LLK Act I.War

War : Recruitment? - Ash Crimson? Another tool to use for Shadaloo, at a time when they greatly need new bodies for which to help with the Southtown invasion? Vega goes out looking, Ash doesn't seem to mind being found. - created on 13:46:36 02/08/2009 by Vega and last modified on 18:29:00 02/27/2009. Cast: Ash and Vega.

War : Serendipity - Coincidence can be such a cruel thing. It's remarkable how one moment of chance encounter, not planned by any involved, can go so wrong. What started as a surveillance mission for two becomes a nightmare. Two intending to simply disrupt an arms deal find something far more interesting waiting. And then there's Yamazaki and Birdie. Someone find Ryuji's kidney please. - created on 00:21:32 02/14/2009 by Rugal and last modified on 18:39:37 02/28/2009. Cast: Brian, Yamazaki, Rugal, Birdie, Leona, and Whip.

War : Taking a Stand - With Shurui having recently recovered from her fight with an unknown psychic force, Hotaru's guest is at last back up on her feet. Perfect timing for a war to roll into Southtown! Safe for the time being, Hotaru and Shurui discuss how they might each in turn make a difference against the hostile invasion. - created on 02:17:04 02/14/2009 by Hotaru and last modified on 13:34:17 04/02/2009. Cast: Hotaru and Shurui.

War : Game Plans - A familiar cyborg sombreros back into K''s life... just in time to discuss the strange activities brewing around Southtown. - created on 21:15:54 02/14/2009 by K' and last modified on 16:56:03 02/27/2009. Cast: Maxima and K'.

War : Nobody Likes a Meddler - When Whip returns to Southtown on Ikari business, investigating suspicious activity leading up to the NESTS/Shadaloo invasion, she finds time in her busy schedule to sneak up cryptically on Kyo Kusanagi. Is it possible that the former NESTS agent turned Ikari Warrior can use her canny abilities to manipulate the famously lazy flamewielder into pitching in against the forces of evil? Or will Kyo simply agree to stop her from nagging him so much? Find out inside! - created on 19:32:58 02/15/2009 by Kyo and last modified on 14:02:00 02/20/2009.

War : Divine Providence - In war, you need footholds. When invading enemy territories, strongholds are required in order to have an effective bastion against your target. It's a simple fact of war. And in all his wisdom, Igniz, leader of the NESTS Cartel, has deigned Gedo to be the chosen holding ground of his and Shadaloo's army. Impovershed, rife with gangs and hooligans... should they not be blessed with the touch of the divine? Yet Gedo High is a proud school, brought up by a proud man; they will not fall easily. So, what happens when the full wrath of a man who would believe himself to be a god comes to punish the wicked for their stubborn refusal? With his trusted agent Kula Diamond at his side, Gedo High will be graced by the deific presence... and its lands will be scorched with his fury. - created on 21:11:35 02/15/2009 by Akira and last modified on 12:46:29 02/21/2009. Cast: Kula, Igniz, Tenma, Daigo, and Akira.

War : Dark Tide Rising - Alma Towazu has returned in time to oversee the fortification of the YFCC against Southtown's escalating chaos. Some volunteers have left for greater responsibilities, some have fled-- but a surprising number have stayed, faithful to the organization that has brought stability and meaning to their lives. Side-by-side with sworn brother Jiro and Hotaru's protege Kentou, he and the main defense force of the YFCC confront another assault by NESTS, this time led by the formidable Zero and fencing researcher Foxy-- but though passion and brotherhood may defy death itself, the dark tide that has risen against them is unstoppable. (Winner: NESTS) - created on 21:30:32 02/16/2009 by Alma and last modified on 03:43:26 02/21/2009. Cast: Alma, Jiro, Foxy, Zero, and Kentou.

War : Manifest Destiny - With Gedo High being taken over, many students have heeded the unofficial call to duty. Unfortunately, due to Yurika and Kurenai attempting to helpfully 'evacuate' the school of any unruly folks, Pas, Shurui, and Ichiro have to first somehow convince them to stand aside... or come to blows. Of course, this is Match of the Millenium, not Debate of the Millenium, so of course it eventually comes to blows! Also, misfiring rocket boots. - created on 22:39:08 02/16/2009 by Shurui and last modified on 02:04:14 02/22/2009. Cast: Pas, Ichiro, Invader2, Shurui, Yurika, and Kurenai.

War : Wandering Into War - Southtown is in chaos. Pacific High has holed up within itself, the closest thing to safety there's going to be in this war zone. Enter the Wanderer, Ryu. Through a quick discussion about the situation on hand, today's Southtown becomes a much more prominent stop in his journey. - created on 23:58:49 02/16/2009 by Rust and last modified on 14:04:32 02/20/2009. Cast: Ryu and Rust.

War : Imperium - Gedo High - a major target for the combined offensive against the Syndicate, but why? Howard Rust and Raizo Imawano rush to the school on the former's piece of crap pickup truck. They are met by NESTS Cartel's #3 man, the perfectionist Krizalid, along with enigmatic Ojike no Oni... secret identity of Justice teacher Kichiga Kyoufumaru with very loose ties to Shadaloo. Fighting it out in a parking lot, can bear and pipe break their way in to help the kids inside and get a step closer to the truth...? (WINNER: Kichiga + Krizalid) - created on 17:27:13 02/17/2009 by Rust and last modified on 14:06:04 02/20/2009. Cast: Krizalid, Raizo, Rust, and Kichiga.

War : Domestic Disturbance - All is well in the Boondocks of Southtown until Mechanized Mayhem in the form of Kraken shows up to destroy everything in its path. Maki's got a hunger for Tapioca, Kaida's clothes shopping and Drake wants to head to his modeling job and Aranha just wants to go home. Too bad that the crew of the Kraken have other plans. - created on 19:12:31 02/18/2009 by Aranha and last modified on 14:06:33 02/20/2009. Cast: Drake, Kraken, Aranha, Kaida, and Maki.

War : Through the Looking Glass - Working for the Southtown Syndicate is a job that has always had some risks, but as Nagase and Raiden find out those risks are about to get a whole lot worse. When the warehouse they're guarding is attacked by a host of thugs looking to loot and burn the place, then the party is crashed by a combined NESTS/Shadaloo assault team of K9999 and Juli and the action draws the attention of Blue Mary Ryan you know you're going to have a bad day. Add in some explosions and the sudden appearance of one Kain R. Heinlein and you've got a recipe for one arms deal gone horribly wrong. - created on 20:08:51 02/18/2009 by Nagase and last modified on 22:11:59 03/02/2009. Cast: BlueMary, Nagase, K9999, Kain, Juli, and Raiden.

War : Leisure Activities - In order to get a point across, examples must be made. In order to demonstrate the hopelessness of a situation, sometimes domestic points must be struck down -- anything to cause histeria in a civilian setting, to lower morale. When the bizarre 'tanks' Scylla and Charybdis come calling to bring havoc to Southtown's Village Mall, there is only one pair that can stop them -- Robert Garcia of the Kyokugen Dojo... and Daniel "Jack" Little of the Todoh-ryuu Doj?!. An odd couple to be sure, but can they resolve their differences before all is lost...? - created on 21:11:47 02/18/2009 by Robert and last modified on 22:53:41 04/10/2009. Cast: Robert, Scylla, Charybdis, and Daniel.

War : Preparation - Vega's begun his plan - but to succeed, he needs /all/ his minions on board, including the recently crushed, but still angry Tiger of Thailand. How to win him over? Perhaps offering him the safety of the country he holds dear... - created on 23:11:00 02/18/2009 by Vega and last modified on 03:42:44 02/21/2009. Cast: Vega and Sagat.

War : Arms Race - With K' on permanent vacation courtesy of Howard Enterprises, Maxima tries to round up volunteers to help him defend the YFCC. Marco is more than willing, but is Kyo Kusanagi going to go along with the cyber-canuck's plan to make him K Dash's replacement? The fate of the YFCC rests in Maxima's ability to help Kyo win a Kyo doll! Or not. - created on 03:51:32 02/20/2009 by Maxima and last modified on 14:07:07 02/20/2009. Cast: Marco, Maxima, and Kyo.

War : A New Challenger Appears - After a long time away from her boss, Mary is called back by Urien to help him begin his own machinations into the goings on in Southtown. Sensing a possible way to weaken NESTS, Shadaloo, and the Southtown Syndicate, if he plays his cards right, as well as get his hands on all sorts of useful knowledge and technology, how can the hopeful up-and-coming deity resist the opportunity? The pair catch up, share champagne, and discuss business. All whilst en route to the heart of the storm itself. With very little idea about what it is they are actually walking into. - created on 10:27:06 02/20/2009 by Urien and last modified on 14:09:23 02/20/2009. Cast: Urien and Mary.

War : Communications Breakdown - Having heard about Adon's presence in Southtown, Urien decides to drop in and reaffirm their 'friendship'. Unfortunately, he doesn't have time to pander to Adon's ego, and so he has to approach the situation with more brute force than he would usually like. By smashing his way into Adon's temporary home, and terrifying everyone involved. Needless to say, Adon doesn't take well to this, and the two egos clash spectacularly. What happens, in the end, when the Emperor runs afoul of a God? - created on 17:32:34 02/20/2009 by Urien and last modified on 12:47:27 02/21/2009. Cast: Urien and Adon.

War : Inter Caetera - As the battle for Gedo rages, two thirds of the Guardian Kings - Hakuya and Kenji - lead their fellow students in a desperate bid to smuggle them out of harm's way through the tunnels beneath the school. Unbeknownst to them, shadows of Gedo's past return to haunt them. The murderous Ninja Spaniard, Balrog, has a grudge against the gangs of the school, and he will exact a bloody toll. The Devil of Koga, long thought slain by the Guardian Kings, returns with a wicked vendetta. Can the two Gedo warriors hold off against incredible odds until help arrives? - created on 17:36:56 02/20/2009 by Marise and last modified on 02:45:35 02/25/2009. Cast: Marise, Hakuya, Kenji, and Balrog.

War : Boss Team Battle - LLK: Shadaloo lays claim to the YFCC, a newly-minted jewel in Geese Howard's crown. Will the defenders continue to fight when they know that staying helps prop up a tin-plated dictator? - created on 20:50:24 02/20/2009 by Vega and last modified on 02:46:05 02/25/2009. Cast: Marco, Maxima, Kyo, Vega, Sagat, and M.Bison.

War : A Heavy Giant - A wall. A fist. Two of these things meat, in the form of a meaty culmination between boxer and sumo. But is this fight for the children.. or is it a test? Gan, guilty of not being able to protect, takes things into his own hands.. and unfortunately ends up in a battle with a potential ally. But all things do not end poorly! - created on 17:03:00 02/21/2009 by Gan and last modified on 02:46:52 02/25/2009. Cast: HeavyD and Gan.

War : Sickbay Scuffle - Leading a less direct attack, Cammy and her team of Shadaloo's Cracker Jack and Eclipse, on loan from NESTS, will be invading by means of the YFCC Infirmary. Entering via a newly made 'door', smashing in through the windows or skylights, or some other means, the trio finds themselves blocked by YFCC handyman Zach, NESTS experiment subject Vanessa, and Doctor Tran. Being a Real Doctor, Tran is at home in an infirmary, but will that be enough to hold back the invaders!? - created on 11:42:38 02/22/2009 by Cammy and last modified on 12:32:13 02/23/2009. Cast: Vanessa, Tran, C.Jack, Cammy, Zach, and Eclipse.

War : Survivor's Stupor - What happens when you wake up after a beatdown that could have been your last? You hope to go somewhere a little safer, if your legs can carry you that far. Legs that can carry you away from things like angry children with fighting prowess... and legs that hope that that friendly guy with the mohawk has a car to cart you around in. No dice on his end. No dice on the kid's end to prove some immature point. No dice on the friendly mohawk man's personal quest. - created on 15:50:23 02/23/2009 by Rust and last modified on 02:48:37 02/25/2009. Cast: HeavyD, Tyler, and Rust.

War : Curious Case of the Doll in the Nighttime - Marz finds herself needing to run from one side of Southtown to the other, and the quickest route takes her right into the path of that nefarious wrestler, Vyle! Because there are just too many questions about what Vyle is doing there, she tries to beat him up. But who will come out on top? Fists will fly, along with many, many other things as the two fighters clash! - created on 18:28:53 02/24/2009 by Marz and last modified on 12:20:41 02/25/2009. Cast: Vyle and Marz.

War : Mixed Signals - You would think that overwhelming force and a desire for shelter against such would send two very clear signals to one Ryuhaku Todoh. You would be wrong. When Daniel, one of his best students, decides he needs his master's help to keep him sheltered against the onslaught that Southtown is suffering... the man of the house decides tourist season is a prime time in which to get himself more students. - created on 16:58:50 02/25/2009 by Todoh and last modified on 16:13:14 02/27/2009. Cast: Todoh and Daniel.

War : Finding a Place - Heavy D!'s picked a bad time to visit Southtown. He doesn't even have a safe place to stay! But fate intervenes in the form of a former teammate, on his quest to find a current teammate within the chaos of the siege. - created on 19:28:02 02/25/2009 by HeavyD and last modified on 21:01:28 02/28/2009. Cast: HeavyD and Roberto.

War : Unforseen Alliances - As Geese attempts to reclaim what's 'his', he needs his people to keep Shadaloo's forces at bay in order to deal with the real threat that Vega represents. In an attempt to lock down the YFCC from further reinforcements, Shihong finds herself the lone ranked SouthSynd present in the infirmary. Unfortunately for her, she's not alone. Shadaloo's own Killer Bee is still around and ready to deal with any interference. Faced with one of Shadaloo's most deadly assassins, Shihong may be in over her head. But there's someone else nosing around that shouldn't be there... an potential unexpected ally in this most desperate moment. - created on 17:40:37 02/26/2009 by Cammy and last modified on 13:58:53 02/27/2009. Cast: Cammy, Shihong, and Adon.

War : Recurrence - K' tracks Shurui down to check up on her during the uproar in Southtown, but he's not the only one to reappear in her life amidst her efforts to evacuate Gedo students. Marise soon crawls back out of the woodwork to menace and mock the both of them: and, while she's there, to offer K' a deal entirely too reminiscent of what Geese offered him months before. - created on 00:34:49 02/27/2009 by K' and last modified on 00:13:00 03/09/2009. Cast: K', Marise, and Shurui.

War : Storm Within the Storm - Life has not been fair to Dr. Tran. All he wanted was to break into the YFCC and engage his 'frenemy' the insufferable prettyboy Alma Towazu in mortal combat. Instead, he was drawn into an outright melee and captured by the attackers, bound and stood guard over by the implacable Eclipse. Alma, dragged away after a dramatic collapse on the field of battle, feels himself in the eye of the storm, directing the last of the defenders and the retreat of the remaining non-combatants-- but one glimpse of him through a doorway is enough to change everything for Tran and his guard, and ignite a storm within the storm. Includes creative use of doors. (Triple KO) - created on 02:02:40 02/27/2009 by Alma and last modified on 13:59:44 02/27/2009. Cast: Alma, Tran, and Eclipse.

War : Party Crasher - Shadaloo and NESTS's combined forces are sweeping the city. The YFCC was taken handily--and now it's been left to Mike Bison to guard the building against the intrusions of would-be do-gooders... like the man named Alex, a man with an axe to grind and... a soft spot for children. - created on 22:06:43 02/27/2009 by M.Bison and last modified on 16:58:25 03/04/2009. Cast: Alex and M.Bison.

War : 11th Hour Rescue - It seems as if all hope is lost for the defenders of the YFCC. But two of their number had the good fortune to be elsewhere during the attack... and now Hotaru is in perfect position to coordinate a surgical rescue of those very same defenders with one of her fellow instructors. Although their way is blocked by the intimidatingly powerful XO of NESTS, the pair's teamwork and dedication see them through... but the victory is bittersweet and comes with the portent of more trouble on the horizon... - created on 22:20:24 02/27/2009 by Frei and last modified on 21:02:25 02/28/2009. Cast: Frei, Hotaru, Jiro, Zero, and Kentou.

War : F3 - Frilled, Frustrated, and Female. Despite a rather taxing run-in against the trio of Pas, Shurui, and Ichiro, it isn't a time for rest just yet for Seijyuns greatest musician or pink-haired ninjalgebraniac. Neither girl really understand what's in store for their future or Southtown's, but after sharing thoughts, conclude they'll just have to ride the wave of chaos and pick up information along the way. - created on 23:01:04 02/28/2009 by Yurika and last modified on 04:29:38 03/29/2009. Cast: Yurika and Kurenai.

War : Man of the People - Lord Vega of Shadaloo has come calling to Southtown, aiming to topple the recently-refurbished Young Fighters' Community Center. But even as he and his forces stand on the precipice of victory, Geese Howard deigns to instruct Vega upon the error of his ways. Yet... is this fight all that it seems...? - created on 17:08:15 03/01/2009 by Geese and last modified on 20:53:02 03/02/2009. Cast: Geese and Vega.

War : Along Came a Spider - Spider's caught in the thick of things when the SouthSynd boys catch him sleeping and try to run him down. He finds some unlikely help in the visiting Heavy D!...who decides to turn around and try and clean him up out of the Village as well. - created on 13:29:44 03/02/2009 by HeavyD and last modified on 12:23:46 03/05/2009. Cast: HeavyD and Spider.

War : Wibbly Wobbly, Southtown Warsy - Marz goes to see her good friend, Daniel. After all, Daniel saved her life, and since she can just about justify attempting to intimidate him out of getting in Shadaloo's way herself, rather than bringing it to the attention of Lord Vega directly that this might be a problem, that is precisely what she does. What ensues is, perhaps, the least successful attempt to intimidate someone ever. The pair clash in a furious bout of pain and, well, more pain! Each giving it their all in order to defend their relative ideals. But the fight leaves more questions than it resolves answers. Prime amongst them: Will anyone ever be able to deal with the crab grass plaguing the Todoh Dojo lawns!? - created on 14:31:39 03/03/2009 by Marz and last modified on 16:57:32 03/04/2009. Cast: Daniel and Marz.

War : Poisoning the Pacific (High) - Rusty finds himself contemplating his lot in life as he does some repairs at Pacific. Vyle tries to be opportunistic in attacking the school either for ransom, or for Neo League Points. What he finds ends up being something even the Rudo isn't prepared for. - created on 20:44:01 03/03/2009 by Vyle and last modified on 12:24:02 03/05/2009. Cast: Vyle and Rust.

War : Unusual Ambassador - Poor Rust. As the only faculty member of Pacific High with any kind of fighting experience, the burden of defense rests heavily upon his shoulders. Of course, that doesn't seem to relieve him of the burden of fixing other broken stuff around the campus either. But maybe he'll be taken more seriously now that he's the only one with the information needed to call in much needed reinforcements. - created on 01:57:51 03/05/2009 by Ayame and last modified on 18:08:10 03/05/2009. Cast: Rust and Ayame.

War : A Message - Starting with urgency, it seems there are more sides than Gan had thought. Yet, is this man friend or foe? While he is strong, is he the right person at the right time, or the wrong person at the right time? Clearly, only Daigo would know. He also has a hot sister. - created on 20:43:48 03/05/2009 by Gan and last modified on 20:04:12 03/08/2009. Cast: Billy and Gan.

War : When the Smoke Cleared... - Daniel and Marz had clashed dramatically, but with neither able to leave the area, their options were somewhat limited when it came to what happened next. What follows are some tense negotiations, and an attempt, on both sides, to make the other leave them alone. The somewhat tangled relationship between the pair becomes even more so, with neither quite certain, really, where the other stands. But it seems like the lawn of Todoh isn't going to be threatened further, at least, not by Marz. That crab grass however... is a foe that is so deadly, neither even dares to suggest that they do anything against it. - created on 15:46:26 03/06/2009 by Marz and last modified on 08:31:29 03/08/2009.

War : Ohnoes! - After recieving her instructions for her next objective, Kurenai approaches Yurika whom, of course, has recieved instructions of her own. Kurenai seems concerned that they won't be working togeather again (amongst other troubles), wheras Yurika believes it'll be good experience for the younger fighter in the end. - created on 23:28:44 03/07/2009 by Yurika and last modified on 16:57:06 03/29/2009. Cast: Yurika and Kurenai.

War : A Friendly Chat - After the events of Infirmary, Vanessa is the first to regain conciousness, finding Eclipse standing guard. - created on 01:57:11 03/08/2009 by Eclipse and last modified on 19:36:34 03/09/2009.

War : Behind the Scenes - Collected board posts for LLK pt. I: War. - created on 13:28:48 03/10/2009 by Starscream and last modified on 13:54:25 03/10/2009.

War : BIG Trouble for Little Chin...ese Boy? - Yuno stumbles across Chang having just beaten up some Shadaloo goons and in the process of stealing their precious money. Obviously, Yuno can't let this stand, and goes toe to toe with the massive giant. But, who will win in this clash of the titans? One thing seems to be certain... Chinatown itself, definitely not. - created on 09:56:33 03/13/2009 by Yuno and last modified on 15:41:42 03/13/2009. Cast: Yuno and Chang.

War : Rich NESTS Quik - You know how some youngins bring home a stray cat and beg their parents to keep it? Well.. This isn't really the same thing, but it's an amuseing analogy regardless. Yurika gets a rude awakening when a battle-worn Kurenai drags one of her two 'allies' back to the Seijyun dormitory. A lot happens here, but there's mostly concern for a certain Brian Battler's allegiance. Wrote a song about it, want to hear it here it goes. - created on 20:45:55 03/16/2009 by Yurika and last modified on 16:57:27 03/29/2009. Cast: Yurika, Kurenai, and Eclipse.

War : Big Bad Billy - Edge decides to go for Billy's staff in his TIME OF WEAKNESS. Gan, nearby, refuses to allow Billy to enact terrible revenge and turn Edge into an EXAMPLE. So what happens!? Why, violence, of course. But watch out for that nasty stick he has, and it's ability to live on THE EDGE...'s blood. It's all that and more! - created on 19:25:45 03/26/2009 by Gan and last modified on 17:00:29 03/29/2009. Cast: Billy, Edge, and Gan.

War: Home Sweet Home - Some people don't get to return home. When the spiders have infested the place you once felt was safe, it's pretty easy to give up, to hide, to wait until it all goes away. Then, sometimes? For some, that just isn't acceptable. Gan and Shurui face off against Krizalid himself, one of the field commanders of the invasion. - created on 19:47:47 05/16/2009 by Krizalid and last modified on 01:10:45 02/06/2011. Cast: Krizalid, Gan, and Shurui.

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