KOF 2005

[R1] Metro vs Finishing Three - A double-decker bus rolling through Metro City is the setting for the epic battle of Makoto, Haggar, and Guy versus Seishirou, Acacia, and Rock. (Winners: Team Metro) - created on 18:17:07 05/26/2005 by Rock and last modified on 18:09:14 05/31/2005.

[R1] Rising Dragons vs Oyaji - The first-round King of Fighters bout between Team Oyaji (Gen and Takuma) and Rising Dragons (Ryu and Alex) yields many surprising turns... (Winners: Rising Dragons) - created on 19:02:24 05/28/2005 by Ryu and last modified on 18:09:40 05/31/2005.

[R1] United Schools vs Terry - Terry goes up against those pesky high school kids. The Kazama siblings end up being too much for the Lone Wolf to Handle and Kyosuke gets a free show and remains fresh for the next round. (Winners: United Schools) - created on 14:34:05 05/29/2005 by Akira and last modified on 18:07:16 05/31/2005.

[R1] Ikari vs Strongest! - Strongest! and the Ikari brawl in Communist China! After promises of beer and the subsequent wounding of his soldier and two grenades, Ralf pulls off an amazing upset and manages to defeat three fighters all by himself! (Winners: Ikari Team) - created on 16:11:02 05/31/2005 by Whip and last modified on 00:31:03 06/04/2005.

[R1] Evil vs New Face - Team Evil fights the New Face Team in a French vineyard. The New Face Team gets disqualified after taking offense at an unexpected entry for Team Evil, and the fight degenerates into a brawl. (Winners: Team Evil) - created on 14:45:51 06/01/2005 by Yashiro and last modified on 12:24:33 06/02/2005.

[R1] Vitriol vs SS - Mr.Big barely noses ahead in a grueling standoff with Vanessa, before Yagami finishes both him and Billy Kane off in an inconceivably long string of successes. (Winners: Vitriol) - created on 18:58:19 06/01/2005 by Vanessa and last modified on 19:25:28 06/04/2005.

[R1] Shadow Law vs ESAKA - Cammy and Vega battle Athena and Kyo on a beach, except Athena proves a bit too difficult for the Shadow Law team. (Winners: ESAKA Team) - created on 16:11:00 06/02/2005 by Cammy and last modified on 13:55:27 06/03/2005.

[R2] United Schools vs Vitriol - United Schools and Vitriol face off in Austrailia. The constant swinging back and forth between these two teams that led to a down to the wire finish with the young Kyosuke managing to pull out the win for United Schools. (Winners: United Schools) - created on 16:35:22 06/05/2005 by Akira and last modified on 15:34:07 06/06/2005.

[R2] ESAKA vs Rising Dragons - Fighting Kyo Kusanagi proves to be quite an uphill battle for Ken Masters, before Ryu steps in to reclaim victory from Kyo, Athena, and Shingo -- with Sakura remaining on the bench. (Winners: Rising Dragons) - created on 15:20:56 06/07/2005 by Sakura and last modified on 08:44:47 06/08/2005.

[R2] Evil vs Ikari - Cody edges out Whip early in the match, but Ralf turns the tide, later falling to Vice. Megumi and Leona duke it out for the nail-biting finale! (Winners: Ikari Team) - created on 15:38:42 06/07/2005 by Megumi and last modified on 08:59:11 06/08/2005.

[R2] Metro vs Terry - Team Metro takes on Terry Bogard, with a scale model of London as the backdrop -- and occasional arsenal of improvised weaponry. (Winners: Team Metro) - created on 16:54:48 06/08/2005 by Terry and last modified on 15:58:15 06/11/2005.

[R3] R.Dragons vs U.Schools - The Round 3 bout between United Schools (Daigo and Kyosuke) and the Rising Dragons (Sakura and Ryu) comes down to a photo-finish after stunning performances from all fighters. This is the next dream event! (Winners: Rising Dragons) - created on 14:44:22 06/12/2005 by Ryu and last modified on 13:49:20 06/13/2005.

[R3] Ikari vs Metro - Explosions, ninjas, HUGE! ...And Voodoo. (Winners: Ikari Team) - created on 15:52:04 06/15/2005 by Whip and last modified on 07:04:07 06/19/2005.

[R4] R.Dragons vs Ikari - Team Ikari withdrew from the tournament citing important work-related reasons. - created on 17:00:00 06/28/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 19:54:34 07/08/2005.

[FINAL] Awards Ceremony - The Rising Dragons face off against the mysterious and extremely powerful host of the 2005 King of Fighters tournament. (Winners: Rising Dragons) - created on 18:32:37 07/02/2005 by Ryu and last modified on 19:37:51 07/08/2005.

KOF Summary - [OOC] Most of the bulletin board posts from the King of Fighters 2005 tournament. - created on 10:46:42 09/28/2005 by Kobun and last modified on 12:03:54 09/28/2005.

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