form of a wanderer... - created on 21:32:46 04/18/2009 by Foxy and last modified on 04:34:26 04/19/2009. Cast: Diana, Foxy, and Ryu.

Revelations : Luminous - Salvatore Ellis and Kula Diamond are on a mission from God, and by God we probably mean Igniz, but not really. Their mission, if they choose to (and do) accept it, is to cut the power to Southtown. Luckily for Southtown, K' happens to spot them, and decides to be a nosey bastard. - created on 22:38:52 04/18/2009 by Salvatore and last modified on 00:24:24 04/22/2009. Cast: Kula, K', and Salvatore.

Revelations : His Name be Holy - NESTS moves once more, but when Igniz attempts to stop Terry he gets more than he bargained for. - created on 14:28:15 04/19/2009 by Igniz and last modified on 18:26:07 04/19/2009. Cast: Terry and Igniz.

Revelations : Phobic Phantasia - Sometimes, it's necessary to look deeper into certain problems before you can outright squash it like a bug. Shihong Mao has been tasked to investigate the prison breakout supposedly started by the Southtown Syndicate. Yet, nothing ever goes quite as planned. Not all the prisoners released from the Southtown Penitentiary are loyal to the Syndicate cause, and in the confusion, Shihong may very well simply become another statistic in the riot... especially when she enters the playground of a certain Ojike no Oni... - created on 19:21:23 04/19/2009 by Shihong and last modified on 22:15:51 04/23/2009. Cast: Shihong, Kichiga, and Thug.

Revelations : ...Until It's Gone - In a brief moment of peace at the Futaba estate, two injured survivors of the conflict -- Shurui and Frei -- meet as the former goes about her day and the latter wakes from days of recuperative sleep. However, the road to recovery for Frei has an extremely scary surprise on it, one that Shurui herself is in a unique position to understand... - created on 20:21:01 04/19/2009 by Frei and last modified on 02:49:05 04/20/2009. Cast: Frei and Shurui.

Revelations : Inviting Havoc - During a secret operation pursuant to the Black Noah's appearance at Southtown Harbor, Ryouhara Seishirou infiltrated the ship to gather intelligence. But his primary goal was to locate a former guest aboard a ship the Blacknoah has met in the past; the Suiryuu. Alan discovers, much to his ire, that Ryouhara knows much more about the brawler's past than he was ever aware of.. - created on 20:24:28 04/19/2009 by Seishirou and last modified on 23:55:46 06/23/2009. Cast: Alan and Seishirou.

Revelations : Allies Where it Counts - With Hotaru now at large and not in the sanest frame of mind, Shurui finally makes that phone call to K'. What follows is a a surprising small chain of events that proves to her that she isn't the only one who's suffered during the siege. But the question remains: what do they need to do about Hotaru? - created on 00:27:52 04/21/2009 by Shurui and last modified on 00:24:42 04/22/2009. Cast: K' and Shurui.

Revelations : Front Row Seats - Getting back to Pacific at last, Howard Rust is just in time to watch a press conference by Geese Howard to address the ailing city as he attempts to gather all his thoughts into cohesive form, to figure out the theories and possible truths both thought by and suggested to the Pacific schoolteacher. But when infamous young boxer Marisol O'Connell stops by for a little chat to discuss the goings on and her own little plans, the teacher is a little tongue-tied in figuring out how to explain this rollercoaster of events and likely facts to her. Not to mention, the spectacle that plays out right in front of them... - created on 19:23:53 04/22/2009 by Rust and last modified on 02:48:44 04/25/2009. Cast: Marisol and Rust.

Revelations : Machines of War - With Gedo lost, a good number of its students have been displaced--and left bitter about their loss. However, all is not completely lost: with newfound allies, arrangements have been put into place to weaken the defenses and footholds held by enemy forces. Gedo High’s Guardian Kings Tenma and Kenji will face down against a Shadaloo-commissioned weapon known as the 'Kraken'. Their goal? Destroy the tank and send enemy forces running. It's natural talent and family-inherited skill versus manufactured strength and power in a fight to take back a part of what's rightfully Gedo's. - created on 21:30:42 04/22/2009 by Tenma and last modified on 22:16:06 04/23/2009. Cast: Tenma, Kenji, and Kraken.

Revelations : Kindred Spirits - Intent on enacting revenge upon all the invaders of Southtown, an unstable Hotaru slowly cuts a violent path of punishment through the city. Informed of the change that has befallen her in the wake of Shadaloo's experimentation on her, K' confronts her in what is, for him, an ironic task: putting a stop to her unfocused vengeance. - created on 22:34:06 04/22/2009 by K' and last modified on 13:01:18 04/26/2009. Cast: Hotaru and K'.

Revelations : A Walk in the Park - There comes a time in every schoolkids life, female, that they are faced with kidnapping. Bet YOU want a large knight to rescue you, if you're said schoolgirl! But what if there was a world where you could get super powers for just having your body messed with? Then .. would it be a crime?! - created on 21:08:26 04/23/2009 by Diana and last modified on 04:46:39 04/24/2009. Cast: HeavyD and Diana.

Revelations : Karma - Briefly resting while scouring Southtown for his missing master, Hotaru - Kentou stops by the Futaba Estate. He also meets with Frei, whom struggles in the aftermath of his capture to fully come to grips with what he had lost. Do we deserve in kind what we inflict upon the world? - created on 01:49:21 04/26/2009 by Kentou and last modified on 13:28:14 04/27/2009. Cast: Frei and Kentou.

Revelations : S.I.N. and Punishment - S.I.N. might be part of Shadaloo, but sometimes it's like the renegade arm of Dr. Strangelove. Bison is sent on a mission to assess S.I.N.'s progress and to test the skills of their agent 'Maya'. - created on 12:40:25 04/26/2009 by M.Bison and last modified on 12:24:59 04/29/2009. Cast: C.Viper and M.Bison.

Revelations : NESTS Knows Bests - In the Depths of southtown, where people whose life had been taken away in a flash gather, so do NESTs forces. Brave heroes and Todoh gather around to stop the forces, lead by Igniz, as hope seems dim.. but will Todoh, and Hope prevail? There will only be one way to find out! Well, at least Todoh prevails. Good old Todoh. - created on 17:50:04 04/26/2009 by Diana and last modified on 13:11:22 05/04/2009. Cast: Jiro, Angel, Diana, Mizuki, Igniz, Todoh, and Zach.

Revelations : Southtown City Shuffle - After getting his head together, Francois decides to set off in Southtown searching for somewhere to earn some all-important cash. What he finds, is Roland, the cheating scumbag. Drawn in by the promise of gambling, it isn't long before the two men come to blows. After all, even when war rages all around, there is no excuse to try and cheat a man out of his hard-earned pay, is there? - created on 18:28:12 04/27/2009 by Francois and last modified on 12:25:36 04/29/2009. Cast: Roland and Francois.

Revelations : The Costs of War - The SIN induced toxins may have granted Hotaru the ability to tap into the ability to push her strength beyond previous limits but the power is not without its price. Her body, unable to cope with the side effects, is begining to shut down. With no hope of a cure in sight, K' and Shurui are presented with an unexpected offer from a strange source. It seems the girl has quite the ominous 'Guardian Angel.' - created on 23:42:58 04/27/2009 by Hotaru and last modified on 07:53:46 05/02/2009. Cast: Hotaru, K', Marise, and Shurui.

Revelations : The Newest Model - Urien has suffered a great many setbacks during his time in Southtown, but... perhaps there is yet time for the venture to become profitable. Refusing to accept that he is outclassed, there is really only one option for the head of the G-Project. In for a penny, in for a pound, it is time to press forwards and continue the work he has started with every resource available to him. Luckily for his minions, the resources available to him are only growing, as the G-Project bears yet more fruit. Unfortunately for Raoghnailt, that means that the self-proclaimed God of the G-Project has no qualms about throwing her into the deep end, and seeing if she will swim... - created on 13:49:37 05/01/2009 by Urien and last modified on 07:54:39 05/02/2009.

Revelations : Hockey Puck Hoedown - A night in the Pao Pao Cafe. A man with a past. A kid with a future. How, why, and to what end do they collide? - created on 21:02:54 05/01/2009 by Jayden and last modified on 08:23:15 05/02/2009. Cast: Brett and Jayden.

Revelations : Sales Pitch - Ever since his fight with Brian and seeing the logo, Heavy D! has had a thirst for info and an axe to grind when it comes to Shadaloo. Finding a skeleton Shadaloo installation on the outskirts of town, he gives it the business... so the guards call in S.I.N's 'Maya-san', who has an interesting way of dealing with uninvited guests. - created on 21:23:35 05/01/2009 by C.Viper and last modified on 13:46:47 05/02/2009. Cast: HeavyD and C.Viper.

Revelations : Agents of Change - Hope is returning to Southtown. A city turned desolate battlefield, where the homeless outnumber the housed, begins to suggest the possibility of home once more. Alma Towazu, returning from a successful minor mission to the Futaba Estate, has helped to shift the tides-- but he has not yet found the revelation he has been seeking, and it comes to him now in the form of the one man he could not have dared to hope to see again. K', vagrant assassin turned erstwhile vigilante, reveals both what he knows and the incredible strength he has gained with a finally growing sense of self-worth-- and Alma is given what he never needed, let alone hoped for: proof that his inexplicable yet unconditional faith in K' was justified all along. - created on 22:21:37 05/01/2009 by Alma and last modified on 23:29:14 05/02/2009. Cast: Alma and K'.

Revelations : Economic Instability - As Shadaloo vandal Vyle hits the streets to continue to spread his brand of Chaos, hired Syndicte scout, Ayame, tries to take matters into her own hands. - created on 21:19:48 05/02/2009 by Ayame and last modified on 09:11:02 05/04/2009. Cast: Vyle and Ayame.

Revelations : The Gift - After a long absense, Stasya Voronkova returns to the streets of Gedo to see first-hand the chaos the Invaders have wrought. In the search for her missing friends, something altogether worse finds her instead. The Devil of Koga catches up with her past victim, confronting her now about a promise being kept. Against such a monster is Stasya's power a boon ... Or a curse? - created on 22:01:23 05/03/2009 by Marise and last modified on 09:12:01 05/04/2009. Cast: Marise and Stasya.

Revelations : Three Out of Four Ain't Bad - Another reunion, as Stasya Voronkova, fresh off of her encounter with the Devil of Koga, finds her way back to two of the other Guardian Kings. Even in war, there are peaceful interludes, and with the Guardian Kings almost at full force once again, their hopes of taking back their school seem just a little bit brighter... - created on 18:10:44 05/04/2009 by Tenma and last modified on 01:58:24 05/05/2009. Cast: Tenma, Kenji, and Stasya.

Revelations : Boardwalk Body Slam - Tonight, in the main event....Domino vs. Vyle! Shooting Star versus the Sickness, right here at Southtown's own Boardwalk! Who will prevail in this hardcore matchup in the sands? And just what is the reason behind this impromptu match? - created on 20:20:07 05/06/2009 by Vyle and last modified on 01:44:24 05/12/2009. Cast: Vyle and Drake.

Revelations : Villain, Vigilante, or Visionary? - Rolento Schugerg has plans. Those who are aware of his movements in Southtown know at least this much. Yet... what are they? What's his agenda? Where do his conscripts come into play? Whose side is he really on? Pacific High teacher Howard Rust and problem sleuth Daniel "Jack" Little have many questions and misgivings about Metro's would-be conqueror. Is he a villain, vigilante, or visionary? The mystery grows a little deeper yet with every clarification given. - created on 17:57:38 05/08/2009 by Rust and last modified on 02:48:20 05/09/2009. Cast: Rust, Daniel, and Rolento.

Revelations : Perfect for the Job - Dealing with a sudden loss of manpower within 'R', Rugal has had to expand his options for how to pad his ranks with powerful men or be left with a weak hand alongside the giants of NESTS and Shadaloo. Going back to the rarely-worthwhile yet still all-too-tempting well of brainwashed-loyalty, Bernstein has sent Mature and a unit of elite soldiers to track down a man that has already been unwillingly in his employ before: Saishu Kusanagi. Their orders are to capture the eccentric fighter and bring him back, using any force necessary. Fight for freedom, Saishu! - created on 21:15:19 05/12/2009 by Mature and last modified on 01:57:03 05/13/2009. Cast: Mature, Saishu, and Invader.

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