Lee's Beachtime Bonanza

Lee's Beachtime Bonanza! - Round 1, Rick vs Eagle - The 'Lee's Beachtime Bonanza' tournament kicks off with a bang as Rick and Eagle meet up on Imperial Beach to have a gentlemanly fight. Eagle is dressed to impress, but can he handle the wild Southpaw or is Rick truely losing his punch mojo like the Doctor's warned? (Winner: Eagle) - created on 21:54:22 06/09/2013 by Rick and last modified on 12:35:23 06/10/2013. Cast: Eagle and Rick.

Lee's Beachtime Bonaza! - Round 1, Mai vs B.Jenet - A civilized contest between two good friends, to which both arrive promptly and appropriately-attired and absolutely nothing untoward, lewd or improper occurs. Rated :) for all ages, temperaments and belief systems. Nothing to see here. - created on 19:11:16 06/12/2013 by B.Jenet and last modified on 05:12:38 06/13/2013. Cast: B.Jenet, Eagle, and Mai.

Lee's Beachtime Bonanza! - Round 1, Gato vs Momoko - Sun, sand, surf, and onsen! What could be better than a day at the resort town of Shirahama's Shirahama Beach? A fight at Shirahama Beach, that's what! Round 1 of Lee Chao Lan's Beachtime Bonanza sees the littlest Psycho Soldier Momoko and the eldest Futaba Gato facing off in a fight that is sure to be memorable... if it ever even makes broadcast! <Winner: Gato> <This scene rated O for 'Ohhhh myyyy!'> - created on 20:46:55 06/14/2013 by Momoko and last modified on 07:16:55 06/15/2013. Cast: Gato and Momoko.

Lee's Beachtime Bonanza! - Round 1, Rust vs Athena - "Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are." [Winner: Athena] - created on 00:41:54 06/16/2013 by Athena and last modified on 00:52:38 06/18/2013. Cast: Athena and Rust.

Lee's Beachtime Bonanza! - Gato vs Eagle - Gato's horrible shame continues as he's forced to battle Eagle in a nude Greek beach. A male-only Greek beach. Despite being horribly blinded, he manages to punch his way one step closer to vengeance. (Winner: Gato) - created on 23:28:30 06/21/2013 by Gato and last modified on 01:40:12 07/01/2013. Cast: Gato and Eagle.

Lee's Beachtime Bonanza! - Round 2, Mai vs Athena - A battle on another hot, crowded beach marks the final semi-final match for Lee's Beach Extravaganza! [Winner: Mai] - created on 21:24:39 06/22/2013 by Athena and last modified on 00:33:52 07/01/2013. Cast: Athena and Mai.

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