Alleyways - [Personnel] It's a cold night, a chill night, laced with the patter of rain. But the woman named Shihong knows she isn't alone on the street. Someone's been watching her... - created on 14:10:55 01/27/2008 by Riko and last modified on 03:18:46 04/06/2008. Cast: Riko and Shihong.

Visiting Hours - [Interim] Two days ago, an assassination attempt was made on live television. On Saturday Night Fight, Geese Howard was attacked. In this quiet corner of Greece, though, in a small private hospital, you wouldn't know that there was a manhunt sweeping the nation. No. In this secluded ward, all is quiet, all is still. And a particular patient is about to receive a visit...from his caregiver. - created on 17:41:02 02/28/2008 by Riko and last modified on 21:40:54 02/28/2008. Cast: Riko and Seishirou.

Motel California - [Personnel] You meet the strangest people when you're on the road. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. - created on 11:59:35 03/02/2008 by Riko and last modified on 16:22:27 03/02/2008. Cast: Malin and Riko.

Fires of Her - [Personnel] For the purposes of the new underworld, the blades of the strong must first be attained. Unfortunately, some blades are harder to wield than others. - created on 15:42:02 03/08/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 02:36:07 04/06/2008. Cast: Suzume and Seishirou.

Mechanismia - [Personnel] In the parlor of the puppetmaster, two engineers meet to discuss a /fascinating/ proposal. - created on 16:44:36 04/05/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 02:35:27 04/06/2008. Cast: Yuu and Seishirou.

Facades - [Personnel] Lit by the fantastic cityscape below, Ryouhara visits a young woman with grand dreams in her abode. How far would such a woman go to become a queen? Can she sacrifice all that is necessary for her own sake? Some of us are not satisfied with one goal. Some of us want.. everything. - created on 23:21:46 04/19/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 18:50:23 08/03/2008. Cast: Shihong and Seishirou.

Inferno - [Personnel] The games that shinobi play can be dangerous. They move in the shadows, the worlds beyond that lay unseen. They only know how to exist when everyone around them wants their kind to die. The games shinobi play can be deadly. But they are not games. In the tower that eclipses even the sun, some remember just how beautiful an existence is, when balancing at the brink of the end of everything. - created on 21:23:58 06/07/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 22:36:21 06/17/2008. Cast: Suzume and Seishirou.

Typhoon Rising - [Mission] Despite the cost, the mission is everything. Our contacts have informed us that an experimental cannon is being revealed in Saturday Night Fight this week. Capturing it will be useful to our aims. Despite expected resistance from the two genius witches, there can be no support from the research group's strongest members. I will go alone and capture the objective myself. - created on 21:56:09 07/26/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 01:05:28 08/05/2008. Cast: Ninon, Mignon, and Seishirou.

Sealed Zone - [Mission] Embers and ash pollute the air around this destroyed city. Can one man with love in his heart save the downtrodden? Or will the law handed down from on high prevail? Perhaps it is enough that the ideals and hearts of those strong enough to bear this burden remember everything that doesn't and cannot exist.. - created on 23:37:59 08/15/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 18:12:19 08/17/2008. Cast: Alma and Seishirou.

The King of Fists - [Mission] For the future's perfect vision, certain pieces must be sought out and obtained. On the trail of the self-proclaimed "God of Battle," Suzume Nakatani and Shihong Mao set out to lure the Shanghai-born brawler into the prospect of a lifetime: follow, and truly become a God of Battle. But for this bridge to be crossed, a toll must be paid... - created on 19:16:52 08/20/2008 by Shihong and last modified on 01:26:49 08/28/2008. Cast: Shenwoo, Suzume, and Shihong.

Ambition of the New World - [MISSION] The last heir of the doomed clan Ryouhara meets one of the strongest in the owrld, a shadow ruler said to desire nothing more than to sieze everything. One leader posing an odd offer to another, and an even odder request. It is a miracle he did not die that day... but regardless, he glimpsed the future. - created on 21:11:21 09/09/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 23:20:54 09/21/2008. Cast: Vega and Seishirou.

Fire and Heaven - [Mission] Building a ship the likes of which the world had never seen before takes hard work and sacrifice. Sometimes, you must antagonize gods for their fruits. Two ninja engineers of different disciplines in the shadowy organization known as 'Kagero' join together to fight the self-styled deity known as 'Igniz' .. however their goal isn't to defeat him. - created on 20:00:52 10/12/2008 by Seishirou and last modified on 04:28:10 02/20/2011. Cast: Igniz, Yuu, and Seishirou.

The spirit of the thing - Dedicated to learning a new art or perhaps simply exploring the same art from another angle, Frei's isolated training is interrupted by an opinionated fighter with no reservations about telling him that he's doing it wrong. And by it, she means, 'everything'. - created on 22:37:57 07/31/2009 by Ayame and last modified on 23:19:01 08/06/2009. Cast: Frei and Ayame.

Emperor? - When Ryouhara himself comes to meet the presumed Emperor of Muay Thai for a personal audience, it ends up being for much more than a simple Neo League sparring match. (Winner: Adon) - created on 18:56:15 08/13/2009 by Seishirou and last modified on 19:16:00 08/13/2009.

4P - West Point: The Expanse of Their Strength 1 - That Bastard Alan R.B. has assaulted /an entire casino,/ in Metro City, the first mission given to him as an agent of Kagero. The products of MCPD's Division 8 training program are called into action to respond! First, Carmine Kolodzik... - created on 19:29:01 12/15/2010 by Alan and last modified on 23:34:29 12/15/2010. Cast: Alan and Carmine.

4P: South Point - The Raging Seas - Rockets stream across the ocean as patrol boats and jetskis duke it out around the massive cargo ship. The Himawari Maru, a cargo ship doing shipping and exporting from Japan to South Africa, has been hijacked by pirates led by the ever-graceful Kanata Miyata. Carrying cargo consisting of relics and raw materials stolen from the country under the cover of the rolling blackouts the country is often plagued with, it's enroute to destinations unknown. However, the country's coastal guard is failing against the superior firepower levelled by the group. Their last hope are a pair of stowaways who have unwittingly found themselves aboard the ship. Captain Miyata is very displeased with the stowaways. - created on 22:06:30 12/16/2010 by Antoine and last modified on 16:26:22 01/01/2011. Cast: Naerose, Kanata, and Antoine.

4P: East Point - The Neverending Cut - Working in concert with his friend and ally, Alma Towazu rushes directly to the scene of the attack upon Kagura Enterprises, cutting through alley and leaping over cul-de-sac to reach his objective. But conviction can make a man predictable. Ambushed with a strange technique that cuts off the flow of energy that sustains both soulfire and second sight, the phoenix's wings are abruptly clipped; he has little time to marvel before an unknown Kagero agent attempts to slash him to ribbons while remaining as uninterested in the project as possible. In fending her off, the true treasure he acquires is not the tool she is forced to abandon -- but rather the knowledge that his nemesis, like his scar, remains. Wounds may heal, but a knife, until broken, will continue to cut. - created on 22:47:21 12/16/2010 by Alma and last modified on 16:22:35 01/01/2011. Cast: Alma and Shioe.

4P: Side Scene! - A Grievous Misunderstanding - Hokutomaru celebrates the spirit of Ninja warfare! It's hard to imagine Elias as a villain - but Hokutomaru has his sights set on him! Despite all this, Elias is promising both food and autographs -well, from Hokutomaru to kids! Hokutomaru follows the call of war, but are his sights set right!? - created on 18:13:11 12/17/2010 by Hokutomaru and last modified on 16:24:41 01/01/2011. Cast: Hokutomaru and Elias.

4P: North Point - The Chill - Ryouhara has energy to collect. But it'll take a lot more than a multi story fall off the top of a broadcast tower to stop the Red Cyclone. "You, Ryouhara, can hammer me! You can burn me! You can crush my bones, you can throw me from this tower! Do what you want to me! You will not stop me! I am Zangief, I am the Red Cyclone, and I will stand between you and Mother Russia. For her, I am invincible." - created on 03:21:18 12/19/2010 by Seishirou and last modified on 21:47:43 12/26/2010. Cast: Zangief and Seishirou.

4P: East Point - The Machine Riot - The covert operation inside the Kagura building is covered by a congealed riot outside. Kagero has deployed one of its most dangerous and unpredictable war machines to generate a diversion for the agents tasked with infiltrating the area. And what a diversion it creates. It's only until the chi sage shows up with a box of one-liners and a lot of guts that the battle can reach its explosive climax.. - created on 21:01:26 12/19/2010 by Yamazaki and last modified on 21:59:16 12/26/2010. Cast: Frei and P4N-D4.

4P: East Point - The Delve - The agents report that this of Ryouhara's many orders is of top priority. Mayhem breaks out on the streets outside Kagura Enterprises, the site of the enigmatic woman running the 2011 King of Fighters tournament. As the security forces of the building rush to put an end to what is obviously some sort of terrorist attack, it leaves things relatively quiet for a lone rogue to sneak in. Evading surveillance, she climbs up the elevator shaft of the building to the top floor, where she is to attain any information she can gather on the nature of this year's tournament. - created on 23:16:23 12/19/2010 by Ayame and last modified on 16:40:40 01/15/2011. Cast: Reiji and Ayame.

4P - West Point: The Expanse of Their Strength 2 - The Jerkass Alan R.B. finishes off his assault of an entire casino by stacking all of the money in it in the center of the building and then lighting it on fire. The second product of Division 8 to step up is Sgt. Thomas Miracle, and after a hard fight, Alan edges out. But Division 8 has three stars... - created on 00:34:16 12/22/2010 by Alan and last modified on 04:30:31 12/22/2010. Cast: Alan, Miracle, and Sho.

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