Devil's Tournament - DT R4: Kain vs Sagat?

Description: Sagat really wants to fight Ryu in the Devil's Tournament. Kain doesn't care that much about actually winning it. So when Sagat proposes a mutually beneficial agreement between the two Kain accepts the offer.

The Devil's Tournnament. In a way it has been disappointing to Sagat. There is so much hype and there are challenges, but at the same time the only real challenge Sagat has cared about seems to elude him. He knew Ryu would do well, but once again he is faced with quite a force in his way that might be preventing him from what he truely wants. He respects Kain as a fighter, but he does not care to duke it out with the man once again. Maybe in the future they will have to settle things to see who is truely stronger, but right now there is something that he wants much more than that right now.

It is why the cyclops has traveled all the way out to Brazil to meet with Kain. He is not one usually to make deals, but sometimes it is something he just has to do. He can't afford another tie or even a loss. He wants Ryu and he will find a way to get what he wants. He just has to be careful. Kain may not be Vega, but he has his own ambitions that are unfavorable to Sagat. He just needs to make sure he doesn't agree to anything that makes him some sort of slave once more. As much as he wants his fight with Ryu he cannot let that happen.

Kain is probably well aware that Sagat is looking to meet him as well. Any sort of security or escort he has had with him on his trip would have let him know by now. It isn't like Sagat can really just blend in with the people. He sticks out like a sore thumb and Kain can probably guess wht the big man wants. He is no fool afterall.

Indeed, Kain is no fool. And having an inkling of what Sagat might want, he wants to make sure that the two of them aren't seen together. When word gets to Kain that Sagat seems to be looking for someone, he has a message delivered to the Muay Thai fighter, providing him with a time and a location. Unsigned, of course.

The instructions lead to a rather unsafe look neighborhood in Rio, and any intrepid reporters trying to follow Sagat for a scoop either turn back out of fear for their own safety, or are delayed by various coincidental accidents.

The actual address is a rather run down looking bar. It doesn't look like much, but the door is surprisingly heavy, and the walls are surprisingly thick. The only person obvious at first is a scar-faced man behind the bar, absently wiping a glass with a dirty cloth. He looks up briefly, then goes back to his task.

And then Kain's voice is heard from the shadows. "It seems like you've been looking for me. Luckily for you, I have a little time to kill, so I've arranged a bit of privacy for us." Heinlein steps out of the shadows, nodding to the bartender who slips out through a back door, then pulls out a chair from one of the tables and sits down in one smooth motion. "So?"

The secrecy doesn't really bother the former emporer. He understands exactly why they shouldn't be seen together just for the fact they are supposed to fight. Any chance that there was some sort of dealings between the pair could result in the two being disqualified. That is another outcome he could not afford to have. It also helps any reporters tailing him are probably just chased off when Sagat actually confronts them and tells them to go away or else. The seedy location works just as well. Not like any of the gangers and drug runners that patrol the place would want to bother with the large fighter.

That door opens and the single eye narrows some as it adjusts to the lighting of the bar. He lets the door closed and his head turns as the voice of Kain is heard. He steps over, but doesn't have a seat himself. He usually prefers to stand. Perhaps it is just something he is used to doing. Using his size to intimidate even if at this point he is not intending to do it. He doubts he can really intimidate Kain anyways.

"I think you know why I am here and I also know you are one to make deals." He is straight and to the point. There is no reason for idle small talk. Both of them are busy men with other concerns. He just hopes he has Heinlein pegged right and the man actually doesn't care about a rematch. "I want a shot at Ryu. Damn the rest of this tournament."

There's little point in trying to play games of height intimidation with Sagat. Most people would have to stand on top of a stool, at the least. Kain leans back in his chair slightly, steepling his fingers in front of him. "I'm sure that will be quite an impressive fight. Well, it's entirely possible that some business issue could come up that I need to deal with personally. Something of greater long term importance than participating in this tournament." Kain leans back a little further, making sure that he can make eye contact with Sagat.

He lets his hands drop, making a careless gesture with the right one. "Of course, there's the question of why such a thing might happen. I assume you came here with something in mind to offer?" Kain raises his eyebrow slightly, watching Sagat carefully.

What he can offer? Sagat has really thought on that. He isn't sure just what he could give in exchange to Kain and still keep the honor he has slowly been regaining through the past few years. At least with a man like Kain he might be able to get away with something that shouldn't be too troublesome. The man has some powerful enemies afterall. Ones that Sagat might be able to help remove or at least pester for a bit. "Maybe." he finally says. He does look thoughtful, but the silence shows he is still thinking it over.

There are a few long moments of silence and the larger fighter takes a deep breath. "I won't be an errand boy. I am sure you know my stance on certain things these days too. I am no longer the man many knew me as over the past few years." He is at least putting it right out there of the bat. This makes it hard for him to negotiate because at this point what more can he truely offer?%r
"I think there is only one thing. If someone gives you trouble you can't fully handle you can ask me to take care of it. This isn't long term and only if the person is really deserving of the special sort of 'visit' I would provide." Is it enough? He sure hopes so. Otherwise it might start turning into a bit of a bargaining match and the emporer was never very good at that sort of thing.

Kain smiles thinly, but if he has any thoughts on Sagat's path to redemption, he keeps them to himself. After a few moments he nods thoughtfully. "You drive a hard bargain, but I've certainly got enemies who might meet your terms. Even if just to have somebody take care of them while I am quite publicly somewhere else."

Heinlein is thoughtful for a moment, considering the idea of trying to extract some of any prize money Sagat wins. But it's not like he needs it, and it frankly makes the whole thing a bit shallow. He does have respect for Sagat's capabilities and he can understand his drive to fight Ryu. It'd be a shame to extort over that. For something so petty, anyway. "Yes, I think I can accept those terms." He stands up with a cold smile, extending his right hand. "To your victory over Ryu, then."

He manages to keep a good poker face at this point. He didn't expect it to be so easy, but then again maybe Kain isn't as petty as some of the other shady types he has dealt with. He will help the man, but in his own way that he should hope nothing bad will come of it. The large hand is extended as he takes Kain's to give it a firm handshake. "Then we have a deal. Very well." He doesn't echo the comment about his victory over Ryu. There is of course still Athena and Mukai. He isn't sure what will happen with those two. Who knows if he has to fight with them in order to get to Ryu still. Even so this is one less obstacle out of the way.

He releases the hand and gives a nod. "I am sure you can find me if you really need me." He isn't sure just how good Kain's contacts are, but if the guy was good enough to oust Geese out of Southtown the large fighter figures he can easily find a person like Sagat. It isn't like the former emporer truely hides himself. Now he just needs to get back to Thailand nad make sure some idiot hasn't killed Adon yet. At least no one has been foolish enough to try yet. Then again maybe they were waiting for Sagat to leave Thailand for a bit.

"Until I am needed I doubt we will see much of one another. I am glad we could come to an agreement." With that being said he stalks out of the bar. In the end this will be a cheap win, but he could care less. He got what he wanted now he just hopes somehow he can get a bit of luck and get Ryu next.

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