Devil's Tournament - DT R2: Kain vs Sagat

Description: Kain versus Sagat. Fire Gentleman versus Gentle Cyclops. BATTLE. (Tie?!)

This has started to be an interesting tournament to say the least. Adon wasn't even sure who was all involved, but soon after his win against Zaki he had started to hear about the other fighters in it. There were those he isn't sure that deserve to be in it like Adon, but then there were people he anticipates to see at one point such as Ryu. Of course when he found out who his second opponent would be he had to raise a brow. It has been quite some time since the cyclops had run into Kain. Back then he was still with Vega and retrieving some transported supplies that the lord of Southtown had taken into his hands to see what surprises were hidden away in the containers.

More so Sagat is curious as to why Kain was here. Does he have a motive of some sort? He seems to like to keep out of the public eye alot of the time and seems more content to just run Southtown. Or much like Sagat perhaps he is just curious of a man wanting to run a tournament just to fight the winner. Was it really Akuma looking to do this? It seems so....trivial that someone like that would host a tournament to challenge someone strong. He would like to get to the bottom of this, but he has a rather big block in the road right now.

So fitting that he would be caged this time around too. He was rather brutal with Zaki and given who the other fighter is it seems that the organizers of the fight wanted to keep the fans as safe as possible. This could be a very brutal match and the cage itself might not be able to contain the two fighters. The larger fighter ducks down as he enters, that single eye scanning the crowd as he moves over to one corner of the cage. Arms fold as he waits and turns about. It is time for him to get focused and perpare for a tough battle ahead.

There are a number of reasons why a fighter might enter a tournament like this, but it can be safely assumed that the prize money is not Kain's motiviation for entering. After all, it's not like that's something he's lacking in. No, Kain is interested in getting at the man behind the tournament, and any powerful opponents in the way are a happy bonus. It's been too long since Kain has endured a real challenge, and just sitting on a throne enjoying your power is a good way to lose it.

Having arrived at the arena, Kain eyes the cage as he approaches. It looks sufficient to hold a normal fight, but he's skeptical about its ability to hold up under an assault from Sagat or himself. Not that he's particularly worried about the cage collapsing on top of him, but it will be a nuisance if somebody tries to stop the fight due to danger to spectators.

Stepping into the cage, Kain tilts his head slightly to look up and meet Sagat's gaze, then gives the taller man a brief nod. Sagat does have a power that Kain can respect, although his time working for Vega does count against him.

The nod is returned and there are no words exchanged. There is no need to talk in a situation like this. The roar of the thousands of fans in gathered around the cage would drown out most anything said anyways. There is respect for Kain and his fighting skills even if there is some animosity on other things the man does. Then again Sagat is far from being pure himself. All those years where he fell from grace and how long it took to him even to regain what he had lost. Even now he feels like there is so much more that he needs to do. Of course getting to fight a few strong opponents is always a nice break and one he doesn't often get to enjoy.

Once the cage is closed and they begin locking it up that is when Sagat starts to look ready for a fight. He cricks his neck a bit before his arms move from being crossed over his chest and instead raised up as hands are made into fists. His stance shifts as well as he soon takes up the all too familiar fighting stance of Muay Thai. This is the sort of challenge he needs. Someone like Zaki has the heart of a warrior, but she is still too unseasoned to be on his level. This is a man that can only help Sagat grow stronger.

That single eye narrows and Kain soon will find the large man moving quickly. He doesn't wait for any sort of call from officials or the like. As far as he is concerned the cage is closed and locked and that means it is time to attack. It is a quick snap kick aimed at the shoulder of Kain that is unleashed. Nothing fancy at the moment, but then again when you are a man with the strength of Sagat you don't need to be fancy. All you need is brute strength.

COMBATSYS: Sagat has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sagat            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kain has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kain             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0            Sagat

COMBATSYS: Sagat successfully hits Kain with Light Kick.
- Power hit! -

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Kain             0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0            Sagat

And brute strength is definitely something Sagat has. Kain attempts to shift his arm to deflect Sagat's kick, but a combination of the power behind the blow and an error in angle judgement from Kain results in his shoulder being struck, and then Sagat's foot clipping off to strike Kain in the side of the head as well. The blond man staggers for a moment, but it's not enough to actually stun him.

Kain turns his stagger into a sidestep, then suddenly lunges in toward Sagat, twisting around and bringing one leg up as he does so. Black flame engulfs his foot as he attempts to slam a kick into the side of Sagat's abdomen, pushing off the ground with his other leg to add some additional force.

COMBATSYS: Sagat blocks Kain's Schwarzer Stob.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kain             0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0            Sagat

Hard to imagine, but the large fighter seemed to do well in getting the element of surprise. He will have to count himself lucky since he knows Kain is too experienced for something like that to work often. He can hope it throws the other fighter off his game just a bit to the start. Perhaps he should have aimed for the head and see what damage he could have done. There is always time for that later more than likely. Now he has more important things to worry about. That chi engulfed leg is coming right at him as finds himself without enough room to really get out of the way.

He manages to save himself for the most part from eating the strike full on. He gets a leg up as he twists about and lets Kain's strike glance off his shin. There is a grunt from Sagat as he feels the impact and despite defending himself he could feel the burn of the black flames still against his leg as he lowers it. In the end it just makes him grin a bit as he gives another nod. This is the kind of challenge he wanted. Something to prepare him if he is lucky enough to come across Ryu in this tournament.

With Kain still close by he presses forward. Keeping distance between himself and the younger fighter would be a bad idea. Up close and personal is where he can cause pain. he comes in with a strong knee aimed at the other fighter's gut before a followup of a powerful elbow strike aimed for the face. It does not look like the big man will be holding back at all today.

COMBATSYS: Kain dodges Sagat's Tiger Blow.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Kain             0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0            Sagat

While Kain is no slouch himself in an up close fight, against someone as big and hard hitting as Sagat it's not in Kain's best interest to try to stay in close and exchange blows. He doesn't express much disappointment when his foot glances off of Sagat's leg, but he does quickly pull his own limb back. A good thing, too, since Sagat doesn't wait long. Kain steps quickly to the side to avoid Sagat's knee, then ducks down low to slip under the following elbow.

Time to try to open up some space. Attempting to slip past Sagat's arm, Kain attempts to rapidly return to a standing position, leading with his right arm as he rises. Hand open and glowing with blue chi, he attempts to drive the heel of his palm into Sagat's chin. Should it connect, he attempts to use the opening to follow up with another blow to the chest. Not as powerful, however, as at the same time he's jumping back to try to open up some space between himself and Sagat. As much as the cage will allow, at any rate.

COMBATSYS: Sagat fails to interrupt Strong Punch from Kain with Tiger Uppercut.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kain             0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0            Sagat

The plan to press the attack is stalled a bit. He was at least hoping to keep Kain close to where he didn't have much chance to get out of the way. That seems not to be the case right now and he finds that elbow catching only air instead. This does not stop his forward momentum at all. Even as Kain comes into strike Sagat is barreling forward as well as he starts to duck in low. He is starting an upward strike when that open palm strike hits him on the chin. It is a good thing Kain manages to hit him because it is enough to stagger the larger fighter for a moment and throw him out of whatever attack he was planning.

The second strike hits him square in the chest and really doesn't push him back further. It does allow Kain time to get that distance he wanted between the two. How long that will last remains to be seen. Sagat for the moment does at seem least take a moment to rethink things as he slips back into his fighting stance and he starts to circle the other fighter. Can he find a proper opening to exploit? Not at the moment at least. He will find one eventually and that is when he will make Kain pay.

Having opened up some space Kain isn't too eager to get back into range of Sagat's powerful limbs. If the Muay Thai fighter wants to land some kicks, he's going to have to work for them. Of course, given Sagat's reach advantage, staying out of striking range does somewhat limit Kain's options, meaning Sagat is probably going to be able to predict Kain's actions more easily. Kain will just have to rely on his confidence in his own power when it comes to a ranged battle.

Heinlein doesn't back up quite so far as to put his back against the cage, since he wants to have some room to maneuver if Sagat comes charging in. And then it's not too surprising when both of his hands flare up with black fire a moment before he whips his arms forward, sending a spiraling pair of fireballs shooting toward Sagat.

COMBATSYS: Kain successfully hits Sagat with Schwarze Flame.
- Power hit! -

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kain             0/-------/=======|=======\-------\0            Sagat

There is no charging in, but that might be where aprt of the problem comes from for Sagat. He shouldn't let Kain keep himself at a distance. He probably prefers to stay in a ranged battle over anything else. Even as he circles he is closing in bit by bit in his best attempt to corner the other fighter. It seems Kain is smartening up to his plan in the end and he soon unleashes the black flames once more. The strikes from Kain he can handle, but taking the blast of energy head on is a whole other thing. It is overwhelming and it drives Sagat back several steps before he catches himself while going down to one knee. This is not going well at all. He can't let himself lose this early. Otherwise it might mean not running into Ryu at all.

He takes a deep breath as he straightens back up, there is a look of intensity on his face as his hands ball up into fists once more. He then rushes forward like a bat out of hell, not looking to let anything stop him as he barrels forward and then launches himself into a flying knee right into Kain to try and throw him off balance. Of course if he manages to do that then all hell breaks loose.

COMBATSYS: Sagat knocks away Kain with Tiger Destruction+.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Kain             1/----===/=======|=------\-------\0            Sagat

The strike did just what he had hoped. It throws Kain off balance and it allows an opening of a flurry of elbows and kicks that batter the smaller fighter. There is no holding back as he then lowers down then leaps upwards with a powerful uppercut to send Kain upwards into the air. He twists about then lands in a crouch before his hand ignites with orange colored energy as he leaps upwards again, a second uppercut that has enough force that the top of the cage more than likely isn't going to be able to stop the two fighters from crashing through it.

Kain brings his arms up in an attempt to guard against the flying knee from Sagat, but he isn't quite able to firm up his defenses in time. Even if he had, it might not have been enough. The blow knocks Kain's arm aside, leaving him wide open for the series of strikes that follows it. Kain is knocked about, thrown off balance every time he tries to start defending himself. Finally he's knocked into the air, then before he can recover is struck again, sending him crashing through the roof of the cage.

But even though he certainly felt the last blow, there's only so much Sagat can do while both of them are in the air. Kain manages to recover enough to raise both hands, and the air around him begins swirling with energy. There's a glint of gold light, and then Kain is suddenly heading back down toward the damaged cage and Sagat, riding a massive wave of raw energy.

COMBATSYS: Sagat blocks Kain's Himmlischer Atem.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Kain             0/-------/-------|====---\-------\0            Sagat

Sagat bursts through the cage as well and manages to land on top of it and a bit aways from the hole he just created. It also seems that he wasn't able to finish off Kain. Instead he just seems to have greatly pissed off the other fighter instead given the sheer amount of energy being gathered. The crowd is screaming, but perhaps in part alot are worried about getting caught up in such a blast and they start to pack away frm the cage area itself.

When it is unleashed Sagat finds himself with very few options. He knows it will hurt, but at best he can try to weather the storm of chi that is blasted at him. arms raise to cover up as best he can while he goes down to a knee. Teeth grit and his eye closes tight as he fights back the pain he is feeling as he is being overwhelmed by the energy. In the end when everything dies down he is still in that crouched position and soon getting to his feet. He is looking a bit worse for wear and he is breathing heavy, but he is still standing which means he is not done.

Kain may have had a bit of time to properly land and recover from the previous barrage, but Sagat is soon upon him once more. Leaping forward he lets out a loud shout as he swings a leg outwards in a powerful kick that has his foot aimed right at Kain's face.

COMBATSYS: Kain fails to interrupt Fierce Kick from Sagat with Schwarze Lanze.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Kain             0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0            Sagat

Kain lands rather more easily, since all the destruction comes in advance of him, and he's quickly back to a standing position. It took a fair bit out of him, though, so he doesn't follow up immediately. Probably he should have. But when Sagat leaps toward him Kain thinks he spies an opening and stands his ground. It's a dangerous game, though, attempting to trade blows with Sagat. Kain leans back and begins raising his own leg, thinking he's judged the angle of Sagat's kick properly.

Unfortunately, he hasn't. A massive foot slams right into the dead center of Kain's face and a split second later he's flying across the caged in space, a small stream of blood trailing from his face, only to be stopped by one of the cage walls and slumping to the floor. He does manage to get a foot underneath him as he slides down, though, ending up kneeling rather than just collapsed.

The foot slams home into the intended target and for a moment there is a smile that comes across Sagat's face. He is hurting and he isn't out of the woods yet by far. Kain isn't down and out so by no means is he ready to claim victory. He smiles because if anything he has made sure Kain won't forget this encounter. Or course he isn't going to stop now. He can't allow Kain a moment to recover after that powerful strike. The God of Muay Thai smells blood and he will do his best to finally take Kain down and out.

Kain better get out of that kneel soon and perpare himself. Once more that moutain of a man that is Sagat is soon upon him. Ducking low once more he looks to deliver another uppercut this time, a powerful blow he hopes to connect right on the chin of Kain and take the fighter skyward once more. For the first time this fight a word seems to be finally said. A loud shout that not even the cheering crowd can drown out. "TIIIIIGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

COMBATSYS: Kain expertly blocks Sagat's Tiger Uppercut.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Kain             0/-------/=======|===----\-------\0            Sagat

Kain uses the cage behind him to provide some support as he shoves himself back to his feet, trying to prepare for the incoming Sagat. He manages to bring his arms up in a defensive position, taking the uppercut on a limb rather than letting it strike him in the head. But he doesn't just ride the attack out, because there's still enough force to lift him off his feet. He pushes as he blocks, slipping aside and attempting to slip around Sagat, leaving him the one up against the wall of the cage.

As he slips around, Kain lets black fire engulf his right arm, and it begins trailing behind his hand even while he's moving. With a swipe of his arm he unleashes a cloud of flame with the intention of catching Sagat between the fire and the metal of the cage.

COMBATSYS: Kain successfully hits Sagat with Schwarz Cutter.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Kain             1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1            Sagat

He doesn't hit as he had hoped and the result isn't good for Sagat. It leaves him rather open to a counter attack from what he thought was a down and out Kain. The large body tries to lumber out of the way of the blast of energy, but the force it impacts him drives him hard against the cage and almost right through it into the crowd. People are scattering out of the way in that general area just in case he did manage to get knocked out. They rather not have a giant cyclops land on them.

He leans back against the cage, he finds it hard to keep himself standing as he closes that single eye. Is that it? Perhaps he thought he had more to give. Just how much energy does he have left? Pushing himself off the cage the God of Muay Thai staggers a bit and manages to stay on his feet somehow. His body is complaining greatly, but he isn't listening to it just yet. If he is going down he will do his best to at least take Kain with him.

Muscles tense and that eye snaps back open as he stares down Kain. He is moving slower than he was, but even so it is not something Kain will want to be caught by when he lunges forward with another powerful knee aimed to slam into Kain's chest before another barrage of kicks and elbows would be unleashed with the last bit of energy Sagat has.

COMBATSYS: Sagat can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Kain             1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Sagat successfully hits Kain with Tiger Genocide.

[                                <
Kain             1/---====/=======|

Kain is moving more slowly as well, and he's not quick enough to get away after roasting Sagat. The larger man's fading energy is still enough to get a knee into Kain's chest. And even with Sagat falling as he pours the rest of his energy into a final series of strikes, Kain still isn't in good enough shape to get away. The final elbow sends him staggering back as Sagat falls.

It's pretty clear, though, that although Kain is still on his feet, he's not actually seeing anything. And after a few more moments of staggering he finally topples over and hits the floor hard.

COMBATSYS: Kain takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Kain can no longer fight.

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