Jinchuu 2

[PRE] On the Eve of the Revolution - Months ago, she warned him. Months ago, she made her point clear in blood. Since then, much has changed and much has transpired. Now she needs to know if her warning was heeded, and he proves that it has, though maybe not in the way she'd have liked. A woman looking to fulfill her wish, and a man who treads the line between protection and destruction. They meet in a dance of blades on the eve of the new revolution... - created on 20:10:23 03/28/2010 by Frei and last modified on 00:49:24 04/03/2010. Cast: Frei and Ayame.

[R0] Heaven-Sent Killers - Falling from the skies, Eagle, Kurenai and Ibuki decide, separately, to come to Taizhou by air. A good plan. But one that Seishirou and his ninja have anticipated. In order to land, the three will have to learn to work together to defeat the team of ninja that seek to cut them out of the sky. - created on 22:14:36 04/04/2010 by Kurenai and last modified on 01:50:31 04/13/2010. Cast: Eagle, Ibuki, Kurenai, and Harrier Team.

[R0] To Grandmother's House We Go - ...And then some people embrace danger. There are an enterprising few individuals that have elected to go through Taizhou's treacherous post-apocalyptic Huangyan district, leaping from building to building, navigating the black clouds and soot-choked region to the relatively idyllic intact city area. Unfortunately, Taizhou seems to sense when she is trod upon. For lonely heroes seeking the path to Nirvana, even the very ground you're standing on will become a trial. In a series of underground detonations, the buildings on which Aranha and Wing stand collapse. Detonations following them like unholy spectres, can the enterprising duo make it to the Huangyan/Luqiao border alive? - created on 22:42:35 04/04/2010 by Wing and last modified on 01:50:45 04/13/2010.

[R0] Sailing the Sea - It was a long travel between Zach and Jiro, now Ullr, who came from several paths. However, their paths crossed when the landmines became a death trap to the two. Will they survive? - created on 21:08:51 04/05/2010 by Jiro and last modified on 01:51:04 04/13/2010. Cast: Jiro, Zach, and Hyoujou.

[R0] Between a Wall and a Carving Place - There are many creative ways to get into Taizhou. By land, by sea, by air they come. They sneak, they hike. And then there are two people who, either through bravery or foolishness, try the front door. Guess what? The front door is locked tight and booby-trapped with knives. Lots of knives. A lot of knives. Seriously: KNIVES. - created on 22:41:30 04/05/2010 by Frei and last modified on 01:51:21 04/13/2010. Cast: Frei, Vanessa, Kimon, and Ikizukuri-kai.

[R0] Captive Audience - Watch IN AWE as nobody gets killed on the ship! There isn't even a fight! WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?! - created on 20:15:48 04/07/2010 by Nahid and last modified on 01:51:36 04/13/2010. Cast: Cody, Yurika, and Nahid.

[R0] Mad Max and a Hot Plate - Jinchuu Second R0: Tran, Hakuya, Tenma - created on 18:41:28 04/11/2010 by Hakuya and last modified on 01:51:49 04/13/2010. Cast: Tran, Tenma, Hakuya, and Kurotora Roller Bombs.

[R0] 400 Pounds - In an attempt to get into Taizhou by way of Mount Kuocang, Hayato and May Lee run into one another coming out of the forest as the near the top of the mountain. It looks like everything is going just fine until somebody sets off an explosion that brings what seems like half the mountain tumbling down toward the two fighters. But they both have the power of Burning Spirit on their side, and aren't about to let a few rocks stop them. - created on 18:52:58 04/12/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 00:35:05 04/14/2010. Cast: MayLee and Hayato.

[R0] The Order From Nirvana - Air travel should be a safe way into Taizhou, right? After all, it's not like there's giant power-grid draining anti-air chi-lasers that could shoot a helicopter out of the night sky... oh wait. - created on 22:44:40 04/13/2010 by Hotaru and last modified on 17:11:43 04/18/2010. Cast: Hotaru and Alan.

[R1] Gone in 60 Seconds - A lonely, destroyed road circles Huangyan, where the destruction is greatest. Four silver streaks travel it, four souls throw into combat for their own individual reasons. Brawler and psychic, Sage and agent. Not all the secrets in Taizhou are of a ninja's making. Some of those who compete for the prize brought plenty of their own secrets with them... - created on 19:03:20 04/17/2010 by Frei and last modified on 22:55:25 04/27/2010. Cast: Frei, Jiro, Zach, and Nahid.

[R1] [Cut] Aranha vs Wing - Whoever imagined these two would get along? Aranha, the Dancing Spider, and Wing, Queen of the Streets, each have their own reasons for being unsettled by the environment of Taizhou and its Sanctum, but they remain united in their shared experience of the deadly wastelands that surround it. The morning before her first official match, Wing seeks to face her fears -- something she has always been, and remains, not very good at. Does she, for all her insecurities, have the fortitude and werewithal to pull out the stops when necessary? And when Aranha acts with trust and open-heartedness-- can she, for once, reciprocate? - created on 20:28:58 04/18/2010 by Wing and last modified on 22:56:10 04/27/2010. Cast: Aranha and Wing.

[R1] The Black Hole - Amidst the impenetrable forests of Linhai, taken to task by a mysterious voice, four warriors cut off from civilization face death, each in their own way. One denies it; one trembles at it; one is an innocent; one has killed before (though sometimes he forgets). Is a true warrior prepared to take life? As one by one they succumb to murderous intent, what will the judgment upon them be? Be they callow or misguided, still let them not be misunderstood: there is something beyond good and evil, some primal and vital power, in their will to live. The blood that strews the ground is proof. (Winners: Street Prophets) - created on 22:47:59 04/18/2010 by Wing and last modified on 03:24:50 04/27/2010. Cast: Cody, Wing, Eagle, and Yuri.

[R1] Court of No King - Some people, after being clubbed over the head and waking up tied up and blindfolded, might be worried. Others will threaten to start kicking ass. Hayato, Alan and Aranha find themselves in Taizhou's Yellow Jade Building, ordered to fight for the amusement of some Chinese gangsters. Hayato doesn't take kindly to this. (Winner: The Fist of the Street) - created on 21:26:12 04/20/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 22:56:46 04/27/2010. Cast: Alan, Aranha, Hayato, and JiZhou.

[R1] Secret Mission - Phoenix in the Ashes - From the wasteland of his body, from the conflagration of his soul, he has called to them -- and each has come of his own will. Alma Towazu, the Soul Phoenix, unwelcome and unknown where he was once a hero, has settled amongst the ashes, his radiant form shrouded in fouled bandages, his mind haunted by phantoms of his own creation. What was once clear is murky; what was once familiar is strange. Both he and the one he calls brother seem unable -- or unwilling -- to hold onto their old identities. With so much at stake, and those who once bore such great burdens so broken, who can rise to the occasion? Who can cut through this miasma to the truth? Perhaps their stories should have already ended, long ago; and they may now end in failure. But even in the face of the greatest uncertainty, some things never change -- and hope remains. - created on 20:23:47 04/25/2010 by Alma and last modified on 22:57:27 04/27/2010. Cast: Frei, Alma, Jiro, and Tran.

[R1] [Cut] Can I Trust You? - Aranha and Alan finally meet up after their match for a little conversation. One of the main questions is whether the two can even trust each other? The other question is what each fighter has to gain by joining the tournament? - created on 11:41:24 04/28/2010 by Aranha and last modified on 15:57:59 04/29/2010. Cast: Alan and Aranha.

[R2] Stormwatch! at 11 - After an extremely rough and trying first round full of mishaps, failed plans, and extremely clashing personalities, it'd appear that the Court of Night team aren't going to make it very far. Making an escape to an abandoned warehouse moments to escape a vicious storm, the kunoichi pair take a moment to try and co-exist. However it'd seem they weren't aware there's another match coming their way.. - created on 00:17:37 05/04/2010 by Yurika and last modified on 05:23:05 08/01/2010. Cast: Yurika and Ibuki.

[R2] What a Wonderful World - Voices in the dark. Memories of destruction. Is it just the sound of dripping water, or is it a trickle of blood, someone's last message scrawled on the wall? Nahid and Frei descend into the subways, looking to root out the source of a gnawing terror preying on those who remain in the destroyed remains of Taizhou... - created on 20:23:21 05/06/2010 by Frei and last modified on 15:37:18 05/17/2010. Cast: Frei, Saint, and Nahid.

[R2] Ground Zero - Word on the street was, the Soldier 'Ullr' and the Psyker Zach had some choice information. So it seemed apt that the Guardian Kings went to shake things up a bit. Finding them through a convenient if mysterious GPS program uploaded to their phones, the battlefield turned out to be a lake of lava, with eternal lightning bolts thundering on the ground, and the only thing that lets people get past it is a few cars, too stubborn to properly melt. Yet, anyway. - created on 20:15:51 05/11/2010 by Hakuya and last modified on 15:38:32 05/17/2010. Cast: Jiro, Tenma, Hakuya, and Zach.

[R2] A Few Good... Women? - Hayato is directed to a certain warehouse for his next fight in the Jinchuu tournament when he finds... a ninja! Sadly, it seems Hayato is not sensitive when it comes to ninja cultural issues. But eventually the misunderstanding is worked out. When suddenly... another ninja! And the fight goes on, with Hayato's Burning Spirit burning even hotter and brighter as it does. (Winners: Yurika and Ibuki) - created on 22:57:12 05/15/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 15:40:02 05/17/2010. Cast: Hayato, Yurika, and Ibuki.

[R2] Dance 'Pon the Moirae's Loom - A web of crystal luminesence, like a spidery crack in the glass of the sky, envelops Taizhou. Upon these roads of light four do battle: pirate princess and doctor-adventurer, fallen hero and a girl with blood-stained hands. While the latter forget their crimes in the thrill of battle, the might of their adversaries will not be so easily denied. Much like that lion. Well-- maybe it was denied, after a fashion. (Winners: Tran and Kanata) - created on 19:49:43 05/16/2010 by Wing and last modified on 03:14:56 05/20/2010. Cast: Tran, Cody, Wing, and Kanata.

[R2] Crushing Force - 'R' Organization has the most amusing HR practices. Take for example the one where to retrieve an AWOL employee, they drop an Orochi-blooded madwoman into a chi-saturated post-apocalyptic hell where she kind of sort of runs into Vanessa and Soma and shows them a good time, for given values of 'good time' that include 'spitting blood' and the phrase "oh god my everything." - created on 23:09:25 05/16/2010 by Soma and last modified on 21:06:50 05/18/2010. Cast: Vanessa, Vice, and Soma.

[R3] The Test - Not every match in Jinchuu need be a matter of life and death or a clash amongst hated rivals. Long term friends and fighting peers, Frei and Hotaru, face off against each other once again, leaving Kurenai and Nahid to antagonize each other in the meantime. At stake, something as transcendent as a wish. Three to be exact. - created on 18:10:32 05/23/2010 by Frei and last modified on 14:00:18 05/31/2010. Cast: Frei, Hotaru, Kurenai, and Nahid.

[R3] The Seducer - 'Ullr' and Hakuya split up with Tenma and Zach, both seeking to find information within the molten steel-filled Nenzhao Metalworks building. With a lake of lava beneath them, the two advance, only to come across an unforseen roadblock in the form of a mysterious and sadistic woman. - created on 22:05:28 05/23/2010 by Hakuya and last modified on 22:01:05 06/01/2010. Cast: Jiro, Hakuya, P4N-D4, and Juri.

[R3] The Third Way - The Dark Path is wrought with many trials. Enter the Flashing White Blade of Nirvana, Rako Saze, and her desire to deliver punishment unto those who would turn their backs to Kagero. - created on 20:09:46 05/24/2010 by Shihong and last modified on 18:03:28 05/28/2010. Cast: Shihong, Yuu, and Rako.

[R3] The General's Sword - In the midst of a field of swords, Dr. Tran faces his most fearsome foe yet: two ninja. At the same time. Even with his new ally, can he prevail against impossible odds?! As it turns out, he really can't. - created on 20:06:25 05/26/2010 by Tran and last modified on 14:44:22 05/28/2010. Cast: Tran, Yurika, Eagle, and Ibuki.

[R3] Cold Front - After receiving a tip from Li Hua, Alan and Aranha(Heaven and Earth) go to investigate Bantiankong Chemicals building and the secrets it holds. Unfortunately they find an obstacle in the ice wielding assassin, Kula, as well as the ice wall blocking off the entrance. - created on 22:38:36 05/26/2010 by Aranha and last modified on 12:05:26 06/02/2010. Cast: Kula, Alan, and Aranha.

[R3] Rake the Coals - Inside the Nenzhao Metalworking Building, Tenma Kiryuu and Zach Glenn are faced with a gauntlet of shoddy safety codes and deadly robot guards. While their friends outside face off against the mysterious Juri, the mismatched duo search frantically for the secret of Nenzhao. And then, in the structure's heart...?! - created on 20:23:33 05/27/2010 by Tenma and last modified on 12:05:45 06/02/2010. Cast: Tenma and Zach.

[R3] Long Kiss Goodnight - The end of the Kasagi Saga: As Nenzhao collapses around them, the Spider of S.I.N. threatens to pull both Hakuya and Jiro into the flames of Hell with her. Jiro finds strength from within, and from those who have aided him in his journey, in order to brave the encroaching darkness. To save the life of another he lays down his own in an epic final battle! - created on 12:11:17 05/29/2010 by Juri and last modified on 23:52:39 05/31/2010. Cast: Jiro, Hakuya, and Juri.

[R3] The Burn - Being in Taizhou hasn't been healthy for Hayato Nekketsu, although in a way that has been difficult for him to realize. There's sometimes a fine line between having a Burning Spirit and being a berserker. And Vice having her way with a nightclub full of (relatively) innocent people is enough to drive him over that line. - created on 17:52:24 05/30/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 22:01:44 06/01/2010. Cast: Vice and Hayato.

[R3] The Sickness - For whatever reason, Vanessa and Soma are making a good team out in Taizhou, but as it turns out, their actual investigation isn't turning up jack. It doesn't help that chi-empowered superbeings keep interrupting them whenever they take five minutes. SEE: Soma learn what that dagger is for! THRILL: to Kain's chi fury! GASP: As Vanessa loses her shirt... again! - created on 18:34:05 05/30/2010 by Soma and last modified on 14:12:49 05/31/2010. Cast: Vanessa, Kain, and Soma.

[R3] Ideals May Burn - There are some who battle for money. Some who battle for power. Some who battle for influence. There are even some who battle just for the sheer joy of it, the thrill of the fight. But then there are some who fight to change the world. And some who fight to defend that world. There is a 'space' in this conflict, an idealistic space where the will of even those who may or may not be dead will clash. They will fight. And they will return to the AEther, never changed. - created on 20:53:41 05/30/2010 by Seishirou and last modified on 03:55:57 02/20/2011. Cast: Alma and Seishirou.

[R3] [CUT] Licking Wounds - A chance encounter leads to a tense situation! Soma takes Vanessa to the Sanctum Infimary following their volatile encounter with Kain. Fresh from a fatal battle at the Nenzhao Metalworking Building, Juri does the same. And nothing else much happens as they patch themselves up... but Vanessa is doing it topless! - created on 14:24:53 05/31/2010 by Juri and last modified on 00:12:10 06/01/2010. Cast: Vanessa, Soma, and Juri.

[R3] [CUT] Won't Turn Away - Having finished his fight in the previous round, Frei heads into Luqiao to collect his thoughts. He unexpectedly runs into a stranger new to Taizhou. The sage is impressed by the young fighter's resolve... even more so after Antoine asks for a match and more than proves the strength of that resolve in battle. - created on 22:14:36 05/31/2010 by Frei and last modified on 22:02:24 06/01/2010. Cast: Frei and Antoine.

[R3] Left 4 Samurai - One girl. One man. One panda. One plan. When Wing and Cody are cast down from the heavens, a call rouses their broken bodies from the dust. Who is 'Tsang', and why have these two been chosen, seemingly, to defend China's interests from the depredations of the terrorists they might otherwise have joined? The one who unreflectively sought glory must face what she has become, and what better symbol of her impotence, trapped within the blood-stained cage that is her fate, than a-- giant robot twelve-foot-sword-wielding building-chucking samurai panda? Right? Right. (Winners: Street Prophets) - created on 23:36:52 05/31/2010 by Wing and last modified on 12:06:05 06/02/2010. Cast: Cody, Wing, and P4N-D4.

[R3] [CUT] - Calling in the Cavalry - After his attempts at parting Soma from his dagger go awry, Kain discovers that he didn't leave the encounter entirely empty handed. But with the way things are going, he needs an agent in Taizhou who doesn't have his particular weakness. And he knows just who to call... - created on 18:00:02 06/04/2010 by Kain and last modified on 14:01:01 06/07/2010. Cast: Kain and Rolento.

[R4] [Cut] Nightclub Intel - Antoine had wandered into the club, hoping to find some sort of information about the ongoings of the tournament. However, he runs into one fighter who wanted to fight to win the supposed monetary prize. Antoine faces off against the luchador chef, El Fuerte. - created on 20:07:31 06/10/2010 by Antoine and last modified on 01:03:21 06/23/2010. Cast: ElFuerte and Antoine.

[R4] Airbust - Having heard of the death of Jiro Kasagi, Frei makes his way to the remains of Nenzhao Metalworks... unexpectedly followed by his erstwhile partner in all of this, Nahid. At the site, they're assaulted by an attack helicopter of a most unusual stripe... and which, when disabled, proves to have an even more distinctive pilot, who has his own plans for what's sleeping in Nenzhao. INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Nahid reflects a missile... BY PUNCHING IT. - created on 17:40:41 06/13/2010 by Frei and last modified on 01:03:37 06/23/2010. Cast: Frei, Rolento, and Nahid.

[R4] The King is Dead - Deepest darkness lurks atop Bantiankong, where secrets lie sealed and nightmares stalk. In the heated moments after his last confrontation, partnerless and stalked by a formidable adversary, Keith 'Aranha' Mason, in his rush for those secrets, stumbles instead upon a nightmare. But the invisible hands that have so toyed with her show mercy upon Wing Xiaoping, whose defiant will has been broken by the weight of her own sins, and guide her to the one man who it seems can save her-- and whom, in this instant, she is fated to save. Whether born of desperation or 'the principles of love', as their sinister foe would suggest, one fact remains: the Queen of the Streets and the Dancing Spider, once erstwhile rivals, possess teamwork of an undeniable strength. And if there is any light that can illuminate the shadows surrounding these events, or even those that yet dwell within our heroes' hearts... perhaps it is that. (Winners: Aranha and Wing) - created on 21:47:34 06/13/2010 by Wing and last modified on 01:03:59 06/23/2010. Cast: Aranha, Wing, and Saint.

[R5] Last Chance Before Hell - On a spooky ship in the middle of the night, four brave warriors clash for the right to recover the mysterious blade 'Shiraha'. The ninja duo of Ibuki and Yurika gain a strong initial advantage, but Tenma and Hakuya are able to rally and mount an impressive comeback. However, in the end... (Winners: Ibuki and Yurika) - created on 19:53:17 06/16/2010 by Tenma and last modified on 17:12:35 07/31/2010. Cast: Tenma, Hakuya, Yurika, and Ibuki.

[R4] Nirvana's Law - Wakamoto had plans. Unfortunately, they weren't the plans that Yuu and Shihong necessarily had... - created on 21:03:53 06/16/2010 by Shihong and last modified on 19:05:29 06/21/2010. Cast: Shihong, Yuu, and Juri.

[R4] [Cut] The Storm Before the Storm - [R2] [Backscene] Vanessa and Soma, relatively fresh from a good hard Vicing, catch up to Alan R. B. with words of warning. CAUTION: Contains shockingly low amounts of sexual harassment. - created on 22:34:12 06/17/2010 by Alan and last modified on 01:04:44 06/23/2010. Cast: Vanessa, Alan, and Soma.

[R4] Here Comes A New Challenger - Even with society breaking down in Taizhou, some people have decided it is perhaps for the best to distract the weary and hopeless with a small tournament at the Shao Jiao nightclub. El Fuerte and Kaiwei appear to be the champions, but just as they're crowned... a new challenger arrives?! Dr. Tran and Eagle show up to steal away the victory, fiddling along at a(n arguably) safe distance while Rome figuratively burns from Seishirou's apparent parting gift to the world. (WINNERS: Dr. Tran & Eagle) - created on 17:51:15 06/18/2010 by Eagle and last modified on 22:21:30 06/19/2010. Cast: Tran, Kaiwei, Eagle, and ElFuerte.

[R4] The People's Lockdown - By chance, Antoine, Cody and Hayato find themselves sharing the same subway refuge as the military moves into Huangyan. Unfortunately, it doesn't serve to hide them from the Snow Leopard Commandos. With their tanks and helicopters and armored carriers and snipers. What can three men do against so much military hardware? Destroy a lot of it, that's what. But the military isn't the only thing to worry about. Also, Hayato gets a sweet new ride. Getting it through customs might be problematic, though. - created on 17:29:16 06/19/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 01:05:26 06/23/2010. Cast: Cody, Hayato, Antoine, and Snow Leopard Commandos.

[R4] [Option] A Phone Call Away - Alan and Aranha had different plans for Li Hua all along. Recent events have made it difficult to get in touch with those who were trying to protect her on that fated evening, but Aranha - at last - appears to have gotten through at a time that is... is it opportune at all? Is it too late to give the heads up, as Eagle contends with rioters having broken into the Shao Jiao following the end of the King of Heaven's Fist tournament? - created on 20:32:03 06/20/2010 by Eagle and last modified on 20:24:10 06/21/2010. Cast: Aranha and Eagle.

[R4] In Memoriam - Alan, pinned to the Bantiankong Chemical Building by Kula's spear, is finally found by the one thing he prayed would never find him. - created on 20:47:53 06/23/2010 by Alan and last modified on 02:19:08 06/24/2010. Cast: Vice and Alan.

[R5] [Cut] Touching Base - Midway up the Bantiankong Chemical Building, Alan calls his teammate to figure out where they're at. One learns the other has become God - the other learns the one's reason for being here. - created on 07:20:51 06/30/2010 by Alan and last modified on 10:48:45 06/30/2010. Cast: Alan and Aranha.

[R5] Glory Be To The Idealists - The sky blotted out by a murder of crows, the earth wracked with seething fire, their final battle begins. Frei Tsukitomi-Renard, elemental sage, in choosing to protect the people of this world, sought out the heart of the conflict: the weapon to institute the Law of Nirvana, Katsuten. Alma Towazu, scarred angel, emerging renewed from the void into which he was cast, the thrice-born hero whose salvation was his beloved friend, returns from the limits of the world to fight for an ideal he now fully understands. And Rako Saze, the White Blade, possessed by what seems the last forbidding trace of Seishirou Ryouhara, whose deathlike grip upon this world will not be released, intervenes to cut them down. Who will be chosen by the Will of History? Is there, in the end, such a thing? These three, the embodiments of their ideals -- and more -- clash once and for all, to determine the fate of this world. All of humanity's spirit, all of this world's power, will be brought to bear in their exultant conflict. This story must end. But warriors such as these ensure: it will end gloriously. - created on 22:40:41 07/01/2010 by Alma and last modified on 17:13:29 07/31/2010. Cast: Frei, Alma, and Rako.

[R5] Stand On Your Own - Ultimately practical, for all their eccentricities, both Vanessa and Soma have gone about their time in Taizhou in a search for the truth, dogged at every step by people out to kill them. The invitation to Sanctum to actually GET the truth is no different, but in the end, their perseverance and bizarrely effective teamwork prove that standing on one's own doesn't mean being alone. - created on 23:16:26 07/02/2010 by Soma and last modified on 17:13:51 07/31/2010. Cast: Vanessa, Ayame, and Soma.

[R5] Litmus Test for the Proleteriat - Alan's done it. He's earned his freedom by looking death in the eye and not flinching. He's climbed the mountain and turned around. He's proven that, sometimes, it's about the meaning of things as opposed to the value. But what he's lost won't magically come back. It's up to him to use his strength to build his own future. But his trials in Nirvana are not yet done. You see, Shihong and Yuu's plans have not gone unnoticed by certain enterprises within Kagero. They will receive information that is in itself a test of their own: There is a man in Taizhou whom Seishirou Ryouhara himself invited personally. A man whom has become much more than was previously thought possible. Do with him what you will. Will they test him? Will they get him to safety? Or is there a third way? - created on 21:50:53 07/04/2010 by Shihong and last modified on 03:45:03 08/09/2010. Cast: Alan, Shihong, and Yuu.

[R5] Think in the Spider's Web - VENGEANCE! High above the skies of Taizhou, those who have survived Jiro's fatal journey into Nenzhao encounter the one most responsible for his demise: Juri Han. Consumed by her own lust for violence and blinded by arrogance she assaults the three with reckless violence. Afterwards a single body could be seen falling from the skyway and into the writhing mass of crows below. Revenge has been done, vengeance is only just beginning... - created on 18:19:59 07/05/2010 by Juri and last modified on 22:02:14 07/24/2010. Cast: Tenma, Hakuya, Zach, and Juri.

[R5] Consequence - That fiendish Romanian was only the accidental guardian of Shinseikasen, the Consecrating Light, and not to be the last. Even as Aranha and Wing contemplate how best to wield the incredible weapon at their disposal, the beam cannon ninkou that was to be the ultimate line of defense for Taizhou and Nirvana, the traitorous and half-mad Wakamoto emerges from a nightmare-ridden slumber to seize the girl with the troubled heart, and demand that the two trigger apocalypse. How much blood must further stain this land? Will Wing reconcile her guilt, or plunge once more into mindless fury-- and what then will be her karma? And what target will Aranha choose? There is not enough information, and not enough time. But a decision must be made, and soon. - created on 22:41:30 07/08/2010 by Wing and last modified on 17:14:32 07/31/2010. Cast: Aranha, Wing, and Wakamoto.

[R5] Evacuation - Having heard that the Chinese military has been taking prisoners, Hayato sets out with the intent of raiding the military camp and freeing whomever he can. Cody, being unconcious and tied to the back of Hayato's new tank, comes along for the ride. But the military isn't too happy about their last encounter with the two men, and this time they're ready... - created on 18:43:17 07/11/2010 by Hayato and last modified on 17:14:50 07/31/2010. Cast: Cody, Hayato, and Type 1000Z.

[R5] Jailbreak - Things just aren't getting any better with the clock ticking. Where snipers managed to hold up Hotaru and Kurenai, an ill-timed raid outside a bar saw Eagle and Dr. Tran captured (totally Eagle's fault). All four were taken prisoner at the staging area of the Snow Leopard units. While Eagle and Dr. Tran may have had connections that intimidated their guard, Hotaru and Kurenai had to make due with old-fashioned lockpicking and uniform theft. The question is, what happens when these two teams make contact with one another... and when misunderstandings arise? (WINNER: Good sense) - created on 22:08:02 07/12/2010 by Eagle and last modified on 01:31:58 10/09/2010. Cast: Hotaru, Tran, Eagle, and Kurenai.

[R5] The Sword in the Bomb - With the mysterious sword 'Shiraha' on hand, the Court of Night team accept the challenge of stopping Nenzhao before it can take away countless lives. Of course it is never that simple; from scaling the superweapon, to enduring numerous trials including facting ghosts of the past, the pair must push the limits of their training and teamwork to survive long enough to make the final strike. But it would seem even more than that is needed to put a stop to Seishirou's mad(?) plan! From here it's going to be The End, succeed or fail.. Possibly. - created on 23:46:44 07/13/2010 by Yurika and last modified on 05:09:00 08/01/2010. Cast: Aranha, Yurika, Ibuki, and Katsuten.

[R5] The Sword in the Bomb - Epilogue - It's been a wild ride, but it's time for the two ninja 'strangers' to part ways. Just like that, no business cards traded. Sort of. Rated 'F' for 'Fluff'. - created on 23:26:57 07/26/2010 by Yurika and last modified on 05:19:10 08/01/2010. Cast: Yurika and Ibuki.

[END] Antoine - With the tournament over, Antoine stayed for a bit to help some of the people in need. Along the way, he meets a large man with a massive scar. That burning desire to battle with the fighter taught Antoine a valueable lesson: Keep striving. - created on 21:53:46 08/14/2010 by Antoine and last modified on 01:33:43 10/09/2010. Cast: Sagat and Antoine.

[R5] The Sword of Nirvana - The beating up of ninjas is important to Tenma Kiryuu. It was the entire reason he and Hakuya Suigetsu came to Taizhou in the first place. They had intended to beat up Seishirou, more commonly known as the Pervert Kidnapper Ninja. Instead? Not a single ninja nowhere was beaten up. Well, they're gonna fix that, and settle an old score at the same time... - created on 21:21:10 08/20/2010 by Hakuya and last modified on 01:33:16 10/09/2010. Cast: Tenma, Hakuya, and Ibuki.

[END] What Comes Next - He entered a thug in the employ of Rugal Bernstein. He leaves as something else. A man who was always more than he ever seemed has accomplished his goal. - created on 13:18:17 08/27/2010 by Alan and last modified on 01:34:34 10/09/2010. Cast: Alan.

[END] That All You Got? - "No... h..help me.." pleaded the mortally wounded Wakamoto, "I'll.. I'll make you a rich woman..." His words fell upon deaf ears. Next to him stood the tattered, broken, and bloody form of one Juri Han: The Spider of SIN, and a ravenous murderer who stalked the island killing for sport. She kneeled beside him, reached out to him, and for a moment their frantically beating hearts pumped in unison. By the time the roar of a VTOL engine was heard neither heart was moving. Good End? (Y:N) - created on 21:55:07 09/12/2010 by Juri and last modified on 22:11:51 09/12/2010. Cast: Juri.

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