Devil's Tournament - DT R4: Mukai vs Athena

Description: It was supposed to be the second-chance bracket Semi-Finals for the world famous Psycho Soldier, Athena Asamiya, and the mysterious dark horse entry, the Obsidian Knight, Mukai. That's what it was /supposed/ to be. But a conspiring mastermind and sore loser seem to have teamed together to make sure that this match is anything but official.

'Don't worry.' the words had stuck with Athena. 'Leave the rest to me.' Ryu's thoughtful counsel at the conclusion of the semi-finals match just a week before. He would go on to the end of the tournament and see what was to be found there. She could set aside her concerns for now. It was a relief to have her faith in other powerful fighters strengthened by that brief exchange of words. She didn't have to do everything herself. She could put the pressures behind her and enjoy the rest of what this tournament had to offer.

At the minimum, it had another match to offer. Her opponent is a poweful contender, based on his track record thus far. But aside from that, she had no idea what he was like. This next match in the tournament promised to give her a chance to find out just that. Fremont Street, Las Vegas, plays frequent host to large scale matches. It was here, while performing a special event concert for the ill-fated King of Fighters tournament, that she became the focus of a NESTs ambush. As the final pre-fight preparations come together, she certainly hopes there won't be a repeat of /that/ kind of trouble.

A stretch of the street has been cordoned off - longer than it is wide due to the limitations of the location. Within the restricted area, another smaller arena offers the location where the fight is to take place, hopefully buffered somewhat from the packed in crowds milling about. Wouldn't want any accidents after all.

Athena's entrance isn't particularly grand or nearly as playful as her previous appearances throughout the events. She's become more serious in these final rounds. Her wardrobe is as ever changing as always, however, and tonight she's clad in a rich, blue tunic down to her thighs, black shorts worn beneath, a lighter blue sash about her waist. Her hair worn loose except for the star-decorated comb that seems to accompany any of her fighting outfits.

She's a bit restless as she steps into the area sectioned off for the match, leaving her manager and assistants behind. If she loses this match that will be it for this tournament for her. But she's still glad to have gotten this far. Forcing away her uncertainty about the bout ahead, she turns back to wave to those packed in nearby, her expression once again a ready smile.

Somewhere overhead, an announcers voice is booming, establishing the contenders, the tournament in general, though it can be hard to make out what is being said over the noise of so many people talking, so many noises from the casinos lining the path, or just the general ambient noise of Las Vegas on another busy night.

"Tonight! We are proud to host the Fourth Round of the Devil Tournament! With a contestant who is no stranger to the streets our beloved Las Vegas! Let us give a warm welcome back to our lovely pop singing idol; Miss ATHENAAAAAAA ASAMIYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

It is clear who the crowd favorite is here, even if her entrance is not as spectacular as it may have been in previous rounds, the announcer and the special effects, got that covered for one Miss Asamiya. Fanfare and fireworks explode all around the stage as she enters, riling the crowd in deafening cheers of excitement as they clamor their idol. A chant of 'ATHENA' heard from her most devoted fans as they raise numerous signs proclaiming their devotion.

Her fighting record is well merited as she is a remarkable fighter, those cheers are not only because of her popularity as a pop singer, though that does help. Some Kung Fu aficionados are mingled in with the teeny bopper crowd showing that Athena's fan base consists of hardcore martial artists as well as just music fans, some of the MMA Prize Fighters that frequent Vegas fighting circuits can also be seen shoulder to shoulder with teeny bopper squealing fan girls. Yes, there is no shortage of cheers coming from Athena's corner...but what about her opponent?

Who the heck is that guy anyway? He clearly doesn't have any fans, despite his previous wins.

"And this corner...wh-what's happening!?"

The Announcer is cut short as the earth parts with a sudden earthquake, an ebony skinned figure emerging from the bowels of the earth as this so called 'Obsidian Knight' raises from the very ground to make his grand entrance. The only thing missing is a Latin chorus heard when there is impending doom coming.

The giant mountain of a man steps down from the column of stone that brought him to the stage, a massive figure of eight feet dressed in naught but simple white pants, sandals and a full knight helm that covers his whole face.

He says nothing as he enters the stage. The dark knight merely looks down dooooown at the figure of the petite Athena, raises his massive tree trunk like arms as if he were addressing a large audience and stares silently.


Sitting in a wheelchair, at the front row of the entire fight, was a wounded beast of a man. Adon seems to have still not recovered fully from his beatdown against Ryu. But he did not need to, judging from that look in his face. Cradling a full set of snacks, the Emperor was well set up for this fight. Nachos, loaded with melted cheese. Popcorn, covered in butter, bacon, and salt. Finally, a great megagulp of soda sits cradled by his legs.

It's straw right in the Emperor's maw.

Sneering, he eyes Athena. The so called Psycho Soldier. What a FOOL to be part of this Tournament. Then again, this sort of empty theatrics was her style. The Emperor had a goal here, and it was to turn this fight into complete bedlam. Sneering, he had barbs for her. But as the earthquake rumbles, the Emperor clings to his food stuffs, unable to save some stray popcorn kernels. Glaring at the stone pillar... he finds his first target. As Mukai brings about his great entrance... a high-pitched, shrill scream is hurled in response to his entrance.


Came the roar from the emperor, as Mukai stares into the audience. "PUT ON A SHIRT! BOOOO! Get a LOAD of THIS CLOWN! KYA HA HA!" Staring at Mukai, his looks him right in the eye. Challenging him.

Before stuffing a hand back into his bag of popcorn, and shoving it into his mouth.

So many people standing and watching. Of course there are some notable people gathered among the crowd. Not only other fighters like Adon, but some that have the money to get a personal space all too themselves if they so wish it. One particular section is roped off with a few seats with a table that has various snacks placed on it along with a few glasses of wine. Sitting behind that table is Johann with a lovely lady on each side of him. There are also about three men dressed up and looking a bit on the mean side. Must be security of some sort of fans wish to give the eccentric businessman trouble.

He has a bit of an interest just what Adon had planned. He didn't lie when he told the man something is fishy on this tournament. He still hasn't found out who is behind it so far, but at the same time he isn't trying too hard to find out. He has more important matters to think of. Little bits of gossip say he was here to meet with various fight organizers because he has an announcement to make in the near future. Something to help all the people of Sunshine City.

So why not take in a fight? One with the young and popular Athena of all people. The other just happens to be a rather big darkhorse that some are betting to win the tournament after seeing his fights. There are many dangerous fighters in this tournament so to be making a name for himself in this sort of environment is impressive. The ladies sitting next to him gasp at Mukai's entrance, but Johann just smiles and he stands up to give a bit of a clap for the impressive showing. He is also sure not to make any sort of eye contact with Adon. The emporer knows what to do and he has been advised not to make contact with Johann while he is in Las Vegas.

The announcer's voice is heard from the loud speakers, echoing along the covered street, but she's been announced at so many events before it doesn't pack the same thrill it did the first few times. Instead, it's easy for Athena get lost in the fervor of the crowd. Their enthusiasm on her behalf is infectious for the girl and her previous pre-fight jitters melt away as the support of so many resonates with her on a psychic level. Not even Adon-spite is strong enough to be felt over the overwhelming support from so many others.

But when her opponent is to be announced, she whirls away from the crowd, focused across the space reserved for the match. In her fight preparations, she was told what Mukai was like, as a fighter, but until he makes his impressive appearance and towers over her in person, she had no idea what she was really in for. Now that she can look up at him, she realizes that what was actually meant when one of her assisstants mentioned that he was 'really tall'.

There is a sort of hush that comes over the crowd that slow-broils into a steady murmur. Now that everyone can see the two combatants in the match, even her ardent fans and most optimistic supports have got to be having some second thoughts about Athena's chances here. For the young psychic, however, the most noteworthy aspect she sees is precisely what she /can't/ see. Trying to read his nature is like trying to divine the machinations of unassuming stone. So many secrets.

Pressing her fist into palm, she makes ready to offer a polite bow after the manner she has been taught by Master Chin Gentsai over and over. But even as she performs the gesture, another voice echoes out, taking advantage in the hush in the crowd to make himself heard above all others. There is a bitterness there, a seething emotion so strong that it provokes a subtle wince in the girl. A sidelong glance is cast toward the source, looking almost confused at how someone could bring such pungent emotions to an event like this. The focus doesn't last long, her mouth forming a slight frown of disapproval at the lack of sportsmanship in the crowd, but no one is moving to deal with Adon right off hand and in his current condition he isn't immediately recognizeable to her from his public appearances.

Shaking her head to clear her mind of the distraction, she notices the announcer has fallen quiet. It must be time to begin. Breathing in, Athena closes her eyes and bows her head - a consistent pre-fight ritual for her - a necessary release of certain barriers and creation of others, as she tunes out the psychic buzz of the massive crowd and taps into her inner strength. An invisible pulse radiates out from her, unseen and unfelt physically, not so much as disturbing the dust around the girl. But it can be felt by those with more finely tuned senses.

In her mind, the images of everyone else begin to dim as the noise that constantly clouds her mind grows softer and softer. It takes effort to bring her thoughts into complete harmony with the spirit of the fight, but once she has done so, her eyes snap open, her chin lifted so that she can look upon Mukai directly. "It is an honor." She assumes a proper ready stance appropriate for her Kung Fu training. She is as ready as she can possibly be.

COMBATSYS: Athena has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Athena           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Athena focuses on her next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Athena           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Mukai has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Athena           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0            Mukai


"..Wa?? Oh right! The Obsidian Knight ladies and gentlemen!!"

Snapping out of his stupor, the announcer manages to introduce this massive ebony behemoth after his strange entrance. The hole in the ground closes behind him with but a simple flick of his hand, tectonic plates as he pleases. He stands tall yes, but mostly silent, as if he were indeed a mountain, looming over all beneath him content of just being there and nothing more, aside from his spectacular entrance there's no more boasting from him as if he did not need further announcement of his appearance than his presence.

Slowly, the giant creature turns towards the crowd where he overhears some rather nasty curses flung his way. A hand reaches up to his head to raises the visor of his helmet where two vibrant white orbs are seen for what are apparently are his eyes. He scans the crowd, clearly seeking he who dares mock him, yet when his eyes are cast down on the wheel chair bound Adon, the giant lowers his visor with a small *klank* noise and returns to stare at the girl that has been paired with him tonight.

Strangely, he returns the bow, a gesture that is perhaps not to be expected from someone so big.

"My little Rainbow Gem."

The man's voice rumbles out from his helmet, sounding more like rocks grinding together more than anything. "The honor is mine." It is naught but as simple gesture, his arms stay at his side as he bows before he straightens again assuming his 'stance' which is apparently just keeping his arms up to the side as if he were trying to hug someone. "May your boundless happiness see you through your quests."

COMBATSYS: Mukai gathers his will.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Athena           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0            Mukai

In most of her fights, Athena relies on speed, moments of occasional split second foresight, and a significant capacity for Psycho Power that has been honed by way of relentless practice. Will that be enough here? It wasn't against the Ansatsuken master, Ryu, who was able to defy her expectations with each and every step he made. But she had almost expected that from him - after all, he's Ryu. But this opponent? The Obsidian Knight as he seems to be referenced? She has no idea what to expect except to be fairly certain she doesn't want to get hit by those powerful limbs of his.

His response to her greeting causes her to blink once. A Rainbow Gem? As fitting a term for the sparkley powered girl as any. She takes it as a compliment, especially when juxtaposed alongside the rest of his words. Like everyone she has had the fortune to face in this tournament, he seems a decent sort at first glance.

She has to test his speed. It's a chance she must take in order to understand what she is up against. Without prior experience with Mukai's method of conducting combat, it is the only way to move forward. The jeers from the heckler are forgotten, the cheers of her fans tuned out; for now all she hears and sees is the fight. There is a few seconds of quiet stand off between the two, then Athena sucks in her breath and charges forward. A leap into the air seems to lend itself to a predictable arc - in fact, it's almost as if she's overshooting Mukai all together. Only, at the apex of her ascent, she drops rapidly, tucking herself into a ball, a flash of rose-hued light encasing her body. Call it self-promotion, showmanship, or just a ingrained habit... but she can't help but belt out the name of one of her well known techiques as she drops. "Phoenix ARROW!"

Her steep descent will bring her on a collision course with Mukai himself and, should she make it down to the ground, she'll kick out with both legs from there, using her hand for support from which to launch from. From there, momentum might carry her into a slide... she's a touch over extended, but if she's quick, she might be able to back out of this situation quickly!

COMBATSYS: Mukai blocks Athena's Phoenix Arrow.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Athena           0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0            Mukai

The Obsidian Knight's spirit is strange. For one so in tune with the currents of Chi, it will be easy for Athena to see that Mukai's power seems to be connected to the ground, for most fighters their source of Chi is resoundingly placed right in the center of their chest to flow all across their body. However, for the giant warrior, there is clearly a ball of searing white energy inserted in his chest, though this one extends down his body, through his legs, where it connects to the ground encompassing all the ground beneath them.

Athena is probably not fighting just one man here, she's fighting the Earth.

Just as Athena can surely see into Mukai's spirit, he too can stare into that multicolored soul of the cheerful girl, which causes the giant to smile gently from under his helmet. It isn't often he sees such winsome spirits in fighters, Athena is an anomaly to him in this chaotic world of super human warriors, which is why he is taking his time to study her. This tournament has been great so far to indulge into the most prominent fighters that make the world, his fellow members of Those From The Past may be content with just watching from the sidelines, but not Mukai, he always is the type of guy that does the hands on approach.

Despite his size, his reflexes are quick as he raises one of his massive hands up to stop those incoming feet from striking him cleanly in the helmet he wears. Letting her continue her descent to the ground, The Obsidan Knight's helmet covered gaze looks down when Athena goes for the slide and he reacts by raising one foot and..

Goes to stomp her on the stomach.

Yeah...he's not going to feel bad about this at all.

So they would ignore him.

CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP. Adon stuffs his face with food, brooding. He doesn't notice Johann, no. But he knows that he had a fight to disrupt. And leaping in for a fight... could backfire horrible. At worst, it might simply cause a rescheduling. No, he had to at least get one penalized, or even disqualified. Hence the wheelchair. Sneering as the Phoenix Arrow is blocked, he seems to be waiting quietly. Maybe he will actually respect this fight? As the stomp of the stomach come....


The blare of the airhorn erupts from the front of the audience, as Adon, clutching the can, squeezes down. "NO SELL! NO SELL! Come ON Athena! This isn't another HELPLESS FAMILY MAN to CRUSH under your HEEL. PSYCHO SOLDIER? BAH! In THAILAND, we call those the IKARI!" The Emperor cackles, blaring down the horn again.


"Come on you stupid knight! STOMP HER! STOMP STOMP STOMP!" The Emperor kicks his legs, as he tries to get a chant going. "STOMP STOMP STOMP! STOMP STOMP STOMP! Come on you stupid statue, stomp on her! Before she gets another TERRIBLE hit single! I mean, really! She is like what QUON is to acting! Just don't stomp on her haircomb though! She might pull a QUON after the match, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!"

Boos erupt from the crowd, as the Emperor continues to heckle. Boos directed not at the fight, but at the asshole in the front row. *HOOOOONK* It roars again. "Come on people! STOMP STOMP STOMP! STOMP STOMP STOMP!"

COMBATSYS: Athena blocks Mukai's Slider.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Athena           0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0            Mukai

Did he budge an inch as she collided with him? She doesn't think think she felt even the slightest give from that impact. She continues her course regardless - she's rather committed at this point. Athena connects with the ground, converting her already collected momentum into a kick with her feet, trying to shake the balance of this monumental individual. She might as well be trying to kick over Mount Everest for all the good that does, the heels of her feet impacting Mukai's arm and gaining no progress as a result.

Well, she wanted to get a measure of his defenses, and now she has it. Trying to punch him down is just begging for bruised hands. Fortunately, the gifted psychic has other avenues of attack. Mukai will sense her spirit is not diminished in the slightest by this discovery. There is a flash of alarm, however, as that heavy leg is lefted. She's over-extended, low to the ground, and quite the easy target for such a large figure to stomp flat into the street!

Rather than trying to back away, her only recourse is to keep going forward. The young fighter presses off with her hand, continuing her course, trying to get /under/ and past his foot before it comes down. It almost works cleanly, it's probably the best choice she had given the laws of physics in play - but her trailing arm is caught by his heel all the same, smashed against the ground. Fortunately for her, it was at an angle that - while painful - she isn't going to suffer a broken bone over it and as quickly as it happens, Asamiya wrests it free from Mukai's foot and comes up to standing behind him, rubbing the bruised limb. It might be tough for her to use her arm to its full capacity until that pain dulls a little, but for now her mind is on counter attacking-

The sound of a horn rattles Athena. What was that? Was a judge calling an end to the match for some reason? Had there been some foul committed such that it needs to end? Did she do something wrong? A back and forth glance brings her focus back over to Adon, lips curling into a frown. Already, she notices her manager and two of her assistants pushing their way through the crowd, intending on getting close enough to Adon to try and persuade the rowdy 'fight fan' from disurpting the match any more than he already has. She has a suspicion that their endeavors will be less than successful...

The shouts start getting more personal. Athena tries to tune him out, but it's tough. It isn't often she's confronted with someone so ferociously spiteful. Did he just mention Quon's name? She's getting distracted, she realizes. She can't do that. She has to focus. She tries again, arms reaching up over over head, clapping together to collect a massive surge of Psycho Power that manifests with enough force as to more illuminate the already brightly lit street.

Mukai will have a massive sphere of that psionic energy to contend with as the girl brings it crashing down toward him. "AAAH!"

Meanwhile, Adon gets a tap on the shoulder from a suit-clad middle-aged male, "Ahem, sir, let's leave the fighting to the fighters?" A hand is extended. "The noise-making instrument, please." The man seems a touch nervous. He probably drew the short straw in having to approach the Muay Thai fighter.

COMBATSYS: Mukai interrupts Round Psycho Reflector from Athena with Terrene Tower.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Athena           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1            Mukai

Since the fight started Johann has settled back down. He seems more than fine just chatting idly with his company and keeping an eye on the fighters. He has to keep himself calm and collected with Athena about. The woman is a known psychic and a pretty damn good one for her age. It takes quite a bit to keep his own powers in check so someone like her wouldn't recognize something sinister close by. Not an annoyance like Adon, but something truely powerful and frightening. Almost as if two entities are tied together as one. Something malicious and cruel.

The distance should be enough as well as being among a large crowd. It is the only reason why he even chanced it. Not to mention the large fighter should be keeping Athena's attention fully. If he can't do it then Adon is starting to do his job. Of course he hasn't gotten involved physically yet. Something Johann is fine with for now. Of course if his puppet doesn't dance properly he might just have to pass along a message.

He leans forward as he watches the two and he steeples his fingers. Such an interesting fighter, this Mukai. Someone he truely knows little about at the moment. Someone he should look into further. Someone that maybe he can't control directly, but if he finds the right strings to pull he could be an interesting person to let loose on some poor, hapless, targets Johann needs taken care of. Athena? Well no, no use there. She has power, but trying to mess with a psychic is just more trouble than it is worth. Something more easy to discard and leave for dead than to deal with the headaches they cause.

Even the giant man hesitates when he hears that horn, followed by the chant of Stomping.

"Hmrr?" Mukai's foot comes crashing down upon Athena and though the blow impacts it doesn't seem to pack as much punch as one would expect from such a massively tall creature. His sandal clad foot descends and hits the little pop singing idol's reckless defenses when she tries to roll inside the Obsidian Knight's circle of death. Being so tall can be problematic too, even more so when his opponent is so small and can easily get it without much trouble, the angle is strange and Mukai seems to have a difficult time grinding the girl under his heel as he intended.

And then there's also that loud distracting horn.

"What in blazes is that?" Rumbles the ebony fighter as he takes a step back in an attempt to give himself some room, both to better deal with Athena and also cast a side glance to the crowd. Again, he lifts the visor of his helm to get a good look at the wheel chair bound fighter, heckling him to stomp harder on the girl. He shakes his head and lowers the visor again. He can sense his spirit and sees nothing but shattered glass and confusion. It almost unnerves him. "Such sadness..."

Don't get the wrong impression. Mukai is /not/ a gentle giant. His focus returns to the fight at hand not a moment too late, noticing just in time that Athena is charging directly at him aiming to ram a devastating shield of energy right smack on his broad chest. Last time he was in the receiving end of such an attack it ended poorly for the mysterious Knight and he decides that he does not want a repeat of his fight with Kain. He underestimated how much psycho energy hurts, as it is the complete opposite of Gaia's blessing, and if he cannot rely on the blessing of the Great Mother he must use more...orthodox means.

"HMRRR!!" Mukai draws a massive tree trunk arm back and SLAMS his large knuckles directly on Athena's reflector, PUNCHING right through the beam of energy where his fist collides with Athena's comely face, hitting her clear in the jaw sending her to the other side of the stage.

Adon's catcalling was poisoning the audience. The fight WAS already turning wrong, as Adon, with his presence, was utterly making EVERYONE furious. People were beginning to throw food at him... which would occasionally miss, and litter on the fighting ring. But the Emperor's grin spoke volumes

This was exactly what he wanted.

Finally, the usher shows up. The tap on the shoulder gets a leer from Adon, who bites his lip, attempting the best' innocent look he could make. Lowering his voice, he looks JUST a bit guilty. "Oh, I am so sorry sir." Adon hands over the canned airhorn. Maybe Adon was finally backing down.

And from under the wheelchair, Adon draws out the megaphone.


And he chucks the nachos at Athena, cheese and all.

She's already committed to the attack, swinging her arms forward, bringing the collosal amount of energy to bear in the process, when Mukai turns and notices her intent to catch him. His arm moves and though, from her angle behind her large ball of Psycho Power, she can't actually /see/ him, there is a flicker of forsight into what is about to happen and it doesn't end well.

Reality plays out much the same way as her mind's eye pictured it, much to her chagrin. The powerful fist crashes through her attack, colliding with her face with enough force to send the featherweight flying! The girl sails several yards before hitting the ground in a tumbling roll. It starts out uncontrolled, but by the third tumble she's tucking into a ball and then spinning out of it, regaining some degree of dominion over her trajectory. She comes to rest in a low crouch, one hand against the ground, her hair a bit dishevelled. Pushing off, she stands up, reeling a little but recovering quickly enough. A sharp ache in her jaw has her attention and her lip bleeds. A wipe across her mouth with her forearm cleans that up a little, but she leaves the rest of the scrapes and scratches unaccounted for.

And then there's a booming voice. It's high pitched, unpleasant, and nasty. And it's calling out her name, the only audible thing over the ringing in her head after taking that powerful punch. She squints then, her vision stabilizing at last, glancing toward the source of the vulgar distraction. It's clear she isn't too used to being heckled so. Though her appearances have always had naysayers present, there's never been anything like Adon so up close and /loud/. His accusations stab deep, cutting to the core of what she has fought to counter with each one of her bouts - that she isn't a fake, that they aren't prescripted, that through hard work, dedication, and the help of a capable master, she has become a capable fighter.

She forces herself to look away from Adon as his words continue to ring out. He feels like her /enemy/, but her opponent is Mukai. It would be disrespectful to give him anything less than complete attention. Lifting her hands, she prepares to engage the Obsidian Kight once more, though it's clear her focus has drifted from where she started, the girl becoming increasingly frazzled. Just tune him out, just tune him out, she repeats to herself.

Unfortunately, being so proactive in blocking all things 'Adon' out of her mind ends up leaving her psychically blind to the small-thrown-nachos sent flying her way. Just as she draws her hands back, sending a crackle of Psycho Power coursing down her limbs in preparation for another attack, the imbued-chi projectile collides with the side of her head. The physical damage registers near 0, but the messiness damage is pretty critical. Her attack fizzles, the girl simply staggers forward a couple of steps before coming to a stop, a completely bewildered look on her face as vender-booth cheese sauce oozes down her hair and plops against her shoulder.

Her hand lifts to the side of her head to come away with greasy orange as Athena turns to look back toward the wheelchair-bound antagonist. She seems abjectly confused, as if lost trying to figure out in what way she's wronged this individual to provoke such vituperation. "Do... I /know/ you?" she finally has to ask of Adon. What in the world is this entire thing about? Of course, the usher is trying to talk Adon out of his megaphone without getting physical about it, because who wants to be the guy stuck getting physical with someone in a wheelchair? Athena's agents are emphatically registering complaints with event staff. But the thing must go on, right? Surely the Tournament's backer wouldn't want matches cancelled over something so 'minor'.

COMBATSYS: Athena takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Athena           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\1            Mukai


Mukai hadn't intended to hit Athena that hard. His fist collided against soft skin yes, but he could feel plenty of strength left within the girl. It would take far more than one measly punch, no matter how gigantic it was, to quell Athena's fighting spirit. But then, why did he hear a splattering sound followed by Athena's psi power fizzling? His first thought is to think that Athena's head got smeared all over the wall which promptly caused all her power to dissipate. But as he focuses his gaze on her soul, he can still see her standing strong with an attack aimed directly for him.

Except now she's covered in cheese.

The Obsidian Knight's gaze follows the trajectory of the improvised projectile as he scans the crowd for the third time in this match. Funny how he doesn't even give a second glance to watchers, yet now he is forced to pry his attention away from his opponent to look at the peanut gallery. He doesn't have much of a choice, Athena is distracted now and there's no point fighting an opponent that is not even looking at you.

He /had/ sense some strange evil coming from the crowd, it was fickle, obviously trying to hide itself and when they lay hidden it usually meant they weren't going to show themselves any time soon. But this wasn't exactly was just...


Again his gaze falls upon the wheel chair bound fighter, Mukai's eyes narrow from beneath his helmet as he stares at Adon. He turns to him now, thumbs tucked on the hem of his pants and regards the loud man casually, his stance slacked since the fight has been clearly interrupted. There's an incredible sadness and frustration coming from this strange loud little man, to the point that it even gives pause the giant of a man. As he continues to stare however, he casts Athena a few looks, before turning to Adon again, he looks at Athena, then Adon, Athena, Adon, Sadness, Happines.

"Hmm.." Mukai's hand goes to reach his own chin and he scratches, plotting.

COMBATSYS: Mukai takes no action.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Athena           1/-----==/=======|=======\-------\0            Mukai

Well he seems to have the fighter's attention. Adon is good at that for sure. Not quite the way that Johann had meant, but it is a start. His gaze shifts just slightly and he looks to one of the other men in suits that look to be part of his security and the man pulls out a cell phone to make a call as he disappears for a bit. Adon looks like he isn't really going to get involved in the way Johann had wanted so he may as well help out his Thai friend and remind him what needs to be done.

Alot of attention is on Adon at this point, but also there is the chaos of fans getting irritated the fight has stopped as well as reps of Athena harassing the organizers of the tournament that are on hand. With all the stuff going on a few might miss the rather large and burly woman that trundles her way through the crowd. She is might be as wide as she is tall and some might even mistake her for Raiden in a wig. Raiden might be a bit lighter overall so it might be an insult to him. "Hey! Loudmouth!"

That is when the big hands of that woman grab the wheelchair and she actually hefts both it and Adon up into the air a bit. "WE want to see a fight. If you want to heckle get a closer view!" she shouts and tosses both fighter and wheelchair right towards where Athena and Mukai are. Security start to pile onto the woman as if wanting to stop her, but it is too late. The damage has been done and Adon now finds himself in a bad place. All Johann can do is smile.




Adon didn't even notice that the fight had stopped. He was much into his insults, his coarse language just driving harder and harder into Athena. Mukai might see the sad man lashing out. But what could he do? He was bound to a wheelchair. Of course, one vigilante DOES stop the incident. To an eruption of cheers, Adon suddenly finds himself scooped up. Scattering the popcorn and big gulp all across the ring, Adon and the Wheelchair is sent splitting across. Adon is hurled towards Mukai, tumbling through the air... while the wheelchair bolts for Athena. "JAGGAAAAAAA!!" Came the scream as Adon will, short of Mukai blocking the attack, come smashing into the great giant.. And landing squarely on his feet once he hits the ground, bolting up spry as ever.

Looks like the wheelchair was nothing more than a ruse.

COMBATSYS: Adon has joined the fight here.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Athena           1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0             Adon
[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Athena reflects Large Thrown Object from Adon with Shield Psycho Reflector.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Athena           1/----===/=======|-------\-------\0             Adon
[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            0/-------/=======|

This whole situation is spiraling out of control - and at the center of the expanding vortex of chaos is one 'wheelchair' bound Adon. Athena is looking increasingly bewildered, often glancing over the heads of the audience toward her manager in the background arguing with officials, trying to get some kind of call from him. When it comes to diffusing potential publicity disasters, she hired one of the best, and she's nervous about taking any actions that will make this even more of a sticky PR nightmare to unravel.

She turns toward Mukai again, lifting her hands, intending to resume the fight, not having any idea what else she can and should do in a situation like this. Being a vigilante outside of the arena was easy - beat up the bad guys! But inside the ring, where she's a celebrity fighter, singer, all around good girl? She's never been put in this situation before.

"You have my humblest apologies for this disruption," she apologizes to Mukai. She should keep her focus on him. This is their fight, Adon's intrusiveness aside. The audience is in an uproar, people crowding about the center of the storm. The woman that plows through the smaller people is almost unnoticed in the insanity breaking loose all around the match. She needs to be able to tune Adon out. She can already picture Gentsai chewing her out for losing her focus from something as unimportant as insulting words or thrown food. How can she fight injustice if that's enough to distract her? Surely, her future foes will not fight her honorably.

"I'm ready to-"

Adon goes flying in one direction. His wheelchair another. This time her mental blinds are not so solid as to miss the flash of emotion off to the side as the Muay Thai fighter goes flying into the air. It's reflex moreso than planning that she defends herself, whirling to face the incoming threat before she even sees it, stretching her arms out vertacally in front of her, creating a shimmering rose-hued barrier for the wheelchair to crash into.

That it goes flying back off at bullet-like speed is more of a byproduct than the intent. That it's careening toward Adon is more divine favor than accident. Her manager in the distance is pulling his hair out. Athena fans are rioting. A number of people still recoiling from the death of Quon are in an outrage. Television commentators are stammering at a loss of words in trying to describe the utter pandemonium transpiring on viewer's screens around the world. Is it possible for Adon to go anywhere without it errupting into a disaster zone?

COMBATSYS: Mukai overcomes Large Thrown Object from Adon with Disruptor.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Athena           1/----===/=======|-------\-------\0             Adon
[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            0/-------/=======|

Chaos. Discord. Senseless Violence.

Man, Mukai should have gotten into the fighting scene way earlier, those guys from the Those From The Past don't know what they are missing.

While gentle hearted Athena may be utterly mortified about all screaming from the crowd, Mukai is beyond such petty mortal concerns. The Obsidian Knight looks relaxed, content in simply watching this strange little man fling out obscenities at her even if it means that their match is interrupted. Humans are interesting that way, sometimes they learn the most from their mistakes and this could prove no exception. Though he would loath give up the opportunity to further inspect the famous Rainbow Gem Athena, perhaps this intruder could give him a new insight on the nature of humanity.

Athena is given a glance when she loudly proclaims that she is ready to continue, yet the Obsidian Knight remains standing there as he senses something...large and angry approaching Adon. He knows this can only end in tears, particularly when Adon gets sent directly towards him.

The giant is not slow moving in his actions. No sooner has the screeching Muay Thai boxer been tossed his way, Mukai has already raised one hand up to the side and summon a bat..made out of rock? Swinging it at the incoming human projectile, he aims to smack Adon in the ribs and send him flying directly towards his own wheelchair.

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits Adon with Reflected Large Thrown Object.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Athena           1/---====/=======|==-----\-------\0             Adon
[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Mukai successfully hits Adon with Disruptor.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Athena           1/---====/=======|====---\-------\0             Adon
[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            1/------=/=======|

Is it possible for Adon to go anywhere without it errupting into a disaster zone?


Very much no.

As Adon screams, he finds that Mukai summons a great bat of wood. With a clean smash, he is knocked HARD away. "JAAAAAAAAAAAAAG-" The Emperor's screaming is interrupted when he collides HARD, head first, right into the wheelchair. The Wheelchair shatters to pieces upon impact, leaving the pieces in a heap right under Adon, who lays, stunned by the horrible attack.

And cheers explode over the audience.

Really, if they are worried about publicity, the easiest cure is a public spectical of Adon getting his ass beat. The Emperor of Muay Thai rises up, shaking his head free of the daze. "GUUURGH! How DARE you attack a RECOVERING VICTIM! I was in a WHEELCHAIR!" Adon stands up, legs working quite fine. "BAH! You IDIOTS! I suppose if I am HERE, I should SETTLE with a REAL FIGHT. Of course, Athena, I will give YOU a pass. I don't want to DEVIATE from your SCRIPT too much!" The Emperor cackles, as he turns around.

And looks up at the alternative.

Suddenly, fighting Athena wasn't such a bad idea. But that cocky, self-sure grin seemed to ignore the bruises on his body. "SO! This is the so-called KNIGHT? BAH! I can SEE the zippers for the FAKE ABS! Is this some kind of ADVERTISING VENTURE? You are not a FIGHTER, but a CARTOONISH VILLAIN for ATHENA to fight? What's next? Do you grow TWENTY STORIES and force Athena to CALL IN her giant robot? BAH! Kensou couldn't drive a SCOOTER, to say the least a GIANT ROBOT! And don't get me started on that DRUNK FOOL of a MENTOR! You should be EMBARASSSED to be ASSOCIATED with the PSYCHO SOLDIER GIMMICK!"

Adon lowers down, readying a pounce.

"You are nothing more than a MUSCLE-HEADED FREAK! Allow I! ADON! THE EMPEROR OF MUAY THAI! Show you the ERROR of your WAYS by UNLEASHING the TRUE POWER of MUAY THAI UPON YOUR HEAD!" The Emperor explodes forward, arms out, ready to snatch the massive giant of a man. Should he get a grip, he will clutch Mukai.... and attempt to drive a Muay Thai knee hard into his torso, again and again, before trying to knock him to the ground. He might look like a stone giant.

But Adon would test how strong his stones were.

COMBATSYS: Mukai fails to interrupt Jaguar Slam from Adon with Terrene Tower.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Athena           1/---====/=======|======-\-------\0             Adon
[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            1/------=/=======|

So much sadness.

Mukai isn't exactly one that is really empathic, he can feel the emotions of others sure, it is the gift of Gaia has granted him for his endeavors. Sense their spirits, the stone that makes them what they are and the shape that makes them do what they do. But even if he can sense their spirit he is not particularly affected by them, not in the sense that he feels their pain or happiness. Mukai is an uncaring deity that simply wants to mold such energy to better help the Great Mother, not because he wants to help /them/. What does he care for the petty inner squabbles of a person? It is the grand schemes that truly matter, as long as Great Gaia perseveres, the fate of one soul does not matter.

But is too much sadness. The emotion is overpowering.

He doesn't think he has ever seen someone as sad as Adon.

The giant warrior instinctively reaches for the Muay Thai champion in an attempt to just grasp him by the neck and not only get him to back off but also to shut him up, he can't meld his spirit if he keeps shouting like that. However, in his anger, Adon manages to do what Athena couldn't moments earlier and slips right past his grip, kneeing him over and over him right on the groin.

Interestingly, they too appear to be made out of rock.

He does stagger though, not nearly as much as a person would after getting smashed on the jewels like that, but he's clearly in pain for just a moment before straightening himself.

"So much sadness..."

It is all the rock giant can say, Adon's spirit proving far too much for even the Obsidian Knight.

The collision of flying objects at the center of the cleared area is the sight of quite the spectacle as Adon rises from the pile to stand 'proud' above it all. Athena stares but doesn't immediately attack. It's clear by the expression on her face that she has no idea what to make of this. She's upset, she's frazzled, and she's feeling the urge to lash out. Adon is responsible for reducing this honored duel into a complete farce. She and Mukai fought and earned their way to make it this far in the tournament, yet this guy seems hellbent on ruining it all. And for what?

She takes in breaths then exhales. She's better than this. Cheapshot insults shouldn't be enough to raise her ire, she tells herself. Another breath, another exhale. She would be justified in a fair amount of righteous indignation at this point, but what is the proper punishment for someone lke this? Her manager has made his way over to the edge of the crowd and when Athena glances his way, he's beckoning eagerly. That he's probably going to pull her out of the event all together is plainly written on his face, his expression utterly livid over the whole thing.

On one hand, Athena likes the idea of being done with this. She'd like to wash the rapidly conjealing cheese from her hair as soon as possible, the sticky mess already matting against the side of her head in a very irritating manner. She would like to be left alone to cool down. The temper she's feeling is clouding her mind, her psychic aura beginning to fall under the accumulated pressure of so many angry fans shouting for vengeance upon the disruptor. The girl lifts her hands to rub her temples, closing her eyes as she tries to block out the massive amount of hatred broiling all around her.

Turning, she squints her eyes open again, casting another glance toward her manager. He's shouting now but she can't make out the words. She looks away again, back toward Adon. Did he just groin-knee Mukai? It would be even more disgraceful to turn around and walk away if the crazy man is attacking her opponent, wouldn't it?

"You!" she shouts at Adon. "I know how you are now." She doesn't have a lot of time in her schedule for following the nightly news, it seems. A finger points. "You were eliminated last round. Is this your idea of putting on a tantrum because you lost your own fight?" She grits her teeth, taking a step forward, arms extended from her sides as she braces, a sudden erruption of Psycho Power bursting into existance around her. "You already lost! Go home!!"

She might be trying to send him there, what with the way all that power suddenly errupts up from around her, illuminating the entire area overhead with a massive, broiling cloud of rose-hued Psycho Power. It's so bright as to be painful to look at directly. The entire psychic aura of the audience is hushed for a moment in her head as Athena channels the collective feeling of everyone within range into this singular attack. It builds for seconds but it may feel a lot longer than that when one is the intended target. Then, twisting into a more concentrated vortex, it explodes down toward Adon - a literal cascade of energy that could very well fry his synapses if he's caught at ground zero.

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits Adon with #Psychic Medley 13#.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Athena           0/-------/-------|=======\======-\1             Adon
[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            1/------=/=======|

"GRAAAGH!" Came the scream as Adon stumbles back, limping with his offending knee. Groaning, he grips his knee, and throws a fist up in the air, shaking it towards Mukai. "TRULY! That GROIN is HARDER than SAGAT'S OWN? IMPOSSIBLE! I! ADON! THE EMPEROR OF MUAY THAI! As PART of my MUAY THAI MASTERY, have experienced HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of GROINS in his life! MANY SOFT and EASY TO COME DOWN UPON! Some HARD, and REQUIRING more FORCE to DRIVE INTO! WHY! EVEN SOME AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD!"

The Emperor points an accusing finger at Mukai.

"YOUR HEAD, you great OAF! But as I! ADON! THE MASTER OF GROINS! I must declare! Your GROIN is equal, IF NOT GREATER, in hardness than SAGAT'S OWN GROIN!" The Emperor limps around a bit, briefly unaware of the troubled woman behind him. "THUS! I! ADON! THE EMPEROR OF MUAY THAI! Will TRULY bring your GROIN TO THE ULTIM-" The Emperor finally stops short, his neck itching. Turning around, he scratches it...

And stares at what Athena is up to.

"So you know who I AM?" The Emperor barks, sneering wildly. "I am ADON! THE EMPEROR OF MUAY THAI! The GREATEST FIGHTER OF ALL! And if you think this is SOME MERE TANTRUM, you would be as VAPID BRAINED as your HIT SINGLES! BAH! If I wanted to APPEAL to the DROOLING MORONS that you call your FANS, I would simply SCREECH into a mic. ALLOW ME TO DEMONSTRATE!" The Emperor begins to jeer at Athena.

"Adon's name is MAGIC!





The Emperor's jeering take on the Psycho Soldier theme is cut short when Athena, to the roar of cheers from the crowd, unleashes a blast of unbelievable psycho energy right towards the fighter. The Emperor hardens his body, tightening it fiercely. As it would do him good, however: Athena's energy and righteous fury blasts him through the air, sending him flying. Body still tightened, he breaks into a tumble on the ground, his body still hissing with smoke. He lays there, stunned again... before rising up again, a song on his lips.


Running across the field, the Emperor lunges right for Athena. Body erupting in fiery chi, the Emperor begins to unleash the eight limbs of Muay Thai upon Athena. Punches. Kicks. Shin smashes, elbow jams, jutting knees, and even arm smashes. Smashing Athena was the theme, as he attempting to hurl all the limbs for her... before breaking into a wild JAGUAR KICK, flipping forward in a flying heel drop... and finishing with a launching straight flying kick to her torso.

All while singing.

"He'll Get you!

"HE will READ you MIND and FIND"




COMBATSYS: Mukai blocks Adon's Jaguar Thousand.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Athena           0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0             Adon
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            1/------=/=======|

Mukai had been far too stunned to really react back then. Not because of the fat woman tossing a screeching boxer at him, or because of the nacho cheese, not even because he was getting kneed repeatedly in the groin! The Obsidian Knight is so above things like that, specially the whole getting kicked on the balls thing, for some reason a lot of people have tried to do that lately..maybe it's because he's so tall that's the only place they can really reach.

But no, it was not the increasing pain he felt on his loins that gave Mukai pause. It was Adon's horrifyingly morbid energy that made him hesitate. An emotion of such magnitude cannot be healthy for the Earth, Mukai has always tried to cultivate human emotions for them to become at their most powerful, but Adon's overpowering emotions might prove that too much of a good thing can be bad. Should this power be released in any way, Great Gaia would not survive the release.

He can't stand idly by and let this power get out of control.

Not even the second coming of Orochi could be as damaging!

He has to fix this somehow!

Ignoring Adon's..rather descriptive talk about how his groin feels, since apparently the man has experienced many male groins in his life time, the Obsidian Knight makes a mighty leap clearing right over Adon as he gets struck by Athena's Psycho Blaster to land right in front the pop idol.

When Adon comes barreling in, it's not the pop singer he runs into, but the ebony mountain that is Mukai.

"If you like singing.."

Adon's knee connects solidly with Mukai's rock solid (no pun) abs as he uses his body to shield the teen idol, seeing as her continued existence is imperative for his plans.

"Then perhaps the Rainbow Gem could grant you a song, my Jaded Jaguar."

It's quite obvious now why Mukai was looking at Athena and Adon like that. Athena's overwhelming happiness could somehow consume Adon's darkness so he doesn't explode again. Beating Adon to a pulp is not going to cut it this time, Mukai cannot afford to have this walking meltdown waiting to happen ruining his plans. He must tame the beast.

And music usually gets that job done.

"Go on, sing my Rainbow Gem."

She needs not fear for her safety while she has the massive human shield of the Obsidian Knight standing right in front of her.

COMBATSYS: Mukai gathers his will.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Athena           0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0             Adon
[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            1/--=====/=======|

The massive assault released, Athena exhales, lowering her hands to her knees, panting for breath as she looks ready to collapse from the effort. That attack was completely unlike her more practiced techniques that represent precision control over her vast reservoir of Psycho Power. It was uncontrolled aggression launched at the focal point of everyone's attention this moment. She has a feeling she'll be getting a lecture about lashing out with so much power with a catalyst of anger from Chin when this is all over.

When the dust settles, it registers with her that Adon's screeching noises were actually done in a sing-song fashion and, with some powerful stretching of the imagination, can be recognized as his parody of one of her own. And then he starts up again, back on his feet, aggressing on her again, seeming only to be fueled by the abuse hurled upon him moreso than anything. She's out of breath, out of strength, and might not have the capacity to defend herself against the Jagga-fueled combination of strikes Adon intends to dish out on her. Drawing back, eyes widening, her immediate concerns are alleviated the instant the black-stone-like figure of Mukai intersects, weathering the storm of kicks and punches meant for her!

Athena stumbles back a step away from her unexpected benefactor. His voice, though initially meant for Adon, is impossible to miss, even over the roar of the croad. The people are eating this up. Even Athena's manager seems to have dropped down from defcon 1 to only defcon 3 as the events begin to play out, the two assaulted combatants uniting, in a sense, against the belligerent, rabid Jaguar.

The shifting tide of emotion has its impact on Athena as well. Not only are the people around her feeling anger subside into excitement as Adon gets his well due punishment, but Mukai's calming presence next to her is a powerful aid in her own temperment achieving a more calm state of being. In spite all that has happened thus far, Athena manages something unexpected - a smile. Her breath regained, she stands up straight, composure regained. She can't see Adon directly, but she can still address him from behind the towering Obsidian Knight. He will hear the smile in her tone whether he likes it or not.

"I'm impressed, you got the rhythm down almost exactly right. You must be quite the fan."

She's quiet then, not following it up with any more spoken words, Mukai's request occupying her thoughts. Such wisdom, she realizes, to suggest a song at a time like this. The right music can sooth the savave heart. It takes some effort to focus her mind on something that calm after so much chaos, but after a moment, Athena clasps her hands in front of her, and returns Adon's song with one of her own.

"I can see it's hurting you; I can feel your pain..." She lacks for musical accompaniment yet doesn't seem to need it.

"It's hard to see the sunshine through the rain." She doesn't have a mic yet her voice carries with a quality that can only be considered supernatural, easily heard over the endless murmur and noise of those packed onto Freemont Street. "I know sometimes it seems as if it's never going to end..."

She continues, drawing on a song from memory, carrying the tone perfectly. It's a slower song that touches upon the principles of friendship. "Count on me through think and thin..." It is easy enough to miss that beneath her voice is another quality, one that can invade the mind directly for those unwary enough to ward it off - an infectious, calming force. Maybe her manager won't lose all his hair tonight afterall.

"...Count on me!"

Adon's rage tore into Mukai the Fury of MUAY THAI rolling up the unyielding anger that was the Emperor. The surging surf of the eight limbs cannot conquer the mountain, and soon begins to stall. As the final flying kick comes, the Emperor gasps, hitting the limbs of the great giant.

And the Emperor SPITS at his feet.


"I am DISGUSTED by your SINGING, ATHENA! You are WORTHLESS! A fighter? FEH! You are nothing more than FLASH in the PAN! You need your PROMOTERS, your SHOWS, your AUDIENCES! You understand NOTHING of the raw fighting! NOTHING of TRUE TALENT! Why, EVEN NOW, you rely on a HARD GROINED OAF to DEFEND YOU! When I knock him down, I will come to you...."

And then the music reaches his ears.

The Emperor doesn't understand what was happening. The voice... no, it couldn't be the voice. But the Emperor's expression begins to soften. Everything begins to soften. Rage struggles to break through. Adon WANTED to be angry, but the song... his soul was growing placid. Grabbing his head, he struggles out a scream. "Y.... YOU CANNOT.... YOU.... SING.... BAD!" The Emperor hurls both of his fists forward, unleashing a crushing, smashing blow aimed right for Mukai's groin. He would hammer away. Shatter away. But every movement was softened. His limbs were growing soft. A look of relaxation was supressed, but his soul was coming at peace. Adon's head was for ripping apart both of the fighters.

But his heart was Athena's.

COMBATSYS: Mukai endures Adon's Weakened Fierce Punch.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Athena           0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0             Adon
[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            1/-======/=======|

Mukai resisted the Muay Thai storm. Just like the indomitable mountain remains tall against the furious winds of rage, Mukai does not move. No attacks, nor insults move the warrior, for his is the strength of the Great Mother Goddess, who's power is at it's strongest when she defends her children.

And through the Obsidian Knight, she defends Athena now.

Gazeless visor covered eyes stare down silently at the ever raging Adon, who despite the lack of attacks sent his way continues to hurl insults at Athen due to his misguided rage. Mukai knows that a soul such as his is too far gone to be saved for mere mortal means. Yet he, Avatar of the Earth, may be able to reach within the darkness and pull the Jaded Jaguar out of he infinite void in which he is quickly submerging, never too return if he gets too far.

Adon comes in with vicious fury again, aiming to punch Mukai right between the legs again.

And the Mountain remains tall, Athena's soothing song powering him as it weakens the Jaguar.

As the song continues, the ground begins to glow a vibrant white when the very earth around them all reaches up to heed the singer's call, growing warmer with each note, gentle like the cooling breeze of the summer, nurturing like sunlight through the darkness. And though it's not really his Godly portfolio..

Mukai repeats the words.

"I can see it's hurting you.."

The Obsidian Knight extends a massive hand out to point at Adon.

"I can feel your pain.."

The hand begins to glow as does the ground under the crazed Thai boxer.

"I know sometimes it seems it's never going to end...but you'll get through."

The hand lifts, fingers pointing up as a pillar of incandescent light explodes from the earth to wash Adon in energy. A way to ensure he stays put after being exposed to Athena's calming song.

"Just don't give in."

COMBATSYS: Mukai knocks away Adon with Netherworld Agony.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Athena           0/-------/-------|=======\====---\1             Adon
[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            0/-------/-----==|

Her song fades out, the talented singer holding the note for longer than seems possible before she finally falls quiet. And with that conclusion a rush of silence washes over the crowd, as if the demeanor of many of those gathered was directly touched by something beyond just singing. There was a reason the girl was launched to the top of the charts so quickly once she was discovered, her ability to touch people through the power of her voice is beyond pure talent. It's almost unfair, really, but it would be wrong for her to pass up on using her gift, right?

Lowering her clasped hands, she steps from around Mukai. She doubts Adon can get to her through the mountain of stone who has decided to interpose himself in Adon's way. And then the Obsidian Knight extends his hand and demonstrates once more a glimpse of the incredible power he wields...

Adon is unable to fight against the power. Screwing deeper and deeper in his mind, the Emperor's fighting spirit was sedated, stunned. As the punch comes, Mukai's voice brings him to his knees. It was a pitiful sight, to watch as Adon's mind quails to the Psycho Power of Athena. The two fists smash into the groin. But Adon felt nothing. His rage met serenity, and left him with a numbness. He wanted to hate.

But he couldn't.

As Mukai prepares the great pillar of energy, Adon has no more fight in him. He was just standing there, kneeling on the ground. The rage fades. Only peace was in his heart. Serenity.

And he allows it to consume him.

As Mother Gaia subsides, the Emperor falls over limp. There was no howl. No scream. No lashing out. Only silence.

And complete peace.

COMBATSYS: Adon takes no action.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Athena           0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0            Mukai

COMBATSYS: Adon can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Athena           0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0            Mukai

Athena exhales softly as Adon drops. The match itself is almost certainly a forfeit on the part of her and Mukai, but at least damages were largely contained. She lifts her hand and mistakenly gets it stuck in cheese at the side of her head again. Oops, she forgot about that. Maybe the damages ARE severe. Little by little, she lets down some of her mental barricades, getting a quiet read on the crowd. Some are disappointed, some are appeased, confused, but overall, the level of anger has quieted significantly throughout those gathered.

Backing away from the collapsed Adon and the silent, forboding yet comforting presence of the Obsidian Knight, the idol fighter draws nearer to the edge of the cordoned off area where her manager grabs her by the arm, throws a towel over her head, and starts to lead her off as quickly as possible from the crowd.

He sounds pretty excited about things. "It will be all right. I already have Joe on this right now, he's got a great way to spin it for tomorrow morning's news shows-" Athena is only barely listening, casting a glance over her shoulder back toward where the match took place. She has a feeling things won't end so simply as all that, but it's good to let her manager dream the dream for now...

COMBATSYS: Athena has left the fight here.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mukai            0/-------/-----==|

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