Kuma League

KUMA: Layla vs. Asuka - The inaugural KUMA LEAGUE bout sees two experienced ursine warriors carry their human opponents to a battle that shall be remembered forever. On this day, history is made, and the first Champion of Bears will soon be crowned. Much to the general bemusement of the competitors themselves, who found their way into the BEAR PITS while looking for something (or someone) else entirely... - created on 16:45:57 07/13/2012 by Asuka and last modified on 11:46:14 07/15/2012. Cast: Asuka and Layla.

KUMA: Roland vs Layla - In the second bout of Mishima Corporation's KUMA LEAGUE, Roland faces off against Leandra Burnier AKA Layla. The fight starts off with a nasty surprise, and ends with Roland trapped inside a bear cage with a half-naked girl. Oh no! <Winner: Roland> - created on 21:08:13 07/17/2012 by Layla and last modified on 22:50:40 07/19/2012. Cast: Roland and Layla.

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