Devil's Tournament - DT R2: Athena vs ElFuerte

Description: A cruise liner plays host to a grueling match between idol fighter Athena Asamiya and a seemingly happy-go-lucky luchador, El Fuerte. Pressured early on, El Fuerte demonstrates uncrushable resolve but Athena's determination to draw out the devil behind the tournament proves just enough to see her through. (Winner: Athena)

Another week in the Devil's Tournament, another exquisite, expensive vengue arranged for the world-renown fighting event to take place. The massive luxury liner cuts a lazy course through the ocean. An island must not be too far off in the distance for seagulls coast through the air alongside the large ship, sometimes comeing down to land on the upper decks in search of any stray food morsels that might have been missed by the ever diligent cleaning staff.

The deck itself has been prepared for a bout. A large space normally reserved for outdoor dances at night has been reserved for entertainment of a potentially less graceful nature. Among the passangers are enough fight enthusiasts that the available seating on the deck has become packed over the course of the last hour while final preparations are underway.

An hour ago, a helicopter touched down on one of the landing pads at the wide stern of the ship and one of the celebrity fighters to participate in this match came aboard. Athena Asamiya, world famous pop idol singer, self proclaimed vigilante, and a capable fighter if all the hyperbole about the girl is to be believed. Upon leaving the chopper, she was only briefly visible before being ushered off to preparation rooms by attending staff.

Now, minutes before the scheduled match start, she makes an appearance. She is introduced by way of song - one chosen from her most recently published album - and the announcer addressing both the gathered and remote viewing audience over a microphone. A sliver of spinning rose-hued energy sparks into existence in the cleared space, accompanied by swirling motes. The motes conjeal, the energy expands, and with a flash, Athena herself spins into sight to enough cheers to drown out any naysayers that might also be in attendence.

Her upper torso is covered by a blue, short sleeved shirt and red blouse ensemble. Below her bare midrift is a short red sirt beneath which is worn mid-thigh lengthed blue bicycle shorts. Brown, laced up shoes adorn her feet and a star-bejeweled comb keeps her lengthy hair in check from falling into her face. Her expression is a beaming smile and in her right hand is a mic which she immediately brings to her lips while waving to the crowd with her left hand.

Once her introduction music's volume gets low enough, she addresses those gathered. "Thank you everyone for coming out to this event! Your enthusiasm is appreciated. I promise we'll put on quite a show for you this afternoon!" Perhaps it is with her last appearance in mind, where the crowd seemed united against her honorable if eccentric opponent that she adds, "I trust that you will honor my opponent with your enthusiasm as well, right!?" she adds, striding to one edge of the cordoned space. A flick of her wrist, a twirl of her fingers, and the mic in her hand vanishes in a flash of pink. Some stage tricks she'll never explain.

Wow! It's not always that one gets the opportunity to fight a world celebrated super star! However, if there's a place for such a thing to happen it definitely has to be the Devil Tournament. From fighting the lowliest wretches of society like gang lords such as Damnd, to debutante, pop idols such as the famous Athena Asamiya, this strange and mysterious tournament will draw any from all walks of life for the opportunity to face one of the toughest fighters that have ever excited.

Amongst the oddities that the tournament has drawn are the likes of El Fuerte, a willy Mexican luchador that is as random as they come. While his bouts in the league and SNF have been rather successful, his true strength seems not to come on the fact that he's a proficient grappler, although he is, but rather that you never know what will happen when he's involved. In fact, the only predictable thing about El Fuerte is that he's completely unpredictable. Who knows what will happen when he is given the opportunity to mingle with a pure soul such as Athena. What kind of madness can come when a gentle spirit meets an insane one?

That said, even if he is insane El Fuerte is regarded as a generally harmless sort, even if there are those that claim his ever cheerful and sunny disposition is naught but a facade to hide some deep seethed pain inside of him. There are times where glimpses of rage peek out into the exterior, but if there's any truth of that El Fuerte ain't saying, he's a mysterious as his ever masked face.

Although just because he's mysterious doesn't mean he gets the cool vibe that's associated with mask heroes, in fact, he comes off as a goofball at best and an idiot at worse.

Case in point, when Athena arrives in a grand entrance, heralded by the coming of a chopper and a grand spectacle of her astonishing display of singing...where can El Fuerte be found? How will he top this performance from his opponent?? He'll have to come up with something good if he wants to win the crowd back to him.

The spot light is taken away from Athena, if only momentarily, and it searches through the crowd of passengers gathered in the ship. El Fuerte should be around there somewhere, but he can't be found..where is he!? Did he not show up??

"Bravo! Bravo! Hmffgh" Ah, there he is. The luchador is seen over by the snack bar, stuffing his mouth with various food that is provided for the audience. With his cheeks all puffed out like a chipmunk, the wrestler claps and attempts to whistle at the performance, but fails miserably considering he has a mouthful.

"Excuse me sir..what are you doing?" Asks one of the fight officials

"What? I'm not supposed to eat any of this?"

"No..I mean yes, you can. But shouldn't you be out there meeting your opponent?"

"Opponent? You mean that wasn't the opening act??"



El Fuerte leaps into action, Mariachi band playing his themesong on the side as he lands on the stage frantically wiping away crumbs of food still stuck to his cheeks. "Sorry about that, chica! I didn't realize it was you I was to lucha tonight!"

He smiles broadly with recognition in his bright brown eyes. "Ah! You are Athena Asamiya are you not?? Renowned pop singer? I'm a big fan! Say, do you mind signing my lucky frying pan??" The luchador has some magic of his own, from thin air, he brings out a frying pan and a black marker.

Some stage tricks he'll never explain.

Her last match pit her against a venderable teacher of Chinese martial arts. This time she's facing off someone that exists at almost the completely opposite end of the styles of fighting known around the world. Thinking back on another bout in recent history and mindful of El Fuerte's grappling style, she had asked one of her managers if there was going to be olive oil involved like the last time she faced a wrestler. Her manager had merely scatched his head, and muttered that he wasn't sure if cooking was involved or not...

Having given up her mic and the spotlight, Athena waits, an eager smile at her lips. While dark rumors about the tournament's organizer have certainly not escaped her attention, the matches themselves have been an interesting buffet of personalities and locations around the world to discover. She looks forward to this next contender every bit as much as she had her first! Speaking of her opponent... the spotlight is searching the deck. Someone says they saw 'that guy' over to one side. Athena stands on her toes a bit, trying to see what's going on, but the crowd makes it largely impossible.

Finally, the crowd splits and El Fuerte is visible... shoving food into his mouth! The girl's violet eyes widen slightly. Did he not know the fight was starting? She sees one of the officials over checking with the masked fighter and suddenly he takes to the air, landing on the stage following an acrobatic arc. The girl brightens, her hand going to her mouth as she stiffles a giggle at El Fuerte's unexpected arrival. Her expression shifts to a warm smile as he makes a request, however, "Of course!" the girl replies. She's been asked to sign a lot of things, but never a frying pan before! Reaching out to take hold of marker and pen, she signs it with a fancy, cursive signiture she's had opportunity to practice thousands of times before, then offers them back.

"May it bring you luck in this match and the tournament ahead," she adds, sounding absolutely sincere. Clasping her hands together, she bows toward him then skips back a few steps. The announcements have been going on over the exchange all along and as she skips backward, it seems it's time for the action to start! The announcer declares 'Fight!' as Asamiya assumes a ready stance, arms raised, hands open, bouncing lightly on her toes, ready to move in a blink of an eye when the time comes.

COMBATSYS: Athena has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Athena           0/-------/------=|

No, no, Athena needs no fear, El Fuerte is nothing like Hakan, his style of wrestling is much more focused on graceful brutality and less....oil.

Just like Athena, this match is a complete opposite of his previous one for El Fuerte. The kind and cheerful Athena is definitely a step up from the brutish thug Damnd, a sense of relief the wrestler uses to exchange pleasantries with his opponent as he is not one to bear ill will to anyone, even if he is about to engage them in glorious lucha.

"Gracias! You are much too kind!!" Just as Athena, the wrestler also sounds quite sincerely thankful, even bowing gracefully after the gift is given. Where it not for their flashy costumes and the fact they are standing inside a ring, people might not realize they are about to fight.

But fighting they will do and though El Fuerte is a friendly guy, he knows he came here for one thing and one thing only. "Now then!" Taking his signed frying pan and tossing it to the side where one of the Mariachis catches it, the wrestler cracks his neck and begins to jump on his spot to loosen up "Let us lucha seņorita Athena! I won't go easy on you just because you are cute kid!!"

At those words, the bell calls for the match to begin and El Fuerte charges into action!

Running to the other side of the stage!

"LUCHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Gaining momentum, the wrestler leaps towards the ropes behind him where he bounces and sails through the air with a back lip directly towards Athena! When he descends it's with his feet leading, fully intending to land a double stomping kick right on the girl's face!

Well..he's not Hakan, but there's still might some problems when facing him.

COMBATSYS: ElFuerte has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Athena           0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0         ElFuerte

COMBATSYS: ElFuerte successfully hits Athena with Tostada Press.
-* WILD HIT! *-

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Athena           0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0         ElFuerte

The friendly exchange doesn't mean Athena won't try her best. Inhaling a breath, she closes her eyes, and exhales softly, calming herself and focusing on keeping her thoughts on the match. With the ambient psychic buzz of the enthusiastic crowd, it can be hard to block it all out and concentrate inward. A subtle pulse resonates out from the girl - invisible, and perhaps only noticed by some, as she awakens something else within her mind, unlocking energy she can tap into in order to meet the demands of an intense fight. Opening her eyes, she focuses back on El Fuerte, "I understand," she replies as he cautions her. "I'll be doing my best as well!" She inwardly hopes there aren't any 'lucha customs' she might be missing by accident. Surely one of her agents would have clued her in. It's never good for her to seem uncultured!

Being ready to defend oneself is quite different from being able to defend oneself. She braces, eyes on El Fuerte. In the end, it's the leap toward the ropes that confuses her. Having no experience against opponents that know how to work the environment of a ring to their advantage, she hesitates for a split second, wondering if maybe he was putting on more antics and bailing from the fight for a moment?

But no, he's not leaving at all, instead using the ropes for rebound speed! Eyes widen slightly, arms coming up again as she realizes the intent of his trajectory... those feet headed her way aren't for her own good!

A split too slow, the girl goes reeling from the double stomp to the face, feet sliding over the surface of the deck. A damp spot on the deck proves to be her undoing as one foot slips out from under her and the girl crashes to a seated position, realing a little from the solid opening strike on the part of El Fuerte. Shaking her head, she lifts a hand to rub over her right eye. A scrape there is hardly life threatening though she might bruise later. But that's what makeup is for, right? He might have run her bell, but she's not out, grinning widely as she kicks back up to her feet, bolting right back into the fight. "I think I understand a bit better now...!"

A leap to the side has her springing toward the rope then kicking back off toward El Fuerte. It's a the apex of her jump that she'll drop at a sudden, sharp angle, tucking her body into a ball, her form shrouded in rose hued energy as she dives for the Luchador. Whether she collides with him directly or not, Athena will land, springing out with one hand against the ground, kicking with her legs, aiming to take El Fuerte's feet right out from him. The physical threat is real, but the real danger lies in that bright energy visible even in broad day light - Psycho Power can /hurt/!

COMBATSYS: ElFuerte blocks Athena's Phoenix Arrow.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Athena           0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0         ElFuerte

Publicity is the name of the game when Athena is involved, that much seems to be certain. If she's not making the front pages when facing an oil covered Turk she's making the crowd gasp in despair when she gets kicked in the face by a masked Mexican. This /might/ have a negative effect on El Fuerte's popularity, but if Athena's been keeping up with the recent events of Metro City it may not be that strange to see the willy and happy go lucky luchador go for such brutal attacks. There's that darkness hidden beneath those layers of optimism, an inner turmoil that cannot be hidden by his mask.

I mean, how else would you explain him kicking a girl in the face like that?

Many in the crowd are probably booing right not, though El Fuerte wasn't kidding when he said he wasn't going to take it easy. Though his eyes remain cheerful, he's focused and ready for anything the girl might try, fighting her as fiercely as he might have fought Damnd before her.

"Not bad! You're pretty tough, chica!" The luchador smiles when Athena grins fiercely as her fighting spirit overtakes her, shrugging away her injuries and mimicking his previous attack to strike him down! As she jumps to the ropes to gain momentum, the luchador is wary of what the girl intends to do and brings his arms up on a boxing guard to take the brunt of the attack on his forearms. Such a light weighted girl can't pack much power behind her can she?

"hnnnNNNNGRRAAAAOOW!" El Fuerte's entire upper body archs backwards when the girls slams into him, his back cracking audibly. "Holy gaucamole! You really eat your vegetables!" Calls the bewildered luchador, unable to understand how a girl like her can damage him so much and straightens up just in time to notice the sweep coming at his legs. "AY!!"

The wrestler is tripped! Yet he manages to catch himself and roll to the side to avoid most of the damage. Once he manages to get back to his feet, the wrestler launches into another attack as he runs towards the girl and reaches for her leg, curling his own legs around hers to put her on a knee bar and twist the joint sharply going for the submission hold! "HRAAH!"

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges ElFuerte's Propeller Tortilla.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Athena           0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0         ElFuerte

"That's part of it!" she exclaims when praised about maintaining a healthy diet. She slides out of the sweeping kick into a crouch, drawing up her guard in the process. The sting of the feet to her face has dulled and for the moment, she's able to put it entirely out of mind. While many tsk her participation in events like this, the last thing she wants to be thought of is as a procelain, incapable of taking the slightest impact without breaking. She's intending to prove otherwise, every chance she gets!

She's starting to push back to her feet as El Fuerte comes in for a counter attack, not giving her a lot of time to recover. "So fast," she murmurs, more to herself than anything, her voice almost lost beneath the sound of the crowd. Unfortunately for his attempt to get a hold on her, she seems to have a healthy aversion to anyone going for her legs! When she moves to evade, it isn't a wild backflip or exaggerated roll out of the way, but rather something tighter, fluid, as if she weaves her body around his side, her limb suddenly not where it was the moment he reached for it.

The attack that comes his way next is surprisingly swift for how close she is and how little room she has to wind up. It comes in the form of leaning in, her right foot leading, then both of her hands slamming forward, palms open. Over the space of mere inches, she somehow generates the momentum to deliver a crushing double palm press, targeting El Fuerte's side. "HAH!" The force behind that punch is respectable. It has to be felt to be believed. Of course, it's probably best if he doesn't feel it.

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits ElFuerte with Strong Punch.
Glancing Blow

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Athena           0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0         ElFuerte

"Que!?" El Fuerte had initially thought such a thing, that Athena was just a wiffy girl that was more flair than actual strength while in the ring of lucha. A few punches to the face ought to be enough for her he thought. Just hurt her a little and she'll tap out, he said. Now though? After enduring a body slam from her, he's certain that there's more to this pop singer than meets the eye! This girl was for real! And she showed that clearly by the way she escaped El Fuerte's leg hold. "What sorcery was that??" The Mexican wrestler blinks when he finds himself sitting on the ground grasping nothing but air.

The luchador has to rely on a wild back roll to get back to his feet. He has no access to whatever it was that Athena used to avoid him. As he stands back to his feet, eyes wide ready to react for any oncoming blow; the luchador notices Athena coming at his side and JUMPS sideways to get out of the way and succeeds....but not enough to get sliced on the side!

"QUE!!?" Man did El Fuerte read this girl wrong, not only is she not frail and weak but quite the opposite, she is powerful enough to draw blood from a mere palm strike by the sheer force of wind alone! "Rayos!" Spinning on his heel fast to adjust his trajectory, El Fuerte dashes towards the girl, hooking his arm around her neck to arch her backwards and SLAM the back of her head on the mat!


COMBATSYS: Athena expertly blocks ElFuerte's Quick Throw.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Athena           0/-------/---====|=====--\-------\0         ElFuerte

"My sensei has trained me well," Athena replies, drawing her hands back, easily recovering from the double palm press by virtue of not having extended herself very far to execute it in the first place. "And like you, I train and practice constantly, so that I can properly execute the aspects of Kung Fu I have learned," she continues with a smile. There is a hint of a thought that goes unspoken in her eyes. A thought about how surprised everyone seems to be that she can hold her own, a silent wish to be taken more seriously by fighters around the world she wants to consider her peers. The good ones, at least.

The idol fighter has returned to her ready stance as El Fuerte charges again. While he is mobile and moves quickly about the ring, she has, for the moment, chosen to remain still, seeming to slow down for a moment rather than trying to match his speed with speed. She has demonstrated the spirit of the wind with her aerial feat. And the spirit of the river with the way she seemed to slip effortlessly around El Fuerte's grab for her moments prior....

And now she becomes the mountain. There was no flaw in the Luchador's execution as he extends his arm, aiming to hook the featherweight around the neck to slam her down, the girl braces, becoming an immovable object where she stands. His arm connects, but she has lifted an arm of her own to intersect, her left foot behind her, her body tensing, providing, against all expectation, enough strength to keep from being bowled over like one might expect.

This close, he will feel the shift in momentum with her, as she goes from defending to attacking. The arm with which she defended twists, aiming to grab hold of his own forearm. Her other hand lifts, reaching under his extended arm to get a hold beneath his armpit if possible. And then she turns, swiftly trying to pull her masked opponent over her shoulder and bodyfling him to the ring. By itself, the grappling technique would hardly be a threat for one who has no doubt endured thousands of similiar maneuvers over his career. But if she gets a firm grip, it's the psychic energy that courses from her fingers, penetrating his skin to find nerves, delivering a sharp pain that numbs shortly after, that might really make this an attack to remember her by!

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits ElFuerte with Psi-Throw.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Athena           0/-------/--=====|=======\=------\1         ElFuerte

Kung fu huh? El Fuerte had meet many a fighter that used that style. As a frequent participant of the fighting circuit he sort of has plenty of opportunities to meet fighters from all over the world, and Kung Fu practitioners are ones of the most common, not to mention amongst the toughest. In fact, not too long ago El Fuerte had acquired something of a phobia to them after getting a thorough thrashing by Chun Li. However, the luchador persevered and got through it, although he still has problems with them! Even so, he'll hold his ground and fight despite the tactical disadvantages.

Really, unlike what Athena and the crowd may think, it looks like it's El Fuerte and not the pop singer idol who's having an uphill battle here. Just looking at the pained expression on his masked face, anyone can tell he's desperately trying to keep whatever wits he has left on him and stay on the fight.

"You're no taller than I am." El Fuerte wheezes in surprise when he's unable to push Athena down. "And yet you're still giving me a run for my money!"

"You sure are strong, chicaaaAAAAA!!" Athena is right, since El Fuerte is a grappler himself he's quite proficient in rolling to break his fall. But as he gets grabbed and tossed with a shoulder throw, the willy Mexican feels his arm cramp up mid flight and falls gracelessly on the mat, rolling a bit to reach the ropes on the other end of the ring. "Crap!" He goes on one knee, feeling a tingling sensation on his arm as he opens and closes his hand, looking at it with disapproval. His gaze almost saying 'Don't you fall asleep on me!' to his own limb, reprimanding his own body for showing weakness.

"Okay.." Going back to his feet, eyes focused on Athena, the Luchador runs at her again but with a different strategy in mind. He has underestimated her so far and hasn't put as much strength on his attacks as he should have. Therefore, this time he goes in low to scoop her by the legs with a football tackle and slam her back on the ring!


COMBATSYS: Athena interrupts Medium Throw from ElFuerte with Combo Attack.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Athena           0/-------/--=====|=======\====---\1         ElFuerte

Righting herself after the technique, Athena is back in her ready position, a trickle of perspiration rolling down her temple. She's managing to fight well, having recovered from the kick to her face to otherwise stay a half-step ahead since then. But it isn't without its exhertion.

"You know as well as I do that size isn't everything in this sport." Her opponent isn't a towering man, by any means, but he is physically fit and clearly fights hard. She has a feeling he's toppled many foes far larger than he is. She does add, however, "But I have been lucky so far!" The slightest mis-step and she might find herself thoroughly entangled in a move she doesn't have the know-how to escape from. She can't give the highly technical fighter that chance!

When he aims to tackle her again, Athena finds herself less sure how to handle the bold, direct charge. He's putting more weight into it - rather than just an arm, his entire body is being used to take her down to the ground. He might see that flash of uncertainty in her eyes as the girl seems to decide she should get out of the way of the determined Luchador at the last second, but his determined speed doesn't leave time for that. Her half-measured defense results in him securing his hold, scooping her easily off the ground. She seems a lot easier to budge when not grounded. "Erk!" she squeaks as she's hefted up!

She gathers her wits quickly, however, curling against him, over his shoulder, as they fall toward the ring. Her counter attack doesn't even wait for the moment of landing as she brings an elbow down against his upper back - the only target in range. A grunt escapes her lips as she lands beneath his weight against the ring, but she's still on the counter offensive, wanting to break free as fast as possible now that she's been grounded. A swift knee comes up, aiming for El Fuerte's sternum, as the girl tries to kick herself loose.

Athena is right on chastising El Fuerte. To see him, who is himself a David against the Goliaths of the fighting circuit, complain that a much smaller opponent is giving him trouble does sound rather hypocritical. The man he faced in his previous round in fact, Damnd, was several times his size and he somehow managed to overpower him. Maybe he's frustrated that he'll be seen capable of taking down such notorious brutal fighters like Caribbean man and yet can't seem to find the strength to take down one little girl!!

Then again, Athena sure has a reputation in the league no doubt, of being a devastating fighter herself and maybe there won't be any pride lost?

"This isn't luck." It's not about pride though, it never was. El Fuerte just wants to be the best fighter and any loss, as enlightening as it may be, is annoying. It is a humbling experience when he admits that; "You really are...better than me!"

"AGGH!!" The luchador may be outclassed, but he knew the moment that he had scooped the smaller girl off her legs that he had gotten caught in a bad position. The elbow smash hits him clearly in his back, driving him down and cutting most of his momentum as he falls. Then as he begins to stand up he gets caught with a kick right for the body knocking most of the wind out of him! "You're quite likely to win this tournament, I can see it."

"But...I can't.. give up!" Says the wrestler, snatching that extended leg with both arms! "I will fight to the very end, such is the way of the Mexican LUCHADOR!!!!" Grasping at that leg, the masked warrior begins to spin wildly taking Athena with him for the ride and sends her flying head first towards one of the turnbuckles!!


COMBATSYS: Athena blocks ElFuerte's El Fuerte Spark.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Athena           0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0         ElFuerte

The exchange happens quickly. There's no time for words as Athena's kick connects but leaves her open to the counter attack from El Fuerte. It seems no good strike goes unpunished as her extended ankle is grasped hold of and a split second later she finds herself spinning uncontrollably! Arms flail, her long hair extending out past her fingers, as the gravity defying stunt is executed. It's impossible to kick free, and though she tries to scrunch herself up to reach for the skilled grappler's arms, she is unable to.

And then she sets sail on a head-first journey for the turnbuckle. If she had impacted it as El Fuerte had intended, it would have no doubt staggered the girl. Even if she had been able to regain her footing, she might have been dazed enough for El Fuerte to secure a better, fight-deciding hold on the wily girl. But as she goes flying for the corner, with a speed so fast that even a blink would have been enough to miss it, the girl flips. One moment she is flying head first for the turnbuckle. The next instant, she's more upright, side turned toward the corner, and instead of crashing into it with the crown of her head, Athena collides with her upper body and shoulder. Whatever happened to shift her body's orientation in that split second would seem to defy the laws of momentum but the outcome is undeniable.

It's enough to send her staggering away from it, a little unsteady but certainly not felled. She's rubbing her shoulder as she catches her balance, still dizzy from the whirlwind throw, but mostly facing in El Fuerte's direction all the same. "This tournament bears the Devil's name... It is him I am after." she murmurs. The tournament itself is a means to an end. To lure /him/ out into the open.

She speaks no more to her motivations for now. She breaths, exhaling. "Your persistence does you honor." Athena declares somberly. Her smile is gone but not her sincerity. The match has reached a serious point and its conclusion might be nigh. She's steady now, stretching her arms behind herself, arching her back. A surge of rose-hued energy sparkles into existence along her forearms, gathering in each hand. And then she slams her hands forward, "Psycho-" The energy surges, combining into a single sphere that launches from her fingertips for El Fuerte then, covering the distance between them with fearsome speed. She had been the wind, the river, and the mountain. And now, if the Luchador is struck by that glimmering sphere, she will demonstrate the flame's burn. Pure Psycho Power, it will do no physical harm, but the pain it can inflict is all too real. "Ball!!"

COMBATSYS: ElFuerte endures Athena's Psycho Ball.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Athena           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0         ElFuerte

El Fuerte wheezes, breathing in and out hard as he tries to catch his breath. The fight had been mentally, physically and spiritually taxing for the Luchador. Though he is used to ignoring the plights of his body when it signals that exhaustion has set in, he is not so sure what to do when his soul tells him that it is futile. "Thanks..." He is not even surprised when Athena, by some sort of magic, adjusts her trajectory in mid flight and manages to cushion her crash on the turnbuckle so she comes out of it pretty much harmlessly. "It has been a great honor to fight you."

The hairs on the back of his neck begin to stand, clearly feeling them despite being covered by his ever present mask. He knows what is coming, he recognizes the electricity in the air around him when someone is about to unleash an energy attack. In the past, El Fuerte had trained himself to evade such projectiles and minimize their damage. He knew his body was not conditioned to endure such attacks to the spirit, but he really didn't need to worry of such things if he could simply get out of their way!

The wrestler has no such luck against Athena's volley, it is much too fast, much to big to get out of the way. And so he does the only thing he can do.

He runs right at it!!

"Good luck against him!!!" The masked warrior /PUSHES/ through the psycho powered fireball as if he were running against a typhoon. Every step he takes is countered by the energy pushing him two steps back, every second he stays inside the energy ball causes him grievous pain. But at last he runs right through and directly towards Athena.

"I will be...."

The grappler cranks a fist back.

"Watching you!!!"

And throws a desperate punch at the girl with whatever strength he has left!

COMBATSYS: ElFuerte has reached second wind!

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Athena           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0         ElFuerte

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges ElFuerte's Tostada Press.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Athena           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0         ElFuerte

She had been counting on a number of possabilities with how El Fuerte might respond to her swirling sphere of projected Psycho Power. Brace down and weather it out... slide under it, trying to catch her off guard... taking to the air to dive at her from a high angle... What she hadn't counted on was him charging straight through it, sharp pain be damned. Eyes widen slightly, raising her guard though looking unsure as to what she should be doing. How DOES one prepare for an attack from one who so brazenly charges through so much Psycho Power?? "What are-" she begins to stammer.

It speaks to her training that she's able to force herself to wait until she can read the attack rather than just trying to randomly spring to the side with no idea what it is she's avoiding. When his arm cocks back, fist formed, then she knows, then she can act. One moment she is in the path of his fist. The next instant she is behind him. Inwardly, she is surprised he is still on his feet, fighting. She had landed a number of what she considered to be /solid/ hits on him throughout the match... Those who practice Lucha Libre must build up quite a bit of endurance from their performance, she marvels, to be able to keep going like this!

But now behind him, she thinks she sees an opportunity. The attack is a bit improvised, as she's not used to fighting in arenas with ropes like this ring has... But she thinks she can pull it off all the same! Crouching down, she lunges forward, aiming to tackle El Fuerte from behind, trying to catch him with her right arm and shoulder near his lower back.

"I have you now!" she proclaims with a surge in confidence. The intent becomes clear after a moment, as she tries to slam him into the ropes she was just behind with all the forward momentum she can muster. If successful, she'll then try to pull backward with her arms around his waist, trying to use the rubberbanding of the ropes to drop /him/ on his back as she falls down along with him to the matt!

COMBATSYS: ElFuerte dodges Athena's Strong Throw.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Athena           1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0         ElFuerte


A loud noise of meat and bone hitting steel is heard when El Fuerte's fist crashes against the turnbuckle. Grunting slightly as he has once again missed his willy target and struck naught but part of the ring that he loves and adores. The masked wrestler is exhausted, there is no doubt of that, and yet even after running right through the fiery maws of pyscho death he is still standing. He really wished he could just surrender, Athena deserves this win, she has shown that her training has paid off by besting him in everything he has attempted. But it is true what he told her before.

Luchadores don't give up. They never do. It is as if the option to surrender is not available for them.

"Nope!" El Fuerte senses that Athena is behind him and smirks softly. This is is a technique he recognizes, and with the lack of pyscho energy coating Athena's arms he can find a way to escape without getting all numbed up. El Fuerte runs up as Athena tries to grapple him from behind and bounces off the ropes to back flip right over her! He can't teleport as Athena seems to do, but he still has his own ways of getting behind opponents.

Attacking now from the girl's blind side, El Fuerte rushes in to deliver a drop kick on the girl's spine and sandwich her between him and the ropes!


COMBATSYS: Athena blocks ElFuerte's Calamari Slide.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Athena           1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0         ElFuerte

And in this, Athena finds that when she tries to fight his way, she is completely outmanuevered. El Fuerte's evasion takes him up the ropes as she lunges, and instead of getting him about the waist, his opponent finds herself tumbling forward into the same ropes she sought to bounce him off of! She'll chide herself for such confidence at some later time. For right /now/, however, she has more pressing concerns than a moment of well deserved chagrin.

The determined masked fighter has her dead to rights with his well aimed drop kick. Not a far cry from the one that hit her in the face earlier, it was proven then that while she is fast, she's far from invulnerable. This time, she proves more wary than last. She almost doesn't make it in time, spinning into the attack targeting her upper back. Arms raise defensively as there is no time to escape the angle of his attack. She grunts, breath escaping her lips as she's forced back into the ropes.

"Well fought," she allows through gritted teeth. But it ends here, she tells herself. She can't keep going like this indefinitely. El Fuerte's attack leaves him close - within range of what she decides to do next in a bid to push him beyond the brink of being able to continue any longer. Summoning up another surge of energy from deep within, she brings her aching arms up over her head, hands charging with another surge of that rose-hued power the Lucahdor has experienced a few times thus far. "AaaaaAAH!"

He'll fill that crackle of energy like before. Only this time it's even more, a larger sphere expanding between her hands, before Athena brings it crashing down toward him! It's large enough to enshroud this entire corner of the ring, making it almost impossible to escape - a ball of Psycho Power as large as he and Athena combined - the attack by which she means to force her determined opponent to relent!

COMBATSYS: ElFuerte blocks Athena's Round Psycho Reflector.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Athena           1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0         ElFuerte

El Fuerte endures, he endures like a crazy sunnuva gun, or as he's more commonly known where he hails from, 'Muy Loco!'. The wrestler's booted feet connects with Athena's impenetrable defense, yet he shows no signs of stopping as he nimbly backflips away from the girl to land on his feet. His out of balance, staggered, caught flat flooted as the pyscho powered singer surges forth to blast him with another arc of purple energy that surely spells the end for the luchador!

"Yeah!!" El Fuerte clenches his teeth, so hard that he tastes the blood of his gums, placing his arms up with a boxing guard to take the blow on his forearms. He agrees that it has been a good fight, but he doesn't think it's quite over yet, unwilling to simply allow Athena to win just like that. It would be insulting! Athena has proved herself a fighter, she /deserves/ to win as a real warrior should.

And as such, when the smoke clears away, the mad wrestler is still there, standing on shaky legs with a crazed grin plastered on his half burned, bloodied mask. "Very well fought, amiga!!"

It doesn't end there, not just yet.

"By the way.." Says El Fuerte as he reaches deep within him finding energy to press on. "Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!"

Oh yeah, today's the battle of Puebla. Perhaps the only reason why is El Fuerte not a burned charred crisp right now, he has the stars aligned his way.

With a furious desperate attack, El Fuerte leaps at Athena with an acrobatic somersault, aiming to snatch her neck around with his muscled arms and drop her back of the head first with a reverse DDT! "Let's go drinking after this! To celebrate!"

Pause. Yes, even in mid air. Laws of physics be damned.

"Soda! Let's drink /soda/"

Athena's definitely not in legal drinking age just yet.

COMBATSYS: Athena fails to interrupt Medium Throw from ElFuerte with Psycho Sword.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Athena           1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0         ElFuerte

She had expected the attack to be enough to drop him. He had to be wearing out by now and that was a thoroughly crushing level of Psycho Power she leveled against him! Imagine, then, her surprise when the rose-huged Psi storm finishes and the Luchador is still standing. She had been impressed before, now she's practically astounded that he's still able to keep going! Gritting her teeth, she realizes she's going to have to dig even deeper to outlast the endurance her masked opponent has brought to the ring.

She had been completely serious when she thought the match was over but now that he's hanging in there, she's starting to feel giddy with excitement once more. She's breathing harder, having paced herself as well as she could, but effort is starting to take its toll. Her arm lifts to wipe across her brow, determined to match his resolve with her own, step for step. "You're full of surprises," she expresses, admiration in her tone. And, even better, he hasn't flipped out and gone completely insane like her last opponent. She still feels uneasy when she remembers that haunting scream Kaiwei had belted out at the end of her previous match.

There isn't a split second longer to think as El Fuerte keeps the pressure on, taking to the air in a bold leap for her. Determination flashes in her eyes as she crouches slightly, lowering her right arm, energy surging down her limb, preparing to conjeal into a weapon of concentrated Psycho Power to strike him back as he descends. But her aim is off, his trajectory more certain, and a moment later, his arm catches the idol fighter at the neck and drives her down to the ground, the back of her head impacting hard enough to daze, the energy that had been intended for him fizzling out, fading from her fingertips, a soft gasp of surprise her only audible response.

It's the most decisive hit he's manage to land since his first attack. This could be his moment. Already Asamiya is beginning to move, however. She's certainly not finished either!


That actually worked??

When El Fuerte went for the bold attack to circle his /remarkably/ muscled arms around the idol's neck he had seen the bladed purple weapon emanating from the girl's hand. He knew the it was over, that this attack would likely be the last one he'd manage. And yet, he did not stop. When faced against imminent peril a Luchador's mindset is to go /forward/, to bound towards any obstacle and out maneuver it with all the skill that fighting in the ring brings.

There is no fear in his eyes. No doubt in his mind.

He goes in, gleefully into his own doom and snatches her.

"Andale!!" This mentality of always attacking ends up to be his salvation. The wrestler somehow managed to dive his head in further than Athena expected and dodged her attack whilst he managed to drop her, perhaps the only time he has managed to score a clean blow since the beginning of the match.

Tired, but not yet out, the wrestler rolls to the side and bounces back to his feet, with a crazed fierce smirk.

Flip out? Naah! El Fuerte is really good at projecting nothing but good energy and keep all his, quite frankly very messed up, emotions deep inside him, always permanently operating on a false facade of cheerfulness. "Gracias!! I can't imagine how strong you will be when you're older, if you are this good at your age!"

Although he is remarkably happy, El Fuerte is, sadly, running nothing on fumes. Jumping around like that takes a lot from him and he is just human, unlike many seem to think. There is simply nothing he can do anymore, no throws, no crazed acrobatics, no take downs or arm bars. NOTHING. (Seriously, his whole specials move list in the greys.)

Having no idea what else to do, El Fuerte staggers back and the lunges forward with a flailing punch aimed to knock Athena on top of her head, almost as if he were trying to lightly bap her rather than truly punch her.

"Andaleeeee...." He says tiredly.

COMBATSYS: Athena blocks ElFuerte's Quick Punch.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Athena           1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0         ElFuerte

As he rolls to his feet, Athena pushes up to standing as well, swallowing air as she works at keeping her strength going in face of what has turned out to be such a grueling bout. The audience can sense the conclusion approaching and many wait with almost breathless anticipation. Many had counted the Luchador out early on, but now? It seems almost too hard to call either way. "I look forward to that celebration later," she replies, lifting her hand to brush some of her hair back over her ear now that some of it has slipped loose from her haircomb and stuck to her cheeks. "And soda sounds good," she finishes, a wink accompanying her grin.

But they're at it again. El Fuerte's bold aggression worked before, and now it seems it will again, as Athena is clearly right in the path of his incoming strike... And when he swings, he most certainly hits /something/. But it's hard to tell what, for as his arm swings, her image blurs. The next instant, Athena is in the air to his right, already curled into a ball and descending toward him like a Psi-covered 108 lb cruise missile. Only, it's merely a projection? If he should be struck or escape it does not change the fact that it wasn't really her at all. She's in fact to his left! Rolling down out of the sky like the projection... wait, that's a projection too?

Two more psychic projections of the girl will rush down on El Fuerte, promising significant pain should they connect. It is the fifth one that is really the girl, Athena descending with precision, aiming to crash into El Fuerte with decisive enough force to knock him out completely! Of course, he's defied all expectations thus far... who knows what awaits??

COMBATSYS: Athena successfully hits ElFuerte with Phoenix Fang Arrow.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Athena           0/-------/-------|=======\======-\1         ElFuerte

That's just cruel.

El Fuerte was ready to meet defeat with his head held up high and eyes opened wide. The attack wasn't really meant to truly hit the girl, it was a desperate attack of a desperate man that had nothing left on him but enough energy to extend his limbs out and do /something/. Even in wrestling the flailing attack would have been scoffed at, never mind a true martial art like Kung Fu, when he hit something he had expected another blast of energy, some kind of counter attack that would surely blast him away.

Instead, he gets this.

Illusions of Athena blurring every way, taunting him with fake attacks that at draw a flinch from the wrestler, thinking that every attack will be the last one. Torturingly, it turns out, that it's the very last attack that hits him with more than enough power to bring him down, first on his hands and knees and then to his stomach and face. "Ay caramba..." The luchador huffs, puffing out dust from the ring's mat as he feels Athena's feet on to of him, probably going for the pin...

Wait, a pin!?

Not a pin!!

Madness overtakes El Fuerte's eyes as he deftly flips around and jumps back up to swing a lariat at Athena's neck, at long last knowing it is the last attack left in him, but dang it, if he's going to go down he's going to go down knocked out, not pinned!

And so he swings a standing clothesline at Athena, right before flopping on the ground, exhausted.

COMBATSYS: ElFuerte can no longer fight.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Athena           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Athena dodges ElFuerte's El Fuerte Spark.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  <
Athena           0/-------/-------|

The attack is executed - one of her hardest techniques to avoid, all things considered, and Athena comes to rest. For a moment, that is. Slowly she starts to push herself up to standing. There's nothing certain about this match and she isn't about to stop moving while the strength to continue resides in her. That head start proves to be fortuitous for the determined Luchador makes his next move a split second later. Unlike her previous moments of avoidance, where she moved and reacted skillfully and with only the necessary amount of movement, this time Asamiya all but dives out of the way of the incoming lariat.

Her somewhat clumsy moment is forgotten quickly enough as she grabs hold of a rope for support then whirls around to face El Fuerte, wearily bringing up her arms to ward him off in case he comes swinging again with another one of those reckless attacks of his. But this time he's finished and she's left standing, albeit barely. Stepping away from the rope, she sucks in her breath and presses her hands against her sides. "You fought well, you have my gratitude." Spoken as Master Gentsai had taught her. She stands up straight then bows toward the audience, an unspoken thanks for the enthusiasm they poured into the match.

And with that, she turns to make her exit from the ring, having neither the energy nor the desire for any post-match interviews. Another step closer to the devil behind it all, she muses to herself. She must begin making preparations...

COMBATSYS: Athena has ended the fight here.

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