LLK Act II.Lockdown

Lockdown : Serendipity Pt. Deux - Southtown's war soon finds itself waged in the most innocuous of places: it's inside a laundromat where two criminal kingpins -- Billy Kane, the Syndicate's second-in-command, and Krizalid, NESTS' notorious third -- demand each other's blood. And, trapped between them, is a lone Ikari Warrior on a surveillance mission gone wrong. Whip's orders would command her to get out of there. It's a pity she's not keen on following them. - created on 04:01:39 03/08/2009 by Whip and last modified on 14:01:54 03/28/2009. Cast: Billy, Krizalid, and Whip.

Lockdown : The Burden - Built to keep students in class, the Southtown schools also serve as points of refuge throughout the city of Southtown for those who have no where else to go. With Gedo overrun, it was only a matter of time before the invading force would seek to secure the other schools as well. As the lone adult with any experience in fighting at Pacific High, the burden of defense seems to rest heavily upon Rust Howard. He's been informed, however, that there is help available when the time comes. Faced with dealing with not one but two fearsome opponents from his past, surely he and Hakuya Suigetsu also holding up at the campus, will need some of that promised back up when Igniz and strange ally, the Ojike no Oni make their appearance leading a unit of armed troops. - created on 17:27:55 03/08/2009 by Hakuya and last modified on 17:29:12 03/28/2009. Cast: Igniz, Hakuya, Rust, Kichiga, and Rolento.

Lockdown : Beasts from the Deep - Returning to Southtown, independently, as Mizuki Kamigawa and the swimming coach-star of Taiyo, Nagare Namikawa. They happen to meet in front of City Hall... at the same time that a large tank attempts to destroy it! What will happen?? - created on 18:17:47 03/08/2009 by Mizuki and last modified on 11:08:36 03/09/2009. Cast: Mizuki, Leviathan, and Nagare.

Lockdown : Round Up - Ichiro and Frei mind the Church Yard after their escape from the YFCC rampages. With nowhere else to turn, they make watch there, only to have the Shadaloo tankette Scylla and probationary agent Vyle come for their heads. Unfortunately, things don't end too well, either for the two or the church yard itself. - created on 18:23:14 03/08/2009 by Vyle and last modified on 11:43:55 03/16/2009. Cast: Frei, Vyle, Scylla, and Ichiro.

Lockdown : You Can Fight City Hall - City Hall, the center of Southtown's would-be prominent governing body -- and recently renovated by way of Howard Enterprises -- is under siege. Lord Vega and the forces of Shadaloo would seek to demolish it entirely, as a message to the whole of the once-proud city: there is no hope. Ryu and Ken Masters would disagree. Happenstance and the words of a comrade have brought the vagabond and his rich American friend to Southtown in the midst of its struggles, an x-factor among the chaos. Vega, with the Spanish assassin Balrog, has primed himself to take out the would-be heart of Southtown and bring everything to anarchy -- but will Ryu and Ken prove to be the eternal thorn in his side, or simply another obstacle to overcome...? - created on 20:06:34 03/08/2009 by Balrog and last modified on 22:49:21 04/10/2009. Cast: Ken, Ryu, Vega, and Balrog.

Lockdown : Infinitum Nihil - The tides of war are unrelenting. Faced with the prospect of utter chaos in Southtown, those who before defended the YFCC and their compatriots devote themselves to forging a new safe haven for those displaced by the combat, as Hotaru Futaba provides her own family estate as a refuge. Yet even this oasis draws the attention of the mechanized armies rampaging through the city. What is their objective in battering down the gates to this place of asylum? Who is the enigmatic foe leading their forces? Hotaru, side by side with loyal friends Alma Towazu and Shurui Chiang, fights to defend the innocent and to learn the truth. Yet though their efforts are formidable, little is resolved by the destruction and subsequent mysterious abduction. What are the motives of the powers that be? Does any hero exist who can penetrate the infinite void at the heart of this battle...? - created on 20:12:48 03/08/2009 by Alma and last modified on 12:17:11 03/21/2009. Cast: Hotaru, Alma, Invader, Charybdis, Shurui, and Seth15.

Lockdown : Just Be Reasonable - As Pacific High threatens to share the same fate as Gedo, Yurika Kirishima has received assistance from Shadaloo in the form of its operative -- Juli -- to gut the school of its best fighters to ensure its total surrender and compliance. However, the hunkering students in the auditorium find an unlikely hero in the visiting Taiyo student Kyosuke Kagami, who emerges to try to stop the two. There, he also finds his own assistance (and marriage proposal) in an unlikely ally (wife) of Pacific's own resident trickster, Pás, who happens to think war is the best cure for boredom... - created on 21:50:19 03/08/2009 by Pas and last modified on 16:37:12 03/28/2009. Cast: Kyosuke, Pas, Yurika, and Juli.

Lockdown : Priorities - After the fall of Gedo High, Tenma hid out to recuperate from his injuries, and to try to clear his head. Pás, however, still wasn't done trying to track the Guardian King down, and not even having been shot was about to stop her. Two teenagers who live their lives with carefully created personae come dangerously close to a genuine emotional moment... Until Pás runs for it. Chicks, am I right, fellas? - created on 18:53:59 03/09/2009 by Tenma and last modified on 11:44:06 03/16/2009.

Lockdown : I Thought We Were Tight - Assault on Taiyo! Brian Battler, Kurenai Takayanagi, and the NESTS Agent Eclipse attempt to take the school--but Brian gets taken out early, which forces the other two to adjust their strategy... - created on 20:41:53 03/09/2009 by Kurenai and last modified on 11:44:17 03/16/2009. Cast: HeavyD, Brian, Roberto, Kurenai, and Eclipse.

Lockdown : Spin Control - Rugal Bernstein and his mercenaries arrive to take control of the Howard-owned news subsidiary and broadcast center, only to face opposition from the unlikeliest of sources. A long-simmered betrayal, the sacrifice of a stray dog, and the unsheathing of a weapon forged from the legacy of the Suiryuu.... - created on 22:52:28 03/09/2009 by Adelheid and last modified on 07:58:29 05/02/2009. Cast: Adelheid, Jiro, Alan, Rugal, and SkyNoah.

Lockdown : The Masked Doll - While having kept relatively low profile around Southtown since its invasion, Marisol HAS been around. Sticking to Pacific, she's taken it upon herself to try and keep things safe and in check. But the arrival of a strange masked woman proves that no place in Southtown is truly spared. - created on 02:05:01 03/10/2009 by Marisol and last modified on 13:16:06 03/10/2009. Cast: Marisol and Decapre.

Lockdown : Freedom At Last? - So, what happens when Ryuhaku Todoh takes a particular shine to any of his students? Nothing sexy. Possibly nothing even humane! Yet, Roland S. Brown is more than but a mere student. He, like his fellow student Daniel, more than surpasses his expectations (when Todoh recalls what they even were to begin with in his pride-drunk haze) and goes forth boldly into the warzone that is Southtown a new man, cleansed of past weaknesses to go save the world of martial arts at lar--- pffthahahaha, oh, who are we kidding. - created on 18:02:57 03/14/2009 by Todoh and last modified on 14:48:13 03/19/2009. Cast: Todoh and Roland.

Lockdown : Front Page Splash - Domino and Zach managed to find each other in the chaos permeating the city, and decided to ally up to take on whatever lies ahead. The STBC News Studio has come under the arrest of Nests and put under guard by none other than Angel and a haplessly abused trooper. Will the newly-paired duo manage to defeat the skilled femme fatale and her cohort and liberate the building, or will this be the end of their vigilante heroics? - created on 18:25:45 03/14/2009 by Drake and last modified on 20:15:23 03/26/2009. Cast: Angel, Drake, Zach, and Invader2.

Lockdown : Jaguar Hunting - Cross Shadaloo, and you pay the piper sooner or later. No matter who you are. Adon's interference in the YFCC operation does not go unnoticed, nor shall it go unpunished. A team composed of the calculating doll Marz and the vicious Devil of Koga is sent to hunt down the Jungle Emperor of Muay Thai and communicate the error of his ways. Can Adon stand against these assassins? - created on 16:13:28 03/15/2009 by Marise and last modified on 14:47:40 03/19/2009. Cast: Marise, Marz, and Adon.

Lockdown : Prison Break - Chang comes to free Choi from prison - and Yamazaki! - created on 18:36:16 03/15/2009 by Chang and last modified on 11:47:24 03/16/2009. Cast: Choi, Yamazaki, and Chang.

Lockdown : Homecoming - War allows for many opportunities. Through conflict comes the chance to settle old scores, or carry out vendettas that have been nursed for years into a festering, undeniable urge for vengeance. Rock Howard wants revenge, and if he has to tear down every bit of Geese Howard's empire to do it, then maybe that is the best -- the only -- way to go about it. In the turmoil of conflict, Rock has found guidance and direction in the hand of an old ally, in the form of a target: Southsynd's Third in Command, the Chrome Dome Don, Mr. Big. But when Rock finds he has bitten off more than he can chew, is there anyone who can spare him from his predicament...? (PS I STOLE THE DESC PSS SS WINS) - created on 21:01:33 03/16/2009 by Mr.Big and last modified on 23:59:08 03/24/2009. Cast: Rock, Mr.Big, K', and Raiden.

Lockdown : Wanted - While the attempt to secure the YFCC as a foothold deep in Southtown was ultimately overthrown, it did serve to effectively bring a lot of the more powerful threats against the invasion out of the woodwork. Reports were reviewed, debriefings held, and new plans to recover from this setback have been put in motion. But part of locking down the city requires teaching those who fought back that there will be repercussions. Kula Daimond and her superior officer, Zero, have been dispatched to hunt down and deal with two of the larger threats to make their presence known: Kyo Kusanagi and ex-NESTS project, Maxima. Of course, with high value targets like these, the orders for the NESTS operatives are explicitly clear: Take those two alive. - created on 22:44:37 03/16/2009 by Zero and last modified on 03:02:49 03/28/2009. Cast: Kula, Maxima, Kyo, and Zero.

Lockdown : Breaking Headlines - While the studio proper is overrun, between both forcing out the enemy and attempting to gain entry, someone needs to help protect and usher out the people within. International vigilante of justice / pop star finds herself in the rather unfortunate position of providing a wall of defense for the workers within the the News Studio's crew lounge as they make a panicked exit. The only way into that lounge through conventional means? Through the prop room, that Athena has so valiantly taken up as her proverbial line-in-the-sand. And who must the tiny but brave Athena provide a wall against? ... The mountain of muscle, the former Emperor of Muay Thai, Sagat, and his companion, the Doll Aprile. The odds are overwhelming, even for a defiant young woman like Athena... but perhaps, just perhaps, she is not alone...?! - created on 20:24:53 03/17/2009 by Aprile and last modified on 20:15:44 03/26/2009. Cast: Tran, Athena, Sagat, and Aprile.

Lockdown : Don't Let Your Guard Down - With his forces spread thin throughout the city, Geese's ability to budget and position his manpower is being put to the test. But has he kept in mind the towering symbol of his power right in the heart of Southtown? The masterminds behind this invasion are tracking the whereabouts of his strongest minions by the minute. It's just a matter of waiting for each and every one of them to step away from Geese Tower before 'R''s Cody Travers and NESTS excitable project, K9999, are set loose upon the tower itself. The goal of the incursion is to make a mess in Geese Howard's house. While the King of Southtown himself isn't the target of the attack, an opportunity to catch him off guard should certainly not be passed up on. Of course, cornering the man in his own fortress might just make him all the more dangerous... - created on 20:43:23 03/17/2009 by Geese and last modified on 02:39:05 03/31/2009. Cast: K9999, Geese, Cody, and Shihong.

Lockdown : Unhand That Sandvich! - With so many people falling back to the more easily fortified campus, the stockpile of food that has been gathered in Taiyo's cafeteria is actually an item of some importance. Without food reserves, those seeking refuge at Taiyo will be forced to venture off campus in search of food. Which is why the place has become something of a target. While initially only attacked by small units of troops easily handled by whoever was stuck on guard duty at the time, it seems the invading force has decided to kick it up a level by dispatching NESTS' Candy Diamond and Shadaloo's Decapre to destroy Taiyo's cafeteria. With the recently displaced Tenma Kiryuu and Flora Akahana's turn to stand guard just starting, it will be up to them to save the food supply! - created on 21:52:11 03/17/2009 by Tenma and last modified on 17:00:01 03/29/2009. Cast: Candy, Tenma, Decapre, and Flora.

Lockdown : On Common Ground - In the midst of Southtown's darkest of hours, Rolento Schugerg requests audience of the Ikari Warriors' CO, Heidern. Odd and most unexpected, considering their past, Heidern chooses not to ignore the invitation and, instead, provides an ear--and, perhaps, a helping hand of sorts during the 'war.' - created on 19:53:25 03/18/2009 by Heidern and last modified on 14:47:51 03/19/2009. Cast: Heidern and Rolento.

Lockdown : Not in my House - Foxy and Juni perform a strike on the Taiyo Dome, hoping to disable a rallying point for those fighters struggling against the invasion. What they aren't prepared for are Gan and Hayato, with Hayato working on his home turf and in a bad mood. The lesson of the day? Don't mess with Taiyo! - created on 20:28:46 03/19/2009 by Hayato and last modified on 19:47:01 03/27/2009. Cast: Foxy, Gan, Hayato, and Juni.

Lockdown : The Faceless One - A new arrival finds Southtown in interesting times. Who is this scythe-wielding young man? For what purpose has he come to this war-torn city? What is it that the Devil of Koga finds so compelling about him? Who are the Mugan? And what has the Devil hired the young man to do? This new arrival brings with him many questions as his story begins. - created on 00:08:48 03/22/2009 by Marise and last modified on 20:03:19 03/23/2009. Cast: Marise and Maeda.

Lockdown : Stop the Press - As the combined invasion forces lay siege to the STBC news station, its defenders make a last-ditch defense of the civilians in the production room. The mighty Siberian Bear, the Red Cyclone himself, Zangief stands together with the bold detective Daniel to fight back an army of Invaders. But are they ready for NESTs newest creation? The latest K' clone and wielder of stolen Kusanagi flame? The one known only as Nameless? An incredible battle ensues.. - created on 16:55:43 03/22/2009 by Nameless and last modified on 20:03:31 03/23/2009. Cast: Invader, Daniel, Nameless, and Zangief.

Lockdown : Purge the Heretics - The god of NESTS, seeing over his attempt to stem resistance amongst Southtown takes the war to a particular place usually seen as neutral. Igniz marches on the Southtown Hospital before being waylaid by both HeavyD and Yuno. The two rise up against the god of NESTS but themselves quickly overpowered. Igniz, now with control of the hospital, has an unlimited supply of DNA and capital for his plans. Nothing good can come of this. - created on 14:29:07 03/23/2009 by Igniz and last modified on 20:03:47 03/23/2009. Cast: HeavyD, Igniz, and Yuno.

Lockdown : Oneechanbadrama Gaiden - In the heroic effort to relocate those displaced by the escalating conflict to the sanctuary of the Futaba Estate, Alma Towazu finds himself, one case of mistaken identity and surely an instance of divine intervention later, pitted against his most, er, formidable foes yet: the Bikini Samurai Squad, eccentric sisters Kaida and Shika Inoue. Frantic battling becomes desperate attempts at reconciliation and comedy collides headlong with drama until, when the dust settles, the psychic finds himself with one sister in tow and the other marking him for death, quite distracted from the war he's supposed to be fighting. The important lesson learned here? When faced with a falling out between bikini-clad twins, there's nothing an Alluring Hit won't solve. ...Okay, so that's not really the lesson. - created on 03:50:31 03/24/2009 by Alma and last modified on 20:16:10 03/26/2009. Cast: Alma, Kaida, and Shika.

Lockdown : Disrupting Supplies - Now that the occupying forces have established at least one Southtown foothold at Gedo a supply chain has been formed between the harbor and the occupied campus. Ships, loaded with weapons, body armor, and more troops, pull in and out of the harbor under the direction of Shadaloo's vast war resources. Quite aware that the harbor will likely be a target of those seeking to disrupt their presence in Southtown, Shadaloo's Killer Bee, Cammy, and bat wielding Cracker Jack are overseeing security at the port. Surely no one would try to meddle in the shipping process with two such formidable Shadaloo operatives on site, would they? - created on 20:31:03 03/24/2009 by Cammy and last modified on 21:49:41 03/27/2009. Cast: Urien, C.Jack, Cammy, and Mary.

Lockdown : Strays No More - Alma Towazu has lost much during this ordeal: the YFCC once more, and now his sworn sister and close friend Hotaru Futaba, kidnapped before his very eyes by the invaders that have splintered and destroyed the city that he calls home. Only one man can restore that sense of home that Alma treasures, the other person with whom the psychic hero has forged bonds of sincere trust: Jiro Kasagi, the Stray Dog. These two, so different yet united by and through their journeys for purpose, were once both stray dogs, in their own way; that is what drew them together. Now, in another fated meeting and rematch, they prove that they are strays no more-- they are Glory Hounds, and will become seekers of justice and of truth too, in the face of a chaos that would consume everything they hold dear. - created on 22:06:45 03/24/2009 by Alma and last modified on 20:16:41 03/26/2009. Cast: Alma and Jiro.

Lockdown : With Friends Like These - War is chaos, and chaos brings opportunity. For Alma Towazu, it is an opportunity to fight and suffer with courage for his heartfelt ideals; for Adon, it is an opportunity to advance himself while others are distracted by the discord. Neo League? In wartime, in the midst of the final stage of the YFCC's evacuation? The former has no time for the machinations of the latter. But an insidious ambush takes a turn for the bizarre when another emerges abruptly onto the scene, determined to seize upon an opportunity to further his own cause-- and take revenge upon a traitor. - created on 18:01:32 03/25/2009 by Alma and last modified on 00:39:57 05/04/2009. Cast: Alma, Urien, and Adon.

Lockdown : Clock's Ticking - The Elite Justice High is another stronghold that needs to be cracked. But not all fights need to be fought fairly. Infiltrating the campus with an array of explosives technology, a squad of 'R' soldiers, escorted by the fearsome yet beautiful Mature, make their way to the basement of the main building. There they intend to plant enough explosives to turn the building into a smoldering crater. Never getting a break in the midst of all this turmoil, it's up to Principal Imawano to put a stop to this plot to wreck his prestigious school! - created on 21:25:42 03/25/2009 by Mature and last modified on 20:16:57 03/26/2009. Cast: Mature, Invader, and Raizo.

Lockdown : Oneechanbadrama Redux - What is the meaning of pride? On the desolate streets of a Southtown still in lockdown, Alma Towazu, saddled with one of a pair of sisters, is confronted violently with this question when the second returns with vengeance in mind. For Alma, who would prefer a more transcendent dignity to mere respect, pride is when he refuses to accept that, despite his most soulful efforts, circumstances decree that he cannot make himself understood. For Shika, impatient with to her trivial matters in a time of war, pride is perhaps simply not having to wear some very awkward -- but stylish! -- shoes. But what is pride for Kaida, what does she seek through revenge? A definition may yet be forged in the heat of battle... - created on 04:26:40 03/26/2009 by Alma and last modified on 18:40:08 05/06/2009. Cast: Alma, Kaida, and Shika.

Lockdown : You're Doing It Wrong! - Igniz was chased away from Pacific High, leaving only Rolento Schugerg standing to its (unlikely) defense. He was not pleased. A man who runs tight numbers, weighing the odds while detached from the emotion and intensity that so many choose to use as their means of strength. Is this truly unacceptable in war? From within a safehouse, Rolento makes his case to Pacific schoolteacher Howard Rust and Guardian King Hakuya Suigetsu, two whom chose to stay and fight against his orders - and suffered grievous injury. They're doing things his way from here on out... or else. - created on 20:27:30 03/26/2009 by Rust and last modified on 23:11:46 03/26/2009. Cast: Hakuya, Rust, and Rolento.

Lockdown : Harsh Lesson - Numbered among those who stood up to fight against the Shadaloo directed assault on the YFCC, Vanessa has joined the list of fights targeted for counter attack. With her history with the NESTS cartel, it was only fitting that one of their finest was dispatched to deal with her. Thus enter the elite researcher and deadly swordswoman Diana, with the Cartel's impressive array of surveillance technology at her fingertips. Vanessa /will/ be found. And she will be taught a lesson: Stay out of the affairs of NESTS, unless she wants to end up like her deceased beloved. - created on 23:17:50 03/26/2009 by Vanessa and last modified on 12:06:34 03/28/2009. Cast: Vanessa and Diana.

Lockdown : Recovery - Following the brutal attack on the hospital, Yuno and D! have retreated to the comparative safety of a small backstreet shop in Chinatown. There to rest, recuperate, and lick their wounds. The temptation to lapse into depression at his own helplessness is great, though... until! A surprise visit from a friend helps to smooth over some of the emotional damage. Of course... how long it'll take D! to recover from his terrible injuries remains the real concern... - created on 11:51:43 03/27/2009 by Yuno and last modified on 19:59:14 04/18/2009.

Lockdown : Choi and Chang Ride Again - Choi and Chang catch up in the woods outside Southtown. - created on 16:37:17 03/27/2009 by Chang and last modified on 19:46:29 03/27/2009.

Lockdown : Krazy Koreans - May Lee confronts the dangerous Choi and Chang! - created on 19:15:00 03/28/2009 by Chang and last modified on 17:01:14 03/29/2009.

Lockdown : Heavy T! - The forest. A great place to get away from it all. A somewhat less great place after the forces that have invaded Southtown have taken measures to ensure people don't escape this way. An even less great place when you have Ryuhaku Todoh skulking around. Heavy D!, unsure of himself after his failure to help save the hospital from Igniz, encounters the master(?) martial artist by chance and also by fist, taking many chances with said fist before it has the chance to fall to another fist... or something. - created on 18:12:39 04/01/2009 by Todoh and last modified on 22:49:07 04/01/2009. Cast: HeavyD and Todoh.

Lockdown : "Oh Danny Boy", or "On the Vyle'd Side" - Daniel Jack is tending to the gardens at the Todoh Dojo, when along comes the Vyle-est of Dojo Destroyers this side of a CWA ring. Making a mockery of martial arts and not just Todoh-ryuu, the venomous luchador tries to belittle and demean the great student of Todoh....does he succeed, or is the power of Kasane Ate enough to push him back? - created on 21:04:32 04/02/2009 by Vyle and last modified on 12:44:49 04/07/2009. Cast: Vyle and Daniel.

Lockdown : The Devil's Due - It was only a matter of time. Tenma finally finds a spare moment in the unfolding war to look for his seperated friends, Hakuya and Kenji. What he finds instead, is a world of pain. The Devil of Koga finally corners Tenma at last. Catching him alone and without his friends to back him up. Can he survive the Devil's vengeance? ... Revenge is a dish best served cold. - created on 19:52:49 04/03/2009 by Marise and last modified on 13:49:54 04/04/2009. Cast: Marise and Tenma.

Lockdown : Operation Deep Ice - The ousted Gedo students continue to fight for their home school. Only, their strikes back against the NESTS occupiers are not the random, reckless forays of unguided school children. They're too organized, too effective. One man is likely to be to blame: Daigo Kazama. And it is with the intent of eliminating this thorn in the occupation's side that Kula Diamond seeks him out... - created on 22:32:32 04/04/2009 by Kula and last modified on 23:27:57 05/02/2009. Cast: Kula and Daigo.

Lockdown : Reach Out For The Truth - Howard Rust and Hakuya Suigetsu have been forcibly recruited into Rolento's war efforts after the standoff at Pacific. It's something that doesn't settle well with either of them, having gotten a small primer of the way he operates personally. Given but a few days to recover before they are to deploy, the two take advantage of the temporary peace (among some dead guys) to touch on a few things. Though the war's events see them in Rolento's lockdown, perhaps the two of them can find way to revelations that have long since eluded their grasp. - created on 22:09:19 04/06/2009 by Rust and last modified on 04:30:31 04/07/2009. Cast: Hakuya and Rust.

Lockdown : Follow-Up Call - HOUSE CALL! Unknown assailants ruin what is supposed to be a nice and relaxing day at the SECRET base. But it's not so secret now that Angel and K9999 have torn through it, kicked down the door, and shaken the place up! What happens is ... violence of course! But who shall triumph over this landscaping nightmare?! - created on 19:56:45 04/10/2009 by Mary and last modified on 12:36:17 04/20/2009. Cast: Angel, K9999, Urien, and Mary.

Lockdown : Parting Ways - With D! back up on his feet, tensions run high. What should the intrepid trio do now? Is it too dangerous to start moving against the evil assaulting Southtown? Should they work together, or stand apart? Eventually, some tough decisions are made... but, now that D! is back on his feet, and the individuals are starting to work through their own issues, are they really going to sit back and do nothing?! Who can say! It sure would stop all the broken bones and organ damage, after all... - created on 12:26:45 04/18/2009 by Yuno and last modified on 20:01:19 04/18/2009.

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