[Pre] [Cut] The Beginning - [Seishirou vs. Seth] Ryouhara confronts a cool, confident mercenary about business he's interfering in. In doing so, the first of many useful connections are established, and the first brick of the great house is laid. - created on 23:32:17 04/13/2007 by Seishirou and last modified on 16:58:15 08/01/2007. Cast: Seth and Seishirou.

[Pre] Chamber - [Riko vs. Hotaru] Poor Hotaru. She's a popular girl. Being harrassed by all sorts of people. Unfortunately, her problems are just getting worse. Because she's been kidnapped. By ninja. - created on 20:29:51 06/03/2007 by Prime and last modified on 17:12:16 08/01/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Riko.

[Pre] Cult of Personality - [Riko vs. Arika] Riko isn't a cultist. Seishirou isn't a cult leader. But when you kidnap people and stick them in a darkened room full of traps...well, Arika can be forgiven for getting the wrong impression. - created on 14:34:51 06/04/2007 by Riko and last modified on 17:17:23 08/01/2007. Cast: Riko and Arika.

[Pre] Deus Ex Machina - [Riko vs. Aislinn] When you're an artificial human, a programmed battle cyborg - there's really not much that can faze you. Which is good for Aislinn - since she's the latest victim of the Ryouhara Dojo. - created on 20:13:26 06/04/2007 by Riko and last modified on 04:16:29 07/27/2007. Cast: Riko and Aislinn.

[Pre] Weird Science - [Riko vs. Marisol] For most people, being ambushed by ninja is a bad thing. For Marisol, it's a lifesaver. Any longer, and she'd have lapsed into a coma. Because in Pacific High, classes can be boring. But you know? School can be fun. Especially in a chemistry lab. There's so many things that can explode. - created on 17:10:53 06/06/2007 by Riko and last modified on 02:21:35 07/27/2007. Cast: Riko and Marisol.

[Pre] Honor Among Thieves - [Riko vs. Nassir] Sometimes, prey isn't always the hunted. Sometimes you can turn the situation around. Nassir was supposed to be attacked. Instead, he makes an interesting proposition... - created on 17:42:05 06/08/2007 by Riko and last modified on 17:26:20 08/01/2007. Cast: Riko and Nassir.

[Pre] Once Upon A Time... - [Seishirou vs. Hakuya] ...in Thailand. Not a good place to be. Not with Shadaloo, not with war raging for the country. But that's where Hakuya finds himself, as he slowly regains consciousness. Last he remembered, he was on SNF. Now he's on a little boat. And everything's on fire. - created on 19:27:22 06/24/2007 by Hakuya and last modified on 17:36:25 08/01/2007. Cast: Hakuya and Seishirou.

[Pre] Nindo - [Riko vs. Sarah] Nindo: "Way of the Ninja". But that means different things to different people. For Sarah, it's truth and justice, righting wrongs. For Riko - it's not. - created on 21:59:57 06/29/2007 by Riko and last modified on 16:32:29 08/01/2007. Cast: Riko and Sarah.

[Pre] Tenma's Test - [Seishirou vs. Tenma] Tenma didn't believe Hakuya. He didn't. Hakuya claimed he'd been kidnapped by ninja, dragged all the way to Thailand - and forced to fight for his life. Ridiculous. That's what Tenma thought, anyway. That's what he thought. - created on 17:30:13 07/07/2007 by Seishirou and last modified on 17:29:58 08/01/2007. Cast: Tenma and Seishirou.

[Pre] Along Came A Spider - [Riko vs. Aranha] A note, unsigned. A date, a time. A place, a rooftop...a trap. - created on 11:15:54 07/13/2007 by Riko and last modified on 17:29:34 08/01/2007. Cast: Riko and Aranha.

[Pre] For The People - [Riko vs. Lykaio] A random fight. That would be meaningless. But here and now, with the lives of his people hanging in the balance - that is the measure of the man. Or God. - created on 02:53:04 07/29/2007 by Riko and last modified on 17:52:36 08/01/2007. Cast: Riko and Lykaio.

[Pre] An Offer He Can't Refuse - [Riko vs. Reed] Some fight for truth. Some fight for glory. But Reed? - created on 13:00:29 07/29/2007 by Riko and last modified on 18:03:41 08/01/2007. Cast: Riko and Reed.

[Pre] [Cut] A Thousand Faces - The second stage of the plan is laid out. All that remains is to execute it. - created on 16:15:53 08/01/2007 by Prime and last modified on 02:24:37 08/02/2007. Cast: Riko and Seishirou.

[Pre] [Cut] Wildcards - New players. New cards. Blackjack enters the game. Gambling ain't a sin. Provided you always win. - created on 13:28:53 08/11/2007 by Riko and last modified on 15:03:02 08/12/2007. Cast: Elle and Riko.

[R1] [Cut] Behind Velvet Doors - Alan R. B. has received an invitation to Jinchuu, and brings it to Rugal's attention. His boss makes plans. - created on 23:03:13 08/13/2007 by Alan and last modified on 15:47:26 08/24/2007. Cast: Vice, Alan, and Rugal.

[Pre] [Cut] The Quiet Ones - Confounded by the strange incursion of Ninja on her turf, Elle calls in an expert witness. The Devil Ninja reveals secrets about this mysterious order, and Blackjack begins to make its move. Is it not said, only Ninja can kill Ninja? - created on 02:01:04 08/17/2007 by Marise and last modified on 03:38:49 08/17/2007. Cast: Elle and Marise.

[R1] [Cut] The Gathering - They have come together, in Southtown Harbor. And before them, a great ship has emerged from the depths. The flagship of the people, it is called. The "Suiryuu". But to earn the right to enter, they must first prove themselves. They have been given transport to different locations. And now the battle to become agents of Jinchuu has begun. - created on 19:59:06 08/19/2007 by Riko and last modified on 10:16:03 08/20/2007. Cast: Elle, Riko, Eiji, Vyle, Naerose, Himeko, Alan, Sada, Katelynn, Eva, Tenma, Hinata, Aranha, Skullomania, Nikolai, Ichiro, Zach, Kasumi, and Seishirou.

[R1] [Pre] [Unlock Gallery 1] - Collected board posts and materials regarding Jinchuu. Pre-tournament and Round 1 info. - created on 00:45:17 08/20/2007 by Prime and last modified on 16:24:39 08/26/2007.

[R1] Pleasure Cruise - [Katelynn vs. Zach] Zach and Katelynn play King of the Hill. On a little rowboat. Both end up in the drink. But only one goes voluntarily. [Winner: Zach] - created on 11:45:12 08/20/2007 by Zach and last modified on 21:20:00 08/20/2007. Cast: Katelynn and Zach.

[R1] [Cut] Sneaky Dealing - Right after the unveiling of the ship, and the arrival of the buses for the tournament...a certain Red Witch approaches another to try to convince them to work together against each other's respective opponents. But will the Punk Rock Princess fall for her tricks? - created on 14:53:19 08/20/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 22:02:53 08/20/2007. Cast: Naerose and Arika.

[R1] [Cut] Teammate's Trust - Showing up late to the scene does have some advantages (beyond odd conversations with witches dressed in red). Just before boarding her designated bus, the punk rock princess runs into another Star that's heading out on this journey. Each has a different reason for wanting to be there, but both are willing to support the other no matter the manipulations that are sure to be coming... from everywhere. - created on 20:33:39 08/20/2007 by Arika and last modified on 11:04:58 08/21/2007. Cast: Arika and Eva.

[R1] [Cut] Gangland - Iron Maiden (1982). Her 'Jinchuu' mission said 'Eliminate Kyle'. It didn;t say how. And it didn't say she had to do it. Elle contacts the Southtown Slayer Yamazaki to do her dirty work for her. Despite his revelations that he practically mauled her last partner, Elle reveals that she frankly... just doesn't care. So much changes in so little time. - created on 21:49:29 08/20/2007 by Elle and last modified on 14:32:36 08/21/2007. Cast: Elle and Yamazaki.

[R1] The Art of Deception - [Soma vs. Kaiwei] Jinchuu is a tournament filled with its own crazy betrayals, setups, and sneaky behind the scenes deals by the ninja running it. However, as Kaiwei finds out when he comes to Metro looking for injured Soma, the ICPO agent has some ideas of his own about things not being what they seem... [Winner: Kaiwei] - created on 18:32:34 08/21/2007 by Soma and last modified on 15:49:53 08/24/2007. Cast: Kaiwei and Soma.

[R1] Last Call - [Aranha vs. Eva] It's obvious that Aranha should have no trouble with this scenario. Leap from one structure to another? Not a problem. But can Eva stop the traceur from getting aboard? [Winner: Aranha...kinda.] - created on 18:33:06 08/21/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 21:58:28 08/22/2007. Cast: Eva and Aranha.

[R1] Enter Tippin - [Hinata vs. Nikolai] In the first round of Jinchuu, Hinata learns not to shoot spitballs at Russian mobsters. Important life lesson. You learn the most important things in dark alleys. [Winner: Nikolai] - created on 19:50:36 08/21/2007 by Hinata and last modified on 22:02:12 08/22/2007. Cast: Hinata and Nikolai.

[R1] [Cut] Good Business - After the public announcement of Jinchuu, The Chrome Dome Don decides to holla at the Dancing Spider once more. After shelling out some money and providing some fancy gear Mr. Big sends Aranha to spy on the proceedings of the tournament. - created on 23:55:28 08/21/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 15:48:20 08/24/2007. Cast: Mr.Big and Aranha.

[R1] Shipping Authority - [Alan vs. Marisol] Alan and Marisol meet up in a dark, rusty warehouse and immediately start fisting each other left and right on conveyor belts. Fun for the whole family! [Draw Match] - created on 17:26:35 08/22/2007 by Alan and last modified on 00:47:44 08/30/2007. Cast: Alan and Marisol.

[R1] The Final Mile - [Arika vs. Vyle] Everyone else has disembarked to their proper fight locations, but two are left aboard the bus on the way for the Suiryuu. Direction from the bus driver states that the last one on the bus gets to go aboard... but there's more than one way to remain the last one ON the bus. [Winner: Vyle] - created on 18:10:06 08/22/2007 by Arika and last modified on 14:17:50 08/25/2007. Cast: Vyle and Arika.

[R1] Skyline (A Bad Idea) - [Tenma vs. Pas] The third time proves not to be the charm at all for Tenma, who once again finds the mysterious Brazilian to be an obstacle he just can't overcome... But don't worry, because they both end up falling from their high perch... TO THEIR DEATHS!! Or at least onto the very same conveyor belt onto Suiryuu that Alan and Marisol found themselves on... [Winner: Pas] - created on 19:17:37 08/22/2007 by Tenma and last modified on 16:58:08 08/23/2007. Cast: Tenma and Pas.

[R1] Dirty Laundry - [Yamazaki vs. Kyle] In the first round of the Jinchuu tournament, Yamazaki makes good on his promise to cripple Kyle. The fight is fast and brutal, even by Yamazaki's standards, and the cost of losing is one of Kyle's knees. [Winner: Yamazaki] - created on 22:08:41 08/22/2007 by Yamazaki and last modified on 16:56:11 08/23/2007. Cast: Yamazaki and Kyle.

[R1] [Cut] Calling In Help - Kyle, after taking a beating from Elle's hired knife Yamazaki, calls in his own big guns. - created on 19:51:58 08/23/2007 by Haggar and last modified on 15:52:48 08/24/2007. Cast: Haggar and Kyle.

[R1] [Cut] Impressions - Because Aranha came through for Eva in his match against her, an alliance is formed. Eva seems under the impression that he's a good soul, but is this an illusion or does she see something in Aranha that the ever perceptive capoeirista fails to see in himself? - created on 20:08:54 08/24/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 00:48:23 08/30/2007. Cast: Eva and Aranha.

[R1] Privileged Position - [Sada vs. Ichiro] Sada and Ichiro fight each other after dinner. Ichiro pukes on things! Sada power fails a counter! Mutual consent to cease fighting. Pantsu. [No Result] - created on 21:19:26 08/24/2007 by Sada and last modified on 15:55:27 08/25/2007. Cast: Sada and Ichiro.

[R1] [Unlock Gallery 2] - Collected board posts. Information on the tournament ship Suiryuu, summary of plot threads arising from Round 1. - created on 15:16:44 08/26/2007 by Prime and last modified on 16:28:55 08/26/2007.

[R1] [Cut] Ace Of Spades - Motorhead (1980). Seeking answers after his stunt in Metro City, Soma finds the one individual who always seems to know more than she should. Elle is given the location of the Suiryuu. What Soma gets in exchange, however, is of questionable value. New facts emerge, and more paths open up, leading to more confusion than certainty for at least one of the parties involved. - created on 22:20:30 08/26/2007 by Elle and last modified on 01:31:17 08/28/2007. Cast: Elle and Soma.

[R1] [Cut] Social Stratum - Following rumors and word of mouth hype, Hotaru seeks out the Suiryuu in order to satisfy her curiosity. Encountering Riko, she gets a few answers and a lot more questions. She does have a chance to meet Mister R.B., however, one of the most chi-charged people she's ever met! - created on 00:26:56 08/27/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 01:31:28 08/28/2007. Cast: Hotaru, Riko, and Alan.

[R1] One Must Fall - [Luc vs. Hakuya] Luc and Hakuya fight on a wooden platform held up by a balloon in the air. Being a fast and furious pace, neither fighter has the time to dodge or block, only able to take the punishment and then dish it back out again in a wild rumble. Though the balloons were threatened at one point, Hakuya managed to save the day... or did he? The Suiryuu seems to get an airdrop, special delivery - two warriors and one hood ornament. [Draw Match] - created on 18:28:01 08/27/2007 by Hakuya and last modified on 01:46:56 08/28/2007. Cast: Luc and Hakuya.

[R1] Bimini Run! - [Tran vs. Preston] JINCHUU FAITO between the delightful Dr. Tran and the swearing Dr. Preston. What do you mean he's no doctor?! The stage is simple; two speedboats, both aiming for the luxury yacht! But guess what! Neither combatant gets there in one piece! [Draw Match] - created on 23:24:58 08/27/2007 by Preston and last modified on 05:17:23 08/29/2007. Cast: Tran, Alan, Marisol, and Preston.

[R1] [Cut] Catching Breath - Zach and Hotaru run into each other on the Suiryuu. Hotaru is there to watch the tournament while Zach's uncertain if he is still /in/ it. The two learn a bit about the other in the meantime. - created on 20:43:03 08/28/2007 by Zach and last modified on 07:34:26 08/29/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Zach.

[R2] [Cut] Trust? - Aranha decides to acquire supplies before he makes his return to the Suiryuu. Unfortunately, he gets waylaid by a Justice Student. After a one sided butt kicking occurs, the two come to an agreement. - created on 13:52:22 08/30/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 22:05:09 09/04/2007. Cast: Jericho and Aranha.

[R1] Port of Call - [Aislinn vs. Joe?!] Aislinn's Jinchuu fight turns out not to be versus Kasumi Todoh, but Joe Higashi, who thinks that Aislinn kidnapped Lilly. (She didn't... did she?) In the end, Joe is, by a narrow margin, out 'manlied' by Aislinn, in a fight that is far closer than it appears... [Winner: Aislinn] - created on 14:35:44 08/30/2007 by Prime and last modified on 15:02:13 08/30/2007. Cast: Joe and Aislinn.

[R1] [Cut] Ninjas For Dummies - So You've Been Attacked By A Ninja, Now What. Aboard the mysterious Suiryuu as an interested spectator, Hotaru is surprised to find none other than Sakura Kusanago-, er, Kasugano doing secruity patrol. There's some catching up with events, past and present, as well as some friendly banter about a couple mutual problems. - created on 18:48:55 08/30/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 09:42:20 08/31/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Sakura.

[R2] [Cut] Sheathed Sword - The second round opponents haven't been anounced yet and Hotaru seems critical of Aranha's methods of fighting (or lack of) in the first round. Of course Aranha doesn't seem to have a problem with winning by giving a girl exactly what she wants. The traceur/capoeirista itching for some action decides to challenge the kempo artist to a spar. With less limitations imposed on his movement he seems to do better but he does call her on holding back. - created on 12:39:17 08/31/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 22:05:02 09/04/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Aranha.

[R2] [Cut] Saving Face - Unannounced, Alan R.B. sneaks his way into Marisol's cabin. Considering their past encounters, Marisol presumes the worst, and reacts to him like the pervert she thinks he is! Unexpectedly, however, Alan proposes a deal, but things do not go precisely as he planned them... - created on 00:20:57 09/01/2007 by Marisol and last modified on 15:50:10 09/02/2007. Cast: Alan and Marisol.

[R2] [Cut] Emergence - [Naerose vs. Sakura] The Fishmonster Naerose emerges from the depths onto a once peaceful boat to encounter a waiting cog-ninja Sakura. The teacher teaches her student a valuable lesson about the secret technique she has been working on, the feared Shoedouken. Then the Red Witch is shown to her room. - created on 10:17:54 09/01/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 15:52:15 09/02/2007. Cast: Naerose and Sakura.

[R2] [Cut] Honor - Two thieves meet in the cargo hold of the mysterious ship and work on an agreement. A tit for tat, but can these thieves hold up to their deals without trying to betray one another? Probably... not. - created on 14:58:54 09/01/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 16:13:49 09/02/2007. Cast: Vyle and Naerose.

[R2] [Cut] Truth or Dare? - Sakura Kasugano - chief of security aboard the Suiryuu. But does she know what's going on? Does she know the true purpose of Jinchuu? Deep in the hull, deep within the great ship, she encounters Riko Koganei. Words are exchanged, accusations leveled. And revelations are made. But what Riko says...can't possibly be the truth. Or can it? - created on 09:30:54 09/02/2007 by Riko and last modified on 16:18:05 09/02/2007. Cast: Riko and Sakura.

[R2] [Unlock Gallery 3] - Collected board posts. Tournament and Bonus Matches for Round 2. Bunk assignments for all fighters aboard ship. - created on 13:27:15 09/02/2007 by Prime and last modified on 14:04:45 09/02/2007.

[R2] [Cut] Book Bandit Caught - The great clue search brings Arika to the ship's library where she finds out that it was Naerose... in the library... with the thieving? This isn't really a game of Clue, but if anyone winds up missing those books, the finger can be pointed at the right book bandit! Such an odd place for a witch and a punk rock princess to 'hang out' (and that term is used quite loosely in this case), but location aside, it allows the two to figure out if there are favors still owing to either of them. Don't miss the exciting conversation about newts, gazelles and tortoises! - created on 16:16:57 09/02/2007 by Arika and last modified on 10:31:26 09/03/2007. Cast: Naerose and Arika.

[R2] The Tempest - [Arika vs. Marisol] It's a horrid night to be above deck. Stormy, shrieking gale-force winds blasting their fury on any stupid enough to out here. Rain falling in sheets so thick you can barely see more than a foot in front of you. The type of night any sane person would be inside, snuggled warmly in their bed... but no! Ninjas are never sane! That's why there is a fight going on high above the deck. Two completely drenched females dangling from the masts. Will Arika and Marisol manage this fight without one or the other of them plummeting to their deaths? [Winner: Arika] - created on 19:49:47 09/02/2007 by Arika and last modified on 15:44:22 09/03/2007. Cast: Arika and Marisol.

[R2] Spires - [Pas vs. Aranha] Perched hundreds of feet above the crashing ocean, blanketed and blinded by rolling fog, and having to deal with slippery stone spires as a sidewalk, what's a couple capoeiristas to do? Dance, I guess. [Winner: Aranha] - created on 20:08:30 09/02/2007 by Pas and last modified on 06:25:36 09/10/2007. Cast: Pas and Aranha.

[R2] [Cut] Scary Movie - The deep underside of the tournament ship Suiryuu. Down near the engines, in the engineering compartments within the hull. A dark place, a dank place, lit only by the ethereal light of spiritual seals. A space off-limits until the proper time of the scheduled fights. Off-limits. So... so... WHAT ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE DOING DOWN HERE?!! - created on 01:35:40 09/03/2007 by Riko and last modified on 01:46:33 09/04/2007. Cast: Elle, Hotaru, Riko, Yamazaki, and Tiffany.

[R2] [Cut] Here's Momoko! - Zach meets yet another wielder of the Psycho Power while visiting the Suiryuu's library. This one is a twelve year old girl. - created on 13:37:08 09/03/2007 by Zach and last modified on 15:46:22 09/03/2007. Cast: Momoko and Zach.

[R2] [Cut] Special Delivery - Kyle needs to get onto the Suiryuu after being completely boatblocked by Yamazaki. In desperation, he turns to the number one choice of nobody ever: The Haggar Express. - created on 14:44:40 09/03/2007 by Haggar and last modified on 01:40:39 09/04/2007. Cast: Haggar and Kyle.

[R2] [Cut] Fast and Loose - Motorhead (1980). When Naerose discovers a secret room that reveals a well stocked ninja armory, Elle sees an opportunity. With her latest contacts in Mad Gear in place, Elle prepares for what very well may be an act of piracy against the elusive Ryuohara ninjas. - created on 20:26:10 09/03/2007 by Elle and last modified on 23:18:51 09/06/2007. Cast: Elle and Naerose.

[R2] [Cut] Cult Cruises - A chance meeting on the deck of the Suiryuu has Aranha thinking that the punk rock princess might be a little off her rocker. But is she crazy, or could there possibly be even the slightest bit of truth in what she's thinking? - created on 22:24:11 09/03/2007 by Arika and last modified on 22:06:22 09/04/2007. Cast: Arika and Aranha.

[R2] [Cut] Best Friends 4-eva - Ever wonder what it's like to bunk with the Unibomber? Hotaru doesn't have to wonder anymore. One naive teen enters the paranoia filled world of Elle Belmounte and is changed by the experience. The alarming thing is, in light of the bizarre phenomena the girl has seen going on aboard the Suiryuu, the disturbed musings of Elle actually seem more than slightly plausible. - created on 02:21:13 09/04/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 22:05:51 09/04/2007. Cast: Elle and Hotaru.

[R2] Frozen Hell - [Zach vs. Himeko] Zach and Himeko slug it out in the frozen depths of the Suiryuu's holds. Only one comes out on top. [Winner: Zach] - created on 18:52:52 09/04/2007 by Zach and last modified on 22:09:48 09/04/2007. Cast: Himeko and Zach.

[R2] [Cut] Operation: Momo - After a series of off-screen misadventures, Momo reaches the Suiryuu and begins Solid Snaking her way on board... only to be caught by Hotaru! Can a clever fish impression keep her from being recognized? - created on 22:09:24 09/04/2007 by Momo and last modified on 05:47:06 09/06/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Momo.

[R2] Poor Reception - [Soma vs. Aislinn] A short and brutal fight ensues after Soma paradrops onto the Jinchuu and finds Aislinn waiting for him... [Winner: Aislinn] - created on 22:22:38 09/04/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 05:48:40 09/06/2007. Cast: Aislinn and Soma.

[R2] [Cut] Hello Again - After their last encounter, a two on two pitting Gedo's Guardian King's leader versus Pacific Resistance's and their teammates, Marisol never had a chance to properly face down Kenji Ashima. Now, aboard the Jinchuu and irritated at her less-than stellar performance, Marisol has the chance to face the brawler in a one-on-one... - created on 16:01:05 09/05/2007 by Marisol and last modified on 23:19:39 09/06/2007. Cast: Marisol and Kenji.

[R2] [Cut] Brothers - After months adrift, Cody Travers climbs aboard the people's vessel... and finds a familiar face there. - created on 21:05:29 09/05/2007 by Kyle and last modified on 05:50:40 09/06/2007. Cast: Alan, Sakura, Aranha, Cody, Kyle, and Momo.

[R2] [Bonus] Trash - [Sada vs Eva vs Ichiro] This is the trash compactor hold of the Suiryuu. Some started out on the top rankings of Jinchuu, with the easiest assignments. Now, regardless of your former station, all are on the bottom. There is only one rule: Only when there is one person conscious will the compactor doors be opened. [Winner: Eva] - created on 21:05:35 09/05/2007 by Sada and last modified on 06:02:52 09/14/2007. Cast: Sada, Eva, and Ichiro.

[R2] [Cut] Heart Attack - After having dinner aboard a boat of Ninjas during Jinchuu, Tiffany is ambushed by Ninja-Momo, who shows her some serious Tennis-Justu. Should be subtitled: To Brain a Cheerleader. - created on 19:56:34 09/06/2007 by Tiffany and last modified on 05:57:41 09/07/2007. Cast: Tiffany and Momo.

[R2] [Cut] Friends or Foes? - What starts out as a wonderfully warm afternoon aboard the Suiryuu winds up with a chill in the air as a certain Kasugano just happens to fall from the sky. Arika and Sakura exchange somewhat heated words on what happened in Thailand, and Zach learns an important life lesson: That all a man can bring to a fight between women are popcorn and a drink. - created on 15:10:30 09/07/2007 by Arika and last modified on 22:32:33 09/07/2007. Cast: Arika, Sakura, and Zach.

[R2] Superconductor - [Hakuya vs Naerose] The fight in the hold and electricity and a X-mas Tree. Why does lamers like Mario with his party-o of a bunch of retarded joes, fix the star road I don't think so. [Winner: Hakuya] - created on 17:50:47 09/07/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 20:27:19 09/07/2007. Cast: Naerose and Hakuya.

[R2] [Cut] Schoolgirls - Schoolgirls Are The Answer - Beaten to a pulp, alone and frustrated, Soma Travedi is secretly beginning to rethink this whole 'servant of justice' affair. However, a chance encounter with Hotaru suddenly gives him not only an unexpected breakthrough in the Jinchuu case, but an unexpected and much needed ally. - created on 14:53:03 09/08/2007 by Soma and last modified on 05:51:29 09/12/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Soma.

[R2] [Cut] Observation - Deep in the Suiryuu's engineering spaces, many have tried to discern the meaning of the seals inscribed there. The eerie network of seals do not surrender their intent easily. But when Aislinn comes to investigate personally, she'll find and learn a little more than she'd bargained for.. - created on 18:32:37 09/08/2007 by Hiretsu and last modified on 06:26:41 09/10/2007. Cast: Aislinn and Hiretsu.

[R2] [Cut] Got Orange Juice? - Still on the search for any information that will prove things aboard the Suiryuu aren't all that they seem, Arika decides it's high time she went to sneak a little peek at the books the red witch pilfered from the ship's library. But a botched 'burglary' has the punk rock princess making herself right at home in Naerose's cabin... and as odd as that actually is, sometimes an unorthodox approach yields results. - created on 20:19:12 09/08/2007 by Arika and last modified on 06:27:48 09/10/2007. Cast: Naerose and Arika.

[R2] [Cut] Thank God for... - Thank God For The Bomb - Ozzy Osbourne (1986). Aislinn returns with valuable information on the Suiryuu that she gathered on Elle's request and some disturbing facts are revealed. Elle's suspicions are reinforced, new paths are opened, and Elle comes up with a final solution if all else should fail. - created on 23:12:27 09/08/2007 by Elle and last modified on 06:30:09 09/10/2007. Cast: Elle and Aislinn.

[R2] [Cut] Clearing the Air - As long as we're being honest... Sakura, Arika and a mess of medieval armor meet up in the hall by the cabins. The diva is finally able to explain what has her so miffed at Kasugano, and also points out what's bugging her about this whole tournament. Now, maybe both women will be able to leave what transpired between them in Thailand in the past. (Maybe...) - created on 18:13:53 09/09/2007 by Arika and last modified on 09:22:08 09/10/2007. Cast: Arika and Sakura.

[R2] [Cut] Intro to Reality - Anthrax (1990). The Devil of Koga finally resurfaces with entirely new information that brings Blackjack tantalizingly close to the answers that it's been looking for. While Katana and Birdie struggle with the nuances of such a Byzantine plot, Elle and Marise scrape frustratingly close to the answers they seek. The end realization: a Ninja Master and Russian Mobster may hold the last peices of the puzzle. - created on 22:32:39 09/09/2007 by Elle and last modified on 05:50:25 09/11/2007. Cast: Elle, Marise, Katana, and Birdie.

[R2] [Cut] Light in the Dark - Armed with more information than before, Elle reveals more of her theories about Jinchuu and the motivations behind it to Hotaru. She also tasks the girl with an important assignment, drawing the young fighter further into her world. - created on 03:13:28 09/10/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 05:52:19 09/12/2007. Cast: Elle and Hotaru.

[R2] Watery Grave - [Alan vs Nikolai] Filthy water, traded sass, and now-and-future cancer. Now with SINISTER PLANNING?! [Winner: Nikolai] - created on 20:14:44 09/10/2007 by Alan and last modified on 05:50:34 09/12/2007. Cast: Alan and Nikolai.

[R2] [Bonus] Hell Or... - [Preston vs Kenji vs Katelynn] Hell or High Water: a Jinchuu Round 2 Bonus Match! See the powerful Preston versus the Kombaty Katelynn versus the Kinky Killer Kenji! KKK! That's not good! A fight on a raft, 1 vs 1 vs 1! Who will prevail?! And will they win before the raft burns to death?! [Winner: Preston] - created on 23:32:30 09/10/2007 by Preston and last modified on 06:00:41 09/12/2007. Cast: Katelynn, Preston, and Kenji.

[R2] [Cut] Calling Blind - Somewhere deep in the Suiryuu Arahna decides to take a risk and attempt to contact Blackjack, but will his risk pay off? Or is he seriously using Naerose as his contact? This can't end productively. - created on 10:23:29 09/11/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 18:56:47 11/10/2007. Cast: Naerose and Aranha.

[R2] [Bonus] Ghost Machine - [Elle vs Luc vs Tenma] Elle, Tenma and Luc are forced to fight within a chamber of the Suiryuu that seems to be... ALIVE?! Imbued by the forces of the Ghost Machine, the three combatants duke it out with explosive results. Also, beware the AoE!!! [Winner: Tenma] - created on 20:49:55 09/11/2007 by Luc and last modified on 15:04:24 09/12/2007. Cast: Elle, Tenma, and Luc.

[R3] [Cut] Opposite Numbers - Zach and Soma bump into each other on the Suiryuu. However, for every way the two seem to be the same, they find out just how different they are. - created on 21:11:10 09/11/2007 by Zach and last modified on 06:02:15 09/13/2007. Cast: Soma and Zach.

[R3] [Unlock Gallery 4] - Collected board posts. Tournament matches and Special Mission for Round 3. - created on 06:05:44 09/12/2007 by Kobun and last modified on 06:12:02 09/12/2007.

[R3] [Cut] Sixth Sense - Already determined to head into the heart of the Suiryuu and get his facts the old-fashioned way, Soma goes to the only friendly face on the ship for help with a subject -- chi -- he knows nothing about. With nothing left to barter but the reasons why he's truly involved in Jinchuu, the ICPO agent bets the house on what his supernatural senses tell him about a certain guitar-playing kingpin's roommate... - created on 13:04:07 09/12/2007 by Soma and last modified on 16:23:35 09/15/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Soma.

[R3] [Cut] Let Him Trap Me - Hakuya and Sakura strike up a conversation, while two more freeloaders find their way onto the Suiryuu. Why didn't Seishirou just institute an admission policy? Geez... - created on 18:18:21 09/12/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 06:04:56 09/13/2007. Cast: Vyle, Yamazaki, Hakuya, Sakura, and Birdie.

[R3] All-Seeing Eye - [Aranha vs Arika] Looking as though an ink bomb went off, the map room aboard the Suiryuu is a rather 'boring' location for a fight compared to a few others that have taken place. That is, it looks that way until one notices the stylized symbols that begin to move, not only over the architecture, but the fighters as well. With neither fighter knowing what the symbols mean, or what the purpose of them is (or if they're permanent), the battle it out to see who will be the victor. [Winner: Arika] - created on 13:08:28 09/13/2007 by Arika and last modified on 06:07:17 09/14/2007. Cast: Arika and Aranha.

[R3] [Cut] Put Up Or Shut Up - Quiet Riot (1986). Elle finally meets up with the dark horse of the tournament: Nikolai Tippin. Attempts at friendly negotiations fail when Nikolai seems more interested in posturing than providing answers. After hearing the same litany of reasons as to why she's little more than a peon for the umpteenth time, Elle gets fed up and calls Blackjack's Silent Assassin and Badass Brit to beat the answers out of him. For some reason, Nikoli decides to chat instead. - created on 20:59:30 09/13/2007 by Elle and last modified on 06:08:44 09/14/2007. Cast: Elle, Aislinn, Nikolai, and Birdie.

[R3] [Cut] Paranoia - After pulling her way out of the garbage disposal, Eva comes in search of her teammate to ensure she's not about to be ambushed again. The information about Eva's predicament just further cement the fact that something isn't all that right aboard the Suiryuu in Arika's mind. - created on 21:50:13 09/13/2007 by Arika and last modified on 16:24:38 09/15/2007. Cast: Arika and Eva.

[R3] [Mission] Max Overdrive - Katana CRASHES HIS FRICKIN TRUCK into the Suiryuu! The whole ship is rocked, but... well. Aside from a little leaning and some water infiltration, seems the Suiryuu is fine. UNTIL THE PEOPLES SPILL OUT. - created on 18:44:04 09/14/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 02:49:28 09/15/2007. Cast: Elle, Hotaru, Naerose, Aislinn, Sakura, and Katana.

[R3] [Mission] Max Overdrive B - Two girls are taking inventory of items in a place they likely shouldn't be, when a TRUCK suddenly crashes into the Suiryuu. Coming back up into the library, Eva and Arika are joined by Blanka, Birdie and Yamazaki and are left to figure out what's going on and why the other two are demanding evacuation of the ship. Alliances are quickly formed, and the two Shooting Stars help defend the ship... but for what reason? - created on 20:30:12 09/14/2007 by Arika and last modified on 21:53:04 09/16/2007. Cast: Yamazaki, Arika, Eva, Blanka, and Birdie.

[R3] [Cut] Nephilim - "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown." Genesis 6:4 - created on 15:17:13 09/15/2007 by Marise and last modified on 06:14:51 09/19/2007. Cast: Marise and Hiretsu.

[R3] [Cut] Truth. Freedom. - The difference between right or wrong can be difficult to discern aboard the tournament hosting Suiryuu. Previously convinced that something terrible was afoot, a visit with the direct of operations, Hiretsu, leaves Hotaru feeling less certain than before. - created on 23:49:37 09/15/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 05:44:53 09/18/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Hiretsu.

[R3] [Cut] Cowboy Diplomacy - Prideful, drunk, and angry, Nikolai Tippin stumbles into Soma Travedi in the hallways of the Suiryuu. Negotiations for information break down fast, as you might expect... but through a combination of sheer stupid luck and bloody-minded persistance, the ICPO officer shows the enforcer that he means business too, forcing a stalemate that might have unfortunate consequences later on... - created on 00:28:15 09/16/2007 by Soma and last modified on 06:13:16 09/17/2007. Cast: Soma and Nikolai.

[R3] Biometrics - [Aislinn vs Preston] The Round 3 Jinchuu match between Aislinn and Preston Alistair Wellington II is a nasty, brutish, and short affair, much like Thomas Hobbes' view on men in the state of war. Somehow, someway, Aislinn is the last man(?) standing... [Winner: Aislinn] - created on 22:30:51 09/16/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 06:30:36 09/17/2007. Cast: Aislinn and Preston.

[R3] [Cut] Momonapped! - After Momo and Tiffany's fight in the halls of the Suiryuu, the Pacific cheerleader returned to her room with the Taiyo tennis player in tow! How will Momo escape this one? The same way she escapes all consequences, by looking cute until people feel sorry for her! - created on 22:32:43 09/16/2007 by Momo and last modified on 05:45:31 09/18/2007. Cast: Tiffany and Momo.

[R3] Hall of Mirrors - [Nikolai vs Hakuya] Hakuya is introduced to alternate views on life when Nikolai shows he's not just playing around, and means to hurt the boy. Though the fight is intense, with mirrors making it difficult to see what's going on and lasers shooting at them both, eventually Hakuya falls, with many injuries, with Nikolai in a bad mood. [Winner: Nikolai] - created on 22:34:13 09/16/2007 by Hakuya and last modified on 06:28:41 09/17/2007. Cast: Hakuya and Nikolai.

[R3] [Bonus] Lock and Key - Locked in a cell with Naerose. Some would consider this a fate worse than death. However, the witch and the detective manage to come to an agreement that wins Naerose her freedom and Soma a new direction for his inquiries into Jinchuu... - created on 12:55:28 09/17/2007 by Soma and last modified on 05:43:49 09/18/2007. Cast: Naerose and Soma.

[R3] [Cut] Interrogation - There's a reason why Arika has an agent, and the reason becomes perfectly clear as she attempts to interrogate and negotiate with the red witch. Even with a little help from Kasugano, the diva barely coerces the minutest amount of information from Naerose. At least she's got a place to start now, and a few bits and pieces have been filled in... but what, if any of it, is the truth? - created on 19:31:01 09/17/2007 by Arika and last modified on 13:24:46 09/19/2007. Cast: Naerose, Arika, and Sakura.

[R3] [Cut] The Devil You Know - A ninja of old, a figure from history. But sometimes...the past isn't as dead as it seems. And legends, after all, are what you make of them. Riko Koganei, student of the Ryouhara, knows that. So too, it seems, does the Devil of the Koga. - created on 21:40:37 09/17/2007 by Riko and last modified on 20:09:53 09/19/2007. Cast: Riko and Marise.

[R3] [Cut] The Conspiracy Web - Leave it to Elle to turn a perfectly normal cabin room into a hot, humid sauna full of all the earmarks of a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Once again, Hotaru is drawn further into the plot as the Blackjack leader sees it, studing the strange event from a number of different angles. And once again, she's given more information to chew on and more tasks to follow up on. The quest to find the missing piece to connect all the dots continues. - created on 01:06:00 09/18/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 03:28:03 09/21/2007. Cast: Elle and Hotaru.

[R3] [Cut] Lost Technology - Agents have met. Battles have been fought. Alliances made, and...transgressions too. The assault on the Suiryuu, orchestrated by Blackjack and Mad Gear. And the emergence of a ninja from the past, one with knowledge of the clan called Ryouhara. Many things have come to pass. And now, deep within the great ship, the Director of Operations, the man known only as 'Hiretsu', encounters the Chief Engineer - one Riko Koganei. Words are exchanged. Plans set in motion. - created on 18:46:36 09/18/2007 by Riko and last modified on 13:17:43 09/19/2007. Cast: Riko and Hiretsu.

[R3] [Bonus] Buckled Swash - [Himeko vs. Kyle] One of Jinchuu's numerous roommate pairs helps to break in the on-ship dojo. They're completely ridiculous. [Winner: Kyle] - created on 19:09:18 09/18/2007 by Kyle and last modified on 23:21:58 09/27/2007. Cast: Himeko and Kyle.

[R3] Deep Six - [Zach vs Tiffany] Zach and Tiffany go deep-sea diving. They also punch each other. [Draw Match] - created on 19:50:33 09/18/2007 by Zach and last modified on 13:25:03 09/19/2007. Cast: Zach and Tiffany.

[R3] [Cut] Disposable Heroes - Metallica (1986). The Devil of Koga approaches Elle with a proposition that holds the promise of what could be incomprehensible levels of power. However, her naturally elusive posture becomes her downfall. Elle is forced to extract all the details from Marise through heavy handed demands, which eventually reveals a possible end to Jinchuu which comes at a price. However, some opportunities are just too costly. - created on 22:25:12 09/18/2007 by Elle and last modified on 23:22:27 09/27/2007. Cast: Elle and Marise.

[R3] [Unlock Gallery 5] - Collected board posts. Bonus matches and notes for Round 3. - created on 06:11:49 09/19/2007 by Kobun and last modified on 06:12:49 09/19/2007.

[R3] [Cut] With A Little Help - (Part 1) Quiet night in the library, no hustle, no bustle... until a bookshelf moves and a punk princess comes out from behind it. Hurricane Hime has some questions, and Arika has no qualms answering most of them. Can she prevail upon the little Hurricane to help? - created on 18:54:14 09/19/2007 by Arika and last modified on 20:02:57 09/20/2007. Cast: Himeko and Arika.

[R3] [Cut] Measure for Measure - Sakura Kasugano, Security Chief of the Suiryuu. An unlikely choice, really. She's not a professional. And with all the resources that have gone into staging this tournament...why would people as paranoid as Seishirou and Riko put things in the hands of /Sakura/? Good question. Still...Riko, at least, seems confident in Sakura's abilities. She says as much, congratulating Sakura for repelling the assault staged by Mad Gear and Blackjack. But where one attack has happened, others seem likely to follow. Which means, of course, there must be contingency plans. - created on 19:22:26 09/19/2007 by Riko and last modified on 00:23:09 09/20/2007. Cast: Riko and Sakura.

[R3] [Bonus] After Disaster - [Kenji vs. Sada] After Mad Gear's attack on the Suiryuu was repelled, that left Hiretsu with a rather sticky problem. The nearest crane that could remove the truck safely was over two islands and several thousand dollars away. What to do? Order a fight on it, of course. Maybe the fighters will dislodge it. If nothing else, the camera crew and paying company on the deck will have quite a show for their prime-time... [Winner: Sada] - created on 20:07:46 09/19/2007 by Sada and last modified on 10:26:32 09/27/2007. Cast: Sada and Kenji.

[R3] [Cut] ...From My Friends - (Part 2) Convincing Hurricane Hime to help was easy enough once the truth was told, but now it's time for some planning. Arika and Hime make their way to Eva's cabin to continue the discussion. This is where Eva finds out things are worse than they seemed, Hime finds out who Eva's bunking with (OMGSQUEE!), and Arika is forced into trying to trust others. - created on 21:11:24 09/19/2007 by Arika and last modified on 19:56:48 09/20/2007. Cast: Himeko, Arika, and Eva.

[R3] [Cut] Offer of Help - Items are returned, more questions are raised, conversations hit a few awkward silences... and an alliance is formed? Zach comes looking for Arika, and it seems that beyond saving her sunglasses he's offering his help should she need it. - created on 13:17:19 09/20/2007 by Arika and last modified on 19:58:43 09/20/2007. Cast: Arika and Zach.

[R3] [Cut] A Minor Hiccup - When Naerose attempts to train the bird left to her by Arika to say embarrassing things she is caught in the act by Katelynn who has ideas of her own. Can the karate black belt stop the witch from her sinister plot? - created on 18:37:32 09/20/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 03:44:33 09/22/2007. Cast: Naerose and Katelynn.

[R3] The Hellion - [Vyle vs. Elle] Judas Priest (1982). Stuck in a dark pit with Vyle, Elle takes some time to contemplate the people she works with. She tries to adopt some of their strengths and abilities into her own repitoire to great success, nearly obliterating the wrestler in the process. Despite this, Vyle manages a come from behind victory when he somehow survives Elle's final destructive burst and land his most powerful technique in an last ditch emergency maneuver. [Winner: Vyle] - created on 21:28:55 09/20/2007 by Elle and last modified on 03:30:08 09/21/2007. Cast: Elle and Vyle.

[R3] [Cut] Relax, relax! - The day after Katana's truck slammed into the Suiryuu, the ship's chief of security washes the cares away with a relaxing dip in the pool. However, she's reminded that the world goes on differently for people other than her, thanks to a visit from the SNF Junior League star... - created on 20:33:14 09/21/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 02:06:01 09/22/2007. Cast: Sakura and Kenji.

[R3] [Bonus] Game, Set, Match! - [Momo vs. M0M0] Click click click. Clank. On a tennis court set up aboard the Suiryuu, something sinister is lurking... a mechanical double of Taiyo's star tennis player! Two Momos enter, only one leaves! [Winner: Momo] - created on 21:37:03 09/21/2007 by Momo and last modified on 03:46:15 09/22/2007. Cast: M0M0 and Momo.

[R3] [Bonus] Know Your Enemy - [Eva vs. Marisol] In the cabins, two fighters square off. Are things aboard the Suiryuu as they seem? Or is Eva's seemingly-insane babble the truth? And why are these girls punching each other?! [Winner: Eva] - created on 23:52:31 09/21/2007 by Marisol and last modified on 04:10:58 09/29/2007. Cast: Marisol and Eva.

[R3] [Cut] Open Door Policy - On the one hand, we've got Naerose tossing an egg at Sakura's door. On the other, we got a stowaway on the boat in a time when Sakura is wanting to get all stowaways =off=. But Sakura needs to get both under control! Commence with the Scooby-Doo chase scenes! - created on 13:13:52 09/22/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 01:28:58 09/23/2007. Cast: Naerose, Sakura, and Momo.

[R3] [Cut] Following Through - Being very thorough with her job, Sakura stops in to chat with Hotaru to see what the other girl thinks about events going on around the boat as well as to ask her a couple questions with her Chief of Security hat 'half on.' It's a fair trade though, because Hotaru has a couple questions herself and swapping info seems to be the most common transaction aboard the Suiryuu! - created on 22:19:22 09/22/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 21:05:36 09/25/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Sakura.

[R3] [Cut] A Dish Best... - ...Served Cold. Memories of Thailand remain, as the shadows of that war and those who fought within it linger still. In particular one little rivalry remained unsettled.. A chance meeting becomes frantic combat. Can Arika defeat the pain that plagues her spirit in time to save herself from the Devil of Koga? - created on 17:04:36 09/23/2007 by Marise and last modified on 21:08:22 09/25/2007. Cast: Arika and Marise.

[R3] [Cut] Conference - The Dancing Spider once again holds a conference with Mr. Big as they talk of developments going on in the tournament. After Aranha reveals what precious little he knows, Mr. Big shows his appreciation in the form of stacks of cash. - created on 00:00:13 09/24/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 19:12:52 10/17/2007. Cast: Mr.Big and Aranha.

[R3] [Cut] Between the Lines - Returning a pesky little parrot to the Red Witch is a lot more complicated than it looks! Odd conversation ensues, and Arika tries to point out that friends should do a lot more than feed you punch and pie. But is Naerose actually going to read between the lines, or just happily stuff her face with baked goods? - created on 14:29:32 09/25/2007 by Arika and last modified on 21:09:31 09/25/2007. Cast: Naerose and Arika.

[R3] [Cut] Demon Lord Katelynn - Katelynn is accosted by an overzealous Himeko. What will become of this? - created on 21:33:48 09/25/2007 by Katelynn and last modified on 00:28:47 09/30/2007. Cast: Himeko and Katelynn.

[R3] [FAQ!] Station Exclusive! - Recently, Director Hiretsu was kind enough to sit down with Agent Naerose Delphine and her assistant Ran Hibiki to answer a few questions about the tournament, and his personal life.. or.. well. Lack thereof. - created on 18:52:47 09/26/2007 by Sakura and last modified on 22:55:24 10/05/2007. Cast: Naerose, Hiretsu, and Ran.

[R3] [Bonus] Renovations - [Hinata vs. Katelynn] Hinata and Katelynn go at it in a flooded part of the Suiryuu. Who will end up getting washed up? [Winner: Hinata] - created on 20:08:24 09/26/2007 by Katelynn and last modified on 10:31:45 09/27/2007. Cast: Katelynn and Hinata.

[R3] [Cut] Who's There? - Aranha has plans to do some sneaking around the ship. However those plans get delayed when he bumps into Eva. Bombs are dropped in the figurative sense, though not all information is revealed. - created on 22:54:29 09/27/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 19:12:14 10/17/2007. Cast: Eva and Aranha.

[R3] [Cut] Paranoia Agent - Late night is the perfect time for prowling about, no matter who you are. Arika runs into the Chief of Security down in the lower hull of the Suiryuu, and manages to have a conversation without a verbal cat-fight. As the punk princess is about to feel out the 'plan' with Sakura, they're interrupted by another prowler. - created on 22:12:26 09/28/2007 by Arika and last modified on 14:09:16 09/29/2007. Cast: Arika, Soma, and Sakura.

[R3] [Cut] Devil's Child - Judas Priest (1982). With the appearance of M0M0, it's only proper to investigate the source: Momo Prime. When Elle approaches the Tiny Taiyo Tennis Teen Terror, she discovers that Momo's a lot more perceptive than anyone gives her credit for. Elle and Momo thusly strike a deal: Momo will boldy go where no Momo has gone before in exchange for cash and information, two things Elle has in spades as Elle once again sets more machinations in motion. - created on 00:10:44 09/29/2007 by Elle and last modified on 09:00:27 09/29/2007. Cast: Elle and Momo.

[R3] [Cut] Inform the Others - Staying a bit longer on shore than intended, the punk princess almost doesn't make it back to the Suiryuu on time. Notes are slipped under the cabin doors of her two allies - Eva and Himeko - asking them to meet her in the lower hull so that they can discuss the change in plans. Paranoia reigns as they decide what to do, but sticking to the original plan seems to be integral as they set out to do a little more investigating. (Special Guest Star - Sylvester) - created on 21:05:30 10/01/2007 by Arika and last modified on 20:44:03 10/05/2007. Cast: Himeko, Arika, and Eva.

[R4] [Cut] The Flood - On the eve of the Fourth Round of Jinchuu, the Suiryuu gets a most unwelcome array of visitors. - created on 15:28:28 10/02/2007 by Prime and last modified on 15:31:40 10/02/2007. Cast: Riko, Rugal, Sakura, and Hiretsu.

[R4] [Cut] Jinchuu Tea Party - Three young women. The dead of night. A simple mission. Operation Boston Tea Party goes into full swing, but before Arika and the gang are able to complete it, 'R' crashes it, causing the three fighters to abort their mission. - created on 21:18:24 10/02/2007 by Arika and last modified on 20:50:46 10/05/2007. Cast: Himeko, Arika, and Eva.

[R4] [Unlock Gallery 6] - Collected board posts. Tournament matches, bonus matches, and Missions for Round 4. Summary of RP threads arising from Round 3. - created on 07:01:57 10/03/2007 by Prime and last modified on 21:32:17 10/05/2007.

[R4] [Bonus] Emergency Matrix - [Katelynn vs. Naerose] Katelynn and Naerose go at it and it's a long drawn out fight, but who will win? And what's with the crazy control room and the strange tentacle like things? [Winner: Naerose] - created on 21:24:47 10/03/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 22:51:18 10/05/2007. Cast: Naerose and Katelynn.

[R4][Cut] Resistance is Futile - The Suiryuu is now under siege by the minions of the "R" Organization, which has put a crimp in two Jinchuu combatant's plans to explore the ship. Can Rugal's minions put down the resistance before it gets the best of them? - created on 22:21:34 10/03/2007 by Brian and last modified on 04:55:29 10/04/2007. Cast: Brian, Vyle, Invader, and Aranha.

[R3] [Cut] Roommate Bonding - Beyond the occasional 'get out of my room's, Kenji really hasn't had a great opportunity to get to know his bunkmate, Luc Schroedinger. After a brief altercation gone awry... he still doesn't. But he gets a chance to show the angry German he's not quite as useless as Luc had made him out to be... - created on 22:26:13 10/03/2007 by Luc and last modified on 14:24:00 10/06/2007. Cast: Luc and Kenji.

[R4] [Cut] The Hit List - Naerose starts hunting down Jinchuu agents one by one and taking them down, will Zach be able to overcome whit random assault? Find out. - created on 13:00:09 10/04/2007 by Naerose and last modified on 23:19:19 10/05/2007. Cast: Naerose and Zach.

[R4] Ballroom Blitz - [Arika vs. Vyle] The Suiryuu is being invaded and yet people are being told to fight... each other? No one ever said ninjas were sane. Up in the ballroom a war is waging between the Suiryuu crew and the invaders. Gunfire and smoke fill the air, and Arika and Vyle are being told to fight. [Draw Match] - created on 21:06:37 10/04/2007 by Arika and last modified on 21:59:29 10/05/2007. Cast: Vyle and Arika.

[R4] [Cut] For What Cause - 'R' men are scouring the boat. Getting control of the civilians is easy. Getting control of a bunch of incredibly powerful fighters, on the other hand, not so much. Enter one Crusher, nameless 'R' soldier who is about to die. Just another casualty in the violent seizure of the Suiryuu in progress. - created on 23:15:34 10/04/2007 by Invader and last modified on 23:22:57 10/05/2007. Cast: Elle, Invader, and Sada.

[R4] [Cut] Just Come Along - The passengers of the Jinchuu boat are being rounded up by 'R' Organization's men, but a few of them are a bit too powerfull... or crazy to subdue easily. Enter Cutter, nameless 'R' soldier who is about to become Naerose's property. Just another disaster in the violent seizure of the Suiryuu in progress. - created on 16:42:47 10/05/2007 by Invader and last modified on 20:38:37 10/05/2007. Cast: Naerose and Invader.

[R4] High Seas Adventure - ABANDON SHIP! Except the Suiryuu's only lowered one lifeboat. Just one. Women and children first! Sada's female... and a minor, so she's both. And Zach, well, Zach is kinda short so he counts too. Yet as they drift over the ocean, it becomes very obvious that a little lifeboat is not really the safest place to be. The Suiryuu and Black Noah are shooting at each other, and they're caught in the middle. But this is where they have to fight... [Winner: Zach] - created on 17:29:38 10/05/2007 by Zach and last modified on 20:41:47 10/05/2007. Cast: Sada and Zach.

[R4] In The Tyrant's Path - The critical bridge of the Suiryuu is Rugal's next target. Bringing his son along to give the boy a taste of the victory in store, the two Bernstein males end up having to fight against a gaggle of girls and an out of place, melon hurling Blanka. It takes guts to stand in the path of a monster. Sakura's side takes some losses, but in the end they have what it takes to force the tyrant off the Ryouhara's boat... for now. - created on 18:51:10 10/05/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 13:39:50 10/06/2007. Cast: Adelheid, Rugal, Arika, Eva, Sakura, and Blanka.

[R4] [Cut] House Always Wins - Elle. Leader of Blackjack, the group that's been a thorn in the side of the Jinchuu organizers since the start of the tournament. And Riko, apprentice to Seishirou Ryouhara himself. They would be enemies. They would be rivals. Yet with the Suiryuu under siege, it appears they have common ground. They have more in common than it seems. - created on 20:50:01 10/05/2007 by Riko and last modified on 23:55:21 10/05/2007. Cast: Elle and Riko.

[R4] [Bonus] Dance of Knives - Rugal's sudden appearance finally gives Soma the opening he needs to delve deeply into the Suiryuu's deepest sanctums. Sadly, all he finds there is a short and brutal battle with the ship's Director of Operations. Can the detective piece together the ephemeral bits of knowledge he's collected into something useful before it's too late? - created on 23:15:02 10/05/2007 by Soma and last modified on 12:06:19 10/08/2007. Cast: Soma and Hiretsu.

[R4] Safety First - [Aislinn vs. Tiffany] In the hold of the Suiryuu... a battle takes place, between Aislinn and Tiffany. The goal is two-fold: to determine a winner and to get Katana's poor, benighted truck out of the ship. At least one of these things happens. [Draw Match] - created on 23:59:00 10/05/2007 by Aislinn and last modified on 06:01:34 10/06/2007. Cast: Aislinn and Tiffany.

[R4] [Cut] Elegant Witchery - The enemy of my enemy is my friend. With the threat of Rugal hanging over the tournament, the organizers of Jinchuu have reached an agreement with Blackjack. Riko has met with Elle. An...understanding...is in effect. But that matters little, if word hasn't /reached/ the members of Blackjack. Not that any Blackjack member would cause trouble, of course, Certainly not. I mean, that's definitely not Naerose there, just an..."R" soldier in a really bad-fitting uniform. Obviously. And that's not Birdie, can't be, just some finely-dressed dandy of a stranger. Yeah! - created on 14:37:39 10/06/2007 by Riko and last modified on 16:42:40 10/08/2007. Cast: Riko, Naerose, Hiretsu, and Birdie.

[R4] [Bonus] Social Networking - [Guardian Kings vs. Pacific Resistance] The most scandalous Jinchuu battle yet! Guardian Kings' Kenji and Tenma square off against Pacific Resistance's Marisol and Pas for a rather unproductive match, complete with massive nets and invading 'R' battles. Who will win? Will it be the Kings? Or Resistance? Or the audience? Answer: everyone. [Winner: Pacific Resistance] - created on 19:26:43 10/06/2007 by Marisol and last modified on 04:08:29 10/08/2007. Cast: Marisol, Tenma, Pas, and Kenji.

[R4] [Cut] Most Dangerous Game - Badly injured by Hiretsu, Soma emerges from the belly of the Suiryuu with a plan. Fighting down blood loss and fatigue, he steals onto the adjacent Black Noah with one purpose: to ask Rugal Bernstein what the hell the Ryouhara have that's worth stealing. Although he doesn't get the answers he expected, the detective does manage to learn some very interesting tidbits... and even escapes with his life. For now. - created on 23:51:01 10/06/2007 by Soma and last modified on 04:10:20 10/08/2007. Cast: Invader, Rugal, and Soma.

[R4] [Cut] M0M02000 - Deep in the ventilation ducts, Momo crawls. It's a tight fit here, moving through the very depths of the ship. But she's small. She's managing. And in the process, she's seeing things that aren't meant to be seen. Including something she'd have been better off not knowing. Once Pandora's Box is open, there's no going back. That's something Momo's about to learn. And for Chisel, one of Rugal's men...well, he's about to learn that "R" isn't paying him enough for this. - created on 22:13:30 10/07/2007 by M0M0 and last modified on 17:15:08 10/08/2007. Cast: Invader, M0M0, and Momo.

[R4] [Cut] Catch the Knife - It's been a long night for Soma Travedi. He's fought with Hiretsu deep within the heart of the Suiryuu. He's encountered Rugal on the Black Noah. And he's lived to speak of it. But his night isn't over yet. Having escaped back to the relative safety of the Jinchuu ship, he's been ambushed by one of Rugal's squads. But that's when he gets a little help - from an unexpected quarter. - created on 12:11:54 10/08/2007 by Riko and last modified on 16:42:20 10/08/2007. Cast: Riko and Soma.

[R4] [Bonus] Evening Excursion - [Tran vs. Himeko vs. Aranha] On the Suiryuu, chaos. One man seeks to impose his own order in a world gone mad. He'll meet friends and enemies, feel love, feel loss, and in the end, he'll get shot...out of a cannon. Will Dr. Tran survive this unlikely event? What of young Hime, so determined to follow him? And is this the last time we'll see the dastardly blackguard Aranha? Only time will tell! [Winner: Himeko] - created on 18:36:40 10/08/2007 by Tran and last modified on 05:39:11 10/09/2007. Cast: Tran, Himeko, and Aranha.

[R4] [Cut] Welcome Aboard - Her Jinchuu match having not gone well, Sada retreats to allied ground in the form of the attacking carrier. Though her reception doesn't go well at first, there is one who recognizes her for who she is and things start looking up quickly for the 'refuge'. - created on 00:09:36 10/09/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 15:39:11 10/14/2007. Cast: Rugal and Sada.

[R4] [Bonus] Terminator - [Momo/Hinata vs. M0M0] No pity. No pain. No fear. A thing that will not die. It has come from the future to kill Sarah Conno---wait. Whoops. Wrong robot. No, this one's after Momo. Running down the halls of the Suiryuu, the young tennis player quickly finds there's no escape. Until she comes across Hinata. Together, can they prevail against the horrors of technology? Well...kinda. But one thing's for sure... she'll be back. [Winner: Momo/Hinata] - created on 19:36:21 10/09/2007 by M0M0 and last modified on 06:56:57 10/10/2007. Cast: Hinata, M0M0, and Momo.

[R4] [Cut] Sticking Together - Shortly after the invaders first attack the ship, Arika is waiting to ensure Eva wakes up before continuing on the search for Hurricane Hime. That's when she's set upon by a 'thief' disguised as a red witch. Nonsensical discussions aside, they decide to find out what's stopping all the pretty electronics from working, find medical attention and stick together! *gasp* Yes, someone actually asked Naerose to hang out with them. What is the world coming to? - created on 18:51:01 10/10/2007 by Arika and last modified on 18:59:13 10/17/2007. Cast: Naerose, Arika, and Eva.

[R4] [Cut] The Spider's Luck - There appears to be a variety of ways aboard the Black Noah, but being launched via cannon is becoming increasinly popular. One such fighter finds himself having to get by during the night of the 'R' invasion using his wits, speed, and a bit of luck. He gets away from a chance encounter with the tyrant of 'R' with nothing broken but his glasses. - created on 23:45:26 10/13/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 06:09:44 10/20/2007. Cast: Rugal and Aranha.

[R4.5] [Unlock Gallery 7] - Collected board posts. Special Missions for Round 4.5. - created on 15:40:02 10/14/2007 by Prime and last modified on 19:05:33 10/17/2007.

[R4.5] [Mish] Maid Brigade - What happens when the Chief of Security catches you 'doing laundry' with a bunch of bazookas? Why, you wind up being put to work as the Suiryuu's maid service. Charged with the task of getting the EMP netting off the ship, Arika and Eva round up a bit of help in the form of Zach. Things start off well, until the second wave of invasion begins led by none other than the scion of Rugal Bernstein. The noisy fight that ensues draws Marisol from her room and with her help they manage to provide adequate distraction while still working on the netting. But someone manages to get away... will he bring reinforcements? - created on 19:14:56 10/16/2007 by Arika and last modified on 19:00:43 10/17/2007. Cast: Adelheid, Arika, Marisol, Eva, Zach, and Invader2.

[R4.5] [Cut] Dream - ...A Little Dream? On her way back with tools to help remove the final portion of the EMP netting, Arika pauses for a cheerful moment of reflection. Big mistake. Set upon by another (slightly more insane) intruder calling herself Miss Mature, the diva decides to hold ground and fight by herself. With a little luck, she might actually survive! Luck (and help) come in the form of the pigtailed Hotaru, but then something rather unexpected happens. The punk princess gets a 'first class' flight over to the Black Noah, at no extra charge! - created on 01:07:57 10/17/2007 by Arika and last modified on 06:17:21 10/20/2007. Cast: Hotaru, Mature, and Arika.

[R4.5] [Mish] Operator A - Desperate times, desperate measures. The Suiryuu is under siege, but the best defense is a strong offense ... isn't it? At least that seems to be the logic. That'd be the reason why Agents of Jinchuu have gathered to counterattack the Black Noah. To take the invasion back to the enemy. But to attack the Black Noah, they first have to /reach/ it. It would appear Hiretsu...predicted the need for transportation. Of course, his solution to the problem might not be a comfortable one... - created on 21:16:24 10/17/2007 by Hiretsu and last modified on 08:12:13 10/21/2007. Cast: Katelynn, Tenma, Kenji, Aranha, and Hiretsu.

[R4.5] [Mish] Operator B - Leave it to an old ninja to find new tricks for getting aboard the floating fortress besieging the Suiryuu. After being launched out of a cannon, Aranha and Katelynn find themselves seperated somewhat from their allies. But a ghost steps out of the shadows to provide them with a little help but not much in the way of hope for the one who happens across the hapless duo is the tyrant of 'R' himself, Rugal Bernstein. - created on 22:50:08 10/17/2007 by Rugal and last modified on 06:10:44 10/20/2007. Cast: Rugal, Katelynn, Marise, Aranha, and Hiretsu.

[R4.5] [Mish] Operator C - The Guardian Kings stage a wild assault on the Black Noah, fired by the Suiryuu's cannons onto the massive carrier's daunting deck. Tenma and Kenji start out strong until Invader and Tenma disappear over the deck. Things quickly go south soon thereafter as Kenji is left to face the Orochi madwoman Mature on his own and gets a taste of undistilled evil. - created on 22:54:06 10/17/2007 by Mature and last modified on 06:11:00 10/20/2007. Cast: Mature, Invader, Tenma, and Kenji.

[R4.5][Mish] Ninja vs Pirate A - The Agents of Jinchuu have boarded the Black Noah. It's not been a smooth landing for all of 'em - but any landing you can walk away from, right? Right. From the main deck of the aircraft carrier, our brave heroes (and heroines) split up into different teams. One group stays behind to wreck Rugal's fighter jets and other weapons that could be used against the Suiryuu. Another goes to find Arika, taken captive by "R", and others that have gone missing. While the final team, Riko, Aislinn, and Marise ... proceeds deep into the belly of the beast, to find and cripple one of the warship's engines. Unfortunately, it would seem Rugal was expecting the sabotage. He's there, himself, ready, waiting. And that isn't the only nasty surprise... - created on 20:45:20 10/18/2007 by Riko and last modified on 08:21:52 10/21/2007. Cast: Riko, Naerose, Aislinn, Rugal, Katelynn, Marise, Eva, Tenma, Katana, and Birdie.

[R4.5][Mish] Ninja vs Pirate B - Tasked with disabling the Black Noah's armaments, our heroes start wrecking stuff on deck. It's a glorious orgy of wanton property destruction, fun for the whole family. Unless you happen to be "R". A group of invader troops led by Mature and Brian respond to the disturbance, with the express objective of throwing the damn vandals off their ship. A pitched battle ensues - until a startling announcement flashes over the Black Noah's speakers. And in the space of an instant, everything changes... - created on 21:29:46 10/18/2007 by Prime and last modified on 08:32:47 10/21/2007. Cast: Brian, Mature, Invader, Tenma, Kenji, Aranha, Momo, Katana, and Birdie.

[R4.5][Mish] Ninja vs Pirate C - A friend is someone who is there for you when she'd rather be somewhere else. Anywhere else. Certainly not running through an aircraft carrier in the middle of a freaking war zone. But Eva and Naerose know Arika's been captured by "R" - and Himeko's still missing somewhere within the Black Noah. And so they're here. But you know, that's another truism, isn't it? Be careful what you wish for...you just might find it. And as events unfold, bonds of friendship are sorely tested indeed. - created on 21:32:24 10/18/2007 by Acacia and last modified on 08:41:43 10/21/2007. Cast: Naerose, Himeko, Arika, Katelynn, Eva, and Kurow.

[R4.5] [Cut] Judas Be My Guide - Judas Priest (1992). After the disasterous assault on the Black Noah, Momo steals away, hiding from the confusion caused by Marise's apparently traitorous actions. Momo calls Elle, who tells her to get off the Black Noah and leaves her with more questions than answers. - created on 18:43:52 10/19/2007 by Elle and last modified on 08:29:35 10/21/2007. Cast: Elle and Momo.

[R4.5] [Mish] Reckoning Day - Megadeth (1994). When an invasion force or Rugal's Elite lands on the Suiryuu, Elle gathers a ragtag band of Jinchuu loyalists to take their means of transportation in order to retain some cards for the future. Or so it seems. The Suiryuu loyalists show a strong start until the 'R' Elite pull out the stops and Elle finally plays the last card in her hand, sealing the battle's fate. - created on 22:34:17 10/19/2007 by Elle and last modified on 08:30:57 10/21/2007. Cast: Elle, Hotaru, Adelheid, Brian, Vice, Aislinn, Nikolai, Kurow, Tiffany, Blanka, and Birdie.

[R4.5][Mish] Bigger They Are A - ...the harder they fall. It's been a long night of violence. Now, morning has come - and the crisis isn't over. Of course, a little thing like that isn't going to stop Preston and Luc from having a civilized breakfast meeting. Hotaru seems alarmed by their complacency, though. Her fear might well be justified. Because here comes Adelheid Bernstein, flanked by two associates from the Darkside Student Congress. And they're taking things...quite seriously. - created on 22:16:54 10/20/2007 by Adelheid and last modified on 19:57:49 10/22/2007. Cast: Hotaru, Adelheid, Sada, Preston, Luc, Hakuya, and Nadine.

[R4.5][Mish] Bigger They Are B - As Rugal pushes for a final sweep of the Suiryuu, Elle is reunited with her teammates to hunt down stragglers. Tenma and Marisol may hate one another, but make a remarkably effective pair as they engage Blackjack with the assistance of Momo. Unfortunately, their focus is misplaced. As the students focus on Elle, they neglect the destructive level of Blackjack muscle power and end up suffering the consequences. - created on 22:19:29 10/20/2007 by Elle and last modified on 19:52:02 10/22/2007. Cast: Elle, Marisol, Tenma, Momo, Katana, and Birdie.

[R4.5][Mish] Bigger They Are C - Thinking things are done with the invasion, Eva and Arika make their move to locate more weapons. Then they hear the offer of amnesty. After a brief bout of 'you decide' 'no you decide!', the girls decide to stay and fight for the evil they know once more (at least those crazy ninjas have never locked an explosive device to the diva's neck!). Things look like they may get a little painful for the two young Stars, but the Operations Director steps in to aid them. Unfortunately, Mature swoops in to save the day... though it can be supposed that it's a victory for the Suiryuu... - created on 22:20:38 10/20/2007 by Arika and last modified on 18:26:50 10/21/2007. Cast: Brian, Vice, Mature, Arika, Eva, and Hiretsu.

[R4.5] [Mish] Type: Showdown A - The counterattack has failed. The Suiryuu is in the hands of "R". Rugal Bernstein's troops have occupied the deck of the tournament ship. And now...the man himself has come aboard the vessel. Come to claim his prize. But Rugal and his compatriot are met by Hiretsu and the Agents of Jinchuu. As the others battle, Hiretsu faces Rugal - an old man with a cane, against one of the most lethal fighters ever to walk the earth. Yet...Hiretsu has been hiding a secret. He has been hiding a secret all this time. Now, the true face of Hiretsu is revealed. And...all hell breaks loose. - created on 22:35:55 10/22/2007 by Hiretsu and last modified on 15:42:45 10/23/2007. Cast: Rugal, Arika, Eva, Luc, Hiretsu, and Birdie.

[R4.5] [Mish] Type: Showdown B - After receiving his marching orders from Hiretsu, Aranha performs a sweep of the upper decks first coming across Katelynn and then Soma. After encountering some Soldiers, the three punch kick, stab and blast their way through to reunite with the other agents of Jinchuu. - created on 23:21:14 10/22/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 22:17:32 10/23/2007. Cast: Katelynn, Soma, and Aranha.

[R5] [Unlock Gallery 8] - Collected board posts. Plot summary for Round 4 and Round 4.5. Introduction, notes, and matches and extras for Round 5. - created on 18:02:03 10/23/2007 by Riko and last modified on 22:26:57 10/23/2007.

[R5] [Cut] At What Cost? - Poor Sakura. She was on deck when the Suiryuu exploded, plunging her into the ocean. She survived, of course, but she's not feeling all that bright right now. And the first person she finds when she climbs back on board, cold and dripping wet...is Riko. There's been death, there's been destruction, and Sakura is not amused. She demands an explanation. But from Riko, is there ever such a thing as plain truth? - created on 18:02:21 10/23/2007 by Riko and last modified on 22:23:48 10/23/2007. Cast: Riko and Sakura.

[R5] Titanic - [Arika vs. Zach] There is nothing left of the Suiryuu's upper decks but shattered timber and tilted, twisted metal plate, bent at nightmarish angles. And this is where Zach not only fights Arika, but himself as well... [Winner: Arika] - created on 18:16:56 10/23/2007 by Zach and last modified on 22:21:52 10/23/2007. Cast: Arika and Zach.

[R5] [Cut] Denouement - In the aftermath of Seishirou's painful sacrifice to defeat R and Blackjack's treacherous invasion, one conspirator could only watch the battle from afar.. And seethe in rage at her ambitions crumbling and sinking to the bottom of the sea. It would appear, however, another of the Jinchuu survivors comes to the Devil of Koga, seeking answers. The policeman will find only pain instead. However.. what new secret is revealed in this confrontation? History passes and new paths unfurl as the story of the Suiryuu draws to a close... - created on 23:34:15 10/23/2007 by Marise and last modified on 04:08:57 10/24/2007. Cast: Marise and Soma.

[R5] [Special] Crowd Control - It spread through the ship, by word of mouth. A meeting, on deck, called by the tournament organizers. A chance to get some answers, perhaps. Like the obvious one. What is the true purpose of this tournament? But for all that's solved, more mysteries are raised. Yet one thing is clear. Jinchuu /will/ be completed. - created on 18:54:10 10/25/2007 by Riko and last modified on 23:28:26 10/25/2007. Cast: Riko, Marisol, Katelynn, Soma, Preston, Hakuya, Sakura, M0M0, Momo, and Seishirou.

[R5] Last Dive - [Tenma vs. Tiffany] In the ruined, flooding engine room of the Suiryuu, erstwhile cabinmates Tenma Kiryuu and Tiffany Lords face off in freezing seawater, dangerously unstable rubble, and ghostly light. Both fighters' resolve and endurance are pushed to the limit in a short, nail-bitingly close fight, but in the end it comes down to... [Winner: Tiffany] - created on 19:25:04 10/25/2007 by Tenma and last modified on 23:16:43 10/25/2007. Cast: Tenma and Tiffany.

[R5] [Cut] With a Little Luck - The ship is sinking. There's little time for actual rest. There's a match scheduled shortly, and the punk princess is trying to gather her important things from her cabin. A little heart to heart with Kasugano and suddenly things between the two seem a lot less tense. Could it be that they've come to an understanding? Before that can be answered, another visitor appears and leaves the diva with a mysterious scarf of luck! Can the spirit of Hurricane Hime help her through this? So long as everyone makes it off the ship in one piece (relatively speaking), that's all that matters now. - created on 18:00:00 10/29/2007 by Arika and last modified on 19:34:58 10/30/2007. Cast: Himeko, Arika, and Sakura.

[Final] Heart of the People - [Arika vs. Tiffany] The door to the heart of the Suiryuu has been unsealed. In this inner chamber the battle for The People's Champion will be waged, and the massive M0M0 army will form a circle, ensuring that the fighters aren't about to leave. In a battle of absolutely EPIC proportions, only one can come out the winner. Only one can be crowned. Will the match end before the Suiryuu sinks to the bottom of the ocean? [Winner: Tiffany] - created on 19:55:17 10/30/2007 by Arika and last modified on 15:26:19 10/31/2007. Cast: Arika and Tiffany.

[End] Aftermath - After the battle for the crown has been lost, Arika finds herself in the lower hull of the ship, trying to tidy herself up before finding her teammate. Surprise! Eva finds her first. Despite whatever inner demons are haunting the punk princess, she knows that while she may have lost the tourney, she's gained a friend. - created on 01:42:10 10/31/2007 by Arika and last modified on 15:29:42 10/31/2007. Cast: Arika and Eva.

[End] Waiting in Line - Evacuation procedures have begun. Two lines have formed, and wouldn't you know it? Arika's stuck in the slow line with Riko. Watch as they have a real conversation and no one punches a ninja (even though it's being thought about!). Suddenly Bao enters the scene! Okay, so it's only a facsimile Bao, but the outfit is very convincing... and at least it's not another M0M0 clone... - created on 15:47:57 10/31/2007 by Arika and last modified on 10:54:04 11/01/2007. Cast: Riko, Arika, and Zach.

[End] [Unlock Gallery 9] - Collected board posts. Final match writeup. IC conclusion to the tournament, prize details, thanks to all participants. - created on 23:58:18 10/31/2007 by Prime and last modified on 18:55:11 11/10/2007.

[End] [Unlock Gallery 10] - Secrets unveiled! A look behind-the-scenes! Board posts from "R", Blackjack, and Darkside Student Congress. - created on 00:00:11 11/01/2007 by Prime and last modified on 19:59:18 11/10/2007.

[End] Autograph - During the fight for the People's Champion, a certain punk princess was asked for her autograph. It's not so much that she'd forgotten, just that she had a few things to take care of immediately after disembarking. An e-mail changes all that, and it's up to her to make her way back to the harbor to give away the promised signature. That's all it's supposed to be. Then Tiffany starts asking questions. Is she going to like the answers she gets? - created on 21:08:23 11/02/2007 by Arika and last modified on 08:20:49 11/07/2007. Cast: Arika and Tiffany.

[End] Reunion at the Pier - Being on a wrecked, sinking ship at sea in the aftermath of a pirate invasion is rough. But what about those back on shore? The ones who can only stare out to the ocean and hope friends and loved ones will be coming back home alive from the explosion that lit up the horizon? Hotaru, bloody and beaten, is at long last back in Southtown. And it's there she is reminded that for as bad everything went, being truly missed goes a long way toward making up for it. - created on 23:58:32 11/05/2007 by Hotaru and last modified on 08:20:58 11/07/2007. Cast: Hotaru and Kentou.

[End] The Day After - Though they all survived Jinchuu, the three members of the Guardian Kings made it out the worse for wear. With new scars on their minds and bodies after their ordeals on the Suiryuu, Tenma, Hakuya and Kenji all regroup at Gedo High, catching up with each other the day after the evacuation, and they try to all turn their eyes to the future. Jinchuu may be over and done with... But are they done with Jinchuu? - created on 22:31:38 11/06/2007 by Tenma and last modified on 08:39:56 11/10/2007. Cast: Tenma, Hakuya, and Kenji.

[End] Pressure - In a secure facility deep in the bowels of the industrial district, Adelheid Bernstein is being held as a prisoner of the Jinchuu fallout. There, as her last act of Security Chief, Sakura and Seishirou interrogate him. Though.. that turns out to only be half the story. Afterwards, Seishirou thanks Sakura. In his own way. (Riko: I told you so~) - created on 22:33:28 11/12/2007 by Seishirou and last modified on 17:20:35 11/18/2007. Cast: Adelheid, Sakura, and Seishirou.

[End] [Tour] Farewell, Suiryuu - Jinchuu is over. And with the end of the tournament, the Suiryuu has slipped beneath the waves. Join us, now, as we bid a final farewell to the People's Ship...and maybe answer some questions along the way. - created on 01:22:29 11/15/2007 by Riko and last modified on 01:35:51 11/15/2007. Cast: Riko and Seishirou.

[End] Survivors - As Aranha explores the Pacific High campus he bumps into a familiar face. After comparing notes about their experiences on the Suiryuu, one finds themself changed and the other finds that they are forced to confront psychological issues that existed before they boarded the ship. Whether they changed for the better who knows? - created on 22:35:48 11/20/2007 by Aranha and last modified on 01:22:09 12/02/2007. Cast: Eva and Aranha.

[End] The End? - Long after Jinchuu has ended the scars it left have finally healed, this ship is sunk, the posters faded and peeled and the nightmare is finally forgotten. On such a sunny day Himeko finds herself leaving the library after a particularly pleasant study session to find herself revisited by the horrors of the recent past. Is it truly over? Will it ever truly end? - created on 20:07:14 01/03/2008 by Naerose and last modified on 00:57:20 01/07/2008. Cast: Naerose and Himeko.

[End] Sojourn - With the conclusion of one journey, another begins. - created on 00:57:36 01/07/2008 by Prime and last modified on 01:01:37 01/07/2008. Cast: Riko and Seishirou.

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