Mishima Fitness Tournament - MIFT: Skullomania vs Hinako

Description: Skullomania and Hinako meet in a match to promote heroic fitness. What follows is a frantic scramble of pelvic thrusts, blushing school girls, and...video games? Winner: Hinako!

Overpasses are a common sight in the 23 Wards of Tokyo; the country, so industrialized, has literally millions of cars on the roads every day, just in the city alone. This is not too different from other countries, and just like other countries, the area -under- the overpass is used for many things--no space is gone to waste. Japan simply doesn't have enough space to let that happen.

The overpass is up high--the thick, concrete pillars that support it stretch at least thirty feet up into the sky, supporting the massive ribbon of concrete, steel, and asphalt--and the accompanying rail line. Even up that high, the scent of exhaust is unmistakable and the sound of cars and trains is clearly audible, but, filtering down from such a height, they're muted enough to not be obnoxious. A small, artificial canal runs roughly perpendicular to the path of the highway, fenced off by red cyclone fencing and big, steel gates; the hard-packed ground between the canal and the side of the lower road that bounds the long stretch is sparse with grass, with a few patches here and there.

Despite that, it's a well-used site--by those of the innocent and not-so-innocent persuasions alike. There are several patches of colorful graffiti on the concrete pillars that hold up the overpass. Across the road are a series of embankments with footpaths leading up to a shopping street--one with several businesses lining the road, with sets of concrete stairs leading from one grass-covered embankment to the next.

Underneath the overpass, a crowd had gathered. Primarily of the remarked upon innocent types, especially the large group of Japanese students escorted by their teachers, there is a notable gang of hellions and wasted youths hang around the barricades. Forming a circle, the yellow/white striped fence off the arena for the fight. A team of technicians stand beside the barricades as well, looking nervously at the leering thugs. Armed with medical and monitoring equipment, they fidget idly. Amongst them, was a familiar, well-built man bearing a well-endowed afro, a scowl, and a watch being heavily inspected. Sighing, he steps out to the middle of the arena, hands on his hips, looking around the underpass, before asking in a fierce bellow.

"Where is Skullomania?!"

HAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUNK HHHAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUNK. comes the sound of a distant air horn. The type of horn that is usually attached to a tractor truck, where in bored truckers usually sit and wait for young children to yank on imaginary cords, giving them an excuse to honk their bored trucker hearts out.
VROOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Comes the sound of an approaching diesel engine. The type of engine usually found in tractor trucks, with enough horse power to tow several tons of goods up a windy mountain road.
The crowd turns, gasps, and starts to part...
Revealing Skullomania in all his heroic glory as he rumbles his way toward the fighting circle in a tiny red peddle car. The toy vehicle is laughably small, forcing the hero to sit with his knees up beside his chin. He seems to be struggling not to knee himself in the mask as he peddles furiously through the excitedly chattering crowd.
HAAAAAAAAAUUUUUNK HAAAAAAAAUUUUUNK! Blasts the tiny car's horn when Skullo mashes a little red button on the plastic steering wheel.
Skullomania has arrived.
He also already seems to be wearing a mess of black rubber cords, sticking out in a crazy tangle from under his scarf and out of his boots, all connected to a flashing disk attached to his chest. Little glimpses of it can be seen between his legs as he peddles up into the ring. Where did he get that?


The sound rips through the air, rousing the attention of both the punks and the children. The first visibly just scoff at the arrival of the loud hero. But the second? Erupt in whole-hearted cheers at the arrival of their hero, Skullomania. Chanting and cheering at the arrival of the tiny pedal car. The teens begin to fall over laughing, as the technicians look confused. They check their machines in disbelief. How WAS he wired up. HOW WAS HE IN THE SYSTEM. The judge, looking fully unamused at this sucker, shakes his head. "Okay, so we got you... Skulloman."

"But where is Hinako?"

As if to answer the judge, a young nurse waves towards him, approaching the underpass. In her arm, escorting her along, is an even younger high school girl. Standing only 5'1, the blonde, fair-skinned young thing looked nearly frail. Wearing a blue dress, blue ribbons in her hair, and blue boots, she seems to like the color blue. Not only that, her hands, wrist, and fingers are bound in white banadages. Upon her knees are little blue kneepads, and upon her head, a blue beret. Blushing a bit, she lets the nurse lead her on. The reason for her missing state becomes obvious soon enough, as one can see the same black wires running through her dress.

A lady must protect her dignity.

Reaching the ring, the nurse lets her enter, before waving at the technicians. "She is all wired up! She is set!" Hinako stare at her boots, adjusting her dress a bit, before a coy smile overtakes her face, straightening her posture. "I am so sorry I am late, Mr. Skullomania!" She says softly, bowing to Skullomania. "But I am very pleased to meet you!" She looks at the tiny car. And she blinks, staring at it blankly. And she bows again.

"What is your martial art, again?"

COMBATSYS: Skullomania has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Skullomania      0/-------/-------|

Skullo "All Man" Mania peddles twice around the inside of the circle, waving cheerily to his fans and honk-honking that amazingly loud horn. After his second lap he pulls off to the side of the circle and reaches down between his legs to turn a tiny yellow key set beside the steering wheel.
The rumbling diesel engine sounds cough, sputter, then die.
Springing lithely up from his tiny seat, Skullo lands just inside the fighting ring and sweeps into a deep, theatrical bow to Hinako.
"A gentleman never trains and tells!" Pipes up the masked hero, popping back upright and flinging out his chest in a heroic pose. Elbows back, chin up, he stands before his tiny toy car and lets his scarf whip behind him in the breeze.
Wait, what? There is no breeze.....
"Today we fight heroically to end the possible eventual problem of childhood obesity! In the name of justice, here comes my," Skullo leans back without breaking for a breath and then leaps forward, flying through the air toward Hinako with his right fist extended out before him and red scarf flaring out like a cape, "Fitness Puuuuuuuuuuunch! Eat your green vegetables!"

COMBATSYS: Hinako has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Skullomania      0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Hinako

COMBATSYS: Hinako dodges Skullomania's Strong Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Skullomania      0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Hinako


Hinako bows for the third time, her smile cracking a bit. "Well, I have come to show how fit Sumo Wrestling can make you!" She curtsies as the diesel engine dies. "And it is a pleasure to face you-" The schoolgirl is cut off as Skullomania explains his mission. "Oh, uh, yes!" She responds, blushing. Reaching for a small pocket in the skirt of her dress, she grabs a small handful of salt. "This is very good for health and fitness, I agree! And we should make sure to help-" She is interrupted again as Skullomania explodes to her. She gasps, bringing her clenched fist to her mouth.
And she lets him fly by.

Flinching, she pushes her free hand forward, guiding Skullomania as she evades the charge. Footwork readjusting, she lets her fingers run through the cape as she turns around to look at Skullomania. "Oh, uh, one moment please! I need to make this proper!" And gracefully, she hurls the salt to the ground between her and Skullomania. "Ah! Thank you Mr. Skullomania." She states.

And then she hunkers down.

Legs spread apart, body hunched over, and palms out, she assumes the shiko dachi, the stance of sumo. Brow furrowed, the gentle appearance fades away to a small, focused stare towards Skullomania. "It is time to show you the power of Sumo!" She says brightly, before she takes a step towards Skullomania, hands sweeping forward... into a clap. Clapping her hands together, she attempts to clap them right in front of Skullo. Neko Damashi. Cat Deception. As the clap comes, she immediately attempts to grab Skullo by his hip and thigh, and with a single powerful heft, slam him straight to the asphalt.

COMBATSYS: Hinako successfully hits Skullomania with Medium Throw.
- Power hit! -

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Skullomania      0/-------/---====|-------\-------\0           Hinako

Skullo "All Man" Mania lands gracefully on the toes of his right foot after being shunted aside from his flying punch. With his right fist extended and his left foot held out behind him in an action pose, he looks back over his shoulder toward the cute little sumo wrestler.
"Oh. Of course!" Exclaims the rather scrawny hero once the salt is brought to his attention. That being said he pauses, scarf halting mid flutter, and waits for the salt to be thrown to the ground.
Salt impacts earth, Skullo unfreezes and he flails about, scrambling back from Hinako's clap and losing his balance. it is a simple thing for the young girl to grab the flailing hero and lob him chest-first into the ground.
"OOOF!" Coughs the masked man as he wiggles about on his stomach, "Very good, but I will only rise up again, like your heart rate during a refreshing jog!"
Finished speaking, Skullomania rolls into a ball and bounces backward to land between Hinako's spread feet. Curled tightly as he is, it is an easy fit for the small man. Him leaping upward head-first might cause some problems, however, especially when he flings his arms out and starts to spin, turning himself into an upward rising drill that trails orange chi from its feet.
"Justice, is, for, ever!" Cries the spinning man, billowing scarf starting to get twisted all about his skinny frame.

COMBATSYS: Hinako blocks Skullomania's Skullo Head.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Skullomania      0/-------/----===|=------\-------\0           Hinako

"Oh goodness! You are really excited!"

Hinako's deft hurl slams down Skullomania with the strength of a true sumo warrior. But her lady like presence does not yet yield. Despite the coy nature of the girl, those rotten hooligans were cackling up a storm. Between the sumo wrestling petite and the kamen rider, they were falling over with laughter. Hinako blushes a bit, as Skullomania rises back up. She had her dignity! As she shifts her focus back, she finally notices in time that the strange hero had fallen between her legs. Blushing redder, she steps back in time, as he fires up.

And slaps against the Skullo Rocket.

Patting her hands against the spinning man, the rapid hands hammer against the form of the fighter, standing strong against the eccentric fighter's attempt to drive her up. Her skirt rips a bit, but the schoolgirl is steady, and she is strong. Taking a step back as the drill shoots up, she finally breaks free, the chi energy searing her skin. Looks like a few more bandages, she thinks to herself. Then the other thought comes, as she looks up at the heroic stranger.

What must come up.

Must come down.

Stepping back forward again, she keeps her feet steady. Tilting back, she waits for her opponent to fall back down, to catch him. Should he fall right into her arms, Hinako will hold him as tight as a teddy bear. And with a single, smooth motion, hurl him across the ground, towards those snickering teenagers.

On accident, of course!

COMBATSYS: Hinako successfully hits Skullomania with Kake Nage.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Skullomania      1/------</<<<<<<<|===----\-------\0           Hinako

Skullo "All Man" Mania comes to a dizzy halt some 10 feet in the air, hanging wobbly-necked without support in open defiance to the law of gravity. Groaning, Skullo glances down toward the ground as Little swirls of yellow chi lurch unsteadily about his skull.
It is then that Skullo realizes that he is a super hero. Super heroes obey the law, including the law of gravity.
"Yeeek!" Skullomania yelps, starting to plummet toward the ground. The yellow swirls of chi that had been circling his head poof into startled yellow !s, then slowly fade from existence.
Skullo squirms and kicks wildly as he falls. Sadly his earlier spin has gotten him hopelessly tangled in his fluttery red scarf, and he drops right into Hinako's waiting arms.
"Oh!" Exclaims the hero, melting into a graceful back bend so he can peer upside down toward the crowd, "This nice young lady has sa--ACK!" He cuts off with a strangled grunt as Hinako starts to squeeze.
His silence is short lived. For soon he is spun about and lobbed like an oh so heroic javelin at the snickering teenagers. A javelin that, falling just short of the crowd, skids and tumbles across the ground before vanishing in a flutter of red scarf between the legs of the Powerfully-built ref.
The amazingly Afroed ref jumps, snarls,then twists about to look for the scampering super hero.
But Skullomania is gone...
Two bright lights illuminate Hinako, accompanied by the sounds of that diesel engine grunting to life.
Those lights?
They are headlights of course.
There Skullo sits, a red and white trucker hat pulled down low over his mask, dark eye holes squinting toward Hinako through the gap between his knees. The steering wheel of his peddle car is clutched tightly in both hands, legs poised and ready to start pumping. The front of his little toy car now sports two enormous round headlights. There is no telling where he managed to get hold of those. It's best if you don't think too hard about it.
Roars the invisible motor of Skullo's peddle car. With a sudden 'SCREEEEEEECH!' of tires, the hero starts to peddle furiously. Orange Chi flares up around the little car as it zooms forward toward the sumo girl, much like a blazing orange toy car with a possibly insane super hero in it.
That would be the horn.

COMBATSYS: Hinako fails to interrupt Super Skullo Slider from Skullomania with Maemitsu Tataki.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Skullomania      0/-------/------<|===----\-------\0           Hinako

Oh, she was strong.

Past that petite frame, was the true soul of a sumo warrior. Catching Skullomania, it does for a moment look like she saves him. Until she hurls him straight to those teenagers. Any merriment from thrashing those crash hooligans does not even take hold, though, as she hurls him under those legs… and out of sight. Not breaking her stance, she looks around, confused. Glance to the left. Glance to the right. But when she hears that honking, her eyes focus dead into the headlights. She didn't remember those headlights. But she pretends she does. She pretends they were there all the time. Skullomania was already breaking more rules of reality than Hinako was comfortable with. As the strange hero drives forward, beelining right to the schoolgirl. She puts a hand on her left leg and right leg. She stomps to the left. She stomp to the right.

And she charges into the car.

Lunging forward, Hinako grips the car by the head lights. And clutching the vehicle in a sumo hold, it stops cold. But there is no flipping the car, no hurling it to the sky. No, the car and girl are simply stopped, held in a stalemate. Hinako's eyes are dead focused, as the chi energy rolls over her. Hair blowing in the air, she endures against the car, unable to push forward, and unable to fall back. Her body tightens, leaning more and more into the honking, roaring car.

And suddenly, the momentum shifts.

Hinako's eyes slowly grow wider and wider as she finds her balance shifting backwards. Her arms tremble as she grits her teeth. And yet, the force of the peddle car begins to overtake her. She redoubles her effort, adjusting her grip. And yet, she is losing ground. She is leaning further and further back, the car being too much for her to handle.

And finally, the unstoppable wall of Sumo collapses.

The car bowls under her, knocking her flying into the air. Tumbling through the air, she flails arms and legs around briefly, as the teenagers before begin to hoot and holler. Hinako blinks a moment in mid flight, before squeaking. "Eeek!" Turning a rich crimson, she stops flailing her legs, and swiftly pushes down her dress. Landing with a crack, she squeaks again, "Oooo!" Clumsily, she lands squarely on her bottom. She has not yet recovered from the car-based onslaught, and as she slowly rises back up...

Skullo "All Man" Mania cackles with maniacal, heroic glee as Hinako is knocked into the air by the tiny plastic bumper of his incredibly loud toy vehicle. Peddling forward for a few more feet he jerks hard left on the wheel and goes into a power slide, dust wafting up from the back tires as he screeches to a halt.
Springing into a graceful front flip, Skullo lands firmly before the little car which continues to shake and rumble with diesel engine noises. The oversized headlights blaze brightly behind him, throwing his massive shadow out over the crowd like a towering monster from some B-rated horror film.
"Remember, kids!" The hero's shill, cheerful voice pipes up from that ominous shadow, "Cars are lots of fun, but walking is the healthier choice!" Tugging off his red and white trucker hat he waves it about,tossing it toward the crowd with a dramatic flourish.
Hatless and backlit, Skullomania whirls about and grabs the fender of his amazingly loud little car. Hoisting the toy contraption up over his head he focuses his eye holes on Hinako's seated form, having occupied himself with parking and talking while she tried to salvage her dignity. Two stomping steps are taken in her direction before he winds back and throws the vehicle at her like some sort of crazed ape from an unnamed monster film!
This could be dangerous. That toy car must weigh 50 pounds or more! And it's still making those horrible idling noises! Skullo might have bent reality too far this time!

COMBATSYS: Hinako endures Skullomania's Large Thrown Object.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Skullomania      0/-------/------<|=====--\-------\0           Hinako

Cheers erupt from the students as Skullomania rides on. But when he leaps off, and stands before the headlights, the school children hold each other in awe as the shadow towers behind their hero. But then they see that he is talking about good health, strong bodies, and great personal fitness. The machine beeps along, while the technicians just stare at their monitors. Why was it playing Frogger. WHY WAS IT PLAYING FROGGER.

The teenagers, meanwhile, have collapsed, trying hard not to vomit from their laughter.

That same laughter was why Hinako was still turning red. Were they laughing at her? They WERE laughing at her, she bet. Grabbing a small handkerchief, she bites it coyly, trying to restrain her anger. Finally, she looks up at Skullomania, some of her tension gone.

And she stares through the toy truck.

The truck shatters against her small frame, exploding in an all-consuming blast cloud. The fallout blows past her, causing both judge and audience to turn away. A single, silk, hanky drifts in the air. But the cloud does not have time to clear as Hinako is already ripping through it. Running through it, tears hanging in the corners of her eyes, she is still red in the face as she begins to charge down Skullomania. This was a VERY embarrassing fight for her. Sniffling a bit, she closes in on Skullo, not the least slowed down by the attack. Arms around, the petite girl attempts to grab the hero by his head, and jerk him down. If successful, she will begin to roll him around.

And start rattling that skull side to side.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania dodges Hinako's Power Throw.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Skullomania      0/-------/------<|=====--\-------\0           Hinako

The car smashes directly into Hinako while Skullomania watches on, hands on hips and chest thrust proudly out before him. His long red scarf whips dramatically abou--Oh God she's coming!
"Meeep!" Exclaims the hero, eye holes widening in alarm. Dropping his heroic pose he scrambles backward away from the charging school girl, darting franticly from side to side to avoid those powerful little hands of hers.
"You can not grab the head of Justice!" Skullomania shouts, ducking down low as he scrambles backward another couple of steps.
"Beware the power of fitness." Adds the hero as he suddenly springs up from his bowed stance, attempting to leap right over Hinako's grasping hands with his legs spread in a wide split and smack his costumed groin squarely into her face. "Pelvic Thrust!" Comes the gleeful shout as the move is executed.
If he can only land this surprise hit, Skullo will wrap his legs about Hinako's head and fall into a backward roll through the air, flipping her small form around with him and slamming her back-first into the ground. Skullo of course will leap free just before impact and land lightly on his booted feet, performing an elaborate bow to the audience.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania successfully hits Hinako with Skullo Space.
?!? Weird Hit! ?!?

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Skullomania      0/-------/-----<<|=====--\-------\0           Hinako

Hinako lunges in to grasp the head of the man...

And gets nothing.

Arms sweeping together, Hinako's eyes go wide as she struggles to regain her balance. "Whu-" She begins, turning to try and follow the nimble stranger. "Hold still!" She insists, face still a faint shade of red. Finally, she keeps track of Skullo, as he bounds to the air, thrusting his- oh no. No. She tries to protect her innocent ways with her hands. She realizes in mid block, that her hands would not be useful. There had to be something, anything to stop it. To prevent it. Maybe she could headbutt- no. Grab it- no. How could an art built around men in loincloths have so few techniques in defending against groins? But it is too late.

The thrust comes-


The thrust makes -impact-

And the red surges back.

As Skullo wraps her leg around, she is glowing from the blushing. She tries to struggle against the leg lock, but in the clean, fast motion, she is grounded, beret flopping to the ground. One of the teenagers suffers a cardiac arrest. Another chokes on his own tongue. The laughter, is in fact, too much. While the children cheer. Struggling back up, Hinako physically is barely harmed. But spiritually? Emotionally?

She is devastated.

Skullomania might hear the low sniffle. But as the girl rises back up, she is burning crimson. Adjusting her dress, she picks up her beret, dusts it off, and fixes it tightly on her head. Glaring into Skullo's back, she trembles, falls back to her horse stance, and then advances. "HHHHHHYAAAAAAY!" Was the cry as her palms thrust before her, striking out with every step. Advancing into Skullo, she attempts to hammer him with her palms, knocking him back and back with every blow.

Trying hard to ignore the searing memory of the last attack, of course.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania blocks Hinako's Tsukidashi.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Skullomania      0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0           Hinako

Skullo "All Man" Mania whirls about in a swirl of red scarf to face Hinako, skeletal chest thrust proudly out before him. Planting both gloved hands on his bony hips he faces down the oncoming girl and her blushes with heroic stoicism.
Each of the sumo girl's palm strikes impact squarely with the little hero's chest, causing a flare of orange light. Each strike sends him skidding backward across the ground on his booted heels, but his heroic pose does not falter. It's like she's pushing a flashing Skullo tackle dummy across the turf. Once the last palm has landed Skullomania flings his arms dramatically out to either side and hops up onto the toe of his right boot.
"If you work out every day you can have a manly chest like mine and Hina---mine! My chest is manly. Hinako has a mighty womanly chest! Able to withstand the fiercest of blows!" Cries the scrawny hero as he pirouettes on his toe and flings his left foot straight up, almost kicking himself in the face with the impressive display of flexibility. After three quick spins Skullo brings his left heal crashing back down toward Hinako's left shoulder, attempting to vault off of her into a series of back handsprings.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania successfully hits Hinako with Dangerous Heel.
-**- LUNATIC HIT!! -**-

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Skullomania      0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\1           Hinako

People aren't supposed to block with their chest.

Well, correction.

Some people AREN'T supposed to block with their chest, and Skullomania should be included amongst those people. And yet, as she hurls blow after blow, hammering the unbreakable chest of Skullo. By the time the last palm comes, she stops, glaring into the man. "But- how?!" She asks, shocked. It was pretty bad, if the hero was now no selling her.

But the worst was yet to come.

Work out every day? Hinako's chest. The school girl blushes an even brighter shade of red. She was beginning to lose her cool when it came to this man. If the teenagers weren't in fits of grand mal seizures, they would be laughing even harder. Medical staff was on hand, now, to treat these hooligans. As Skullomania takes to the air, she is trembling with embarrassment. She tightens her grips, before she finally shouts. "Now see here! You should not talk about my, erm, modesty like that-

Hinako is interrupted by the heel hitting her.

Not on the shoulder.

Right in her nose.

Hinako falls flat on her back, clutching her face instinctively. She was blinded for a moment by the pain, by the reflexes. Blood was running down her lip, over her hands. She blinks a moment, trying to understand what happened. But one of the students from the audience makes it clear, as he points, and cries out. "Look at her nose!" Hinako had tears in her eyes, face red. This was the OPPOSITE of what she hoped for. She just wanted to promote sumo wrestling. And now Skullomania made her a fool.

Made her a FOOL!

Removing her hand from her face, the children scream, the boy gasps, and the medical technicians look away. Tears were rolling down Hinako's face now. If Skullo had landed, then there would be a world of pain. Hinako runs towards him, lowering herself down in order to smash her shoulder and arm into the masked hero...

COMBATSYS: Hinako knocks away Skullomania with Oo-ichiban.

[                             \  < >  ///////////                   ]
Skullomania      1/--=====/=======|-------\-------\0           Hinako

... And follows up with a full-forced pimpslap across his face.

Hinako then begins to furiously hurl palm after palm into Skullo again, hammering that chest further and further. Blooding running down her chin, she tightens her teeth as she hammers and hammers. She was driving him back, back to one of the concrete pillars. And the moment she corners him, she finishes her tantrum by grabbing Skullomania around the waist, and with a heft, tossing him straight up to the bottom of the overpass.

Before wiping her face, and looking at disgust at the blood.

Skullo "All Man" Mania lands gracefully from his backward flipping and stares down at Hinako, just seeming to notice where his heel kick landed. Eye holes widening in alarm he brings both gloved hands up to his chest and lets out an audible gasp.
"OH! I wasn't aiming for your face!" Exclaims the hero earnestly, giving an emphatic nod of his head as his opponent clambers to her feet and starts to charge toward him with female rage.
"That's right, come over and let me look at that nose! It might be broken. I'm so sor--"
Little yellow stars of chi start to swirl around Skullo's head as he is pummeled backward toward the concrete pillar, stumbling and rag-dolling his way along beneath the punishing strikes.
On the other side of the fighting area, two young female attendants cluster around a computer monitor in wide-eyed silence, staring down at a picture of Skullo on the screen that starts to explode apart like the death star. Just beside it Hinako's screen shows the usual cluster of red and green lines that flash and flicker about along with her vitals.
Skullomania's back finally plops against the concrete pillar and he begins to slump, only to be scooped up by the infuriated sumo girl and flung high, high into the air. When his body impacts the bottom of the overpass it explodes in a brilliant flash of orange light, grey smoke billowing out into a little cloud. A red 'KO' appears inside that cloud of smoke, then slowly fades away to nothing. Skullo does not fall back toward the ground.
Beewoowoowoo woop woop.
The two technicians glance at one another, shocked, as the computer screen showing Skullomania's vitals swirls into blackness. "Pacman?" One questions the other. The second tech nods silently.

COMBATSYS: Skullomania takes no action.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hinako           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Skullomania can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hinako           0/-------/-------|

Hinako was done.

As the final toss comes, Hinako adjusts her dress, turning around to face down Skullomania. Brow furrowed, she waited for him to get down. And waited. And waited. Hinako slowly breaks from her stance, wiping her mangled nose once again. Oh, her parents were going to be FURIOUS with her when they see what she did with her nose. Warily, she turns to look at the afro'd judge.

The judge shrugs.

"I guess we hav' a winner!" He shouts, running over to Hinako, raising her hand in the air. But the judge was still staring at the ceiling. The first technician looks at the screen, then back up to Skullo. "Uuuh I think he is dead. Does that mean he is dead?" He hits a few button on the monitor's panel, to no avail. The man looks back at the second technician. And as they stare in strained silence again, the man sighs.

Gingerly, he drops a quarter into the machine.

COMBATSYS: Hinako takes no action.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hinako           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Hinako has ended the fight here.

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