Mishima Fitness Tournament - MIFT: Katthalla vs Adon

Description: Deep in the heart of Southtown, two fighters throw down at the 'Le Petit Chien' Sidewalk Cafe as part of the Mishima International Fitness Tournament. The out of shape, washed up Adon battles the wandering warrior Katthalla in a Jagga vs Jagga battle. (Winner: Adon)

Southtown - 'Le Petit Chien' Sidewalk Cafe
Elaborate awnings shield glass-topped tables from the noon day glare, bright daylight casting the cross-hatched shadows of wire-frame chairs across the sun-kissed cobbles of this pleasant side-street in downtown Southtown. The sound of traffic is gentle and distant though mere blocks away, fostering a sense of tranquility, but the pulse of the city's lifeblood can still be felt, the bustle of foot traffic visible from this popular sidewalk cafe. The broad windows against which the outdoor furniture is lined up, its shining glass frosted with the cafe's small logo -- an adorable little dog innocently half-turned toward the viewer, a half-eaten ice cream cone by its paws -- reveal the brisk but quiet business Le Petit Chien does.
Notable for its wide selection of international teas and one of the first cafes in Southtown to stock quality gelato, Le Petit Chien is a fine place to relax, read, or people-watch-- as all kinds of interesting people pass through this vibrant side-street.
Some of those people even fight.

The hot sun hangs almost directly overhead, beating down on the lunch crowd who have gathered to watch the match up of two very different Jaguars. One of the fighters is the rather well known Emperor of Muay Thai, Adon. While the other is a new comer to the fighting scene. In fact, this is Katt's first ever televised fight.
The dreadlocked wanderer is currently standing just outside a large circle of white chalk that has been marked out on the stone patio and ringed with little round cafe tables. The fighter is bare chested, wearing only his tattered grey pants secured at the waist, knees, and ankles with bands of black cloth.
A pair of petite female technicians in purple exercise gear bustle about Katt, urging him to hold his arms out to his sides so they can attach suction cup sensors to his chest and ribs. Lucky for them he is not a hairy man. He does have an impressive amount of scars though. Jagged, nasty-looking grey things that arc across his dappled skin.
The sensors stuck to Katt's form trail sturdy black cords. These cords lead to a small silver disk-shaped device with several blinking lights of various colors. The disk is strapped to a sturdy black weight lifting belt, which in turn has been buckled about his middle.
One of the cute technicians attaches the last suction cup to Katt's chest and steps around behind him. Giving the startled fighter a happy grin she shoves at his bare back, urging him to step out into the fighting circle to scattered applause.

Of course, there would be more applause, if it wasn't for the current distraction.

"And I! ADON! The FORMER EMPEROR of MUAY THAI! Declare that YOUR SCALES are WRONG, and are UNSUITED for USE of the TRUE ART of MUAY THAI!" Such was the roar from the other group of technicians assigned by Mishima. Standing near a weighing station, the infamous Jaguar of Muay Thai stood, bronze skin, blue and goldMuay Thai boxers, and hand and feet bound by white bandages. Upon his head was a long crest of red hair, thrusting well before his eyes, and an ever present sneer across his face. But the man's form was hardly the iconic statue that the well-toned Martial Artist was renowned for. Where there was once flawless abs, was now the pudgy, round belly of fat. Firm arms were softened now, and the Emperor's jowls were more pronounced now. The fallen Emperor had seen better days, and people have seen better examples of the fitness regime of Muay Thai.

But Adon was having none of that.

"I am 160 POUNDS! Not this STUPID 210 NUMBER! Are you all DENSE! What kind of BROKEN MACHINE would be OFF my WEIGHT by an OBSCENE 50 pounds!?" The Emperor tantrum was rattling through the audience, as the technicians finally finish attaching the sensors on his naked chest. "FEH! FEH! If I was not so GENEROUS and SUPPORTIVE of the PROMOTION of MUAY THAI, an art SO DEFILED by the PRESENCE of WOMEN AMONGST the LEADERSHIP, then I might GO and DESTROY EVERY LYING MACHINE HERE!" Adon bats aside a technician, before turning to enter the ring, trying to steal the scattered applause given to Katt. The clapping stops cold, and Adon, glaring across the makeshift arena, stares daggers into Katt.

Before throwing his head back in laughter.

"KYA HA HA!" What is this FEEBLE looking FIGHTER before me? I was expecting a TRUE TIGER of the RING, not some PATHETIC PUSSYCAT!" Thrusting a thumbs down towards Katt, he continues his shrieking mockery. "What kind of STRAY are you, dressed in such EMBARASSING RAGS! Are you some kind of HOMELESS LOSER that is DESPERATE for ATTENTION?" Adon retracts his hand, and crosses his arms, the sneer intensifying as he turns up his nose. "Please, BACK AWAY NOW you WEAK EXCUSE of a FELINE. I! ADON! The TRUE MASTER of MUAY THAI! Will show you the PHYSICAL PERFECTION that is MUAY THAI! How can your PATHETIC ART do ANYTHING MORE than PALE and WITHER in the PURE LIGHT of MUAY THAI?"

Adon tilts his head, awaiting a response.

Katthalla watches with growing astonishment as Adon bullies his way into the fighting circle. Though the larger fighter's sneering attitude is well documented, Katt expected, less. Less noise for one. Less people for another. Adon is certainly more people than the dreadlocked wanderer remembers from his pictures. 160 pounds indeed.
"I am Katthalla. World walker and Jaguar warrior, among other things." Katt replies in a hoarse, quiet voice. As his bare feet scrape across the stones he adds, simply, "I am many things. But I am no bully. Let us fight, Adon. You have already given me much to think about." He does not bow. Instead he stares his opponent in the face with a calm, focused expression. The eye of the storm.
Katt's scarred palms snap up into a defensive guard, held loose before his chest. Eyeing Adon, the smaller fighter tosses his head so that his long dreadlocks whip out behind him, then digs his bare toes into the cobblestones.

Off to Katt's left a short, heavily muscled black man with an orange and yellow afro steps up to the edge of the white chalk circle and folds powerful arms across his chest. He wears a tight T-shirt with vertical stripes in black and white, a pair of baggy red and black checked boxing trunks, black leather sandals, and a red whistle on a silver chain around his neck. Clearly this scowling man is today's ref.
The crowd behind the ref shifts anxiously. Some have half eaten plates of food set out on the table before them. others hold personal cameras and crowd around the edge of the circle. The actual TV crew has set up on the roof of their boxy white van nearby, allowing them to point their cameras down over the heads of the encircling crowd.

COMBATSYS: Katthalla has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Katthalla        0/-------/-------|

Adon's eyes grow wide.

Not out of shock. Not out of fear. But as that maniacal grin remains locked across his face, the eyes were growing larger from the bloodlust. It was Katthalla's words. It wasn't the world walker line. But the Jaguar Warrior. The somewhat pudgy warrior's head tilts in the other direction, the Muay Thai fighter's pupils rapidly shrinking into pinpricks. The flabby limbs tighten. The footwork shifts subtly. With strained, staccato tones, Adon finally forces a reply, as the judge looks onward.

"You… think… you are… a Jaguar Warrior?"

There was no whistle. There was no signal. The judge was caught off guard as much as the audience. In a howling ball of rage, Adon just pounces. Hurling himself at blazing speeds forward, he leaps into the air. A knee forward, he attempts to smash it straight into Katt's chest. There would be only one warning. The shrill laughter, followed by the scream. "KYA HA HA! KYA HA HA!"


COMBATSYS: Adon has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Adon             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0        Katthalla

COMBATSYS: Katthalla dodges Adon's Medium Kick.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Adon             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0        Katthalla

"Yes. Comes Katt's whispered reply, mostly drowned out by the indrawn breath of the crowd and Adon's cackling laughter.
Katt's Calm composure does not break as his opponent's knee comes flying in at his chest. Swinging his right foot back he brings it down with a stomp and twists his upper body back, arching slightly so that Adon's knee rockets just past his right pectoral.
Having dropped both hands to his sides, Katt brings them up in an attempt to catch Adon while he is still hanging in the air before him. Aiming to clamp his right hand down on his larger opponent's left knee, and his left hand on the man's shoulder, the dreadlocked fighter tries to halt Adon's momentum completely so that he can hold him suspended in the air by the strength of his arms alone. If he can get the grip he will stand for a moment with muscles flexed beneath his dappled skin, then take a single step forward and twist Adon in the air, jerking down on his right shoulder so he can spike him head-first into the cobblestones.

COMBATSYS: Adon endures Katthalla's Sand Wall.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Adon             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0        Katthalla


Pure anger, petty anger. Adon hated Katthalla for only a title. Mere words. But these mere words hurl him past the Jaguar Warrior, the fallen Emperor landing on his feet. Body burning, he pivots to turn, to force his way back into his smaller opponent. But the smaller man is already upon him, grabbing his knee, grabbing his shoulder. With some effort, he is smashed down into the cobblestone, face first.

But that does nothing to stop the beast.

"FOOL! FOOOOOOL!" Was the seething anger as the mad grin does not shatter, though bloodied the Emperor's face was. Exploding upright, he is already lunging back into his opponent, exploiting the close quarters for more unbridled offense. "I AM THE JAGUAR OF MUAY THAI! I AM THE TRUE JAGUAR! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!!" Howling, frothing rage overtakes Adon as attempts to grab his opponent by the shoulders. If successful, he will smash his knee into his groin, abdomen, and chest, assaulting him before smashing him face first into the ground.

To make HIM eat cobblestone.

COMBATSYS: Katthalla blocks Adon's Jaguar Slam.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Adon             0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0        Katthalla

Katthalla answers Adon's frothing rage with cold silence.
Stepping Calmly forward to meet his opponent's explosive grapple, Katt lashes out and grabs hold of the larger man's somewhat pudgy biceps in either hand. As his own shoulders are grasped, Katt digs his rough fingers into his opponent's flesh and lifts himself briefly into the air.
Adon's first knee is knocked aside with a sweep of Katt's left Calf while he is still airborne. Dropping back down to his feet, the dreadlocked warrior catches the second knee on his tensed right thigh , then leans forward and flexes his stomach, taking the third knee on his braced abbes.
It's like kneeing a bag of rocks.
As Adon steps back to try and throw Katt face-first into the ground the smaller fighter moves with him. Maintaining his grip on Adon's upper arms he takes two more quick steps and plants both bare feet on the stones between his taller opponent's feet. Throwing himself backward toward the ground he heaves on the bigger man's biceps, attempting to hurl the man up and over and send him front flipping through the air toward a small round table at the edge of the fighting ring. A table where two blond young women are sitting, watching the fight and chatting over a shared bowl of gelato.

COMBATSYS: Katthalla successfully hits Adon with Medium Throw.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Adon             0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0        Katthalla

Adon has shattered stones before.

The silence was only inciting him more. The former Emperor wanted to rip him to shreds. The silence was insulting to the older man's twisted mind. He was the Jaguar of Muay Thai. Not this poser. And yet, as he hurls himself in, he finds himself tearing into a stone wall. The assault is weathered, and as he goes for the throw, he himself feels the weight reversing. He was being counter-thrown. He tries to rip himself away from the grips of the man.

But he cannot evade.

Adon is hurled into the table, smashing hard into it. The two girls scream as they stumble out of their chairs. The fallen Emperor flails around, ripping apart the chair as he rises again, covered in gelato. The biometric machine is beeping merrily, as the crowd begins to laugh. They laugh hard, but it is brief. It has to be brief, as Adon rises up. Face taut, body trembling with rage.

But that smile was not gone.

The Jaguar of Muay Thai was on the prowl again, wet gelato smeared over his body, melting over his flabby form. But he was not slowing down. He could not slow down. Lunging back into the stoic Katt, he shrieks. "You IDIOT! You have NOTHING to SAY? You just PRETEND you are a JAGGA to MOCK ME!? IS THIS ALL THIS IS? TO MOCK ME!?! WELL! I! ADON! THE GREATEST WARRIOR OF MUAY THAI! WILL DEFLATE YOUR HUBRIS!" And with that, he hurls a single arm towards Katt's own arm, attempting not just to punch it, but smash his very arm into his opponents, with the force to splinter the very rock he embodied. Adon would not slow down.

He couldn't.

COMBATSYS: Katthalla counters Aggressive Strike from Adon with Last Clap.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Adon             0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0        Katthalla

Katthalla ends his counter throw with both battered feet planted on the ground, his knees bending and body falling backwards into an arch until both shoulders thump lightly against the stones. In silence he watches upside-down as Adon flies through the air and impacts the table. Satisfied, the wanderer lets out a soft huff of air and curls his abdomen, crunching himself smoothly back up to an upright position.
Long black dreads swishing across his back, Katt turns about to face Adon. Both bare feet scrape softly across the ground as he sets his stance, scarred hands lifting into his familiar defensive posture. A quick glance is given to the two young women who lost there table.
"I apologize." the dreadlocked warrior offers humbly to the distant girls, though the quiet words are probably swallowed by the brief laughter that swells amidst the crowd.
Katt returns his full attention back to Adon just in time to meet the larger man's eyes as he comes roaring back in on the offensive. The smaller fighter sucks in a sharp breath and visibly centers himself, the air around him seeming to grow very still as he lowers his hands to his sides. Tensing, All of the younger man's muscles flex then still, potential energy being stored in preparation for a single maneuver.
Adon's stone-crushing blow sweeps in.
A guttural 'huh' is forced up from the very bottom of Katt's stomach as both scarred palms arc up to intercept the incoming strike. Palms meet wrist with a loud 'crack' of flesh on flesh, and Adon's arm is stopped dead in its tracks.
"Embrace your fellows." Katt advises the older warrior hoarsely while sliding his left foot back with a scrape, "There is more than one jaguar in the jungle."
With a tug on Adon's captured wrist, Katt jerks the bigger man into grappling range. Releasing the wrist with his right hand, the dreadlocked fighter reaches around his opponent and swings his hip in close under the overweight man's center of gravity. A simple pivot left and heave lifts the big man up into a neat hip toss, once again airborne and flying free of the short man, shoulder-first toward the nearby ground.

Stones break the stone breaker.

As the limb is hurled into the Jaguar Warrior, the fallen Emperor's eyes only breathe fury. The arm is stopped cold, but Adon takes the time to spit upon Katt. "You do not APOLOGIZE! ONLY YOUR BROKEN BODY WILL BE ACCEPTA-" The Muay Thai warrior is cut short as Katt simply reverses the momentum, hurling him down. With the closing words. To embrace his fellows. That there was another jaguar in the jungle. Adon struggles to rise, as the words roll through his head.

Another Jaguar in the jungle.


The was the scream, before Adon can even rise. He struggles, writhing, fighting to stand. "NO! NO! NO!" He howls furiously, finally standing up. His body was bruised, bearing far more injuries than his opponents. Flailing around blindly, at invisible foes, he finally turns back towards Katt, eyes bloodshot, pupils pinpricks, and through the anger, the smile ever more intense as he screams.


****JAGGA BREAK!****

Orange energy flares over his body in an instance, as he suddenly explodes with more speed than even before. "THERE IS ONLY ONE JAGUAR! THERE IS ONLY ADON! I WILL NEVER HAVE NO EQUAL!" Adon is a blur, shot like a bullet, as he takes to the air. Front flipping forward, his foot ignites in burning fire as he attempts to smash it hard into the skull of Katt. All with the scream of the attack, telegraphing it violently.


COMBATSYS: Katthalla blocks Adon's Jaguar Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Adon             0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0        Katthalla

Katthalla sinks back into his defensive stance, staring at Adon when the man regains his feet and starts to flail about. Slowly the younger fighter lowers his hands to his sides and bows his dreadlocked head. His bare shoulders slump as if under a great weight, though the small monitor strapped to his lower abdomen continues to flash lights that indicate amazingly relaxed vitals.
"So be it." Katt mutters toward the stones between his bare feet. Without looking up he raises both forearms and crosses them over his head, just in time to block the heel of Adon's descending foot. His knees flex as a visible shock wave travels down his body from the force of the blow.
Leaning to the left, Katt shunts the kick off to one side and lowers his arms. Stepping forward the smaller fighter lifts his gaze up from the ground and focuses it upon Adon, something new lurking behind his eyes. He has reached a decision.
Katt's left hand whips up and clamps down on Adon's right shoulder, tugging hard in an attempt to drag him in close for a quick, hard knee to the gut.

COMBATSYS: Adon interrupts Fierce Punch from Katthalla with Rising Jaguar.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Adon             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1        Katthalla

The rampage was only beginning.

The biometric gauge was beeping faster and faster, as Adon forces himself to the limit. Diving upon Katt, the crushing heel drop is hurled into his opponent, the younger man managing to catch the vicious heel of the fallen Emperor. Deflecting it aside, Adon is seized by Katt, and brought with a fierce knee to the gut.

Then Katt might notice his mistake.

As Katt grabs him, he can feel his opponent's body tighten up. Adon tenses up, the abs suddenly surging forth under the flabs of fat. Adon tightens up, as he returns Katt's own grab with his own hand upon a shoulder. Brought in hard, Katt feels like he is hitting marble, smashing a knee against stone. Adon's eyes are fixed dead into the younger man's own, as a gleeful giggle escapes his throat. And shortly after, comes the scream.


Planting a foot on the ground briefly, Adon surges straight up into Katt's own torso, bursting up with explosive force. Sending the both of them in the air, the blazing Muay Thai warrior swiftly follows up with the second knee, slamming straight for the same spot to magnify impact. Adon had hit this wall again and again, trying to tear it down with frantic frenzy. He does not even need to hit the ground yet, before he bites out at his opponent.


Katthalla realizes his mistake a moment too late.
Quickly retracting his knee, Katt is in the process of bringing his right hand down between himself and the Muay Thai expert when the first blow strikes. Perhaps he had some ingenious way to block the attack one handed, but the world may never know what it was.
The air explodes from Katt's lungs in a rush as his mostly relaxed stomach takes the brunt of Adon's rising knee. He is carried up off the ground with the larger man, and just manages to tense up his middle before the second knee crashes into the exact same spot as the first.
A Lesser fighter might fling himself away after taking such punishment.
Katt is no lesser fighter.
Maintaining his shoulder to shoulder grapple with Adon, Katt falls back toward the ground along side the man and lands lightly on bare feet. Still hunched over so that his forehead is almost touching the other Jaguar's chest, the dreadlocked warrior manages a feat that might surprise those who don't know him well.
He breathes.
Drawing in a calm, slow breath after having the wind knocked from his lungs, Katt releases Adon's shoulder and straightens from his stooped posture. With his bio sensor flashing the same slow pace it always has, Katt plants his left foot between his opponent's feet and swings a left elbow strike up toward the center of the much heavier fighter's chest. Shoving forward, he steps with his right foot, lunges in with his right shoulder, and snaps a right elbow strike toward the big man's left pectoral.
LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, come three more quick elbow strikes aimed at Adon's upper torso. The quick combination is followed by a rising right knee aimed at the big man's lower stomach, and, to finish the hail of strikes, a quick lunging head butt meant to smash the top of his head into the bottom of Adon's chin. Each blow has the small man's body behind it, using the forward momentum from each step to add extra weight to his strikes.

COMBATSYS: Adon parries Katthalla's Hail of Stones!

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Adon             1/------=/=======|-------\-------\0        Katthalla

Adon was nearly out of energy.

As his body burns, the biometrics keeps track of the sheer abuse Adon was forcing his body through. Landing from his assault, the calm balance of Katthalla was weathering the rampaging force of Adon. But that rampage had to end. It had to. But as Katthalla steps forward, bringing an elbow in, Adon sneer heightens as he sweeps his own arm up.

And the first elbow is deflected.

"Did you REALLY THINK you were STRONG ENOUGH to FACE the JAGUAR of MUAY THAI!?" He taunts, moving his limbs in sync with Katthalla's own blows, each elbow deflected "You are WEAK. You are FOOLISH. And above all, you will REGRET!" As the knee surges in, he bats it aside, the offensive swagger unyielding. "You are NO MATCH for I! ADON! THE MASTER OF MUAY THAI, and the TRUE JAGUAR!" The final headbutt is caught briefly in Adon's own hands, and pushing back, sends Adon launching backwards. He soars through the air, flipping through it. As he closes in against the outside wall of the café, above the heads of the crowd, he lands feet first against the wall. "And now, STRAY, prepare to face the TRUE POWER of the ABSOLUTE JAGUAR!!!"


Launching off the wall, Adon fires through the air like a bullet, the sharp crack of his speed snapping through the audience. Leg out, Adon fires straight for Katthalla, aiming a flying kick straight for his chest. Whether it hits squarely, it is deflected, or is simply evaded, will not stop the rapid assault: Adon will then bound off his point of impact, whether the chest or arms or cobblestones, and pounce on Katt's shoulders, attempting to grab them. If successful, he will flip over him, land behind him, and use that leverage to hurl him straight for the café's shining windows.


COMBATSYS: Adon blitzes into action and acts again!

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Adon             0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0        Katthalla

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Katthalla with Jaguar Tooth EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Adon             0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0        Katthalla

COMBATSYS: Adon successfully hits Katthalla with Jaguar Carry.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Adon             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1        Katthalla

Drifting back a step, Katt watches quietly as Adon uses the momentum he gave him to go leaping off over the heads of the crowd. Bracing himself, the smaller fighter draws in a quick breath and waits for the attacks that are soon to come.
Those attacks come more quickly than he anticipated.
Katt starts to sweep his left foot back and twist away from Adon's flying return kick, but is a fraction too slow to avoid it. The big man's foot ploughs into his left pectoral and spins him a complete 180 degrees, forcing him to stomp down hard on the ground to transfer some of the residual force down and out of his body.
Still staggering from the first strike, Katt is just beginning to untwist toward Adon when he is pounced upon. The dreadlocked warrior reacts entirely on instinct and arches his back, rolling backward with the Muay Thai master's throw. This allows him to keep control of his body once he finds himself hurtling through space towards the large shop window.
Katt twists himself Katt-like through the air so that he is upside down, his stomach facing the oncoming window. Lashing out with both hands and feet he manages to slap the lower window ledge with his palms and bash his tows against the upper, preventing himself from crashing messily into the cafe proper. There is no fight left in him, however, and he crumples from the brief handstand to drop shoulder-first into the cobblestones below. From there he starts to climb back to his feet, slowly and carefully, testing his fingers and toes. The sensor fastened to his abdomen continues to flash calmly, though a bit weaker than before.
The ref, having been watching the match carefully up to this point, steps forward into the fighting ring and uncrosses his burly arms. "And yoh winnah iiiiiiiiis!" The powerfully built man bellows to the crowd, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-doooOOOOn! Muay Thai Masta! Give it up foh the masta!"

COMBATSYS: Katthalla takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Adon             0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Katthalla can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Adon             0/-------/-======|

Adon's rampages, at full peak, were capable of even taking down Sagat.

Katthalla was lucky enough to be alive at the end of the assault. Adon has been known to leave lesser fighters in the emergency room after his legendary fighting ring tantrums. By the time he rips through Katt, he is already hungry for blood. By the time he hurls Katt into the café walls, barely missing the windows, he had that taste. Adon falls to his knees, fist to the cobblestone, gasping for air. He was exposed now, open for the attack. But that attack does not come. Katt could not endure the attack. The judge move out, to claim his victory. Another victory. Finally closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. He could have taken his win, and walk away. He was done.


Adon rises, body covered in sweat and sores, eyes still wide, body still tense. Staggering forward, he shoves aside the ref, striding towards Katt as the medical staff hover over him. As the Jaguar of Muay Thai approaches A nurse, standing up from tending Katt, holds her hands up. "Sir, please, you have won-" She is cut short with a shriek as Adon, with an open hand, slaps her across the face. "I HAVE NOT YET CLAIMED MY PRIZE, WENCH." The medical staff stumble back in sheer terror, leaving the younger fighter free for the furious Adon. The fallen emperor stands over Katthalla, still gasping for air, before giving him a testing kick to his prone opponent while he was down.

"Wake up, STRAY CAT!!"

Katt, having been instructed to sit down against the wall while the nurses check him over, watches quietly as they pluck the suction cup sensors from his body. Once the last has been removed he draws his knees up and hangs his bare arms over them, head bowed forward in quiet thought. He mostly ignores the nurses that continue to bustle around him and slip their cold hands under his arms to prod at his ribs. yes, they are cracked. it is fine though, they will heal. He has learned to live with pain. All of the pampering local fighters get is still new to him.
Adon's treatment of the nurse that had been hovering over him counting his pulse? That gets his attention. Slowly lifting his head to glance up at the bigger fighter, Katt makes not a sound as he is kicked roughly in the side.
OOoo, those were his cracked ribs.
"What is it you want, Adon?" Katt questions hoarsely of the looming figure before him. Shifting his weight forward he starts to stand, making the huge blotchy bruise across his stomach visible, along with the matching bruises on his forearms, right shoulder, and across the left side of his chest. He is in fairly bad shape. Some of the damage hidden under those bruises is probably pretty bad.
What is left of the lunch time crowd gives the fighters odd looks, while the powerfully built Ref starts to stalk after Adon, a scowl forming on his dark features.

Rules were for the weak, or to serve the strong.

As Adon hovers over his opponent, kicking the son of a bitch while he was down, it was clear that Adon was still dangerous to have in tournaments. That twisted sneer that was spread over his face as he felt that pain that he inflicted upon Katt nearly made him shiver. He was a sadist in the ring, and a hard to control one at that. As Katt groans a response, Adon somehow grins harder, as he bends down.

And with a heft, picks up Katt by his throat.

Holding him up to eye level, he stares daggers into his younger opponent, that feral grin plastered across his face as he bores his words into him. "I want you to REMEMBER, STRAY. That you are no JUNGLE CAT. You are no JAGUAR. You are just a KITTEN! I want you to remember that, KITT-HALLA! Yes, KITT-HALLA! I want you to remember your NEW NAME in HONOR of your HUMILATING LOSS! But above all!" Adon casts a glance at the ref. He could fight him. He tells himself, he could fight him. But as his biometrics starts giving off a warning klaxon, he considers that maybe, just maybe, it was not worth it to beat apart every human here. He scoffs, dropping Katthalla. "But ABOVE ALL, KITT-HALLA." He turns up his nose, and painfully, limps away, leaving him to the care of the cowering medical staff.



Katthalla stares into Adon's hateful face as he is hauled off his feet by the throat. His left hand lifts to grip the bigger man's wrist in rough fingers, though he does not attempt to fight free. He instead uses the hold to keep too much pressure from reaching his throat. Tensing his neck muscles, the smaller man rides out the assault to his person with the same calm regard that he has shown in everything up to this point.
Tossed back toward the ground, Katt lands easily on bare feet, right hand sweeping out to press a palm against the wall behind him for balance. He waits in silence for Adon to limp off to his own team of techs before slowly lowering his hand from the wall and waiting patiently for the medics to close in again and retrieve the belted on device from his middle. Once that is done Katt gently pushes the swarming medical staff away from his person and steps out from among them.
"Thank you." States the dreadlocked fighter hoarsely to both the medics and the surrounding crowd. offering them a slight, mildly pained bow, he soon straightens up and wanders slowly off to find his shirt. He has much to think about.

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